“Clear Viewpoints”

We call this post “clear viewpoints” because it shows reports by people who are mentally sober enough to see the truth, unlike most KF followers, who seem to be living in a pseudo-esoteric dream world, indoctrinated by cult leader Mehran Tavakoli Keshe.

Clear viewpoint 1:

Roald Boom made another video in which he explains:

“Basically, what it came down to is a stable consumption. There was no drop in my consumption. So, on the 8th day basically I decided to turn it off, and also terminate this second unit, which to me shows enough proof that it doesn’t work. Now, I know a lot of people will say: Yeah, well, you should condition it. Well, I heard that story, because that’s something that came later in the blueprint. That was not the case in the beginning. These are new things.

Now, when all this stuff kept changing, I started to get a worse and worse feeling about this whole story. Because I had a gut feeling in the beginning that there was things wrong.

But because the idea is such a great idea, I wanted to continue. That’s why I made so much … I invested so much time and made so many videos and put my energy in it so much. Because the idea what Mr. Keshe presents, of a renaissance, of a move into a new era of free energy and changing the world and getting loose of this grip, this stranglehold that these elites, or whatever you want to call them, cabal, criminals, that are taken over by their greedy selves, have been having on this planet for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Well, the idea of such a thing, lifting, and be part of a new move in consciousness and a renaissance in technology was really appealing to me. So I wanted to be part of it and that’s why I invested so much energy and so much time.

And I’ve met a lot of people along the line that were doing exactly the same thing. That were good people. I have contact with some of these people, some of you I’ve met over the last few weeks. Probably for a long time. Because you guys … a lot of you are really good people, with your heart in the right place, and ready to do what’s neccessary to lift this scam that is going on on this planet about who we are, where we come from, and trying to keep us enslaved in so many ways. So, this is the same reason why I was part of this.

But it started to seem to me more and more that this is scam. I know a lot of you will attack me for that, but the fact is, though, I did my research in the beginning, and there was a lot of smearing about Mr. Keshe. He apparently has promised things for years, and never come through. So, it does seem that this is the same case.

So, I didn’t want to believe it. I kept saying to myself: Ok, fair enough. I read the articles about a lot of people saying Mr. Keshe has been scamming people for a long time, and lying. But I didn’t want to believe it, and I wanted to think: You know, ok, maybe it’s just the big oil cabal smearing him to try to keep him down, try to keep us believing that it doesn’t work.

But his disorganized way of presenting things, his keeping away facts, and changing things all the time, but also promising, and saying that there’s all these things working, and in the background it’s been working, and people have these systems working for years, and then not coming up with a single shred of evidence that anything is working, this is too weird for me. Right?

So, I’m actually now at a point where I don’t believe it anymore. I’m really doubtful about it. But I will tell you this: If I’m wrong and Mr. Keshe is right, if this thing is real, and it’s working, I don’t understand why he’s not coming out, why he’s not showing his factories in Italy and all these things. But if I’m wrong, I will gladly eat my words. I will gladly apologize to all of you, that I’ve been a little bit too early at drawing any conclusions.

But after the amount of time I’ve put in, and the amount of effort I’ve put in, and the incoherency in his teachings, and his promises, and his big talk, and then coming with so little facts, I just can’t muster the energy anymore to continue with it. So, I’m going to be watching from the sidelines. I’m going to be hoping any of you going to come up with some new stuff instead of this almost Keshe-cultish stuff, where everything is “Yeah! I know it’s going to work!”, but then in the meantime nobody got a single shred of evidence.

So, I will gladly eat my words when the time comes and it’s proven to actually be something that is real, working, applicable, and Mr. Keshe was right. Sure, I’ll apologize. And if you don’t want to listen to me anymore, fine. I’m ok with that. But right now my gut feeling is saying: Bab! Bab! Bab! Bab! (Alert!). You know, this is not good. You know, I really want you guys to be skeptical, but I don’t want to dictate what you believe. Believe what you wish.

But there’s things wrong here, lots things wrong here. And I don’t want to be part of a lie. I dont want to be part of a scam. I don’t want to be part of that. I’ll even remove all my videos. When that found out, I’d put big text on it, saying, you know, this is all proven to be a big hoax. Don’t watch this video, because you waste your time like I have.

If, for some reason, I’m wrong — I hope I am — then I will rejoin the effort, make clear videos, help everybody out, and continue. But in the meantime I just can’t get my body-mind to get in gear anymore with this. There’s something completely off here.

Clear viewpoint 2:

In the Keshe forum Germany, somebody wrote:

Currently there is a big hype around the Magrav unit. Last year we had the same thing going on with the Gaia “Auftriebskraftwerk” (AuKW), and before that lots of discussions and forum posts about the Quantum Energy Generator (QEG).

