Nothing to show

Prof. Meyl speaks out:

Here is a short German interview with Prof. Dr. Konstantin Meyl, who met Keshe in 2012 during a presentation in Ninove. Keshe was often heard saying that he has a lot of respect for Prof. Meyl, but he said the same about others, as long as they played his game. But as soon as they figured out what Keshe is doing, they suddenly got slandered and discredited.



Prof. Dr. Konstantin Meyl in Ninove

Here is the English translation of the interview.

Question: “Do you know the Keshe Foundation, and if so, what do you think of it ?”

Prof. Dr. Meyl:

“That’s an interesting subject. Keshe once invited me to come to his foundation, and so I held a speech about my field theory, and also did a presentation of my devices, because he said that he was also going to present something, but he never did. And that was a big disappointment for everyone who attended the meeting, there were people present from all over the world.

I also personally experienced a situation with Keshe, which I will never forget. Because he is Persian, he had translated some Persian patent, which he got paid for, and with that money he started his foundation. But he also signed his name below this patent, pretending to be the patent owner. That’s why secret services and military forces were suddenly focusing on him, because they didn’t know where he got the technology from. But in reality he never had the technology.

Then he asked an engineer or physicist to explain this technology, which obviously wasn’t his own, so the explanation didn’t happen. And this person then held a talk, and Keshe wrote books about it… about things that actually contradict physics. So during the talk (I was in the audience), I pointed out that in his model, matter and anti-matter exist next to each other, for example inside of an electron. I said to him: “Don’t you know that these 2 will not co-exist for long due to decay ?” So I contradicted what Keshe claimed, and then Keshe walked towards me, congratulated me, and said “Thank you very much for understanding what I mean.”

I was completely shocked and confused about his illogical behaviour, and when I later on watched the video of the event online, I noticed that my voice could not be heard, because Keshe had the microphone and didn’t pass it on to me during the talk, so the audience wasn’t able to hear my criticism. So in the video it looks as if I, as a German professor, had confirmed and supported what Keshe had claimed.

So, it can’t get any worse than that. And I won’t forget this incident. That’s why I refuse to have anything to do with him in the future. All ties were severed. And he really has nothing to show either.

So according to Prof. Meyl, Keshe stole a patent and claimed it his own. And yet he accused me, Dr. Eliya and others of stealing HIS patents, when in fact, I spent all my time writing patents for HIM. What an incredible liar he is!

Someone from Germany also researched this subject and wrote:

“Professor Dr. Konstantion Meyl, a man who wrote several books on physics, met Mr. Keshe in September 2012. After following the Keshe community for several weeks, I was very positive about the whole thing. But because there was a lot of talk about plasma, GANS, and coils, but no provable success anywhere, I personally called the institute of Professor Dr. Konstantin Meyl. They told me that the Keshe technology doesn’t work, and advised me to stay away from it. I wish I had something more positive to report. Kind regards”

But that’s not all. As usual with Keshe’s fraud, there is more.

Someone gave us a hint, saying that Keshe actually took a lot of information from Karl Schappeller. As you can see, even the shape of the device is the same as Keshe’s first reactor. But Schappeller did all this before Keshe was born, so who stole from whom ? Later on Keshe copied the Cook Coils.

During the recent workshops, Empty Keshe had nothing new to say and as usual nothing to show. He now keeps fantasizing about spaceships, which in his fantasy world are becoming tangible and so solid that nobody can enter. Then what purpose do these spaceships have, when nobody can get inside ? That’s spin doctor Keshe at his best. So next you need a secret key to enter the spaceship, which will provide additional empty talk for at least a few more weeks. And as usual, his followers will believe every word, and laugh at those who tell the truth.

Speaking of secret keys, we can also refer to a post by the Spanish-speaking KF community from 2014 (!), which shows that Keshe used the same tricks 2 years ago:

“Today, after all the above, from that in which we believed, nothing remains but words. We know that we all can learn from our errors and we can evolve together, maintaining the correct spirit and creating the power necessary to transform what needs to be transformed. But we must be sure that we are aligned completely with truth, because if we are not, there is no technology which is worth pursuing.

