M.T. Fake, Adamus, and the Bluff of Duff

In the light of the recent revelations regarding Keshe’s ongoing fraud, he gave another long, delusional introductory talk in the 108th knowledge seekers workshop, in front of only a handful of people, but speaking as if he was addressing a huge audience.

Keshe gave the impression of a man who is fighting for his credibility, talking about everything he ever talked about before, assuring himself and others how much he achieved, even though the often promised breakthrough never came and will never come. He basically repeated all the BS he has been delivering for the past 10 years.



What a tragedy to see a man fall apart like this in public view, talking so much nonsense that has been debunked so many times. He keeps contradicting himself constantly, showing “systems” that look as if they were constructed by a 5 year old child, while giving warnings to the military and to world leaders, as if he was in a position to do so. But in reality he has nothing to say and nothing to show. Judging from his endless talk, he must be very afraid of finally getting caught, but yet he can’t stop scamming. And he still attracts followers with his old tricks.

We keep hearing the usual aggressive rhetoric of a dictator – “I dictate, I control, I enforce” – and words like “arsenal, cutting, knife, targetted, bombed, killed, mayhem, murderer, poisoning, warning…” Everything is about war, violence and killing, and yet he sells himself as a man of peace.

Keshe uses his war rhetoric to promote his products, by saying he will launch an “arsenal” of well-being. That’s his way of thinking. On one hand promoting good things (which he can’t offer), but on the other hand always revealing his violent, negative attitude.

In between his pseudo-science, contradictions and false accusations, he inserts into every workshop: “Don’t show your screen, because the terrorists damage your computer!” or “Don’t put your email on!” But if such hypocritical statements come from a man who collects ALL information about people then he only confirms his own dark intentions.

Also in each workshop you hear “We start from today with [insert random BS here]…” or “Today is the change of course for humanity.” So every workshop is THE new beginning, but it has been going like that for 10 years and NOTHING has come of it, except A LOT of empty talk.

And then all the horrible nonsense about “health”, when for example Keshe believes that breast cancer is a “mushroom on the nipples” (Keshe’s own words!), or when he says “From now on you will see miracles, men in a wheelchair will walk”. We have heard that so many times, and yet it has been nothing but hot air. Keshe will say he can show everything, but then all his proof is somewhere “downstairs in the lab”, and Caroline has to run downstairs to get it, but yet she has never been able to show anything of value.


Of course Keshe also had to repeat his lie about capturing the American drone or “spy plane”, which was NOT captured by KF technology, simply because it doesn’t have the power to do so. It was captured by the Iranian military, using their own technology.

But self-admitted disinformers like Gordon Duff (who doesn’t seem to know he is also being manipulated and lied to by Keshe), who like most of the KF followers is only an amateur at electronics and physics, believe every word of Keshe, just like they believe that the “power units” help them save energy, even though the original manual clearly states that the unit is just a power factor corrector. Such toys have been selling on Amazon and elsewhere for a long time and are neither new nor special. But everyone who points that out is immediately being accused of running a pedophile network or being a paid agent. What a farce! If, according to Duff, a non-working pen on a board is proof that KF technology works, then the temporary absence of cars on a highway is proof that the sky is green. Here is the real reason for the non-working pen.

In the same article in which Duff is trying to sell us the deceiver Keshe as a “new sheriff” (God forbid!), he mentions that he works closely with ECIPS. How ironic that Veterans Today itself referred to ECIPS several times as an organization which pushes for the New World Order. See the articles here, here and here.

ECIPS is also tied to Cyberpol. Is that why Keshe seems to be immune to arrest, while innocent people are being falsely accused and demonized ?

So it is clear that Duff, just like Keshe, is a NWO agent. How much more evidence do people need to see that this whole Keshe deception is just one single push for the enslavement of humanity, disguised as a “change of course” ? Those who commented below the VT article and said “I’m so glad that Keshe is the real deal”… yes they are right. Keshe IS the real deal, but not in the way he pretends to be! If Lucifer dressed up as God, would you recognize him ?

Yesterday I commented on Veterans Today about the slanderous allegations Duff made against me, and he replied by using nothing but lies to defend Keshe. Such texts are probably written by Duff in collaboration with KF insiders like Brett.


Of course my comments were deleted. Welcome to the “correct ethos” of Keshe and his supporters, where truth is being suppressed and scammers always get another chance!

Here is another screenshot of a conversation between Duff and other VT readers.


And another censored comment.

censored comment of charles

One person on Youtube accused me of lying, because I didn’t remember the title of Keshe’s first book quickly enough. That book was written years ago and since then I prefer to remember more essential information rather than Keshe’s nonsense.

People who accuse us of lying about Keshe know nothing about the KF. They just read on the net and want to believe that Keshe is real. Why do some believe Keshe ? Why do some believe us ? Why don’t they just find out the truth for themselves ? We speak the truth because we know the KF. We have been close to Keshe for a long time and are therefore qualified to speak the truth. Those who criticize us for doing so either are the real paid trolls, or they have no clue what they are talking about.

As soon as someone from the KF community finds out the truth and speaks it, people immediately jump on them and accuse them of being paid agents, simply because sheeple cannot understand that there are a few among them that are able to think for themselves.


We are the weakest in the chain. Unlike VT or Keshe, we have no connections to the military or to any other organization, yet we are the ones who are regularly being attacked and slandered for no reason. This once again shows Keshe’s “correct ethos”. But the truth will win, it always does!

Now slowly some of the previously blinded followers begin to wake up, for example this person who writes on Youtube:

“Hi all. It’s our responsibility to figure out a way to stop this con for no further harm to the newcomers. It was all us together to create the monster (Keshe) from our previous support donation ignorance and kindness… those who had ever been conned or know full well about KF, please get the gut and stand up to fight this monster.”

The same person explained:

“For those who claimed to have reduction in energy from your KF units, I did some experiments at home and I have seen the reduction around 20% from the meter, so I felt very excited with results and then I was very into it. After weeks of countless testing I found I can reduce the total power by 90%, but be prudent! This doesn’t mean you have made any energy out of these so-called plasma units, as I know, Keshe said adding another unit in series would increase the potency, so I tried and found it did as Keshe said, the power reduction from 20% off dropped to 30% off, and when I increased the loads to 3 or 4 kw, then dropped to 37% off, and I also detected some heat in the plasma unit, so I started to realise that these units didn’t produce any energy, but consumed energy and transformed the energy into heat, so when I added more loads to 3 to 4 kw to the units, it means I add more resistance, then the current goes down, and the voltage goes down as well slightly, so the total power you read before the unit would accordingly go down as well, then you assume that your KF unit works, but it’s just illusion. Every layman doesn’t even have any clue what he is doing. Those who claimed to have saved 50% to 60% electric charge, you gotta check it out if you are running your appliances under a very low power.”

We now show the independent evaluation by the Free University of Brussels, in which NO EVIDENCE is given that the KF technology works.

Look at the date of the paper: 2005. So since 2005 it has been known that the “technology” is based on pseudo-science. And because Keshe wasn’t able to get official confirmation from experts, he is now trying to manipulate his followers, using power factor corrector devices and other tricks in order to “prove” himself correct. But there has been NO PROOF anywhere, just assumptions, based on faulty measurements and lack of understanding.


(This document is freely available)