Keshe’s 750.000 Euro Lie: Coma Solution

Keshe claims to be able to awaken people from coma. This is still being offered in the health section of the Keshe Foundation website for 750.000 Euros (!)

Keshe also claims that he has awakened a young Belgian woman from coma. We will call her Anna (a pseudonym). But what is the reality? That young woman, Anna, is now still in a coma, 6 years after her alleged miraculous healing by Keshe! In 2010, I witnessed this Keshe coma plasma treatment myself.

Caroline had read in the newspaper about a car accident, after which a young woman, Anna, was in coma, so Caroline rushed to get in touch with the parents of the coma patient to promote a plasma reactor treatment by Keshe. This would awaken Anna soon, Caroline told them.

Keshe asked me to attend the first meeting with Anna’s parents at the hospital in Waregem, because the parents barely spoke any English. A first meeting with Anna was arranged in the presence of her parents. A specialist at the hospital explained that Anna was in coma stage Glasgow 4 (a vegetative state) and that recovery was almost impossible. The specialist also refused to speak with Keshe. He said Keshe must be a charlatan if he makes such outrageous claims. Subsequently, a conversation was held at the cafeteria of the hospital between Keshe and Anna’s parents, in which I was present. Keshe assured the parents that because of his plasma technology, Anna would awaken soon. Keshe let the parents sign a contract as trial volunteers, but promised that the treatment would be completely free of charge, since he had never had treated a coma patient before.

After two weeks, Anna was taken to her own home for further home care. Her bed was placed in the living room. Meanwhile, Keshe had built three prototype reactors which were supposed to cause the “awakening”. There was a helmet and two reactors with a tube, through which liquid food was ran, processed with plasma. Keshe asked me to make some brief video recordings because he was already expecting spectacular results on the first day. When I arrived, there was already a number of people present: Keshe, the parents of Anna, a local MD, a physiotherapist, an interested vet and his daughter, and some relatives of Anna. None of the people present had any idea what was going to happen. Anna was laying on her bed with a kind of distorted face, covered by a blanket. Occasionally, her face showed convulsions of pain; her hands and feet were contracted. Keshe installed his reactors alongside Anna.

Keshe began his treatment by squeezing Anna’s arms, legs, buttocks, and jaws. Anna sighed, her face sometimes wincing in pain. But Keshe said this way he can advance the circulation of the plasma.

Meanwhile, I made videos during the various steps. However, I thought to myself that the whole thing looked more like a sadistic show, which Keshe clearly enjoyed. I decided not to come back after the first day, I was shocked by what Keshe had done. So the second day I refused to join, as I did not want to see the same torture again.

Afterwards, Keshe gave me from time to time some (false) information about Anna’s progress. According to him, everything went well, and there was progress with the awakening. He said that Anna was examined by a coma specialist from Liège University. However, I had gotten no further information from Anna’s parents so I couldn’t confirm Keshe’s info. But I was pretty sure that Anna had not come out of her coma.

When I later heard that Keshe claimed in public that he can cure coma patients and that he put this info on promotional videos and on his website, I became very angry, because I knew it was a manifest lie. Furthermore, Keshe asked for 750.000 Euros (!) for a treatment that he had never been able to provide successfully. What a terrible scam! Keshe’s profit-oriented mind was trying to take advantage of the desperate physical condition of defenseless people!

Meanwhile, Caroline tried to find other, more prominent coma patients like Prince Friso of the Netherlands or Prime Minister Sharon of Israel.

And now, in April 2016, I came by coincidence in contact with Anna’s mother again. Among other things, she told me the following:

1) Anna is still in coma in 2016.

2) Keshe put pressure on her to sign a written statement that Anna had been awakened by Keshe’s treatment. The mother refused to sign, and so Keshe became very angry at her.

3) During the coma treatment, Anna’s mother was not allowed to be present, while Keshe spent hours ALONE with Anna in her room. Her mother did not understand why she was only allowed to come back in the evenings. I ask myself: what did Keshe do during all those hours alone with Anna ? What was her mother not allowed to see ?

4) Keshe put Anna’s life in danger. He gave her baby food with pieces of vegetables in it, but coma patients are only allowed to receive liquid food. Some pieces of vegetables got into Anna’s lungs. That caused a lung infection, so Anna urgently had to be taken to the hospital, otherwise she would have died.

How do you feel about Keshe now, after reading all this ?
Does Keshe still sound like someone who wants to help humanity ?

This key report shows:

1) Keshe lies in public all the time

2) Keshe claims to have a solution for all kinds of diseases

3) Keshe in reality has no medical knowledge and no solution

4) Keshe has no ethics

5) Keshe uses force to get what he wants

6) Keshe abuses the internet for fraud

7) Keshe makes money on the back of people’s personal tragedies

8) Keshe gives false hope to sick individuals and their families

9) Keshe gives false hope of peace to good people

10) Keshe manipulates people’s minds to distort reality

11) Keshe uses the principle: the bigger the lie, the more people will believe it

12) Keshe uses naive followers to do his medical experiments

13) Keshe needs to keep his scam going since he knows no honest way to have an income

Here is Keshe’s OUTRAGEOUS scam price list


Keshe: no science, but another non-event

Incredible! What many people predicted has happened. No, not the earthquake. LOL!!!

As predicted, Keshe did NOT do a live demonstration of his flying car in Dubai. In fact, KESHE WASN’T EVEN PRESENT IN DUBAI! Which confirms he has nothing to show, AND it was legally impossible for him to be there. After another HUGE ongoing announcement about the Dubai conference, Keshe was NOT in Dubai, but in Barletta, while the conference went on in Dubai without him.

So we were right when we said that Keshe cannot go back to Dubai. The police would have arrested him for fraud and blasphemy, so he had to stay away, even though he could easily impress the police during an interrogation, because he is a well-trained liar. He might also be afraid of Iranian or other agents who are fed up with his sinister deceptions and false accusations.

We heard heavy complaints from angry people because they spent a lot of money to meet Keshe in Dubai, to kiss the hand of the Mehdi and to be blessed by him, only to find out that the self-proclaimed main attraction and Messiah wasn’t there. Then there were reports of 250 attendees, but according to the photos there were only about 50, maybe 100. And speeches and big words like “creator” or “temple”. There were some familiar faces, but unfortunately no Barack Obama and no Vladimir Putin. But Keshe will probably say that other world leaders from… other worlds… were present (but not visible, because they are in advanced plasma state).

When people realized that Keshe was in Italy, he put a spin on the story by saying “If it wasn’t about the safety alerts, which the governments were concerned about our safety, we would be in Dubai.” Right. Safety concerns yes, but only his own, not those of the governments. Before that, Keshe said he isn’t in Dubai because he doesn’t need to be. A few minutes later he said he needs to go back to the Dubai conference via internet. So again, nothing but contradictions.

So why is Keshe safe in Italy ? Who protects him there ? His “correct” mafia buddies ?

Once again Keshe talked A LOT of BS to distract from the obvious: Keshe was NOT in Dubai! (did we already mention that ? LOL)

To show the level of Keshe’s delusion, we would like to remind everyone of what he predicted not long ago. Keshe basically said that an earthquake of magnitude 24+ will hit the west coast of the USA on the 21st of April or before. Just to clarify: An earthquake of such strength could wipe out half of the universe, not just a continent or a planet. This shows how much Keshe understands about science.

In the 110th knowledge seekers workshop, Keshe actually said he was correct about his earthquake prediction, even though nothing happened!

“We have been correct in every step about the earthquakes around the world.”

“Whatever we said has happened.”  <— RIDICULOUS!!!

NOTHING Keshe ever said has happened. NOTHING! Please go back to this article (German/English) which shows how many of Keshe’s promises have come true: ZERO.

But according to Keshe, the magnitude 24+ earthquake in California did happen. I guess we missed it then, along with all the thousands of millions of people he predicted would die during that tragedy. Keshe must really be living in his own parallel universe. Only a 7.8 earthquake happened in Ecuador a few days ago (which is “normal” for that area), but no 24+ in California.

In order to sound less ridiculous than usual, he then tried to downplay his false prediction by (surprise!) predicting more earthquakes at magnitude 10+, later talking about 10-12, and finally once again going fully delusional by saying “If it doesn’t happen now, if it goes into autumn, 20 is imminent.”

He throws such numbers around exactly like the “129” that was measured in Desenzano due to a defective meter. Always exaggerating, never making any sense, just trying to impress people with nonsense. Keshe is a true carpet seller.

Then followed a lot more earthquake fearmongering, which confirms what we wrote in our previous post: Keshe wants to create fear all the time, which is a typical Illuminati tactic to control people.

“Our warning goes to the American government: please be prepared for a major disaster.”

“We see Japan under the water.”

(If that happens, it’s because of global warming and melting of arctic ice, but Keshe denies that. Keshe always denies the truth, while promoting lies and conspiracy nonsense.)

