Lifting the veil

We would like to bring a few important points to everyone’s attention. Keshe keeps brainwashing his followers, so these points need to be addressed.

Keshe repeatedly claims that we and others are paid by the government, in order to stop the technology. This is not only false, it is also yet another fallacy, to distract from the fact that the KF is based on fraud. Furthermore, we do not hack people’s computers, we do not troll, and this is the last time we explain all this, as we are tired of having to repeat and defend ourselves against Keshe’s hate speech and false accusations over and over again, just because we speak the truth and give Keshe the attention he begs for.

Excerpts from the 95th Knowledge Seekers Workshop:

“Interesting is that it says ‘My entire studio is running on magrav’. So it shows that the technology works, it’s delivered. We have seen bunch of people, posting that the system doesn’t work and is wrong. And people who are running their system, their energy supply from the magrav system… so it shows we are correct, and something strange which is happening is… a large number of people … are achieving and supplying energy for themselves, so she is running her studio with magrav technologies, so it means it works, and this situation which has been written by what I call the dark forces has been given a new light this week. We received an interesting link that … shows how they try to discredit scientists. I think it’s good for people to see, if you can put that link on, to show how governments have systematically, in trying to discredit scientists, or scientific work like yours and ours, and it fits into every single page you’ve seen with the red circle in Antwerp and in Germany. Step by step as they disclose what they found out the procedure, it fits (inaudible). So it shows these people work hand in hand with governments, and they go from one technique to another, cause one man cannot come up with one thing and then follow the same procedure next. (inaudible) and they have their own what you call it instigators of discrediting but it’s not working. Can you put that link up ? It’s very good for people to listen to this 11, 12 minutes of tape, it’s independent release, and it fits exactly how this been going with people to discredit the work of your work and the foundation work. And it fits exactly word by word into how in Antwerp and in Germany the foundation has been attacked. They have… and it shows we told you they’re on the payroll, and being on the payroll they try to do these kinds of things to discredit. If you don’t do it by names and attack personally (inaudible) send emails and the rest and you see it fits perfect. So we’re 100% sure these people are… work hand in hand and on the payroll of these governments, and in time they will be discredited. There is no doubt about it.”

“The structure as you see it’s a very good way to show. “Proof of Government Paid Internet Trolls and Free Energy Debunkers”. It fits perfectly as you’ve been on the internet and what has been happening on different websites and how they been attacking and everything else the foundation, it fits in their work, word by word according to their paymasters in how to… this has come from the British secret service, how they get their guys to do the dirty work. And now you see (inaudible) we told you for a long time, they’re government agents who are trying to tell you you don’t understand and everything else is false, and write to you emails and all that. Now you see how they do it and how they’ve been encouraged to do by the what I call the paymasters. So now you see their work. What we said the red circle is a paid agents and it’s working with the Germans the same way, fits perfectly into this circle. But in any way, we don’t consider them as, what do you call it, worth talking about. Now everybody is understanding what their position is.”


First of all, we distanced ourselves from all the trolls already.

Secondly, we explained that we do NOT want to stop any technology! To make it clear: we too support free energy. Of course we do! Who would NOT want clean energy ? Only the energy lobby. So saying that we want to stop any technology is yet another lie. All that needs to be stopped is Keshe’s slander and these constant false accusations. But we know they won’t stop, because Keshe depends on putting people down, it’s part of his character.

Thirdly, if the KF technology doesn’t even work (which has been proven and shown in several videos by different experimenters), why would anyone even try to stop it ?

And last but not least, if Keshe claims that the governments want to stop him, why does he then repeatedly assure you in almost every workshop that the governments support him ?

Also he accuses people of wanting to stop the technology, but at the same time he says the KF has become too big to be stopped. So his words make no sense at all, Keshe is a living contradiction. He won’t stop his delusional talk, as it seems he has long left this reality.



house of cards

Pictured here: the high security KF headquarter in Barletta.

Due to protection by magrav shielding, stronger walls are not required.