Now a question regarding your workshop no. 19: We were surprised to hear at the end of the workshop that you have not yet revealed the key of the technology and that you would do it in the future. Does this mean that all the information which was provided on the USB sticks and all the information which was transmitted during all your workshops in fact are worthless until you are kind enough to share the key to the technology?

Yours sincerely,
The Spanish speaking group
Mirelle Zavala, Lourdes Guerrero, Claudia Pierri, Hugo Donatello, Neo Orbando, Gillermo García, Adriana Silvia Perez.”

We are convinced there is no such key. It didn’t exist in 2014, and it doesn’t exist now. The only purpose of the Keshe Foundation seems to be to spread to all countries (under the disguise of “bringing new technology”) and to undermine, deceive and brainwash society, so humanity can easily be controlled by sinister forces. And while setting up this structure, Keshe takes as much money as possible from everyone who falls for him.

Keshe also keeps repeating his story about how simple the technology is. “It can be done by the lay man on the street.”  2 years ago Empty Keshe also said about the technology: “All you need is a cellphone battery, it’s so simple. Even the man in Africa can do it.” And then it became clear that you need caustic, salt, several other elements, coils, capacitors, a lab, and and and… so it’s not quite as simple, and you really need to listen to thousands of hours of nonsense, just to find out that still nothing works. But does it even matter ? As long as Keshe’s mouth is running like a perpetual motor, everything is fine for him. We are greatful for the existence of the mute button, it helps a lot during such times of tribulation.

Will Keshe end up like exposed con artists Eric Dollard and Aaron Murakami ? While all of those scammers make interesting statements every now and then, ALL of them seem to suffer from something we might call “guru syndrome”, or malignant narcissism. Watch the following video from start to finish, it’s called Shredded Messiah. It will open your eyes about how professionally evil these scammers are.

Notice the similarities: Fake Messiah, Free Energy, slander, “We all work together as a team”, “Alltogether we made an icon out of him”, “We will change the world”, “He tries to block everything that he cannot control”, “Anyone who bought one of his products is going to come after him”, “He administered a torrent of disinformation, misdirection, libel, and outright malicious lies.”, “Our own people discredited us”. Exactly like Keshe!

The words from the video can easily be applied to Keshe:

“The Big Lie, to point the finger at others for what you yourself do, where have we heard that before ?” Disinfo agents and scam artists like Keshe and Duff are now accusing all the honest people of being pedohpiles, Illuminati, and terrorists. They are attacking everyone with terrorist tactics and accusing us of it. True projection at its worst.

“It really comes down to addiction.” Keshe no longer smokes or drinks, so what is his addiction ? Sex addiction ? Control addiction ? Probably both.

But it’s much deeper than that, there is a far more ingrained personality issue. Could it be Keshe’s “eternal victim mentality” ? That would explain why he calls humanity the abusers and deceivers, who need to mature to reach the level of the self-proclaimed Messiah. According to Keshe, everyone is evil and stupid, just not himself. Everyone will be attacked, because he thinks it’s his right. Eternal victims don’t feel the need to show respect and project their own insecurities onto others. Even their friends and supporters are being attacked. Any excuse will be made to justify their self image and situation. Eternal victims don’t have loyalty. Why be loyal when you think you will be betrayed anyway ? This is why they always try and betray first. That’s also the reason why Keshe always accuses others of what he does himself. Keshe is skilled on turning his current helpers against his old ones.

And this is how I, Dirk, one of Keshe’s former most loyal supporters, became an imaginary enemy of the KF – THROUGH KESHE’S MANIPULATION. His new helpers consider themselves important, and have been turned against the ones who helped Keshe before. The same will happen to them, should they dare to speak the truth. So they are now trapped and being forced to protect the deceiver and to support fraud.

So is Keshe an “eternal victim” due to random past events in his life, or has he intentionally been set up to become like this ? If the latter is the case, it would give indications as to who his paymasters are. Our next post will reveal more on this subject.