Controlled deception

Regarding the latest series of articles, written by Gordon Duff, senior editor of the Keshe Foundation’s military mouthpiece “Veterans Today”, there is not really much good to say about it, just that it is clear that Duff seems to be yet another spin doctor, who fabricates stories in order to slander innocent people, while protecting criminals. Besides we wonder why Keshe always accuses his imaginary enemies of having “clandestine activities”, when in fact he is in bed with “Veterans Today”, who call themselves “Journal for the Clandestine Community” right in their website header ?

ZeroFossilFuel made another video, which clarifies several things and exposes both Keshe and Duff as the disinformation agents that they are. Zero also proves that unwanted comments, no matter how sincere they are, are being deleted from their website. It’s the same dictatorial censorship that goes on in the KF. However, we found comments below another one of their articles, which they were too slow to censor.



Here is a screenshot, so you can see what the readers of “Veterans Today” REALLY think of Keshe. We assume those comments will be removed right after this post goes public.

Another comment from Youtube:
“Duff’s VT is controlled opposition, like Jones. Some truth, but rather not, as they promote strife.”

And finally Gordon Duff himself admits that not all of what he writes is true.

Given the fact that more and more members of the free energy scene come forward to speak out against Keshe clearly shows that it is not Keshe’s “knowledge” or his “free energy” that cause the attacks on him. The real reason, which is obvious to anyone with half a brain, is that Keshe has been committing a lot of crimes in his life, and in order to distract from that, he blames them on other people. And by adding all this slander to his criminal portfolio, he makes it even worse. Meanwhile he is in such big trouble that he can’t possibly admit ANY of his crimes, because then the rest would become public as well. So he continues to play his game, calling more and more people (even women!) pedophiles, while going on with his “free energy” fraud. Keshe is so convincing that he draws more and more people into his mindgames, including Duff.

On one hand Duff is pointing his finger at the NWO and their agents, on the other hand he fails to see that Keshe is acting like one of them. On one hand Duff is slamming Sterling Allen for being a pedophile, on the other hand he is protecting Keshe, even though Keshe has been telling lies about me and other people for a long time. People who know me, know that I am neither a pedophile, nor an agent, nor a money launderer, nor whatever else Keshe has falsely accused me to be. The people and core team members who met me in Bari during the KFSSI opening liked me, some wrote it was a pleasure for them to have met me. I also had great fun talking to them and joking with Mike Harris, we even took pictures of that. Now suddenly everyone is against me, because all got brainwashed by Keshe. And now Duff jumps on the slander train as well and puts my name into one of their fabricated stories. We cannot speak for the others Duff mentioned, but my name certainly does not belong on that list. Some more research might be necessary before you post an article, Mr. Duff. You say “there is a little bit of a cult going on”. A little bit ??? Any other cult pales in comparison to THIS fraudulent monstrosity. You obviously don’t know much about the KF, yet you think you can make a judgement ? You are serving the devil while proudly ruining the reputation of innocent people, because some names were given to you by whom – Keshe ??? A man who lies almost everytime he opens his mouth ? A man who is obsessed with pedophilia and can’t help talking about “pissing” in every one of his what – “Knowledge” Seekers Workshops ???

Some people argue that I used to promote Keshe, and now I “changed my mind”, so I must have gotten paid by whoever. Yes I did a lot of work for Keshe and presented his technology as credible, but that was before I found out the truth about him. I was fooled like everyone else. It is not me who is controlled by “whoever”, it is Keshe.

We urge all of you to read this page, and to consider the fact that Keshe uses psychological projection, due to his schizophrenia and narcissistic personality disorder. So if he blames all those crimes on me and on others, what does it say about him ? For the brainless: When he accuses others, IT MEANS HE REALLY TALKS ABOUT HIMSELF.



Someone who considers himself very clever asked: “Why do these people call themselves Keshe Victims ? Are they our enemies ?” Well, if that person only had one brain cell, they would know that a victim is the opposite of an enemy. An enemy is someone who attacks you. A victim is someone who got attacked and harmed by YOU. Keshe Victims are therefore people who were harmed by Keshe, as documented on this site, on Facebook and in several videos made by VICTIMS of the KF.

In his insanity Keshe also asked publicly if I had my stroke while I was raping a child. The truth is that I had my stroke while sitting right next to Keshe, writing HIS book 1: “The universal order of creation of matters”. I worked so hard for him that I had a stroke, and Keshe thanks me for that by accusing me of raping children. He knows that I am not a pedophile, but he doesn’t care and lies deliberately. He will do anything to get what he wants, even if people get damaged… as long as it’s not him.

Speaking of insanity, we found a nice quote within an article, ironically at Veterans Today:

“Yes, those Satanists are jumping around like wild bulls, but madness cannot triumph over reason forever. There is no need for people of reason to join those Satanists in their madness: we ought not to go down to their level. All we have to do is proclaim the truth, and people of reason will ally themselves with it.”

Yes we will continue to speak reason and truth, and maybe soon it will become apparent who the satanists are, and whether Keshe is one of them. Given his lies, contradictions and fantastic stories, and his claim that being nymphomaniac and schizophrenic is the norm, it seems highly likely.

We wonder how many more naive people will be drawn into this criminal organization called the Keshe Foundation, before they begin to wake up ? What we do know is that several police forces are having a close eye on Keshe, his team, and his supporters 24/7 – not to protect them, but to make sure they don’t breach any laws or pull off any scams.

WE do respect the law, we never did anything wrong, but we became victims too – even if the grandiose Messiah disagrees and calls himself a victim… after he sold so many fraudulent products. Just always take the opposite of what Keshe says, then you know the truth.

Finally someone asks the long overdue question:

Is Keshe the Biggest Free Energy Fraud in History?

For those of you who want to have a REAL reduction in energy costs, we suggest you check out this link. It works AND gets you in shape 🙂 AND you do not need to spend thousands of hours listening to brainwashing, AND it’s not run by a kult leader with a Messiah complex.

As you might have noticed, we are losing patience with this fake Messiah who pretends to have free energy, when in reality he spends most of the time slandering, harassing, and talking about “pissing” and raping children. Ask yourself: is this really what you want to listen to when you attend a “scientific” workshop ?

Peace everyone.