(not shown in the image: the swimming pool and the 2 big Mercedes)



And if anyone really thinks that people like “ZeroFossilFuel”, who have been spending all their time IN FAVOUR of free energy, are paid government trolls to discredit free energy, then think again. People like him SUPPORT free energy and work hard to come up with a working product, but of course they will speak up whenever someone comes up with fraud, because then the fraudster (Keshe) himself is a danger to alternative energy sources, as his faulty pseudo-science diminishes any credible and scientific attempt by other researchers.

Here is one of ZeroFossilFuel’s comments:

“My intent is to expose fraud. Keshe’s BS detracts from those who are actually doing real research. He is a discredit to all of us and a disgrace for misleading so many. Yes, I am passionate about that. And I shall NOT speak softly about it. Say what you will about me. I shall speak truth.”

We applaud ZeroFossilFuel’s attitude! Speaking truth is the way to go! Another one of his comments:

“Others CANNOT do it publicly if they don’t have ALL the information! To not disclose everything and encourage others to build is a recipe for failure. The fact that there has been NO PUBLIC THIRD PARTY TESTING OF ANY DEVICE MADE BY KESHE AFTER ALL THIS TIME IS PROOF ENOUGH THAT A WORKING DEVICE DOES NOT EXIST! The man is a con artist and a cult leader. That is all. And yet people still grasp at straws. It just makes me ill.”

The truth is that there is no working KF technology, hence there is nothing that can be stopped. If a random person says they “run” their home with magrav technology, then they should show proof including (correct) measurements, but they won’t because they can’t. Therefore everyone can see that the KF cult is based on fraud. The more people do their own professional analysis, the more apparent it will become.

Recognizing and understanding this monumental fraud is a matter of intelligence. If you desperately want to BELIEVE that Keshe has something to offer, then that intelligence is blocked, and you will not be able to see the truth. But if you approach this matter with an open mind, then examining the many videos and reports will lead you to the insight that you have been fooled. But please, take the time to find that out for yourself. Or continue to spend all your time on experiments that will lead nowhere. It is up to you. We are not here to tell you what to do, we are here to show the truth, because the people worldwide have a right to know the truth… if they want to hear it. But it seems some of them (or even most of them) WANT to be betrayed and deceived, they love their fantasies and conspiracy theories, as can be seen in every Livestream and Youtube chat.

If you really want the truth, do not believe Keshe, and do not believe us. Find out the truth for yourself. If you don’t have the knowledge or the technical means to do so, then follow your gut feeling. If it leads you to the truth, you have been successful. If it doesn’t, it just means you have to make another attempt. Nothing is lost, it’s just part of the learning process. Good luck! 🙂

Another point is that in the 95th workshop, Keshe picked another random person and asked Rick to ban them. That person, Mika, already made a video with a comment to Keshe.

“… Keshe Foundation (has) kicked me out from their group, as I was sharing my own internet page to people to look. And it’s not me who has said to people ‘People are monkey minds’, it’s not me who has said to people ‘Nikola Tesla didn’t know what he was doing’, and it’s not me who hates my incarnation before, what look like Keshe do, as Keshe is Albert Einstein’s incarnation, no matter (what) Keshe himself thinks. Truth only works as a personal shield, truth (does) not work as weapon and is not told as weapon. Truth is told out to have (an) idea how life is bigger picture, life is not only free energy technology, life is not only nano technology. (…) What soul should have or not have is self-controlled one state with full responsibility. It looks like Keshe has more or less (lost) self-controlled one state to play (…) from state what Keshe has right now.”

Even if Mika’s English is not perfect, he gets his point across. It’s never the people who slander, insult, threaten, punish and ban, it’s always Keshe and his helpers. But yet the people get punished for what Keshe does. And it hurts us to see how he does it over and over again. Every person who gets mistreated like this is one person too many. Thankfully, all over the world new laws are now being put in place, to prevent trolls and harassers like Keshe from putting their hate speech on Youtube, Livestream, Facebook, and other places.

Mika is not a troll, but has been a KF follower for quite some time. Kicking him out, or rather, asking Rick to kick him out, and Rick complying, once again shows Keshe’s aggression, and Rick’s increasing inability to distinguish between right and wrong.

