Keshe vs. Keshe

In the ring: Keshe vs. Keshe.

The winner: Keshe. The loser: everyone else.


In the 97th Knowledge Seekers workshop, Keshe once again lashed out randomly to falsely accuse people. This time it once again hit former knowledge seeker Marek. Needless to say that Marek did nothing wrong.

But let’s look at the actual chain of events, to show what has been going on:

a. 45th Knowledge Seekers Workshop, January 15th 2015

About consuming CO2 gans, Keshe said:

This is the fear which is put into man for control. You drink it as a gas. You breathe it in the pollution of the air. It is part of the structure of your body. It’s rejected by your body ? Does the CO2 which is in the lung has killed you as a gans ?

It all depends on how you use it, now you drink it. We don’t encourage eating it, but WE SAY to the researchers who are working: TEST IT, and then let everybody else know. But it’s a simple question: why should a plasma of a matter which you eat, you breathe, do any harms to you ?

UNLESS YOU’RE IGNORANT and you want to use it as a way to confirm your existence by putting fear on the back of other people. (…)

The absorption of gans in a CO2 state is part of natural process of your own body. How come now it’s dangerous to touch it ?

Your body contains salt, your body contains nanomaterial in the state of gans, and your body absorbs energy from the environment and the fat on your skin. Don’t your body extract CO2 from the environment ? Or is your structure different than the leaf of the tree which extracts CO2 in a gans state ? As you’ve seen with the CO2 boxes. And you’re still alive. Or are we in the dogma of the past, as I said in the last talk ? To tell people it’s dangerous and then extract it for their use for something else as was done with the uranium.

Your body lives, operates and breathes through CO2 extraction and exhaust. How come suddenly it’s dangerous ?

It’s the source of energy, it’s a natural source of energy used on this planet. How come suddenly it’s dangerous ?


If it is dangerous, stop eating any plants (…) Without CO2 in the plants you don’t exist.


The scientists, the ones who try to protect their position, they tell you that the plants absorb CO2. We have shown it how it absorbs and how it becomes, and it’s the same colour.

So everytime you eat a leaf of any kind of herb or plant or whatever, it’s already full of gans of CO2. It’s part of the energy you absorb from the plant when you eat it. (…) You’ve been eating it, you’ve been living it from the time you were born in the womb of your mother. Now it’s become dangerous ?

Because if you know how to use its property, you do not need to eat the plant. You do not need to eat another animal. You can use its energy directly as it is.

This is not new. Go back to my first talks, go back to SSI, what says “spaceship program” years ago on the internet. We said, and it’s in my talks, that we use for man what he expells as CO2 to feed him that HIS STOMACH WILL NOT BLEED. And that’s why the man will be the source of his own food. Go back to interviews and the presentations I’ve done over past 3 or 4 years. You could not understand at that time when I said it, now you understand.

It has a solid state that the body of the man, the stomach of the man can absorb, and he has the energy to release when he reaches it. Exactly as you’re eating a vegetable. But let the scientists check it and they tell you, then you’ll believe it, cause THAT WAY THEY CAN CONTROL YOU. We leave it to the accommodation of the scientists and governments. But, this is a teaching, THIS IS NOT FOR PUBLIC (!) Let the scientists in Los Alamos and in the Russian space agency for feeding the astronauts and the Chinese for feeding their population and the Indians for feeding hunger on the streets of Delhi to test it very rapidly. We have clean air cities, and we have no hunger on the streets. And people will be very happy to drive cars as much as they can. BECAUSE THE MORE CO2 THEY PUT OUT, THE MORE FOOD THEY PRODUCE.  (This is the most harmful nonsense to say. With this statement, Keshe actually promotes pollution and global warming)

I told you we’ll change everything. THE CHANGE HAS STARTED FROM TODAY. (How many times have we heard this ? And nothing has changed.) Fundamental change. You had a year of learning. Next week is a year, what you call it, next month is a year since the SSI has been established. (…) Now it’s time to harvest the knowledge. (…) IF YOU KEEP PEOPLE IGNORANT, YOU CAN ABUSE THEM. AND THIS IS WHAT IT IS.”

b. People then followed Keshe’s “advice” to “test” GANS, and then reported NEGATIVE health effects, like bloody urine.




So we see it was Keshe who asked people to do that, not Marek or anyone else.

c. 97th Knowledge Seekers Workshop, January 20th 2015

Keshe said:

Never use CO2 Gans. Under no circumstances. Especially do not consume it. I hear a lot of talk going on with the… what’s it called ? The ormus ? And they’re getting people to eat it, this has nothing to do with Gans, and people drink it and we’ve seen all sorts of stomach bleeding and all sorts of problems. Gans is not ormus. The ones who use ormus, this came out of one guy in Keshe Foundation, he’s got kicked out, he was part of the what I call devious activities of the RED AIR, and he’s pushing this thing through. Those of you who work with ormus, please do not turn up at Keshe Foundation meetings, because you sit there, and we advise people that’s the wrong way, and then you give us a bad name. (No, it’s Keshe who gives everyone a bad name) So you are the enemies of the foundation. You are the enemies of the humanity.

Ormus has been around for years and people have tried it but it never worked. And now they bring in to discredit the foundation, to get people drinking it and doing things, and bleeding and say you see this is what it is. (No, nobody got anyone drinking it, except Keshe himself)

If you work around the Keshe Foundation, you work with Gans. If you are… people who actually managed enough to have nothing to do for years, and now you bring your old terminology to give people poison on the name of it, it’s the same people who poisoned me in Desenzano. The same group. They’re pushing this through to create the same mayhem. (Keshe seems to love the word MAYHEM, maybe because he creates it himself ?)

