“Wipe out people in their brain”

Keshe’s aggression is becoming more and more apparent to everyone. In the 1st international workshop, he not only attacked me (this time he called me a child murderer), but he also attacked other Belgians and Germans, and then he even called his own followers “greedy idiots”. This shows how ruthless this man is, he just cannot hold a single workshop without insulting people, it seems to be genetic, he MUST attack and deceive. Let’s see how long his loyal fans will put up with such insults, combined with NO scientific results whatsoever. There even are people who believe that Keshe is Jesus, and they insist that he unites science and spirituality, when in reality he unites pseudo-science and occultism in a dangerous way.

However, we thank His Holiness Lord Keshe for confirming in this workshop once again his real intention: to harass, slander and insult with his “monologues from hell” whenever he gets the chance. Keshe’s logic: “Next time when anybody calls us we are fraud, just write underneath: gang of murderers. That’s what they are.” So again he instigates slander, he asks people to call everyone who disagrees with him a murderer, and therefore turns his followers – if they follow his instructions – into criminals. With his behaviour Keshe proves that he just doesn’t want peace, instead he wants to harm and damage anyone who doesn’t agree with him. And could it be that the PERFECT Messiah has never heard that messing with women has nothing to do with CORRECT CONDUCT and might lead to a jail sentence of up to 15 years ?

Unlike what you might have heard, we are not paid by any “paymasters” and Keshe knows it, and we really have better things to do than to waste our time with his nonsense, so we only give this short notice. We just put a mirror in front of him so he can see what or who the real problem is. Here are Keshe’s own words, using perfect double-speak, taken from Project Camelot’s Keshe Update November 13th, 2014:

“We have brought in an arsenal of space technology in defending ourselves, and at the same time, as we are a “peaceful” organisation, we have the capability to wipe out these people directly in their brain where the body will separate from their soul. The punishment I can dish out is beyond man’s imagination.”

This is the kind of “PEACE” that humanity can expect if people continue to support Keshe to give him more power. Imagine a man who seems to have serious mental problems, being in control of the planet… and it’s his followers who brought him to power, without ever questioning him. On the contrary, they still glorify him. If you keep quiet and support Keshe’s accusations, you show that you are as aggressive as he is, and therefore you not only contradict Keshe’s “peace roadmap”, you also become complicit in his slanderous actions.

You can choose peace, or you can choose Keshe, but certainly not both, as they exclude each other completely. Keshe is about aggression, excessive control, and constant war with himself and others. He will never confess his mistakes, but will always blame them on others. He doesn’t realize how much compassion we have shown so far, to put up with his lunatic and criminal behaviour. There are no “millions of followers” and there is no support from governments or presidents. During this workshop, there were roughly 300 viewers on Livestream, and 60 on Youtube. “Millions” ? Not quite. Keshe’s fantasy land is now being exposed by his own hand.

Listen guys, if you really want peace, start by teaching Keshe some manners, so he finally learns when it is time to stop insulting and harming everyone around him.