The Red Circle Story

Let’s explain how Keshe created this “Red Circle” story.

I created the original Keshe Foundation logo many years ago, and it was used by Keshe on all his products everywhere, which was fine with me during that time, as Keshe and I were friends, or at least he pretended to be my friend.

When in early 2015 during the KFSSI opening in Italy Keshe suddenly turned on me and accused me of being a secret agent who wanted to kill him and his core team, I knew that something was wrong. His attacks kept turning into something bigger, he called me all kinds of things, none of which were justified, so I announced that I will take legal action against the usage of my logo.

Keshe then claimed that I had stolen the logo from him, which is just ridiculous. (Some KF followers then said “Dirk is using the old, corrupted patent system, but we need to find a better way. Mr. Keshe doesn’t copyright anything”. And now the new KF logo carries a clearly visible copyright sign too… so hypocritical)

Because this kind of pressure didn’t work, Keshe then called me “the guy with the red circle”, because the largest circle in my logo was red. Later on this phrase changed into several variations like “the red air”, “those who copyright colours and circles”, “the red circle people” and eventually it became just “the red circle”, which Keshe keeps using now in order to attack and discredit me, and I constantly find myself in a position where I have to defend myself even though I did nothing wrong.

That’s all there is to this stupid story. In reality there is no group with such a name, or if there is, I am not aware of it. But the story gets bigger and bigger in Keshe’s mind, and his cult followers believe it.

So why does Keshe make up such a nonsense story ? Because he is an attention seeker and wants to feel important, surrounded by imaginary agents, security services, and constant scandals, to have the feeling that the technology is so important that people fight over it.

Now everyone (even women) who exposes Keshe as a scam is automatically being called a pedophile and an agent, and accused of being part of the “red circle”. If you are into fantasy stories, I’m sure you will like this nonsense. Keep dreaming. I prefer reality.

Keshe must be really afraid of finally being exposed as more than just a fraud, otherwise he wouldn’t continue to point his finger at others. And he wouldn’t jump around from one location to another, if he had nothing to be afraid of.

Yes, let’s hope the imaginary red circle gets arrested soon, so this insanity finally comes to an end and everyone can move on to something more productive, as we are tired of Keshe’s obsession with agents, pedophiles, secret services, murderers, terrorists, and false accusations disguised as “teachings” and “world peace”.




When Keshe points at me, accusing me of being a pedophile,
three fingers point back at himself. What does it mean ?