Kolossal Keshe Katastrophe

ZeroFossilFuel posted the follow-up video, the final one in his series, called The Kolossal Keshe Katastrophe Konklusion.

Here the transcript of the main part of his konklusion:

“The output equals the input. Period. All I can tell you is: this does not work. Anything that is based on the priciples that should make this work, also does not work. Keshe is the bullshit artist of the century. He is a cult leader. A self-proclaimed Messiah. And the people who sit around him are basically his apostles. Guess what… Keshe is a false prophet. He is misleading you, he is detracting from real research that takes place in alternative energy. And he gives everyone a bad name. Anyone who accuses me of having a negative influence on any of this, you are so wrong, you have no idea. Exposing fraud is always a positive influence. ALWAYS a positive influence.

If you think what I’m saying is hateful, then apparently speaking the truth is the new hate speech. And I don’t care what you call it. You can call it anything you like. I will continue to speak the truth. And the truth is Keshe is a quack. And this (technology) does not work. Forget Keshe, walk away from Keshe. Pay him absolutely no mind. And remember: if you sent him any money, it’s gone. Count your losses, lick your wounds, walk away. This crap doesn’t work, I’m sorry. That is the truth. I can’t wait to turn this thing off, and move on to some real science. Peace everyone!”


Bravo Mark. You have done a great service to humanity by speaking the truth and showing the reality of what Keshe is all about, without letting yourself be controlled or intimidated by this false Messiah. We thank you from our heart.