Then of course SOME kind of outside confirmation HAD to come, and OF COURSE it’s fake. Some brainwashed followers posted this article as an alleged confirmation of Keshe’s claims, but ANYTHING that is written by “Sorcha Faal” (which is a fake name) is a confirmed HOAX. This has been known for years. Then all this talk about “lightworkers” and “5D” conferences which is exactly the same kind of FRAUD as Keshe, Camelot, and other “alternative” cult-minded societies.

And then Keshe added the inevitable advertisement for the KF, which is supposed to undo the effects of the possible earthquake:

“If you need help, at any time during the disaster, reach the Keshe Foundation support system, we try to make it accessible.”

But as we have heard from numerous witnesses and customers, nobody is ever reachable there! So anyone who turns to the KF in case of emergency IS LOST. The reason: the KF was never set up to help people, it was set up as a scam to fill Keshe’s pockets and to deceive people.

Here is a new video by Hopegirl in which she talks about Keshe. And here is another testimony by Hector, who is very upset about the fact that nothing in or from the KF works.

In this video, Hector rightfully calls Keshe a crook, but also falsely accuses me of having prepared the scam for Keshe, as Hector obviously doesn’t know that Keshe used me the same way he used everyone else, and back then it wasn’t clear to me that Keshe is a scammer. I believed him, so I helped him write his books, but meanwhile I distanced myself from Keshe and regret having helped him.

The biggest mistake Keshe’s followers (especially the newcomers) make is that they think the whole Keshe thing is something big, something that is new and being done for the first time in history, something that will bring a positive change for humanity, but they only think so because Keshe has been repeating this mantra over and over again in his workshops.

In reality Keshe is just a nobody with little understanding of technology, a scammer on the level of a little kid who inflated a balloon, a giant lie, based on absolutely NOTHING. He is the Baron Munchhausen of free energy, a creator of giant false stories. While Munchhausen claimed to be able to fly to the moon on a cannonball, Keshe claims to be able to fly to Mars in a non-material spaceship THIS YEAR. We hope he will take Gordon Duff, Kerry Cassidy and her whole Camelot/Ufology cult, and all his followers with him, so they can’t do any more damage to people on this planet.

Keshe is the perfect example of how people can so easily be mislead and deceived, by simply telling them what they want to hear. But it would save them a lot of time, if they used this tool instead: The New Age Bullshit Generator. It gives them the same kind of “teachings” in much shorter time. Here they explain how such empty words make cult followers fall for nonsense. (also see here and here)

Such KF cult followers are “alternative” or “esoteric” people, some of whom consider themselves to be archangels or 21st century superhumans, conspiracy theorists, and hurt, unhealed, traumatized people who are looking for a strong leader… and Keshe takes advantage of that. But where and when has that happened before ? And how did it end ? People who run after someone who gives them false hope will always be hurt more in the end.

Everyone gets hurt at some point, some more, some less, but we always have a choice about what we want to do with such experiences. We can break the circle of violence and decide to REALLY help others, or we can decide to become ruthless egomaniacs who are only out to hurt and deceive people, to get some revenge or satisfaction… such people like Keshe who not only take as much as they can without ever really helping anyone, but also blame others for their own actions while portraying themselves as good people or even saviours… in order to keep their disguise intact.

Please everyone, take this advise from us. We are not here to take your dreams away, but Keshe really has nothing to offer. If you look for energy, healing, radiation cleanup, world peace, whatever… look elsewhere, because you certainly won’t find it in the Keshe Foundation (or in any other cult). It’s one huge scam, and we should know, as we supported Keshe ourselves, only to find out later that he lies whenever he opens his mouth.

Yes, some of us “Keshe Victims” supported Keshe too, and we apologize to all of you. Keshe fooled us, that’s what he does best. But we stopped supporting him as soon as it became clear he was running a scam. Others are still supporting him though, and we wonder what in the world could cause them to do so. Payment ? Bribe ? Do they not see what is going on ? Or have they lost their mind, due to Keshe’s constant brainwashing ? They don’t seem to be able to step back for a moment to realize: “Wait a minute, what am I actually doing here ? Has Keshe delivered anything he promised ? Why am I following him at all ? All his hate speech, empty promises and big words about everything, but no result for 10 years ? Am I supposed to support this person ?”

The essential thing that people haven’t understood yet:

Keshe talks random BS. Whatever he says, there is no reason, no logic and no science behind it. It literally is just BS. Eventually he picks up some stuff here and there, twists it around, and then spews it out again. And yes he is good at it. But he has no theory, only very little knowledge, and no good intentions. He is like a perpetual scam robot, just like his wife Caroline is like a perpetual spam robot, spreading all this BS on Facebook. That’s why we call them SR2 (scam robot + spam robot), also known as the Deceiving Duo, or the Bonnie & Clyde of free energy. Keshe uses any information he can find for his own benefit, that’s how he works. Stealing, copying, making up stories, and playing important.

Someone wrote: “The facts that some accuse Keshe of fraud AND that Keshe is not arrested, tried, convicted & sentenced to prison are also some ‘evidence’ that Keshe physics *IS* real and that Keshe tech really works.”

False. It is evidence that Keshe is a lot more skilled at lying, deceiving and escaping than anyone thinks, and it is also evidence that he must have major support from the bad guys in the background. Keshe has no technology, he only stole a patent, and built a huge web of lies around it.

So many people around the world have been mislead into thinking that they are working with a new technology, when in reality they only create oxide. And now that this scam has been exposed, Keshe switches to IMAGINARY, INVISIBLE technology (liquid plasma, vapor plasma, field plasma), so people don’t even SEE what they are experimenting with. And still some are so naive that they don’t realize they are being fooled on a major scale.

The problem is that scamming is the only way for Keshe to make money, as he has no real knowledge of anything, so scamming is his way of survival. That’s the only REAL reason for him being so persisant.

More hypocracy about earthquakes on KF Italy Facebook:

“It is not to scare anyone, just to analyze.
You are free to make your choice of what to do next.
If you are not in affected areas.
Then the only purpose is to inform others that are located in affected areas and if possible offer them any kind of help if you are able to offer.
Let your heart speak when needed.
Take a stock of health gans pens and anything that can help someone if necessary.
Teach them so they can look after themselves.
The only reason the teachings of Dr. MT Keshe was to explain and to know where and what to expect from our planet.
MT Keshe never said anything that has to do with the solar flares.
They are the two plates that separate this is what is going to happen, and when the tear comes it will be very strong. This could happen 21/4 hours before or immediately after.
Or we will have a little more time up to October this year, when the temperature and the seasons change again.
This will push the two tectonic plates to move in complete separation.
More pressure is generated by the volcano erupting more the pressure increases and not the opposite, then you will have more pressure between tectonic plates.
Best regards Carolina De Roose”

So AGAIN Keshe advertises his “health pens”, as if they could protect anyone from the dangers of earthquakes. This clearly shows that Keshe only cares about money.

But let’s look at these health pens a little bit closer. The technology inside is not Keshe’s. It is based on someone else’s nano-coated needle concept.

Last year Keshe attacked the original researcher and explained that the nano-coating transports the plasma so deep into the body that it is dangerous for people’s health. He spoke about how the needles pinch nerves and cause cancer, and how plasma fields which pass through nano-coated material (especially metal) are harmful because they are focused and therefore much stronger.

Here are Keshe’s own words (taken from an older transcript):

“Yesterday, in the recording what came, we asked when we announced that when you mix ganses with amino acids it can create new germs, new viruses, because of the combination of fields. And I warn you categorically, anyone who uses, or contemplates to use, to develop, to manufacture needles as part of the structure of acupuncture, you are playing with people’s lives and Keshe Foundation stays totally independent from this find.

We taught the technology, if anyone develops with categorically. Because I can explain how you create diseases in people, you don’t understand, and people look for their own private… what you call it profit pocket, you are responsible for people’s lives, especially if you are in the medical field and you do it with the warning I give. So, if any new diseases or deaths caused it stands responsible by you and not by the Foundation.

We are very categoric about this, because we know that there are people around the Foundation who are developing, or trying in China, especially Dr. Eliya Kostova, to develop needles in acupuncture. I warn her, she has nothing to do with the Foundation, she is categorically beyond the limits we have warned. That if such a step was taken, I hope I am wrong, but it is for people to understand and authorities to understand, we separate these kind of actions from the Keshe Foundation.

These kind of needles, nanocoated in any shape or form, delivers energies on the layer which the body has no immunity for. A skin cancer and different kind of cancers are inevitable. We warn and anything to intrude, and I give this categoric warning to Dr. Kostova: It is beyond the limitations of the medicine while you are warned to practice and develop such a technology. And it has nothing to do with the work of the Keshe Foundation, and this can create huge damages to people who use it, long term and short term. Time will tell, and we stay independent from this.”

And now Keshe sells these “health pens” which are a combination of exactly the same nano-coated needle concept and GANS, meaning they combine the (according to Keshe) harmful, almost LETHAL effect of the needles, which he wants nothing to do with, with the equally harmful GANS, which leads to internal bleeding (according to proof provided by hardcore KF follower Mark House and others).