Never ever drink Gans. Those who tell you it’s ormus, these are the people who are trying to destroy you. And they work that you use that word. It’s the same people. It’s the same 2, 3 people who planned my death and poisoning in Desenzano, and they used the word “ormus”, cause it fits them. Now they go somewhere else to poison, and say “you see this is what it does”.

Gans cannot should not be drank. This is the same part of the circle of the red circle in Antwerp who are doing the same. Do not touch, use gloves when you touch the nanomaterial, because your body can change the nanomaterial in the Gans, (inaudible) and then that’s what we say. Do not ever never consume no Gans.

Let those who do, tell them you drink one liter and then call it ormus. As you’ve seen, the guy in “Golden Age of Gans”, it touched a little bit of (inaudible) he can… is he online ? He can tell you… he was pissing blood. Mark House. And he put the pictures on the internet. Anybody tells you is ormus, tell them you drink it, Gans is not be drinkable. And use the right word for it, but that’s what it does, it’s a plasma high-level energy.

These are bunch of failed people who could not do anything for decades, now they see the back of the Keshe Foundation to get their right. And this guy who uses it, ormus and he started it, it’s the same group as they tried to poision me to kill. Their name is on the international police file.

Never touch Gans. Never drink Gans. As Caroline says: on the internet if you read the guy (inaudible) is always opposite to Gans. And these people are causing the mayhem, and ALLOW you to drink and then cause problems and say how dangerous this is.

We tell you, as the head of the Keshe Foundation, do not touch, do not drink. Anything which carries a pure Gans in it, the water, which is taken from separation of the wall from a Gans can be drunk. Because that carries the energy according to what the water can carry. Not the material itself. It’s very much like when you make serum. You cannot inject yourself with the poisoning, it kills you. (…)

Anyone in any of the talks (inaudible) they are the enemy of the foundation. That’s how we can stop it, there is no other way. And this word ormus came trying to create mayhem, by the same people who poisoned me and the Keshe Foundation to kill. Their name, as I said, is signed and locked with the international police. In time they will see prison for it. It’s not easy to go and kill a child, a man and a woman.”

Once again we see incredible, outrageous accusations and slander by Keshe.

d. Marek then posted a truthful reply to Keshe’s false accusations:

“I was told about today’s KF workshop and MTK’s speech about me…

To make things simple:

I have left SSI at Desenzano to return back home to my family, because we have been awaiting our second son with my wife and the first son. It was pre-agreed with MTK before I even got there. 
I have said “good bye” in our last English workshop in Desenzano I was present on.

I should be an SSI teacher living in Italy with my family later if the conditions were correct and right which was not certainly the case.

So I was not kicked out of SSI as MTK is telling and lying today.

Other nonsense like I am claimed to be part of some Red Air group installed to poison him are just lies again. MTK should rather apologize to our SSI Desenzano group and other people for accusing us falsely and return what should be returned like stolen things of John Skelton and some part of money we have given to MTK but instead of their true usage we were mislead by exploring “truly working” (gas) reactors which were later quietly discarded as non-working. John Skelton even did not get his money back for those months he was not at SSI because he was thrown away by MTK as John writes in his open letter.

It would be better for MTK to awaken and tell truth about the reality because it would help his followers as well to clear their inner selves.

My Ormus and Gans similarity claims are true, because I really see similar properties. But in reality Ormus seems to work better than Gans, because there are some nice reports of true results. It all depends on the process and quality of orbital rearrangements of atoms or clusters into superconductivity states which is not well researched yet.

I have never told people to eat Gans. So if they digest it and even do not care about caustic residuals, they can have problems.

What alerts me is the MTK claim that our body is made of Gans. So why there should be a problem to digest it? But the reality seems to be different. Our body seems to have Ormus superconductive channels for easy energy flows. It is not made of Ormus state only.

I still consider some theory and technology aspects MTK talks about as developable when it is done in truthful ways.
But many times I simply see similarity with concepts already known and explored by others.

We all need to continue on the true path of life leading towards Light…

So I wish it to all including MTK and his now misused family which deserves a better life.”

So we see that in January 2015, Keshe said that GANS is not dangerous, and people should “test it”. And he said those who say it’s dangerous are ignorant fearmongers. [That ignorant fearmonger is Keshe himself, in January 2016, see above]

1 year later Keshe says that GANS should not be consumed or even touched, and those who advise you to try it are the enemies of humanity. [That enemy of humanity is Keshe himself, in January 2015, see above]

How much more obvious does it need to become for you to see what is going on here ?

KESHE IS HIS OWN ENEMY. He fights and contradicts himself all the time, and whenever he gets caught making mistakes or harming people, he blames it on everyone else. That’s what he means when he says “The Keshe Foundation is not us anymore, the Keshe Foundation is YOU.” It means he actually says YOU are responsible for HIS mistakes, because he refuses to take ANY responsibility. Keshe sees enemies everywhere, literally EVERYONE is an enemy to him, no matter how good a person is. So Keshe confirms our previous post with his behaviour, even if his words contradict it. And so many of you still support this two-faced insanity.

Things are being changed around all the time, and then the changes are being used as an excuse that nothing works and deliveries don’t take place as expected. The power unit has been debunked, now the same chaos will carry on with the health device and the health blueprint.

Please wake up people, it’s long overdue. In between his tech talk, Keshe plays people against each other, and you don’t even notice it. The KF has become a cult based on fearmongering, division and hatred. But you don’t notice it because at the same time, Keshe uses words like “peace” and phrases like “one planet, one nation, one race”. But this is not the road to peace, it’s the road to hell. We will not support this, and neither should you. Peace has to be made, but cannot be forced, especially not by someone who doesn’t know what he is doing. Peace comes from inside. If you read the above text, do you think Keshe is peaceful inside ?

We will continue to support justice, and we will continue to speak the truth.