The real terrorist

During the Dutch Knowledge Seekers Workshop on December 3rd, Keshe once again called me a terrorist. He said he has been terrorized for 10 years “by the same man”. Interestingly, until April 2015, he used to call me a genius, a friend and a brother, and seemed to be very thankful for the 10 years of work I spent for him. How is it then possible, that I terrorized him while I worked for him and with him ?

Keshe keeps getting caught in his own web of lies and contradictions. By repeatedly accusing and attacking me, he has committed a severe criminal act, and he thinks by repeating this malicious pattern, more people will believe him, when in reality everyone is laughing at him behind his back.

Thankfully, the Dutch people who participated in the workshop declared themselves as peaceful, and said they are not afraid. They are smart enough to understand that I am a peaceful person as well, and that Keshe’s intention is to scare and frighten everyone. He only seems to join private workshops in order to spread his hateful fairytales.

In Keshe’s view, when someone speaks the truth, they become a terrorist. But his constant attacks are supposed to be alright ? Before he called me a terrorist, he did the same to others. We the people have had enough of Keshe, who is the real terrorist and thinks he is above all law. Not I am the threat, it is Keshe who threatens and lies his way through history. It is hard to understand why nobody has the courage to speak up against this incredible injustice.

If Keshe harasses people this way on the internet, then what goes on in Barletta behind closed doors, known to all insiders, but without anyone talking about it ?