Keshe scam vs. reality

Scam alert 1:

On October 26th, on the first day of the blueprint week, Keshe said:

“This week we deliver 1.000 units. Next week we deliver 10.000 units. We build up to one million a month in November and December, but this is not enough. We need at least… at least! minimum!… units to be built.”

But on November 12th, during the 87th Knowledge Seekers Workshop, Keshe said:

“Renan tells me we can expect 10 units per month to be manufactured by him.”

And indeed, one month later, as of today, November 25th 2015, there are ONLY THREE (!) confirmed deliveries.

Furthermore, producing units would mean that every person on this planet owns more than 100 units. Once the production has finished, all natural resources on this planet will have been used up. Then we have free energy, but there is nothing left that can be powered by these units, and humanity will die. units vs. 10 units. Keshe scam vs. reality.

Scam alert 2:

Jon Bliven of SEARL Group (who were hyped to work with the KF but were later on dropped by Keshe, like many others) did the following test of his Keshe reactor: click here (MUST WATCH!)

Impressive result, we are literally BLOWN AWAY by all this FREE ENERGY!

But keep in mind, it’s NEVER Keshe’s fault, as his way of explaining is FLAWLESS, PERFECT and CORRECT.

“A lot of you are making a lot of mistake with this nanomaterial coating. Some of you are reporting you’re getting no results … it’s a hoax they say. It’s your own stupidity you haven’t understood what you’re doing!” – M.T. Keshe

So Keshe not only scams everyone, he also insults and blames people afterwards. Nothing new there.

Scam alert 3:

Test results by Roald Boom are also in, see here

His comments:

“Results after 9 days…. Nothing happening that I can see…”

“So far I have spent close to 2K for my homemade MaGrav and 1K on a Keshe MaGrav. I would first like to see anybody with any working device before I spend more money on this subject….”

“He says that he told us to put our voltage meter on the ends of the coils…… I have never ever heard that before……ever……have you? Drain them yes, but + and – at the ENDS of the coils??”

“It is looking like a big BS scam more each day…..”

“Let me know when there are one or two people who have a working Magrav. In the meantime I am going to make better use of my time. I hope you all enjoyed my contribution, but for now I’m gone sit back and watch from the sidelines…..”

“Keshe keeps changing his stories……not at all a good sign. People are afraid to ask him straight, because he never let’s them finish talking and puts them down by saying that it is our own “stupidity” and we “are just trying to confirm our own existence”. All the while Mr Keshe is the savior of Humanity, the bringer of peace, he who will bring us into space, mr knowledgable, etc, etc……”

“Maybe it is time that he show us one single real invention that works……. maybe show us the factory in Italy, maybe open up a MaGrav power unit and let us backingeneer it, maybe show us one or two working systems of those many people working with the KF that “have been testing in the background” all these last months/years……..”

Scam alert 4:

From the Magrav power unit manual:

“Plasma is found everywhere around us — in the air, our bodies, around the planet and in outer space. Through the nano layers, this boundless energy is then converted to usable energy which can power appliances at home. Just like bringing home a new puppy, we need to train the Magravs Power Unit to satisfy our energy needs, as well as to train ourselves to understand the system. This is not simply plug and play. It is plug and interplay — YOU are 1part of the whole connection! It is time for Humanity to reconnect with the energetic plasma world!”

So people are supposed to “train” this power unit like a “puppy” ?? Maybe put it on a leash too and walk it ?

“Free energy in exchange for world peace” ? Hardly. “Insanity in exchange for world domination” is a slogan that would match the Keshe Foundation much better.

Thanks but no thanks. We prefer to stay mentally sane and free.

Scam alert 5:

In the 88th Knowledge Seekers Workshop, Keshe said:

“The units as we said have received certification of CE and for American standards.”

Now we hear the following from Daniele, who was supposed to produce the power units for Italy:

“Nn ha normative cee per questo ho lasciato perdere anche …..piu volte gliel ho chieste piu volte il mio design glil ha fatto notare”

Translation: Daniele said that Keshe’s devices have NO(!) CE certificate!

As you can see in the picture below, the CE label has been put on the POWER CHORD, not on the device itself, to avoid having to apply for certification. Putting the CE label on the power chord is a trick to cheat customs authorities into importing illegally produced and uncertified units. So Keshe’s goal seems to be to confuse private people and officials!

IF there is a valid certificate, we hereby urge Keshe to SHOW it publicly !



(Image shown for educational purposes)