Dubai scam in progress

Thanks to ONE sincere person around the KF, who found out that the planned Dubai event is yet another scam, we were sent the following screenshot of the incredible Dubai conference “application form”, or shall we call it “surveillance questionaire” ?


(Please right-click the form and select “View image” to see details)

Please note that under “Membership and Affiliations” it says: “Organizations, associations, civil groups, lodges, orders, etc. that you have been a member of in the present and past”.

Lodges ??? Orders ??? So Keshe is now indeed fishing for Illuminati members to join him. We also suspect that people with a criminal record are PREFERRED, because good and aware people will not stay in the KF for long. Those who can easily be corrupted and convinced of ANYTHING will be selected for Keshe’s “peace council”. Puppets on a string. So where’s the big change, when all stays the same ?

And at the bottom of the form it says “All the above listed information and required information you provide above is for internal use and security reasons.”

Such strong security for a PEACE conference ??? We have to wonder who Keshe REALLY is, if he needs to be protected like that, worse than any official or king. Or is it just his severe paranoia ? I shouldn’t have promoted Keshe from a zero to a hero, because now his pride and arrogance only fuel his control addiction even more.

Please also note that you cannot get to this application form via any public link, instead this form is hidden and the link is only sent out via email. Now we can see why the KF hides everything, it’s because their agenda is totally different from what they claim. Now we also know why part of their Dubai meeting will not be broadcast and needs to remain secret: it’s an occult, sinister plot!

Due to the overwhelmimg and unusual amount of questions asked in this form, we consulted the advice of an intelligence expert. His reply: “NGO peace conference ?? You must be joking. From what I’ve seen so far this looks like a COINTELPRO operation in order to gather information from unsuspecting people for whatever purpose. Probably to control the applicants or to hack into their accounts. No NGO would ever ask such questions, especially not for a PEACE conference! This looks as suspicious as it gets. Hands off!”  Indeed we are surprised that Keshe doesn’t ask for the number of pimples on everyone’s bottom – including their GPS coordinates!

So we now suspect that this Dubai “peace event”, just like any other scam that has been pulled off by the Keshe Foundation, is a blatant move by the Illuminati to identify, manipulate and lable certain people, so they cannot oppose the final Illuminati push, be it the antichrist world dictatorship (NWO), or another sinister occult agenda.

In order to identify these people, this incredible form has been set up to gather all the details about every applicant. This is total control and surveillance at its finest. Anyone who is truly aware of what’s going on will not apply for this dangerous scam. Because Keshe will probably sell all personal data on the black market to make money. As his past illegal activities have shown, he has no problem doing such things.

But that’s not all. As usual with Keshe’s scams, there is more.

The original hotel that has been advertised in the workshops is now no longer being used. Instead, another hotel is being offered, OR people can cancel and ask for a refund. See the screenshots of the emails that were forwarded to us.



Knowing Keshe, we expect that NOBODY will ever get refunded. Knowing Keshe, this move has been planned BEFORE he announced the first hotel, in order to rob people of their money AGAIN.

In the meantime we heard rumours that the whole conference is FAKE and that the Atlantis hotel has never been booked at all! That’s why the email address for the bookings is not an official one, but a private one. If you enter it into your search engine, it doesn’t give any useful results at all, so this “designated travel agency” doesn’t seem to exist, it’s not a legitimate company. The whole event looks like a very shadowy operation. Anyone surprised ? We aren’t. EVERYTHING about Keshe is fake. Whatever he seems to have achieved was done by others. He just pulls the strings. But who pulls Keshe’s strings ?

As everyone knows, the devil always points his finger at others and accuses THEM of being the devil. That’s why Keshe ordered his slandering collaborator Gordon Duff to accuse ME of being an Illuminati who is tied to Isis. Incredible!

In a recent article, using outrageous double-standards, Duff attacked one narcissist (Erdogan) while defending another narcissist (Keshe) and at the same time accusing an innocent guy (me) of being an Illuminati pedophile. And all that is orchestrated by master manipulator and accomplished showman Keshe. This is how Keshe treats his former friends and supporters, who did all the work for him. First he attacked me in Bari, and because I didn’t quietly accept his attack, he attacked me more and more. But the problem for Keshe is that the “Red Circle” as he calls it (we just call it Keshe victims, but Keshe enjoys demonizing his victims) is not just me, but a large and growing number of people. Now all of them have been slandered by Keshe and Duff, maybe some of them really don’t like it and will take legal action.

But Keshe and his followers love Veterans Today, so we link to this article, which shows that the two-faced mentality of the corrupt elite is the same as Keshe’s, when he blames everyone else for what he himself is doing.

Quotes from that article:

“One of the top most closely guarded secrets of Freemasonry (33rd degree or above) is that a secret duplicity exists with deep evil hidden from the world and covered up with a “nice face”. This Secret Evil Self is necessary to practice the secret Luciferian pure evil necessary to gain needed power to run the world, these men believe. Central to their belief is that the world in general is filled with evil people, so if they want to rule over them, they must necessarily be able to deploy seven times as much evil (or even, evil with no limit) in order to keep the order, but they must display a nice external face to fool the public and keep their inner Evil Self secret. Note the two headed Phoenix Bird and “Ordo Ab Chaos”, which signifies their motto, secret Luciferian evil to cause chaos which will lead to a New Order only they can control, since they caused it and are the only ones that can provide any solution.”