See the excerpt from the 95th workshop:

“There is something I want you to check in the background Vince. There are a couple of people who are the trolls and trying to get people out of the line to the other places or discredit. Can you make sure they don’t come back on ? One of the names is what ? These are what we call… And the other one, Mika Tapani, these are all… pardon ?

Rick: He’s not a troll, he’s a regular commentator, he’s got strange ideas but he’s not a troll.

Keshe: Okay, can we ban him, we don’t need him there.

Rick: Okay, he’ll be disappointed but sure I’ll ban him.

Keshe: Ban him please, that’s good for him.”    (that part made us speechless)


Once again we saw incredible random aggression against people who did nothing wrong. Mika now joins the long line of people who were all discredited by Keshe’s hate speech, yet Keshe pretends that others are discrediting him. You cannot discredit a fraud, as he never had any credibility to begin with.

“One world, one nation, one planet”, the slogan of a hypocritical misanthrope. He pretends to want unity, but in reality he sees everyone as an object, a nuissance, a competition, or even an obstacle in his egotistical quest for self importance and world domination. Unity and peace cannot happen if people are being kicked out, but that should be apparent to everyone with a brain. “In the coming time” even people like Rick will be kicked out, but unfortunately Rick won’t believe that until it happens.

So in reality we have “Two worlds, two nations, two planets”, the ones inside the KF, and the ones who were kicked out by Keshe in order to turn them into imaginary enemies. This is what he calls “the elusive peace”, when in fact it’s the same situation we have on this planet today, created by the “cabal” that you all detest so much. However, Keshe acts exactly the same way, talking about unity, but creating division wherever he can, in order to keep control. Peace cannot and will not ever be made by force. It makes us sick to see that some people still believe in the “peace roadmap”, which also keeps changing, but in its essence it is based on force and on the will of the “Messiah”.

The few people who don’t see Keshe’s true nature are the newcomers who don’t know the repeating history of selling false (non-existing) products, endless promises (i.e. cancelled demonstrations of flying reactors) and fraud business tricks (invoice with fake taxes) of the KF, as well as the people who are being paid by their paymaster Keshe, in order to keep quiet while they do their slave work.

People keep asking themselves:

“Why is all this happening ? Why does Keshe behave like this ? If those people are innocent, why does Keshe keep attacking them in every workshop ? Is there really a “red circle” ? Have these people been lying ? Are they really government agents ? Or is Keshe crazy ? What is going on ?”

We will now answer these questions to protect potential future KF followers, as we are sick of Keshe’s lies and accusations. The good people out there deserve the truth.

The reality:

There is no red circle, and nobody has been trying to stop the technology. Around the KF there is no secret Belgian government agent, no hacker, no pedophile, no thief, no racist, no potential killer, no terrorist, no money launderer and no drug trafficker. Nobody tried to poison Keshe. Police officer Mr. Delannoye never beat Caroline up. There has been no spy. Nobody hacked the workshops. Keshe has no support from any secret service. President Obama never replied to Keshe. Nobody tried to kill or bomb Keshe. No government ever gave any notable support. The core team will not replace the United Nations, the core team is just a vehicle for Keshe’s cult. There have been no credible peace negotiations with the Vatican “at the highest level”. And as you have seen, not even the ambassadors have shown any further interest in the technology, because it simply doesn’t work. IT’S ALL JUST IN KESHE’S MIND.

Now we even hear from a long-time supporter, who went to a professional lab for analysis, that the material that is produced in the “CO2 Capture Kit” is not CO2 at all, but a mixture of zinc compounds. So the CO2 Capture Kit does NOT remove CO2 from the atmosphere, and is therefore another fraudulent product. Likewise we have to wonder if there was any truth to the Fukushima story at all, as there have not been any news on Tepco and the Japanese government. Even these stories were probably only made up in Keshe’s mind.

Someone else also posted on Youtube correctly:

“Why was Keshe charging 499 Euros for a finished unit that you can build for less than $10 at home? Why did he hike that price from 499 to 799? Why was there a “mysterious” recall on all the units that shipped out in 2015? He was already accepting pre-orders for these units in 2009. People at that time were under the impression it was coming out soon. Keshe is sitting on some serious $$$ right now.”

