Elite prices

This is how the Keshe Foundation cheats on customers and robs their money:

The original price for the Magrav-Power System was 499 Euros.
Suddenly it changed to 799 Euros, but that’s not all.
The real price is now over 1000 Euros, as stated below by a consternated customer:

“Additionally, the product may not even be available as it will be shipped “as soon as available”. Also the unnecessary tax is even charged over the 300 EUR donation and on top of that additionally even over the shipping costs:

Subtotal 799.99 EUR
Shipping price 80.00 EUR
plus TAX 21% 168.00 EUR
Total incl. TAX 1047.99 EUR

Thank you for your order.

You will receive an email with your invoice and method of payment.

Please allow 30 days delivery for all products (excluding Magrav-Power Systems (Universal and Car))

Magrav-Power Systems (Universal and Car) will be shipped as soon as available, maximum delivery of 90 days.

Payment must be received before shipping products. Notification via email when payment is applied to your account.

Plus after shipment all risks are for the buyer (see KF conditions)”    <— Incredible!