More scam confirmation

More comments by Roald Boom, who made another video:

“This video is the last video about my first MaGrav unit. As of 27 Nov 2015 I have turned it off.”

“Tell that to Mr Keshe, he’s the one who does not know what he’s speaking about!”

“Well, a good lesson learned on how easy it is to be scammed by a good con-artist……”

“I am humbled by the experience. I will never laugh at anyone again who has been scammed/fooled/tricked by con artists. Good ones, will have you bring them more money even after your gut alarm is in full blast siren mode…..”

Peter, about whom Keshe said that he was threatened by “Red Cirlce” people, now said in an interview that indeed he received some emails, but they are not really serious, so he is not concerned. They said these threats were probably made by some lunatics who want to feel important. Of course Keshe had to turn it into a drama again, to use it for his own benefit and to intimidate others.

Finally a good quote from the net, which matches Keshe perfectly:

“People who, when being criticized, always sense persecution, only demonstrate how their criticism of others must be interpreted.”