Truth, peace and justice

On November 26th, during the 89th Knowledge Seekers Workshop, Keshe once again attacked people and then sold that as a “hand of peace”. Only totally naive people would fall for such tactics. It only requires a pea-sized brain to realize that peace won’t happen if the person who claims to negotiate peace is launching lunatic attacks and fantasies in each and every workshop. He talks about “red circle people”, which is the language of a 3 year old child, trying to accuse us and others, like he always does. He claims he identified 25 “red circle people” and will post their private details like names, phone numbers, lovers and so on.

First of all, if any of this is directed against us, we are currently not 25, but less than 25 dedicated and PEACEFUL individuals, some former and some current KF members from different continents, who are interested ONLY in the truth, and we are able to see through Keshe like through glass. His constant attempts to further indoctrinate self-trained esoteric people and hobby conspiracy theorists, and to force them to do things which he could never do alone, show nothing short of a dangerous mind-control cult that is being set up to overthrow the social order of this planet. Meaning: the so often quoted and feared “New World Order” is being set up unknowingly and step by step by PEOPLE LIKE YOU, who listen to Keshe and follow his hostile instructions and “teachings”.

If Keshe talks about 25 people, it shows that he has NO real information, he can only guess and make up stories. Mehran, whomever you “identified”, leave these people alone, because most importantly, everyone knows who YOU are. Not because you were exposed, but because your hunger for attention drove you into public view. The more you attack, the more you get yourself in trouble. You keep talking about attempts on your life, but don’t you know that according to the law of attraction, you will eventually get what you attract ? Not by us, but maybe from others who are fed up with your games and intimidation attempts.

Secondly, we are not responsible for other people’s actions. We also distance ourselves from any trolls, and from people who threaten or intimidate others. All we do is to report the truth, and sometimes we do so in a humorous way. Our goal is to wake people up to the reality of the Keshe cult. We do this for humanity, not in order to fight anyone. But whenever Keshe attacks the way he always does, we will defend ourselves and other innocent people. This is our right and our responsibility as humans. And the truth will not be silenced.

Thirdly, we urge Keshe to go ahead with his plan to publish personal details, because there is no red circle. Does he have solid proof ? Let him put all on the internet. Because then there is undeniable proof of falsified documents or information, since all such proof will be fabricated by his own core team, led by Sandor.

We never threatened anyone, and if Keshe makes such claims, he is lying once again. It’s Keshe who threatens and slanders others all the time, in almost every workshop, anyone can hear that on Youtube and on Livestream. Keshe thinks just because he embeds his attacks into his technical teachings in order to manipulate the subconscious of his followers, nobody outside the KF will notice ? It is clear that Keshe is some sort of Arab story teller, trying to sell flying carpets.

Most notably, Keshe NEVER SHOWED ANY PROOF of these alleged threats, hacking attempts and so on, simply because there are none. He never showed any emails or anything else that proves what he claims, he just talks and creates drama and division. The only information he ever publishes is always made up of exaggerated stories and false claims. So, without having seen any proof, you still believe him ? If anyone told you the sky is green, would you believe it too, even when you can check for yourself and find out that the sky is blue ?

For example, you should ask Keshe to show PROOF of 25 people who threatened anyone in England or wherever. You should ask for PROOF that I had email contact with Sterling Allan. You should ask for PROOF that the power unit works. And so on and on. But if you ask, Keshe will not show you anything, except maybe some fake paper or fake story, simply because there never has been any email contact between Sterling Allan and me. The same way there are no 25 people who threaten others. Don’t follow or believe instigators like Keshe. If such threats ever took place, they have nothing to do with any “Belgiums”, but probably with some mentally sick individuals. Likewise, none of us EVER attempted to hack the KF website. We simply have no interest in doing so, as the KF site has no real value, plus we don’t hack because we respect the law. However, Keshe said “You got into our internet, we got into your computer.” So the first part of this sentence is a blatant lie, and the second part shows that the KF hacked others, so Keshe confirmed they committed a crime.

IF any threats against Alekz ever took place, the correct way would be for him to inform the police, not for Keshe to post names and addresses of innocent people on the internet, because this is as dirty as it gets, and would clearly prove to the police that Keshe makes up crazy stories. Keshe always needs to blame scapegoats to divert the attention away from his own failures and frauds. So he uses popular hyped words like “terrorists”, not realizing that by doing so, he becomes a criminal psycho-terrorist himself.

We are all peaceful and united. It is Keshe who causes division and wants to make you believe that Belgium needs to be united (crazy!), and that his imaginary enemies need to be exposed. There are no enemies, except inside Keshe’s mind. It’s also Keshe, the “peace bringer”, who offers war technology to governments (the second USB stick). What is the purpose of that ? To defend ourselves against aggressive ET’s ? We all, including KF followers, were friends across all continents, until Keshe started to cause division. Those who have been around long enough know the truth, about how he asked people to remove each other from several groups and chats, and forbid core members to speak to people outside. It’s always just the newcomers that Keshe can manipulate, they are easy prey for the cult leader.

For all those newcomers: it was not me who started this insane circus. It was Keshe, who falsely accused me in April in Bari behind my back to be an agent of the Belgian government. Such a hypocritical attack from my “friend and brother” is not acceptable, it is the two-faced action of a coward who talks a lot but never has anything of importance to show, so he makes up stories to gain attention. Someone like Keshe, who feels absolutely no shame when exploiting the Paris terrorist attacks for his own benefit, can never be a peace negotiator. And all this talk about proxy servers and red circles can only impress bored housewives at best.

Mehran, your mouth may speak words of peace in public, but your real message is about hate, aggression and lies. Turn around and change your ways while you still can. You can still have a good life without all this nonsense you keep making up. You made the first step to start this war, you also have to make the first step to end it… in a peaceful way, by confessing your mistakes and by apologizing from your heart to ALL the people you fooled, not by threatening and putting people’s lives at risk.

The truth is on our side, and we don’t want to see anyone harmed. We never wanted this artificial conflict, we never started it. And as far as we are concerned, there is no conflict, so we send his provocations back to Keshe, he can keep them. If being confronted with the truth causes Keshe to act in such a crazy way, we ask ourselves: what is he hiding ?

Again: we want peace. Why can’t Keshe stop waging wars ? And why does he continue to fool people ? Don’t forget, the truth always wins.

The transcript of Keshe’s aggressive and threatening rhetoric, taken from the 89th Knowledge Seekers Workshop, in which he once again attempts to turn people against each other, in order to keep them afraid and locked up in their homes, can be found HERE.