After Keshe gave all these warnings about this needle/pen technology, he now sells it himself!!! So we ask ourselves: what is the actual purpose of these “health pens” which (according to Keshe’s own explanation) cause cancer and are as harmful as the mercury in vaccines ? IS IT TO INTENTIONALLY KILL PEOPLE ??? Actually we wouldn’t even have to ask, the answer is clear.

While the original researcher of the needle concept never manufactured or sold the needles, Keshe does sell these pens behind the back of the researcher, based on the idea he stole in the first place. And yet he falsely accused the original researcher of patenting and selling the needles.

In the same workshop Keshe also said: “Nobody in their right mind should touch the nanomaterial”… and now he sells it ILLEGALLY as a HARMFUL SUPPLEMENT… for CONSUMPTION!!!

You see how Keshe twists things around to fit his needs and to fill his own pocket ? At the same time he causes damage to innocent people and to scientists who make real discoveries. He accuses them of what he does himself. Same old story over and over again. THAT’S HOW KESHE WORKS.

Again we ask Keshe’s followers: is THIS what you want to support ? Constant betrayal, lies, and crooked ethics ? If this is what you want to do, how can you believe that the KF will make peace or bring ANY change when the alleged bringer of the change is more corrupted than the current elite ?

Someone from Switzerland performed in-depth tests of all things Keshe. The original PDF can be found here.

Here is the English translation:


Dr. Keshe – Genius or Failure ?

Greetings to you, dear visitors and fellow researchers.

One thing right away: If I have to believe in something in order for it to work, then it doesn’t really work.

Because then the belief worked, but not the experiment. This is the mindset we use to do our research. Even though belief can move mountains. Many tried, but in the end there has always been disappointment.

We run a well-equipped research laboratory and would like to know if the claims of the Keshe Foundation can be verified. We use neither negative nor positive prejudice, we build, we test, we measure, we try, we make experiments, and then we publish our results based on facts. (…)

In Mr. Keshe’s quantum physics based world there are some remarkable views. Should they be proven correct, it would lead to a huge worldwide change. Let’s take a close look, when something like this, which seems to be too good to be true, catches our attention. Even if it would be easy to just believe, it is still better to KNOW for sure. It is our responsibility to find out for ourselves.

Addendum – a few months later (March 10, 2016):

I am sorry to inform you that none of our experiments were fully able to confirm Mr. Keshe’s statements. We are afraid that Mr. Keshe is wrong in all his essential claims. Our experiments were detailed and even incorporated Mr. Keshe’s unusual views of science. Another group of scientists we are in touch with came to the same conclusions.

The effect of the Healing Pads was never more than just a placebo effect. (We produced them, passed them on to others, and tested if, with whom, and how they work)

Magnetic fields of static magnets, under certain circumstances, always had a slightly pain-reducing effect, but for that it doesn’t require the new world view of Mr. Keshe. (referring to the magnetic pads we purchased from Mr. Keshe) This effect is simply the result of electrically charged particles and inflamed tissue being influenced by magnetism.

The Magrav units we replicated also didn’t work.  (It has long been known that oxidated copper, under influence of light, delivers small voltages. It has also been known that copper, which has been treated with caustic, does that same, because the caustic dissolves the copper)

Part of Mr. Keshe’s world view seems to be similar to old alchemy, except that his idea of plasma is new. The GaNS substances are similar to monatomic subtances (Ormus, M-State, etc.) The substances of Mr. Keshe showed no positive effect whatsoever, the same goes for our free energy experiments.

Too bad, it would have been great and we would have been happy if it had worked. It’s a pity. We keep watching the scene, and are interested in what Mr. Keshe has to say about the current situation.

With best regards, Beatus Gubler and fellow researchers, Basel (Switzerland).

Projekte Streetwork Basel


(We know what Keshe would say: “You’re too stupid, you don’t understand, you’re not mature enough”)

(Some humour…)

YAY!!! We are starting our first poll! 2 questions!

First question: Is Keshe the biggest crook in the universe ?

Second question: Keshe once said he copyrighted his name. So in case we are no longer allowed to call him by his name, which name should we use instead ?

1. The Liar King (Disney edition)
2. Tehran Apocalypse Ca$hee (Iranian Stallion edition)
3. Scam Robot (Futurama edition)
4. Empty Ca$h (Clear Viewpoints edition)
5. M.T. Boxes (Surprise Inside! edition)
6. Mehrano Miracoli Monetario (Pizza del’Mare edition)
7. Vehry Ridikuli Ca$h (The obvious edition…)
8. Mayhem Terrifikkli Ca$h (The Turkish Devastator)

Please send your vote (or your own suggestion, if you have one) to the following email address:  …….@……………..

Please note: Due to security reasons, and because we are technically advanced, we decided to use a plasma based email address, rather than a matter based one. You can’t see it fully, but we promise you it’s there. You can only see a few dots because that’s where the plasma interacts with the environment of your screen. If you can’t see the full email address, it means you haven’t reached the point of maturity yet. So please, email us anyway! Because if you don’t, we will enforce it. Not by force, but by the beauty of our technology!

The results of our poll will be revealed in the coming time. And if not, then hopefully later.

Keshe caught lying again!

Here is definite proof that Keshe lied about Fukushima!

Atsushi Takeda, a Japanese scientist who works at ISI Inc. Integrated Surface Interaction Institute, posted these images and explained:

“Because of the severe radioactive pollution, Fukusima’s farm lands have been concentrated with a low level of Cs137. So we have designed the very easy and effective soil improving system by “Nano Film” Coating Technology on the surface of every soil component (all the minerals and clays) by our technology. As Cs is just like Sodium(Na), and Cs ions will be solved by water and rain. Plants absorbs Cs137. If the soils were covered with “Silica Nano Film”, Cs137 cannot be solved by water and this is proven by chemical experiment.”

Here are the documents which Mr. Takeda provided. This is REAL science, not Keshe BS.








So Keshe lied AGAIN, this time about Fukushima. The Keshe Foundation has NOTHING to do with the cleanup! Instead, the Japanese company ISI is responsible for the Fukushima cleanup.

As you can see, Keshe can only use his lies and play with people’s minds as long as no officials are informed. That’s why it is important to question everything!

So what’s going on ? Why is Keshe lying all the time ?

In addition to Keshe being a malignant narcissist, several individuals claim that Keshe might actually be under mind control and/or suffering from what is called “Saviour Programming”.

In this article you can read the following:

– The “Saviour” takes on a new persona, a name change, or change in demeanor; an urgency to proclaim; a certitude of His singular importance or the urgency of The Message (prophecy).

– The “Saviour” become increasingly didactic; ideas become dogma; insights become Inspired; the Persona begins to assert the NEED for His particular gospel, always with a “twist”.

– Behind the scenes, the Saviour becomes more insular, the ego complex builds, and with it an Identity that supersedes the “merely human”, the unwashed, the huddled masses… pick one. It is here that the seeds of paranoia germinate, and where the Persona will usually begin to move towards aggressive behaviors, either overt or subtle (beware the subtle-passive-aggressive Persona becomes VERY dangerous).

– The other component, and the one which is more disturbing, is the cult that seeks out and follows. They are the machine that moves the gears of the Saviour Program. Even when certain figures arise, who may have some Light, may be of pureness; if they are useful to the Program… Trigger->Loop|subroutine->Trigger->Loop… just follow the history of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism to see the historical outworking at maximal intensity. Ultimately, traumatized, unhealed Humans feed the program, which runs with precision the same deadly cycles.

(This means it’s the KF followers who give Keshe attention who actually drive this sinister operation!!! So Keshe alone cannot be blamed. Everyone who supports him is also responsible.)

Then the article goes on:

On another scale, with a different twist comes the case of Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, an Iranian born nuclear physicist who among other things, claims that his plasma technology will make possible all the things needed for a space mission: propulsion, energy, food, water, healing. His most famous claim was  that it was his anti-gravity technology that was in play when Iran intercepted and safely grounded a U.S. drone. While Keshe routinely holds press conferences and symposia via his Keshe Foundation, and “announces” his technology, there are, to date, very little in the way of actual demonstrations of the devices; mostly elaborate jargon-filled descriptions laden with exotic science-speak and vast promises for the future of humanity. The most elaborate to date is his famous “Messiah” announcement:

“Today and with this pen, I as the Messiah and I whom took his time to be amongst you, to learn about your shortfalls and false lives, for me to be able to understand your problems, I spent over 55 years with you, worked your ways to be able to help and guide you out of this life of the jungle of this planet, I call up on you to lay down all arms and all thoughts of greed and misconducts and killings.” ― Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, April 18, 2014 (Good Friday)

On October 16, 2015 in Rome Italy, Keshe launched his newest initiative, “Free Energy In Exchange For World Peace”, whereby he plied “Ambassadors” from various nations with a “margin” free energy device in exchange for their commitment to peace. He also released the plans to build the devices onto the internet. To date, no working devices have been seen.

“This mania and evangelical zealotry surrounding Keshe right now is extremely worrisome. It doesn’t even have anything to do with his baseline work. It is the mania around it and the fact that every story seems to have Keshe attached, no matter how far-flung. PLEASE remain neutral while this is examined. This really smacks of Saviour Programming at the moment”.