Another comment from Youtube:

“I saw/heard Keshe years ago and like many others, I hoped he was onto something. Didn’t really see him at all for 3 or 4 years. Several months ago he was giving the world his magrav technology. I followed dozens of people attempting to re-create his success(?). Absolutely nobody has yet to create anything other a device where what goes in goes out, like your experiment here. From what I discovered, Keshe simply took Cook coils and nano-coated them along with his plasma balls. As I have found and you have proven, Keshe is at best a charlatan.”

And one last comment from Youtube:

“Sadly, too many people are infatuated by the new shiny thing and ignore what is waiting on the threshold of discovery. But, when that new, shiny thing is Keshe and his dribble, one has to wonder. Is it SciFi or Science? Deciphering Joseph Newman’s writings was a piece of cake compared to Keshs’s fantasy. At least, with Newman, translation of terms and concepts referencing reality was the issue, for me. Keshe, on the other hand, is a deliberate deceiver, and his horned inspiration, with the pointy tail, will find their blind followers, thinking they are going to be something special in the new order of things. He has his loyal followers, his enemies sending their “terrorists” in to upset the apple cart. He’s a classic paranoid narcissistic personality with delusions of godhood. Keshe’s gizmo is powered by weak, easily manipulated minds. Collecting them together, (and administering a little LSD might be helpful, too), chanting “OM” while contemplating their navels is about the only way to obtain “results” of any kind. I do have to apologise for making my first substantive post to your site here a rant, but finding mention of Keshe here seemed so out of place. Your conclusion explained it, but the rant was still in me and I had to let it out.”

IT HAS BEEN ONE BIG FRAUD FROM THE START, based on lies and paranoid fantasy stories. Keshe fooled us all, some of us fell for it, just like most of you did. Some of us spent a lot of time on supporting Keshe, and in return we got attacked. But we freed ourselves from the illusion, so we consider it our responsibility to open your eyes as well.

If you followed the whole KF story, you will already know that Keshe does not have free energy, he is an obstacle to free energy. Keshe does not bring peace, he is an obstacle on the road to peace. He has no compassion and no empathy whatsoever, even though he sometimes pretends to be charming on the outside, only to then slander and insult the ones he charmed in the beginning.

Now what is really going on ? Why is all this happening ?

All the hints are pointing to the possibility that Keshe might be suffering from a mental disorder called “Malignant Narcissism“.

Of course he will not consider this possibility, as his grandiosity doesn’t allow him to admit that he is just a regular person, who is not perfect and makes mistakes like everyone else. This is why he claims to be the Messiah and comes up with big announcements in every workshop. He looks for attention because without it he feels threatened. He must be admired or all hell will break lose. If he can’t be the center of attraction, he feels that he is going to die, so he fights for attention no matter what, even if others get damaged in the process, and even if it puts Keshe on a criminal path. Even though his technology has already been proven as a fraud, he still goes on, changing things around and keeping his followers busy so they have no time to think about what they are actually doing, and about whether it makes any sense or not.



Reality vs. self-image of a narcissist


People with narcissism or narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) do not agree on most people’s reality. Such personality structure also gives way to the establishment of cults, where the cult members then “inherit” the leader’s psychotic and narcissistic world view, at which point it turns into a shared psychosis. The cult members are then no longer able to be part of reality, instead they live in a dream state filled with the theories and empty phrases created by their leader. Who will pay for their psychological treatment ?

Narcissists react in different ways when facing a defeat:

  1. Delusion (avoiding reality, or putting a spin on it)
  2. Anti-social solution (“these stupid idiots don’t appreciate me”, “I’m the Messiah”), beginning of psychopathy
  3. paranoid-schizoid: disappearing from the public (“there is so much to do we go away for 4 weeks”)
  4. paranoid-explosive: inventing a conspiracy, blaming external forces (“others are responsible, not me”)
  5. Masochistic-avoidant solution (martyrdom, playing the victim, “they try to discredit us”)

(See this video from 36:36)

We are not claiming that Keshe has this disorder, but instead we encourage you to look at the facts and to form your own opinion. Given that Keshe keeps using ALL of the above methods, the evidence seems overwhelming.

