Confirmed: Power unit does NOT work

Daniele Davini, who was supposed to produce Keshe’s power units, confirmed in the Italian Keshe Thoughts Group on November 29th:

“It doesn’t work, trust me.”  (Source)

He then he gave a more detailed comment:

“Trust me… Keshe spent the whole of August with me… the only thing that works is the “GANS”, which is just oxide. But this isn’t anything new, my grandfather used to put copper oxide on his grapevines, they grow larger than usual without parasites. Other than that, nothing done by Keshe works.”  (Source)

We urge everyone who paid for the units in advance to insist on immediate refunding. Don’t let Keshe fool you again with his delays, tricks, and distractions. If he doesn’t refund you, sue him, otherwise you are going to wait and wait and wait… until the “coming time”. Enough of that!