The same article also mentions Simon Parkes, who like Keshe and many other “important” interviewees, was featured on (surprise!) Project Camelot.

And in the recent exaggerated earthquake warning by Keshe, there was a reference to Dutchsinse, who (surprise!) was also featured on Project Camelot, and has never been accurate in any of his predictions.

“Following the last earthquakes in Japan. And within the frame work which we said by 18th-20th of April.
The Keshe Foundation announces the eminent earthquake in west coast of USA.

We ask all our followers to evacuate the west cost of American continent as matter of urgency.

This is not a warning , but an urgent request of evacuation. And may be the last one. For some.”
M.T. Keshe


This announcement was then followed by another one, which clearly shows once again the intention of these doomsday fearmongers.


These earthquake warnings only confirm what we said: Keshe creates fear to control his followers, and to gain attention. Did that giant earthquake happen ? Of course not ? Is anyone surprised ? Of course not. (well except maybe Keshe’s followers, who like Keshe, seem to be in favour of such terrible events, otherwise they would not repost Keshe’s nonsense everywhere) – In the past Keshe predicted earthquakes and millions of deaths and advised his followers to move, but nothing happened. Earthquakes happen around the world all the time. People get killed when they happen and that’s bad enough. But to abuse their suffering to gain attention and to make profit like Keshe and other doomsday sayers do is despicable.

All those Camelot people have their own theme, their own agenda, their own followers, and one common denominator: they never tell the actual truth. But like Keshe, they all have invented huge stories… stories that could fill hundreds of science-fiction books. But why write books when you are much better at boosting your ego in public by telling the most ridiculous lies ? It seems that Keshe uses conspiracy sites like Project Camelot as his news source (!) and then comes up with Camelot based fearmongering to keep his followers afraid and under control.

All this craziness around Camelot seems to indicate that all these smaller cults (such as the KF) are part of a larger cult, which was set up to mislead humanity and to distract attention away from the real truth about certain matters. Which ones ? We’ll let you figure that out for yourselves.

And then of course, as expected, Veterans Today wrote another article, this time referring to one of their older articles from 2014, in which a claim was made that Keshe’s technology had been used. They claim that because that article had been read by a lot of people, Keshe must be legitimate. LOL! But they also admit that the real reason for the many views is the story about the American ship.

So they are basically still supporting Keshe in saying the KF technology (which, according to Prof. Meyl, Keshe doesn’t even have!) can take down drones, power the planet, heal all diseases, make any vegetable pregnant, and even make your virgin wife have 52 children within only 3 days! We are talking about a “free energy” technology which requires to be plugged into the power grid, so how can it do ANYTHING that miraculous ?

And once again the story of Keshe’s poisoning came up. No, he was never poisoned. He probably poisoned himself and his wife, or he just pretended, to gain attention and to make others believe that he has something of importance to show. You want to know part of the real story behind it ? Here is what Dr. Eliya said:

“All I said during a workshop in late summer of 2015 was that Mr. Keshe had symptoms that would indicate the use of the homeopathic remedy Arsenic. So IF he had been poisoned, it would probably have been done with Arsenic. That’s all I said, but I never confirmed he was actually poisoned. But he still caused the police to start an investigation.”

So Keshe lied again and falsely accused everyone around him of trying to kill him. Keshe is such a spin doctor. Another possibility is that Keshe poisoned himself over the years with radioactivity, due to his own neglection of safety precautions, and then touched radioactive material, which caused burn spots on his fingers. He kept that radioactive material in his garage where his little boy played and where Caroline kept the vacuum cleaner. Later they claimed murder attempts on their lives.

So we hereby ask Keshe to provide as evidence the result of that police investigation. If he can’t provide it, the poisoning story is CLOSED and obviously not credible.

We ask ourselves: after all the proof we delivered on this website, why would Veterans Today STILL continue to support Keshe ? Is it feasible to support a criminal ? Who pays them ? Who handles whom in this sea of lies ? Do they genuinely believe Keshe, or do they intentionally support his fraud ?

Veterans Today themselves wrote that NWO agents don’t need to deliver any proof, they just repeat their mantra over and over again… which is exactly what Keshe and Veterans Today have been doing! Keshe has NEVER shown any proof of anything, so VT only keeps speculating, but to benefit whom ? Keshe and his cult ? Their own pocket ?

After Keshe has been caught lying so many times by so many different people, he and Veterans Today still carry on repeating their mantra. Deceivers In Action. DIA ? A side arm of the Crooks In Action ? 😉


Here is what non-brainwashed people say about Keshe (comments taken from several Youtube videos):

“What ever happened to freedom of speech, Keshe?”

“Interesting is that anyone who has a different opinion of Keshe or his followers is immediately isolated. One of those diehard followers came to tell me I was not on the same spiritual level that he and so did not understand the technology, said that because I do not consider Keshe the Messiah and never consider, nor, I believe this Keshe follower is the “Archangel Michael”… how it me self entitles…. kkkkk… excuse me this was too much for me ….. I immersed myself in it and follow Keshe with their classes etc … well…… after so long I’m still waiting for some rabbit out of the hat, maybe someday someone stumbles on something that really works and can be tested by people independently.”

“Mr Keshe, have you been tested for syphilis? This is a valid question because you are showing signs of severe delusion which is one symptom of advanced syphilis.”

“One day he (Keshe) will have to take his daily crap on a stainless steel bucket in a cell somewhere.”

“(Kash) technology isn’t technology and VeteransToday is a tribute to intel groups more than a patriotic organization. Gordon Duff is suffering from a guilt complex from his time in Vietnam and Keshe is suffering from a Jesus complex. Anybody with an education can see the smoke and mirrors.”

“ABSOLUTELY IT IS A FRAUD………HOW DO I KNOW??????? Easy…..Gordon Duff, from VeteransToday endorses this. Never trust Duff……….”

So the central question is: do people want the truth, or do they want to continue playing mind games ? Why do they not question Keshe ? Do they enjoy following a deceiver ?

If this technology is so real, we are sure that Keshe will finally do a live demonstration of his flying car in Dubai: the flying Messiah in action!

Go Mehran! Don’t disappoint us! We know you can do it! We are expecting you to fly the Keshe Industries 2000 (K.I.T.T.) around the Burj Tower this Thursday!

Our satellite HD camera will be on you. So no remote controlled toy car please, and no remote controlled Keshe please! Oh wait, this one is already a reality!

Some humour…



“Doctor” Keshe’s illegal trials in progress

In the 109th knowledge seekers workshop, Keshe talked about the upcoming conference in Dubai.

He said “You will see the members of the council, the initial, not the totality”, so as usual, random people will be chosen just to have someone to present, but later on they will be randomly exchanged, just like everything else is constantly being changed, because people can only be kept as long as they are naive and unaware enough to stay in the KF. So far everyone who figured out how “correct” Keshe really is has left, or was kicked out, except those who are greedy enough to stay despite of the ongoing fraud. They really believe that peace can be made by using fake technology, even though it’s mainly Keshe who profits.

Sometimes Keshe talked so fast that nobody could understand him. Obviously he is trying to squeeze even more BPM in. (BPM = bullshit per minute) We use such abbreviations because the KF is after all a “scientific organization” 😉  Meanwhile Keshe’s talks don’t have much to do with science or plasma anymore, he is just increasing the BPM by the week. He asks questions and answers them himself, so nobody can disagree. Like we said before: monologues from hell. The few people who are allowed to speak are the newcomers who were just freshly brainwashed by the false Messiah, the master of blasphemy, or those who can’t break out of the insanity. Keshe even instigated blasphemy in others, by saying “Go to the church this sunday, and when the priest gives a cup of wine, add [the GANS] to the wine.”

Keshe then said “[The world leaders] are crisis makers that through the crisis they make themselves confirm their existence”, and so we ask what is then the difference between those world leaders and Keshe, who creates his own imaginary enemies to have an imaginary crisis to talk about in every workshop ? If he stands for peace and unity, why does he constantly talk about imaginary “others” who HE created himself in his imagination ? We were all one, before Keshe caused division.

He claimed that today (April 14th) is the day of fulfillment (“14.4.2016 = 9+9”) and therefore this day was promised in the holy books of the past. Then why doesn’t the Dubai conference take place today but one week later ? It just doesn’t make sense. (By the way, 15.3.2016 also results in 9+9, the same with 16.2.2016, and so on, so there is nothing special about today)

And why does Keshe want millions of interconnected plasma reactors worldwide ? What is Keshe’s hidden agenda ? One emperor of one planet, one nation, one race ?

These 2 ladies (here and here) are unbiased and much smarter than any KF follower. They show that wisdom and common sense triumph over false knowledge, and what this “One planet, one nation, one race” really means. It’s a false peace conference, planned by a false Messiah.

Keshe said “The man of wrongdoing will never enter the space”, and you can be sure that Keshe will never go to space, because neither NASA nor any other space agency will want to have a kuku attention seeker on board.