Personal relationships with narcissists are usually of abusive nature. They abuse their spouses or business partners emotionally, physically, sexually or financially. And while doing so, they feel absolutely no guilt. They think it’s their God-given right to abuse people, and then to call other people abusers in order to distract from their own deeds. Taking distance from such a relationship is often difficult, and it is never the narcissist, but always the people around him who require extensive psychological treatment to find their way back into reality. The narcissist himself never considers requiring treatment, as he sees himself as perfect and almost God-like.

To a narcissist, you are either useful or useless. If you are useful to him, he will expect you to serve him around the clock. If you are useless to him, or if you even criticize him, he will drop you like a hot potatoe and will detest and attack you. It often happens that you start out in the first category, only to be dumped into the second one later, when the narcissist has no more use for you.

Slander and sadistic hate speech can be the result of having this narcissistic disorder. The narcissist needs to put other people down in order to feel good about himself. He is ruthless and does not care about the damage he causes his victims, even if he tells them the opposite. He sucks everyone’s energy like a parasite and never gets enough. He keeps talking even when there is nothing more to talk about. In fact, the more attention you give him, the more you support his disorder and prevent him from finding peace.

His disorder is also the reason why he claims so many outrageous things that in reality aren’t true. He always needs to add another level and another sensation and another announcement, so that naive people think “This is so fantastic, it MUST be true.” And because he tells them what they want to hear, they follow him like sheep.

The narcissist loves to be hated and hates to be loved. The only healthy way to deal with a narcissist is to have NO CONTACT with him, otherwise abuse WILL take place in one way or another. Some might lose their job, their spouse, their mental sanity, a lot of money, or at least a lot of time.

You certainly keep wasting your time by following Keshe, and you can be sure there will never be “free energy” or any spaceship coming from the Keshe Foundation. Likewise, the KF will never create any peace, but only more conflicts, as we have seen throughout the workshops. And that is only a small percentage of what has been going on. Eventually, the full truth will come to light in the future, as more and more people are now looking into the problem.

All that Keshe has accomplished so far is to damage an awful lot of people, to take a lot of money without delivering any working product, to fool and brainwash his followers, and to ruin friendships all over the world.

Please inform yourself about this dangerous disorder by looking at the following links:

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“Narcissists are often pseudo-perfectionists and require being the center of attention. They create situations in which they will receive attention. The narcissist’s attempts at being perfect are cohesive with their grandiose self-image.” – Wikipedia


“The narcissist can neither give nor receive love. He cannot empathize with the pain and suffering of others. Although he is often incredibly charming and draws many people into his enchanted circle, the narcissist is incapable of true intimacy. At the core of his life experience, the narcissist has emotionally and often financially harmed so many. He has treated others with cruelty, ruthlessness and indifference too many times. Ultimately, in the depth of his unconscious, he knows he is an empty fraud.” – Linda Martinez-Lewi, Ph.D.


Yes, all this might be hard to swallow, especially for those who committed themselves fully to the KF, but that’s how things are. So rather than wasting even more time with KF nonsense, try to use your time for real science. Or even better, spend it with your family. There is no need for you to spend many years waiting for something that will never happen. Often the solution is right around the corner. 😉

Unfortunately we live in an increasingly narcissistic society, in which sincere and honest people are considered suspicious and weak, whereas deceivers and false Messiahs are being admired. The bigger the ego, the bigger the success, right ? However, this attitude cannot work, as there is something higher than the ego, and we as humans are all truly equal, nobody is better than another. Not us and no “Messiah”, but only that higher power, we may call it God, can save the world.

We would like to state again that we only have the best intentions, and that we love all of you. Making mistakes is part of human nature, whereas intentionally causing damage to boost one’s ego is not. That’s why we set up this website, to inform and protect innocent people, who might otherwise get caught up in Keshe’s parallel universe.

We firmly believe that principles like truth, peace, justice and human rights must be defended. Therefore we consider it a failure to remain silent when innocent people are being scammed and exploited, hence we decided to take action. If only a few of you remain unharmed because of the information provided on this website, we reached our goal.

Good luck, and much love from all of us.