The truth shall set you free

Renowned free energy researcher ZeroFossilFuel has done some thorough tests, and has now come to a final conclusion, which he calls “Kolossal Keshe Katastrophe”.

Some quotes from the video:

“What Keshe says about plasma is nothing but nonsense.”

“No change on the input, no change on the output. We have resistive losses.”

“Some of you follow this quack Keshe so blindly, that you believe everything that comes out of his mouth. Keshe is not the Messiah, he’s a false prophet.”

“The technology cannot possibly work. I have contributed to the body of evidence that the technology does not work.”

The person he mentions towards the end is Geert Vranckx, one of the first Keshe followers, who was one of the most determinded reactor builders.

Everyone is advised to watch this video in its entirety!