As Prof. Meyl said, Keshe doesn’t HAVE any technology, he is only playing around, after he stole a patent but couldn’t steal the technology. Keshe is a master at making every failure look like a success, and he is so good at it that his followers still think the “technology” is real. Incredible how many lies 1 person can produce in such a short time, and what amount of arrogance he must carry when he looks down on his followers and says “Be patient MY CHILD”.

The most outrageous contradiction of the day was “Those who deny this, they deny their own existence.” Usually Keshe blames everyone for CONFIRMING their existence, now they deny it ? So we all confirm and deny our existence at the same time ? Sounds like a schizophrenic who accuses everyone else to be schizophrenic. What a circus!

On a more realistic note, I gave a Dutch interview to renowned researcher and radio host Johan Oldenkamp, where I spoke about my puzzles, holons, and also about Keshe.

The translated introduction reads:

“Episode 152. The truth about M.T. Keshe.
The guest of today’s Pateo Radio was Dirk Laureyssens (1950). Dirk is a scientist, an inventor, an astrologer and mystic, living in Belgium. His most famous invention is the “Happy Cube”. His website is (pronounced “mu-six”, so it’s a reference to “music”). Thanks to him, Mehran Keshe (1958) was able to write three books since 2009, because Dirk made all the illustrations. The patent applications of Keshe were also written by Dirk. Moreover, Dirk designed the logo of the Keshe Foundation. In an English-language video interview he explains all this, and much more. Dirk thus helped to change Keshe from a “zero” to a “hero”. In this episode of the Pateo Radio, Dirk and talk show host John Oldenkamp spoke, like others before, about the truth behind the theories, products and practices of Keshe.”

If you understand Dutch, you can listen to the interview here.

And also, ZeroFossilFuel made another news report with reference to Keshe.

Now for some of last week’s material.

In the 107th knowledge seekers workshop, Keshe said that his health applications are under registration of Naturopathica in Belgium. But Naturopathica is a non-profit organization, run by only one person, Wim van Aelst, who has no credibility to grant certificates. Keshe claimed that insurance companies recognize it, but in reality no scientific tests are done by that company. So what credibility does Keshe have left ? None. By lying again, he exposed that his health products have no real certificate, they are therefore illegal. If Keshe or Brett now claim to come up with new legal paperwork SOON, it’s just another trick. Such experiments on humans must be declared within the legal framework, these are very complicated laws and establishing such a procedure takes many years and a lot of money. So whatever they come up with “SOON” will again be illegal. In juridical terms, whatever they do is still infringing the laws of clinial trials.

See Directive 2001/20/EC on human trials, which refers to “active substances or placebos”, which also includes Keshe’s “GANS water”. It shows that the KF does criminal, illegal medical experiments.

And because the KF “health system” creates magnetic fields, it is probably also very harmful, especially the helmet, just like cellphone radiation, but much worse. Compare the KF “health” helmet with what is written in this article and watch this video, then you might come to the conclusion that the KF “health” helmet is designed to brainwash people and to disrupt the functionality of their brain.

And now it gets really bad. Keshe is now asking for 30.000 (!) people to test his products… in human trials, which are in fact ILLEGAL, as we mentioned above. But that’s not all, people even have to pay 120 Euro to be experimented with! While people who take part in LEGAL and CORRECT clinical trials get paid, Keshe’s followers have to pay HIM to become guinea pigs! But given some people’s naivity, they will gladly pay and then suffer from the same negative health effects that others experienced not long ago when they drank GANS. And when the damage is discovered, Keshe will say: “I didn’t do it, it’s YOU who did it collectively as one nation, not me.”

Keshe said he will let people sign a document to show their agreement with his experiments on them. But signing a document as a volunteer has no value. It’s still a medical experiment, ruled by laws. So Keshe cannot legally perform such human experiments, they will always be illegal, just like the ones he has done in the past. That’s why he was kicked out of Belgium. Anyone who conducts such experiments, be it Keshe or his followers, is committing a crime.

Keshe claimed “We know it’s there and it works”, but then why do 30.000 people have to do a trial to see IF it works ??

We therefore ask all our readers to inform the WHO, Interpol and other authorities of this incredible and dangerous health fraud.






All the time Keshe says “We give the technology freely to humanity”, and then… “Go to the shop on the KF website and purchase it.”  We are talking about ILLEGAL products in their web shop! And as if it couldn’t get any worse, Keshe said he will monitor all cases for 10 years, so anyone who is stupid enough to pay in order to get damaged, will then also be controlled for 10 years. We wish all of those lemmings a happy slave life!

Keshe also talked about attention seekers. Of course according to him, everyone is an attention seeker, just not himself. But who stands in the limelight in every workshop and talks like a perpetuum mobile ? Who constantly suspects attacks on his life ? And who thinks he is so important that he needs to control everyone around him ? Yes! Keshe, the king of all attention seekers!

All his workshops are just one giant scream of “I AM IMPORTANT !!!”, while you are all thieves, liars, crooks, and pedophiles. AND you were all paid to be like that. LOL!

One of Keshe’s manipulated followers posted these notes:
(Our comments are added in GREEN)

“Mr. Keshe said the Plasma Science Health Knowledge of the KF is PERFECT FOR IMMUNIZATION!!! You can feed a weaker condition of measles in a GANS condition and feed it to the sick child to allow the child to build her/his immune system.”
(All that is nonsense and dangerous. GANS will not immunize anyone. On the contrary, if you “FEED” it to a sick child, it might die. Keshe should be arrested right away when he makes such statements!)

“We need to stop the mayhem due to injections with poisonous chemicals… as they cause a LOT of problems. We can’t leave our children unprotected, so we can make GANS of the disease for the body to immunize itself.”
(Right, we can’t leave our children unprotected, that’s WHY immunization is necessary. And unlike what some conspiracy theorists have been spreading on the web, vaccines do NOT generally cause “mayhem”. Keshe does. The same way the disinfo agents and conspiracy theorists keep people in fear about their fantasy “Planet X” or their “second sun”, they also do it by scaremongering about diseases and the vaccinations that protect people from them. While we are certainly not defending large pharma companies or denying that harmful ingredients might be mixed into vaccines, we also have to look at the evidence that shows that vaccines are more helpful than harmful. That being said, not all vaccinations are necessary, but basic protection is very recommended.)

(Who is “WE” ? Illuminati ? Negative ET’s ? Lunatics ?)

“Mr. Keshe watched his own children go from perfect to having problems within one week of the injections.”
(No, they probably had problems due to the insane and violent behaviour of their father.)

“As we saw with TEPCO… we CAN give the drops at the moment when needed.”
(We have seen NOTHING with TEPCO, they aren’t even aware that Keshe is spreading such false stories about them. Show us at least one OFFICIAL representative of TEPCO who can confirm they use KF technology, not another KF controlled puppet who says what Keshe wants. In reality TEPCO uses Russian technology and is not interested in liars and internet scammers.)

“We hope the directors of pharmaceutical companies and of parliaments that approved this can sleep at night over the poisoning of children. As Humanity we made many mistakes…. we need to overlook as we have the chance to redeem this.”
(Yes, humans make mistakes. But Keshe makes a lot more than the average human. But can we even call them mistakes, when they are being made repeatedly and intentionally ? While it is not our job to judge, it is our job as humans to watch over each other and make sure that nobody gets harmed BY KESHE.)

“I address the world leaders that I know are watching these teachings: “Initiate the use of GANS for saving our children as a new method of immunization without contamination. CO2 is as natural as an apple you eat. It is a source of energy TO CHANGE THE COURSE OF MISTAKES done to Humanity.”
(Change the course of mistakes ? Replace them with a different kind of mistakes ? And no, world leaders are certainly not watching these bullshit “teachings”, they really have better things to do in the REAL world.)

“WE NEED TO DO THIS. WE DO NOT NEED PERMISSION TO SAVE OUR CHILDREN from people who hide the REAL scientific results to fill their pockets.”
(Indeed we need no permission to save or children, so we WILL save them from charlatans like Keshe who fill their pockets on the back of sick children, before he kills any of them with the GANS that already caused people to have blood in their urine. Check out the older posts on this website to see the evidence.)

“Thanks to an Italian court case where it was concluded that the evidence was clear that vaccinations cause autism.”
(False. Autism is NOT caused by vaccinations (See here, here, here and here). In fact, autism is not even a disease (See here, here, here, and here), but a different way of thinking and living, a neurological diversity, which cannot be cured. It’s like trying to cure a white, black, heterosexual, homosexual, tall, short, or whatever person. Whatever “court” thinks it can “decide” what causes autism is highly suspicious.)

(Indeed: arrest Keshe. That would be a good start to protect our children from charlatans like him, who continue to do the wrong thing at every turn.)

“These viruses are nothing compared to what we encounter in Space … and even there we have solutions.”
(No Keshe doesn’t. That’s why he keeps coming up with bullshit like the above.)