The arguments for each respective technology are similar. Critics are being denounced in a similar way. The hype around the AuKW and the QEG has meanwhile calmed down, because the critics were right and the devices are far from being able to produce energy. With the Magrav unit the hype is still going on. People were asked to be patient until Christmas.

I am thankful in all three cases, that their “inventors” went public at an early stage, in the cases of QEG and Magrav they even released “blueprints”. I am thankful because by them going public, the most popular of all excuses (“the new technology is being suppressed”) can not be used. On the contrary, you can download the blueprints everywhere on the net and you can experiment with them. It’s not just that nobody ever tried to suppress these technologies, but there aren’t even the slightest indications that any industry, any banks or the “big oil” lobby even took notice of them.

Clear viewpoint 3:

This person and his “foundation” makes me sick. Really, every time I hear or read something of his maniacal ramblings my blood pressure goes to stratospheric highs. This is so bad, so transparent, so obviously a scam of colossal proportions its a genuine miracle anybody still believes a word he says.

The man is so full of it (and I don’t mean overunity, nor inventions) that he cannot even admit doing anything wrong. It’s always the fault of somebody else: the hapless replicator, the manufacturer, and so forth.

His stupid box of primitive coils does not and will not, not now, not ever produce anything but a little hot air, and hopefully no major fires. The nerve to charge the better part of a thousand euros for a 2 dollar plastic box with 5 dollars worth of copper coils, and then sell it with a straight face as a breakthrough “technology” is breathtaking.

I read one hapless commenter elsewhere who stated that in the automotive industry recalls are frequent. I couldn’t answer (I’m evil, and therefore banned in S+S’s free world of Justice and Democracy) anyway but apparently it doesn’t dawn on some that a box of toy coils is slightly less complex than an automobile.

Ah, what a world. Keshe must be laughing at all these mindless followers, in his expensive tailored suits. I think the exit strategy is already in place. Soon something “mysterious” or “unexpected” will happen and Keshe disappears. The money is in, after at least a decade of deceit and fraud.  (Source)

Of course in the 90th Knowledge Seekers Workshop Keshe launched a pre-emptive strike to ridicule such reports of Keshe technology failure in the future:

“Most of you will write the system does not work… and I tell you that’s exactly where we wanted you to be.”

“Everyone has the knowledge, unless you don’t want to look at it. You tend to be blind to it.”

The latest explanation why it didn’t work:

“There is nothing wrong with most of the systems you made, unless you have short-circuited your system by over-gansing as you’ve done.”

Next time it will be “under-gansing”, or “being stupid” or “not understanding” as usual. Ridiculous.

Further Keshe said today: “You are all so deeply involved in a stupid Magrav system to create energy.”

Well WHO promoted this “stupid” Magrav system in several workshops, announced as “the greatest moment in human history” ?

Now that people are waking up to the scam, the unit is no longer important ? Then at least Keshe should be fair and refund everyone who ordered it.

But no, the units are now being recalled BEFORE anyone even received them (!) But that’s not all. In the 90th workshop Keshe also said “On Monday, the batteries start going out.” (!) So you can expect the same scam with a different product, while the old scam is still only in its early stages.

It is clear that Keshe is addicted to his own scam, and that he is totally unable to admit his own mistakes, as that would blow his cover. But soon the whole world will have realized that Keshe is a scammer, which, in Keshe’s view, means humanity is just too stupid to understand.

So we suggest that His Holiness Lord Spaceship Commander Messiah God Keshe finds a new planet where he can teach his “technology” to more enlightened beings than us.

Somebody made a public comment on Livestream:

“Does anybody know if it is possible to cancel an order of the magrav unit ? I find it a little bit strange but I asked them in the customer service about this 3 weeks ago, but they told me it already had been shipped, but I live in Denmark in Europe so it should have been here by now, and I have asked them many times to provide me the tracking number, but they don’t answer me ?????

Roald Boom also commented on Keshe’s reaction on Facebook:

“If anyone has seen his workshop today of December 3rd, you will have no doubt he is selling snake oil……”

FACT: nobody has ever seen a working device.

FACT: but Keshe made money off it (more than 1000 Euros per unit!). If the KF is really as transparent as Keshe claims, we’d like to see how many units were “sold” and how much money Keshe made, and then how much of it “went back to the nations”, as he always claims.

FACT: some people STILL believe Keshe and go on spreading his nonsense, helping him to get rich, whereas THEY will never make money because they have no working device in their hands! Instead, they are being robbed of their time and their mental sanity, while being told they HAVE to produce, they have no choice! Furthermore they are being made believe that Belgians are terrorists and that Keshe is the beginning and the end. Yes, he has been the beginning of a 10 year scam, and will hopefully also be its end.

We will continue to report the truth until every victim has been fully refunded, until everyone who has been slandered and intimidated received AT LEAST a documented, personal apology from Keshe, until he stops telling scientific sounding fairytales, and until the public has been fully informed about the truth of the Keshe Foundation scam.