The false Messiah – an analysis

To all the new people who just discovered Keshe: Keshe has no free energy. And he is not the Messiah. He has no plan for helping humanity with anything, it’s all just one big show for him to feel important and to make money. And no we are no trolls or a paid agents, we’re just people who know Keshe all too well.

In 2014 Keshe declared himself to be the Messiah when he was on Christian territory, and in his workshops he explained that reincarnation doesn’t exist. Now in 2016 that he is on Muslim territory, he declared himself to be the Mehdi.

In preparation for his China visit, he also claimed to be the return of Buddha, even though that contradicts his previous statement that reincarnation doesn’t exist. But he must claim to be Buddha, in order to impress China. And now it seems in every workshop he needs to add more piles of lies to his story, by announcing he is the return of whoever. The only “return” we are missing is Keshe’s return to honesty, if he even knows what that is.

Once Keshe flees to Africa, he will as well declare himself to be Unkulunkulu, the Zulu God. And then we can probably expect the final revelation of His Holiness Keshe when he claims to be Bahá’u’lláh, so he will be worshipped by everyone around him when he retires. And because he is never satisfied, he will proclaim to be He-Man as well, maybe followed by Mickey Mouse. What a show! But the most obvious of all, the Joker, will proabably not come to his mind.

Even sceptics still defend him, saying “the technology doesn’t necessarily work”, but they still run after Keshe, hoping that he will come up with something “in the coming time”. But Keshe can only lie, while truth and justice are his biggest enemies, that’s why he calls every sincere person a pedophile or a terrorist. This is exactly the same method that is used by political dictatorships. If you don’t support the dictator, you’re a terrorist. Either you believe and support the fake Messiah, (because you allegedly have no choice, as Keshe claims), or you are a terrorist, or you become part of a pedophile network (as Caroline threatens everyone who speaks the truth).

But now everyone can see that Keshe is a fake Messiah who runs a fake foundation, works with fake journalists and fake scientists, to produce fake energy devices which run on invisible plasma in order to fake world peace. In addition to that, he is opposed by imaginary enemies, supported by imaginary world leaders, and obsessed with pedophilia.

We wonder how much money Keshe paid or promised to Gordon Duff and Kerry Cassidy to receive their support, while telling them that his imaginary, self-created enemies are heavily paid ?

Yes, there are scams out there, and yes, there are cults out there, but Keshe himself and his core team are the finest and most obvious example. How many other free energy people claim to be the Messiah and have 12 brainwashed disciples around them ? None. So who runs a cult ? So those who point fingers at “cults” should notice Keshe first, like a flashing red light. But instead they protect him.

And yes, of course we agree that pedophiles need to be brought to justice, but the same goes for rapists and sexual harassers, as well as for internet scammers and cult leaders.

In the 106th knowledge seekers workshop, Keshe once again took credit for someone else’s work, claming that his technology is being used by Japan in Fukushima. When the name of another company came up, Keshe immediately discredited it (as usual) by saying: “This company is a backdoor to fraud, in a way that the Americans keep control, in this process they get paid for it.”

Mr. Kan, the person who supported Keshe, sincerely said: “They are producing the Gans themselves, I think.” and “There is something which they are using, but it isn’t clear what they are using.”

So again, there is NO PROOF and NO DISCLOSURE, while Keshe presented is as “proof” and “disclosure”, in order to gain more viewers. This is just ridiculous. Manipulation at its finest. But everyone can research the truth, and find articles about the technology that Japan has REALLY been using. It is RUSSIAN technology, not Keshe technology.

Russia Offers Fukushima Cleanup Help as Tepco Reaches Out (2013)

Unlikely solution potentially discovered to clean up nuclear waste (2015)

Why Japan Desperately Needs Russian Technology to Contain Radiation (2016)

Also the way Keshe said that the words “Gans” and “Magrav” have been copyrighted by him, is just ridiculous. “Gans” is an old Dutch and German word that means “goose”, so it can’t be copyrighted. And “Magrav” has been used for a long time by several other companies, so again, the word can’t be copyrighted, so Keshe was lying again.

Keshe always makes it sound as if the KF was the first group who works together and wants to be peaceful. Ridiculous. Keshe seemingly re-invented the wheel and everyone applauds him.

Due to his personality structure, Keshe causes division and conflict, and then addresses and controls both parties, exactly like the ruling elite. For example he pays one party to work for him, and at the same time he accuses the other party of having a “paymaster”. As a result, these two parties might then attack each other. This is what Keshe calls “enforcing peace”. So Keshe does not represent unity, he represents duality. He willfully creates his own opposition, and therefore works AGAINST peace.

He also said in a recent workshop and on Project Camelot: “Those who talk about free energy have their own agenda.” and “Free energy doesn’t exist.” and “Our technology is not a free energy.” and “Those who talk about free energy are those who never understood.” and “People who speak about free energy, these are the enemies of humanity.”

Reminder: what did and does Keshe advertise ? “FREE ENERGY in exchange for world peace.” So following Keshe’s logic, he offers something that doesn’t exist, something which he doesn’t understand, in exchange for world peace, and so he is an enemy of humanity.

If free energy does not exist, then why was this video made, which is being shown in every workshop ?



So what agenda does Keshe have then ? Certainly not the one he claims to have. Part of it seems to be to use me as a scapegoat to keep a constant war going, so he can say his technology has many enemies.

Furthermore in the 8th international workshop Keshe even told Europeans NOT to give food to hungry refugees! “… don’t go out and give them a piece of bread, make a unit and give it to them.” Isn’t that the exact opposite of what all the REAL prophets have taught us ?

So Keshe actually publicly asked people NOT to give bread to hungry people but to let them starve, while they sit in front of their fake “unit”, hoping to be saved from certain death. We are shocked by Keshe’s lack of empathy. How much more cruel can he be ? Who benefits from the distribution of the units ? Keshe. Who suffers from not receiving food ? Poor, innocent people. The recurring pattern and intentions of Keshe’s true agenda are clear: to make a living on the back of the weakest members of society. Sounds familiar ? So with these moves, Keshe has clearly shown his position in this global war on humanity.

Please everyone, if you do see hungry refugees, DO give them bread, AND MORE. Make food packages for them. Show that you are human, and help everyone in need, by giving them REAL love and care, and food. If you see refugee children, add some chocolate or candies to their food package, they will love it. Find an organisation that helps them start a new life in the new place that is so foreign to them.


If Keshe doesn’t see the harsh reality of what these refugees go through, then he shouldn’t even speak. He has been scamming people for 10 years, and now he wants to play with the lives of hungry, homeless people ?

Thanks but no thanks. We don’t need such a fake Messiah who is NEVER correct and always does the wrong thing, only to be the center of attention.