A whistleblower speaks out

Here is Sousan Alexander’s shocking video testimony Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

After Sousan exposed that Keshe’s books contradict his actual teachings, Keshe said to students in the 102nd Knowledge Seekers Workshop: “You are not allowed to the teachings of the past”, in order to prevent new students from discovering the ever-changing fraud.

We are proud of Sousan, a lady with courage, who cares for the actual truth.


Comment from Youtube:

“Sousan, I am so proud of your courage to come forward and tell the truth about this absolute and very dark scam. I can hardly wait to watch the next parts of the interviews. You are so brave and so appreciated. Don’t let the morons that work for Keshe make you feel badly in the video comments as you continue telling the truth. Keshe and his wife are criminals and you can trust that they will pay dearly for this. Thank you!!”

“In Kerry Cassidy’s recent interview with Keshe, he comes across as extremely arrogant, rude and dismissive. Constantly talking over Kerry when she asks valid and reasonable questions and referring to others in the alternative community as “you lot”. Not a great way to sell your message of one love. His attitude alone left me sceptical of his intentions, and I stopped watching when I had felt enough of the negative energy.”

“Dubai????? Really????? The most capitalistic city?????? All you are saying is opposite to what Dubai represents. You pretend a free energy with the petroleum magnates??? Please, explain.”


Meanwhile in the real world:

OECD urges investigation into possible risks of nano-materials