“One must be able to initiate a controlled split in their ego with a compromisable and self-serving core-self while still maintaining the ability to put on a public pretense of being a caring, service-oriented person.”

Isn’t that an appropriate description of Keshe ? Playing the saviour of the world, while manipulating and deceiving at every turn. And creating “mayhem” while blaming it on others, so he can present himself as the Messiah who brings order out of chaos. Nice plan, but no thanks. We prefer to keep the Human order. “Satanists not allowed here!”

Another VT article states:

“They believe that they will only be able to be regenerated in an immortal form once they have attained their Globalist NWO Agenda (“One planet, one nation, one race”, as Keshe calls it). Actually they are criminally insane psychopaths (…)”


“Some are severely sanctioned Cointelpro-style with the FBI, CIA or foreign Intel operatives assigned to stalk them, follow them around and harass them.”

Which is exactly what Keshe and Duff have been doing! They stalked me and other former supporters and followers of the KF. So they show their own modus operandi.

We therefore have to assume that Keshe himself is an Illuminati, one of the “cabal” who have hijacked humanity to enforce their evil agenda. Either that, or he is trying hard to impress them by being as evil as possible, to become one of them. After all he said in a past workshop something like: “If I was Jewish, I could rule the world. But I am only half Jewish.”

Meanwhile Project Camelot wrote: “ISIS = CIA = SECRET GOVERNMENT”

It is also known that Veterans Today is run by (former?) CIA people like Gordon Duff and Mike Harris. And Keshe also keeps repeating he is working closely with the CIA.

So Kerry Cassidy claims that Veterans Today, in conjunction with Keshe and the Illuminati, is behind ISIS, yet VT (just like Keshe) used blame-shifting to divert attention away from them, by blaming innocent Keshe victims AGAIN.

So by supporting Project Camelot, Keshe is actually promoting his own exposure and downfall, while Kerry and Veterans Today are doing the same to themselves by supporting Keshe. Project Camelot comes up with all those crazy conspiracy theories to scare and indoctrinate people, and Keshe takes advantage of that by pretending to have a solution. But they cannot last, as they publish a lot of false information, and if something stands in the way of truth, it will vanish. They are firing “stupidity bullets” at each other, as Keshe once called it, writing articles about the KF without knowing the truth, while we sit, watch, and report the truth to the public.

Some of the Project Camelot people are also involved in an upcoming “event” in LA, where once again Keshe is falsely being called a “Professor”. It also features people like Marshall Masters, who predicted that “Planet X” will devastate the Earth in 2012. Because that didn’t happen, they simply carry on with their scaremongering, exactly like Keshe with his second sun and earthquake predictions, to keep people afraid. They hope that their predictions will still come true “in the coming time” to wipe us all out, or at least most of us, so they can modify us according to their wishes, that’s what the Illuminati “Transhumanism” movement is all about. Just look at the name of the server that promotes this event, it’s “”. Again thanks but no thanks, we really prefer the original Humanity, without any “adjustments”. We are not here to obey some self-proclaimed slave masters.


And look at the title of the event, “5D Nirvana”. People who talk like that are the ones who WANT humanity to die. They want to take humanity into “5D Nirvana” (death), while selling that as “ascension”. Just like Keshe, they don’t know when it’s time to stop deceiving people. 2012 is behind us, but they know of no better way to scam people and take their money.

And then also look at the number of keynote speakers: 33 (surprise!) How ironic that this “life changing” event has all the Illuminati signs of death and destruction. So OF COURSE Keshe is part of it. Creating mayhem in the minds of people is his job, that’s why he is welcome by his family of fellow disinformers, cult leaders and conspiracy theorists.

The funniest part was when Keshe said to Kerry Cassidy in their latest interview: “Kerry, you bring a lot of sanity into this work.” We had a decent laugh about this. The quote that came to our mind was: “Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.” (Matthew 15:14)

Not long ago in Cuba, president Obama condemned the terrorists in Brussels. He said these were outrageous attacks on innocent people. The same way Keshe applied his outrageous attacks on me, Sousan, and others, who speak the truth. Keshe is a real terrorist.

Someone recently told us: “Have you noticed? Half of Keshe’s followers on Facebook are haters. This guy claims to bring peace? He’s surrounded by aggressive trolls who just want to have their way. If you don’t agree with them, they declare themselves your enemies and are ready to start a war. He talks about the maturity of man, but he himself and his M&M’s (manipulated monkeys) haven’t even reached the maturity of a 3 year old. So what’s the fuzz about??”

Mehran, unlike YOU, I haven’t done anything wrong. You can stamp your foot on the ground and continue your games, but all that won’t help you. You are just ridiculous, you went way too far already. You and your helpers will be exposed for what you are. In fact, you are doing it by yourself very well. You are your own worst enemy. By accusing others of so many crimes, you gave away your own true intentions and wrongdoings.

Your “correct ethos” of stealing, lying, abusing, deceiving and then blaming it on others is a contradiction in itself, and has been exposed multiple times by several witnesses, and yet you still carry on ? You are heartless and empty… a shallow pretender and false Messiah who has nothing to say and nothing to show.

We as humanity stand united against this sinister fraud, and we shall be victorious.