To all the KF followers: whatever damage you cause to your children by making them drink GANS in whatever shape or form, will be your responsibility only. Keshe will certainly reject any responsibility and he will say that YOU did it yourself. The fact that he instigated your actions is secondary to him. He NEVER takes any responsibility, he just counts on your naivity to do as he says. Some time ago he did the same, he told people to drink the GANS, and then they had negative health effects. Then Keshe quickly rowed back and accused OTHERS of having told people to drink GANS. If you deny your children the right to be vaccinated and feed them UNSAFE Gans instead, it is nothing short of battery and abuse.

Now, after a long series of illegal activities in several countries, Keshe doesn’t have much room left. He moves from one country to another, because police and secret services are after him wherever he goes. That’s why he said in the 107th workshop: “We’re on our way, we’ll be travelling this year, we’ll be all over the place.” And of course he makes fun of anyone who points that out. He will say he goes to every country to teach people, but that’s a lie as usual. Brainwashing attempts yes, but teaching ? Hardly. What does he have to teach, other than empty words, stolen ideas and fundamentally false claims ?

And he also once again revealed his NWO mindset when he said: “In the peace conference in Dubai we will introduce for the first time the one nation passport.” Will it carry the “Slave to the Beast” seal ? Or is it invisible (made of plasma) too ?

KF Germany wrote:

“We ordered a reactor from Keshe 5 years ago, because he said it has been developped and is available. We paid 500 Euro in advance, but never received anything, neither any product nor any status update on the delivery. Up to this day we haven’t received anything. At least he could have informed us, so this is not ok. At some point we just accepted it and said: “Ok, we let him keep the 500 Euro as a donation.” We would no longer expect to receive a reactor or any update. But even making this donation didn’t work out as it should have.”


“Even if a luxurious conference like the one in Dubai seems to match the subject of “free energy”, the high pricing only allows rich people to attend it. We had originally thought that the KF technology is for the people, for the poor, for the third world!

We are sceptical and even defiant towards any kind of “new world government”, even if it is being organized by the KF.

It does not match that Keshe on one hand wants to initiate a new world government, but on the other hand he calls himself Messiah. The Messiah we know, Jesus Christ, said: “My kingdom is not of this world!”  Do the ends (peace mission) justify the means ?”

The person who runs the Bulgarian Facebook page, who is another one of Keshe’s and Caroline’s puppet on a string, wrote:

“Keep in mind that the more enemies you see spam technology does not work, the more clearly evident that they lose and do so out of fear. I’m afraid that their knowledge remains in the background. The control will no longer be the same on the ordinary citizen. Everyone will be independent of food, energy, transport, health. Anyone who tells you that the technology does not work, ask him only one – test anything personally to make sure that does not work. The rest are empty talk not supported. Given that everything is distributed without money, you can make a prototype and tested for a day and then someone tells you that there was no sense to do because they knew the result, then these people do not want you to be strong, independent free. Everyone understands as much as he knows. Educate yourself and think outside the conventional framework. When something you do not understand technology, ask because someone else has already gone down the same road before you.”

This made us laugh. First of all, we explained many times that we are not anyone’s enemy, this is just Keshe’s spin doctoring again. HE portrays others as his enemies, especially his former supporters, so he can feel important. In fact, it was HIM who attacked his friends and former supporters, so HE is an enemy of humanity. We do have the right to defend ourselves. Secondly, it’s not us who is losing, besides we have nothing to lose, as we do not make money out of a scam. Keshe does. And third, “everything is distributed without money” ??? Pardon??? Who charges thousands of Euros for NON-EXISTENT REACTORS or for a COIL WINDING MACHINE that you can get much cheaper elsewhere ? And who charges 120 Euros to ILLEGALLY EXPERIMENT ON HUMANS ?

The truth is: the one who is full of fear is Keshe. When Dr. Eliya came back from Italy, she told me she has never seen any other person who is so afraid of dying. That’s very strange for a Mehdi! Especially one who talks big and makes threats and false accusations all the time! Or for example every time Keshe wants to use his car, he checks it first to see if anyone put any purple powder on it. Nobody else is that fearful and paranoid! He said to me: “Dirk, when you are back in Antwerp, check your car every day for purple powder!” So Keshe tries to spread his paranoia to others as well. He tells people that I am a paid agent and enemy of the KF. By doing so, he creates fear in people so he can divide and control them. Would a real Messiah use a cult tactic like that ?

Look at it this way:

If a demagogue preaches to an army of naive and mind-controlled people, and tells them: “Every man takes from the knowledge according to his own level of understanding”, then these naive people will consider themselves smart and think that anyone who doesn’t agree with them is actually dumb. This is how Keshe’s talk makes people feel good, no matter how empty his phrases are. As we explained before, when Keshe points his finger at others, he always talks about himself.

Most of Keshe’s followers were open-minded, tolerant people before they joined the KF. Now they have become puppets who see enemies everywhere. That’s exactly what cult leader Keshe wanted: paranoid clones of himself.

Keshe claims he is “preparing mankind to become ready to work as one unit, not as division.” What a hypocritical statement. Humanity IS one unit, unless Keshe and his Illuminati stooges break us up, which they constantly try through wars, political games, and by creating imaginary enemies, like Keshe has done with me and other former supporters.

Keshe’s brainwashing has been so successful that some of his current followers are totally taken over by his twisted mindset. They claim that I spread half-truths, but they fail to see that their Messiah himself spreads non-truths. Just like Keshe, they instigate “action” against those who speak the truth. Indeed stupidity, ignorance and greed have become ubiquities in the Keshe Foundation. So Keshe is actually right when he says to his followers: “You are the most stupid lot I’ve ever seen.”

Kevin Blundell, a distributor of KF products, wrote: “you are a fucking idiot. don’t contact me again you fuckng ignorant loser. People like you who believe whatever they are told are the biggest problem with the world. Grow a brain for Christs sake! Actually maybe I can take advantage of you like Sousan has. Michel, if you jump off a bridge you can fly. Trust me. No, I am just kidding. It is necessary to tell you that I am kidding because it is likely that you would actually jump off the bridge considering you swallowed Sousans crap. Don’t contact me again. What a fucking idiot! (puke)”

Is this the language of peace ? Is this the language of correctness, intelligence and knowledge ? No, this is the language of those who ignore the evidence and want to make money by selling Keshe’s fake products, while believing they are real and revolutionary. So again, when Keshe tells his followers they are greedy, he is actually right. But who encouraged them to become manufacturers and distributors ? And who benefits the most by holding 51% of the shares everywhere ? Welcome once again to the “correct ethos” of “Doctor” Keshe and his lemmings.

Just like the recent release of the “Panama Papers” was an attempt to smear president Putin, even though he has always been correct, Keshe has been trying to smear me and others who did nothing wrong. But the truth is on the side of those who are really correct, not on the side of those who only say so. And his contant pushing for the sale of his products, as if everyone’s life was depending on it, only shows that Keshe only cares about money.

It’s as if Keshe is a programmed robot who runs rampage, constantly trying to pretend to save humanity from a catastrophic event that never happened and will not happen, and making it sound as if his technology is causing all kinds of miracles, when in reality all the described effects are just natural and happen in nature all the time. The fact that copper oxide is a desinfectant and therefore benefits the growth of vegetables is not new, and the same goes for the fact that nanomaterials behave like magnets. None of that was invented by Keshe.

Piling up bullshit does not make it more credible, it only results in more bullshit. And while we are happy to see how the KF brings people together, it would be nicer if it was based on reality, not on delusion and fantasy, as those people waste their time on nothing. Anyone with minimal intelligence would notice when it’s time to stop the nonsense, but not Keshe. So it is apparent that he is being controlled and has a certain agenda he wants to enforce at all cost, even though there is no point.

A carpet seller like Keshe can make people believe in anything, even if it’s total nonsense. And this power of belief can lead to alleged healing due to the placebo effect. However, the GANS itself has shown to be harmful. It has been so bad that when people reported blood in their urine, Keshe denied ever having told them to drink GANS. Instead he blamed it on others. And now, as if he never learned from the experience, he repeats the same mistake.

Keshe is like a man who keeps running with his head against a wall, without noticing that it hurts. We are sure the wall won’t break, but how about Keshe ? He will continue on his path of self-destruction.

Because of Keshe’s many contradictions we were asked: “How can we spot when Keshe is lying ?”

Short answer: “When he moves his lips.”

(Even though every now and then Keshe, like any other NWO agent, has to mix in some truth, otherwise it would be too easy for the masses to dismiss him.)

By speaking the truth, such liars and evildoers can easily be exposed. Don’t forget, love and truth are the most powerful forces in the universe, and no ridiculous carpet seller will stand in their way. Keshe is a taker, not a giver. He delivers nothing but hot air, but steals people’s money and sanity. As Dr. Eliya pointed out on Robyn’s show, every force creates a counter-force. May God have mercy on Keshe’s soul when he faces his final judgement.

If Keshe’s claims are not true, how was the KF able to gain followers over the years ? Why was Keshe not exposed sooner ? See the answer below. It’s old and well-known.



