Waking up to the scam

We continue to open the book of Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, but unlike him, we do so by showing proof, not by telling fairy tales and falsely accusing people without any connection to reality.

In 2013, an Iranian gentleman named Shahriar Mazandi had conducted an interview with Keshe, but later he found out that Keshe is not sincere. He had been fooled like most KF followers, but finally he was smart enough to wake up, so he and others posted the following series of open letters and comments, taken from this forum.

As you can see, he apologized for misleading up to 80,000 people, because he supported Keshe in error. This is what happens when people blindly believe and jump into something without properly researching it first.

Posted by Shahriar Mazandi, November 13, 2013

Yes, I am the same Shahriar Mazandi. There is no other.

I did the interview as, essentially, I reasoned that if his claims were true, they would be world changing and I believed him when he claimed he had been obstructed by various governments and held by Canadian authorities, in my somewhat naive eyes it accorded him credibility.

When I was emailing him, he assured me he would be revealing some new technologies imminently and I believed him. I waited eagerly after the interview to see these ‘imminent’ releases.

I was in contact with Iranian professors , one at University College London with whom I had heated email exchanges, told me unequivocally he was a scam artist but I was convinced of professional jealousies. Another Iranian scientist in the mainstream doubted his claims to heal the human body but that same scientist believes in chemotherapy and surgery. I instantly dismissed the opinions of both.

Two Iranian society ladies pulled out of helping me with the talk at the very last minute as their own sources advised them to have nothing to do with him but I still believed him as he suggested imminent disclosure.

Three top scientists walked out of the talk half-way and asked for their money back (one a high-level UK government scientist) but I continued to see a ‘conspiracy’ around all these people as if to silence a threat to the ‘World Order’ and I awaited eagerly his announcements. I lost a bit of money on the lecture after paying for the room as slightly fewer than 100 people showed up in an auditorium that seats 185 but considered it worth it if it helped this man promote his ideas.

How did Iran bring the RQ170 Sentinel drone down? Some of the technology Iran possesses is so advanced, how did they do it? This man convinced me it was derived from his incredible research.

Nazenin Ansari who was (and may well still be – I don’t know as I don’t watch mainstream news sources) a regular commentator on CNN on Iranian affairs did her own research and contacted top level scientists at NASA who told her this man was a scam artist. I assumed it was another conspiracy to silence him. And as members of this forum might know, NASA are alternately known as Never A Straight Answer. I believed him rather than her despite knowing her for many years and him only after a few emails.

In another lecture, he said he was a Jewish Iranian who could help bring peace to the world and I so greatly hoped he could do just that for that part of the world. Again, I believed him and wished for it with all my heart.

Educated Iranians as a whole are very civilised and polite, whatever their thoughts are, they have been kind to me rather than insult or offend in public. Their private thoughts may be another matter, I cannot know. But I now wonder if in fact I have insulted and offended my own community? I now sense I have let them all down, along with 75,000 viewers on YouTube.

The Italian embassy was also very polite and simply confirmed he had contacted them. I mistakenly assumed this was diplomatic speak for ‘this guy is real’.

Like many others far brighter than myself I dearly wanted to believe him.

What lessons are there to be drawn from this?

Perhaps before any of us are consumed by ‘conspiracies’ we should be more rigorous in our research. I now feel very badly for what I have done.

Posted by Galaxion, November 14, 2013

@Shahriar: Thanks for the very interesting background information about the interview. Even as a Keshe critic I agree with davidlloyd: There is no need to blame yourself, because your good intentions are obvious. Although not everything can be justified by good intentions, I’d say something like that interview certainly can. Apart from that I assume that you aren’t responsible for labeling the interview a “lecture” (as 21st Century Wire did), which was probably most misleading about the event.

Generally, anyone studying Keshe closer is aware his nearly hypnotic persuasion capabilities (which don’t work on all, but on many people). The most recent victims are two Italian politicians who fell for his “Spaceship Institute” delusion. After he has never shown any working “Keshe technology” (that can’t be easily explained based on conventional science, like his “coke bottle reactors”) the idea of founding such an institution is preposterous. Still, these two poor chaps support it, and will probably pay dearly for that sometime in the future.

Concerning the drone, I speculate that a malfunction of some kind played part in its capture. It is important to note, that Iran brought down only one RQ170 drone, while the other captured drones are ScanEagles. ScanEagles are only better model airplanes with a wingspan about 10 ft, a weight of about 40 lbs and a cruising speed of about 55 mph. It’s probably not very difficult to pluck one of these out of the air in a region where you have air superiority. The RQ170 is a different ball game, but since this happenend only once, it may have been based on favorable circumstances. Anyway, there is according to my research absolutely nil evidence that Keshe has anything to do with these incidents.

Posted by Galaxion, November 19, 2013


“This treaty will be signed for centuries by all men […], in the future every man will sign this treaty from the time of puberty and youth”

Again, it seems that only few of Keshe’s followers took the time to contemplate what this actually means. This is something like a world domination fantasy of a comic book character (“world peace — according to my terms!”).

This “world domination” theme (usually disguised by lots of talk about peace) surfaces in several other of Keshe’s writings.

Posted by Galaxion, November 20, 2013

Let me ask you a question: How much do you really know about Tesla, Steinmetz, Maxwell and Faraday? Have you studied any of their original works? Comparing Keshe with these four guys is an extremely severe insult to the latter. These four were giants, Keshe is not even a dwarf besides them. His “work” connects in no way with the work of any of these four. It may connect with the very superficial ideas that some questionable authors — who have no clue themselves — spread about these four.

Steinmetz, for example, was a mathematical genius. Have you ever found any mathematics in Keshe’s “works”? I searched for it: The most complex mathematical formula I found is contained in his (failed — as the other three) patent application EP1770717A1 on page 76: V = Pi D^3 / 6. It’s the formula to calculate the volume of a sphere. More math is obviously beyond Keshe’s intellectual capabilities. Unfortunately, you can’t do science without math.

And concerning the latter part of your statement: Keshe’s “scientific” ideas can be confirmed nowhere, because they’re just plain nonsense.

Posted by Galaxion, November 21, 2013

Since Keshe recently announced the 8th delay of his infamous “3-4kW generators” (for which about 150 poor chaps paid 500 EUR deposit) here the chronology of these generators for those interested in the topic.

Posted by Shahriar Mazandi, May 7, 2014

I am the same Shahriar Mazandi featured herein. It is with great regret that I must state that since this interview I have found scant evidence to verify M T Keshe’s various claims. Furthermore, his recent announcements apparently proclaiming himself as Messiah are not only deeply disturbing but do little to add to his credibility as a scientist. Until I am able to see for myself factual and validated evidence verifying his claims I feel compelled to offer a sincere and humble apology for misleading upwards of 80,000 of those of you who have watched my interview here with Mr Keshe.