“On October 21st we show you the flying car.”
– M.T. Keshe, summer 2015

“In the very very near future, in a matter of weeks, you have cars without engines.”
– M.T. Keshe, October 20th 2015

We, collectively as one planet, one nation, one race, are hereby asking for a live demonstration of at least the flying car in Dubai by Keshe himself, after it has been promised so many times over the past years. Mehran, SHOW IT, otherwise stop deceiving humanity. Any further attempt to delay is a confirmation of your SCAM.

M.T. Fake, Adamus, and the Bluff of Duff

In the light of the recent revelations regarding Keshe’s ongoing fraud, he gave another long, delusional introductory talk in the 108th knowledge seekers workshop, in front of only a handful of people, but speaking as if he was addressing a huge audience.

Keshe gave the impression of a man who is fighting for his credibility, talking about everything he ever talked about before, assuring himself and others how much he achieved, even though the often promised breakthrough never came and will never come. He basically repeated all the BS he has been delivering for the past 10 years.



What a tragedy to see a man fall apart like this in public view, talking so much nonsense that has been debunked so many times. He keeps contradicting himself constantly, showing “systems” that look as if they were constructed by a 5 year old child, while giving warnings to the military and to world leaders, as if he was in a position to do so. But in reality he has nothing to say and nothing to show. Judging from his endless talk, he must be very afraid of finally getting caught, but yet he can’t stop scamming. And he still attracts followers with his old tricks.

We keep hearing the usual aggressive rhetoric of a dictator – “I dictate, I control, I enforce” – and words like “arsenal, cutting, knife, targetted, bombed, killed, mayhem, murderer, poisoning, warning…” Everything is about war, violence and killing, and yet he sells himself as a man of peace.

Keshe uses his war rhetoric to promote his products, by saying he will launch an “arsenal” of well-being. That’s his way of thinking. On one hand promoting good things (which he can’t offer), but on the other hand always revealing his violent, negative attitude.

In between his pseudo-science, contradictions and false accusations, he inserts into every workshop: “Don’t show your screen, because the terrorists damage your computer!” or “Don’t put your email on!” But if such hypocritical statements come from a man who collects ALL information about people then he only confirms his own dark intentions.

Also in each workshop you hear “We start from today with [insert random BS here]…” or “Today is the change of course for humanity.” So every workshop is THE new beginning, but it has been going like that for 10 years and NOTHING has come of it, except A LOT of empty talk.

And then all the horrible nonsense about “health”, when for example Keshe believes that breast cancer is a “mushroom on the nipples” (Keshe’s own words!), or when he says “From now on you will see miracles, men in a wheelchair will walk”. We have heard that so many times, and yet it has been nothing but hot air. Keshe will say he can show everything, but then all his proof is somewhere “downstairs in the lab”, and Caroline has to run downstairs to get it, but yet she has never been able to show anything of value.


Of course Keshe also had to repeat his lie about capturing the American drone or “spy plane”, which was NOT captured by KF technology, simply because it doesn’t have the power to do so. It was captured by the Iranian military, using their own technology.

But self-admitted disinformers like Gordon Duff (who doesn’t seem to know he is also being manipulated and lied to by Keshe), who like most of the KF followers is only an amateur at electronics and physics, believe every word of Keshe, just like they believe that the “power units” help them save energy, even though the original manual clearly states that the unit is just a power factor corrector. Such toys have been selling on Amazon and elsewhere for a long time and are neither new nor special. But everyone who points that out is immediately being accused of running a pedophile network or being a paid agent. What a farce! If, according to Duff, a non-working pen on a board is proof that KF technology works, then the temporary absence of cars on a highway is proof that the sky is green. Here is the real reason for the non-working pen.

In the same article in which Duff is trying to sell us the deceiver Keshe as a “new sheriff” (God forbid!), he mentions that he works closely with ECIPS. How ironic that Veterans Today itself referred to ECIPS several times as an organization which pushes for the New World Order. See the articles here, here and here.

ECIPS is also tied to Cyberpol. Is that why Keshe seems to be immune to arrest, while innocent people are being falsely accused and demonized ?

So it is clear that Duff, just like Keshe, is a NWO agent. How much more evidence do people need to see that this whole Keshe deception is just one single push for the enslavement of humanity, disguised as a “change of course” ? Those who commented below the VT article and said “I’m so glad that Keshe is the real deal”… yes they are right. Keshe IS the real deal, but not in the way he pretends to be! If Lucifer dressed up as God, would you recognize him ?

Yesterday I commented on Veterans Today about the slanderous allegations Duff made against me, and he replied by using nothing but lies to defend Keshe. Such texts are probably written by Duff in collaboration with KF insiders like Brett.


Of course my comments were deleted. Welcome to the “correct ethos” of Keshe and his supporters, where truth is being suppressed and scammers always get another chance!

Here is another screenshot of a conversation between Duff and other VT readers.


And another censored comment.

censored comment of charles

One person on Youtube accused me of lying, because I didn’t remember the title of Keshe’s first book quickly enough. That book was written years ago and since then I prefer to remember more essential information rather than Keshe’s nonsense.

People who accuse us of lying about Keshe know nothing about the KF. They just read on the net and want to believe that Keshe is real. Why do some believe Keshe ? Why do some believe us ? Why don’t they just find out the truth for themselves ? We speak the truth because we know the KF. We have been close to Keshe for a long time and are therefore qualified to speak the truth. Those who criticize us for doing so either are the real paid trolls, or they have no clue what they are talking about.

As soon as someone from the KF community finds out the truth and speaks it, people immediately jump on them and accuse them of being paid agents, simply because sheeple cannot understand that there are a few among them that are able to think for themselves.


We are the weakest in the chain. Unlike VT or Keshe, we have no connections to the military or to any other organization, yet we are the ones who are regularly being attacked and slandered for no reason. This once again shows Keshe’s “correct ethos”. But the truth will win, it always does!

Now slowly some of the previously blinded followers begin to wake up, for example this person who writes on Youtube:

“Hi all. It’s our responsibility to figure out a way to stop this con for no further harm to the newcomers. It was all us together to create the monster (Keshe) from our previous support donation ignorance and kindness… those who had ever been conned or know full well about KF, please get the gut and stand up to fight this monster.”

The same person explained:

“For those who claimed to have reduction in energy from your KF units, I did some experiments at home and I have seen the reduction around 20% from the meter, so I felt very excited with results and then I was very into it. After weeks of countless testing I found I can reduce the total power by 90%, but be prudent! This doesn’t mean you have made any energy out of these so-called plasma units, as I know, Keshe said adding another unit in series would increase the potency, so I tried and found it did as Keshe said, the power reduction from 20% off dropped to 30% off, and when I increased the loads to 3 or 4 kw, then dropped to 37% off, and I also detected some heat in the plasma unit, so I started to realise that these units didn’t produce any energy, but consumed energy and transformed the energy into heat, so when I added more loads to 3 to 4 kw to the units, it means I add more resistance, then the current goes down, and the voltage goes down as well slightly, so the total power you read before the unit would accordingly go down as well, then you assume that your KF unit works, but it’s just illusion. Every layman doesn’t even have any clue what he is doing. Those who claimed to have saved 50% to 60% electric charge, you gotta check it out if you are running your appliances under a very low power.”

We now show the independent evaluation by the Free University of Brussels, in which NO EVIDENCE is given that the KF technology works.

Look at the date of the paper: 2005. So since 2005 it has been known that the “technology” is based on pseudo-science. And because Keshe wasn’t able to get official confirmation from experts, he is now trying to manipulate his followers, using power factor corrector devices and other tricks in order to “prove” himself correct. But there has been NO PROOF anywhere, just assumptions, based on faulty measurements and lack of understanding.


(This document is freely available)

Dubai scam in progress

Thanks to ONE sincere person around the KF, who found out that the planned Dubai event is yet another scam, we were sent the following screenshot of the incredible Dubai conference “application form”, or shall we call it “surveillance questionaire” ?


(Please right-click the form and select “View image” to see details)

Please note that under “Membership and Affiliations” it says: “Organizations, associations, civil groups, lodges, orders, etc. that you have been a member of in the present and past”.

Lodges ??? Orders ??? So Keshe is now indeed fishing for Illuminati members to join him. We also suspect that people with a criminal record are PREFERRED, because good and aware people will not stay in the KF for long. Those who can easily be corrupted and convinced of ANYTHING will be selected for Keshe’s “peace council”. Puppets on a string. So where’s the big change, when all stays the same ?

And at the bottom of the form it says “All the above listed information and required information you provide above is for internal use and security reasons.”

Such strong security for a PEACE conference ??? We have to wonder who Keshe REALLY is, if he needs to be protected like that, worse than any official or king. Or is it just his severe paranoia ? I shouldn’t have promoted Keshe from a zero to a hero, because now his pride and arrogance only fuel his control addiction even more.

Please also note that you cannot get to this application form via any public link, instead this form is hidden and the link is only sent out via email. Now we can see why the KF hides everything, it’s because their agenda is totally different from what they claim. Now we also know why part of their Dubai meeting will not be broadcast and needs to remain secret: it’s an occult, sinister plot!

Due to the overwhelmimg and unusual amount of questions asked in this form, we consulted the advice of an intelligence expert. His reply: “NGO peace conference ?? You must be joking. From what I’ve seen so far this looks like a COINTELPRO operation in order to gather information from unsuspecting people for whatever purpose. Probably to control the applicants or to hack into their accounts. No NGO would ever ask such questions, especially not for a PEACE conference! This looks as suspicious as it gets. Hands off!”  Indeed we are surprised that Keshe doesn’t ask for the number of pimples on everyone’s bottom – including their GPS coordinates!

So we now suspect that this Dubai “peace event”, just like any other scam that has been pulled off by the Keshe Foundation, is a blatant move by the Illuminati to identify, manipulate and lable certain people, so they cannot oppose the final Illuminati push, be it the antichrist world dictatorship (NWO), or another sinister occult agenda.

In order to identify these people, this incredible form has been set up to gather all the details about every applicant. This is total control and surveillance at its finest. Anyone who is truly aware of what’s going on will not apply for this dangerous scam. Because Keshe will probably sell all personal data on the black market to make money. As his past illegal activities have shown, he has no problem doing such things.

But that’s not all. As usual with Keshe’s scams, there is more.

The original hotel that has been advertised in the workshops is now no longer being used. Instead, another hotel is being offered, OR people can cancel and ask for a refund. See the screenshots of the emails that were forwarded to us.



Knowing Keshe, we expect that NOBODY will ever get refunded. Knowing Keshe, this move has been planned BEFORE he announced the first hotel, in order to rob people of their money AGAIN.

In the meantime we heard rumours that the whole conference is FAKE and that the Atlantis hotel has never been booked at all! That’s why the email address for the bookings is not an official one, but a private one. If you enter it into your search engine, it doesn’t give any useful results at all, so this “designated travel agency” doesn’t seem to exist, it’s not a legitimate company. The whole event looks like a very shadowy operation. Anyone surprised ? We aren’t. EVERYTHING about Keshe is fake. Whatever he seems to have achieved was done by others. He just pulls the strings. But who pulls Keshe’s strings ?

As everyone knows, the devil always points his finger at others and accuses THEM of being the devil. That’s why Keshe ordered his slandering collaborator Gordon Duff to accuse ME of being an Illuminati who is tied to Isis. Incredible!

In a recent article, using outrageous double-standards, Duff attacked one narcissist (Erdogan) while defending another narcissist (Keshe) and at the same time accusing an innocent guy (me) of being an Illuminati pedophile. And all that is orchestrated by master manipulator and accomplished showman Keshe. This is how Keshe treats his former friends and supporters, who did all the work for him. First he attacked me in Bari, and because I didn’t quietly accept his attack, he attacked me more and more. But the problem for Keshe is that the “Red Circle” as he calls it (we just call it Keshe victims, but Keshe enjoys demonizing his victims) is not just me, but a large and growing number of people. Now all of them have been slandered by Keshe and Duff, maybe some of them really don’t like it and will take legal action.

But Keshe and his followers love Veterans Today, so we link to this article, which shows that the two-faced mentality of the corrupt elite is the same as Keshe’s, when he blames everyone else for what he himself is doing.

Quotes from that article:

“One of the top most closely guarded secrets of Freemasonry (33rd degree or above) is that a secret duplicity exists with deep evil hidden from the world and covered up with a “nice face”. This Secret Evil Self is necessary to practice the secret Luciferian pure evil necessary to gain needed power to run the world, these men believe. Central to their belief is that the world in general is filled with evil people, so if they want to rule over them, they must necessarily be able to deploy seven times as much evil (or even, evil with no limit) in order to keep the order, but they must display a nice external face to fool the public and keep their inner Evil Self secret. Note the two headed Phoenix Bird and “Ordo Ab Chaos”, which signifies their motto, secret Luciferian evil to cause chaos which will lead to a New Order only they can control, since they caused it and are the only ones that can provide any solution.”


“One must be able to initiate a controlled split in their ego with a compromisable and self-serving core-self while still maintaining the ability to put on a public pretense of being a caring, service-oriented person.”

Isn’t that an appropriate description of Keshe ? Playing the saviour of the world, while manipulating and deceiving at every turn. And creating “mayhem” while blaming it on others, so he can present himself as the Messiah who brings order out of chaos. Nice plan, but no thanks. We prefer to keep the Human order. “Satanists not allowed here!”

Another VT article states:

“They believe that they will only be able to be regenerated in an immortal form once they have attained their Globalist NWO Agenda (“One planet, one nation, one race”, as Keshe calls it). Actually they are criminally insane psychopaths (…)”


“Some are severely sanctioned Cointelpro-style with the FBI, CIA or foreign Intel operatives assigned to stalk them, follow them around and harass them.”

Which is exactly what Keshe and Duff have been doing! They stalked me and other former supporters and followers of the KF. So they show their own modus operandi.

We therefore have to assume that Keshe himself is an Illuminati, one of the “cabal” who have hijacked humanity to enforce their evil agenda. Either that, or he is trying hard to impress them by being as evil as possible, to become one of them. After all he said in a past workshop something like: “If I was Jewish, I could rule the world. But I am only half Jewish.”

Meanwhile Project Camelot wrote: “ISIS = CIA = SECRET GOVERNMENT”

It is also known that Veterans Today is run by (former?) CIA people like Gordon Duff and Mike Harris. And Keshe also keeps repeating he is working closely with the CIA.

So Kerry Cassidy claims that Veterans Today, in conjunction with Keshe and the Illuminati, is behind ISIS, yet VT (just like Keshe) used blame-shifting to divert attention away from them, by blaming innocent Keshe victims AGAIN.

So by supporting Project Camelot, Keshe is actually promoting his own exposure and downfall, while Kerry and Veterans Today are doing the same to themselves by supporting Keshe. Project Camelot comes up with all those crazy conspiracy theories to scare and indoctrinate people, and Keshe takes advantage of that by pretending to have a solution. But they cannot last, as they publish a lot of false information, and if something stands in the way of truth, it will vanish. They are firing “stupidity bullets” at each other, as Keshe once called it, writing articles about the KF without knowing the truth, while we sit, watch, and report the truth to the public.

Some of the Project Camelot people are also involved in an upcoming “event” in LA, where once again Keshe is falsely being called a “Professor”. It also features people like Marshall Masters, who predicted that “Planet X” will devastate the Earth in 2012. Because that didn’t happen, they simply carry on with their scaremongering, exactly like Keshe with his second sun and earthquake predictions, to keep people afraid. They hope that their predictions will still come true “in the coming time” to wipe us all out, or at least most of us, so they can modify us according to their wishes, that’s what the Illuminati “Transhumanism” movement is all about. Just look at the name of the server that promotes this event, it’s “”. Again thanks but no thanks, we really prefer the original Humanity, without any “adjustments”. We are not here to obey some self-proclaimed slave masters.


And look at the title of the event, “5D Nirvana”. People who talk like that are the ones who WANT humanity to die. They want to take humanity into “5D Nirvana” (death), while selling that as “ascension”. Just like Keshe, they don’t know when it’s time to stop deceiving people. 2012 is behind us, but they know of no better way to scam people and take their money.

And then also look at the number of keynote speakers: 33 (surprise!) How ironic that this “life changing” event has all the Illuminati signs of death and destruction. So OF COURSE Keshe is part of it. Creating mayhem in the minds of people is his job, that’s why he is welcome by his family of fellow disinformers, cult leaders and conspiracy theorists.

The funniest part was when Keshe said to Kerry Cassidy in their latest interview: “Kerry, you bring a lot of sanity into this work.” We had a decent laugh about this. The quote that came to our mind was: “Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.” (Matthew 15:14)

Not long ago in Cuba, president Obama condemned the terrorists in Brussels. He said these were outrageous attacks on innocent people. The same way Keshe applied his outrageous attacks on me, Sousan, and others, who speak the truth. Keshe is a real terrorist.

Someone recently told us: “Have you noticed? Half of Keshe’s followers on Facebook are haters. This guy claims to bring peace? He’s surrounded by aggressive trolls who just want to have their way. If you don’t agree with them, they declare themselves your enemies and are ready to start a war. He talks about the maturity of man, but he himself and his M&M’s (manipulated monkeys) haven’t even reached the maturity of a 3 year old. So what’s the fuzz about??”

Mehran, unlike YOU, I haven’t done anything wrong. You can stamp your foot on the ground and continue your games, but all that won’t help you. You are just ridiculous, you went way too far already. You and your helpers will be exposed for what you are. In fact, you are doing it by yourself very well. You are your own worst enemy. By accusing others of so many crimes, you gave away your own true intentions and wrongdoings.

Your “correct ethos” of stealing, lying, abusing, deceiving and then blaming it on others is a contradiction in itself, and has been exposed multiple times by several witnesses, and yet you still carry on ? You are heartless and empty… a shallow pretender and false Messiah who has nothing to say and nothing to show.

We as humanity stand united against this sinister fraud, and we shall be victorious.