“Doctor” Keshe’s illegal trials in progress

In the 109th knowledge seekers workshop, Keshe talked about the upcoming conference in Dubai.

He said “You will see the members of the council, the initial, not the totality”, so as usual, random people will be chosen just to have someone to present, but later on they will be randomly exchanged, just like everything else is constantly being changed, because people can only be kept as long as they are naive and unaware enough to stay in the KF. So far everyone who figured out how “correct” Keshe really is has left, or was kicked out, except those who are greedy enough to stay despite of the ongoing fraud. They really believe that peace can be made by using fake technology, even though it’s mainly Keshe who profits.

Sometimes Keshe talked so fast that nobody could understand him. Obviously he is trying to squeeze even more BPM in. (BPM = bullshit per minute) We use such abbreviations because the KF is after all a “scientific organization” 😉  Meanwhile Keshe’s talks don’t have much to do with science or plasma anymore, he is just increasing the BPM by the week. He asks questions and answers them himself, so nobody can disagree. Like we said before: monologues from hell. The few people who are allowed to speak are the newcomers who were just freshly brainwashed by the false Messiah, the master of blasphemy, or those who can’t break out of the insanity. Keshe even instigated blasphemy in others, by saying “Go to the church this sunday, and when the priest gives a cup of wine, add [the GANS] to the wine.”

Keshe then said “[The world leaders] are crisis makers that through the crisis they make themselves confirm their existence”, and so we ask what is then the difference between those world leaders and Keshe, who creates his own imaginary enemies to have an imaginary crisis to talk about in every workshop ? If he stands for peace and unity, why does he constantly talk about imaginary “others” who HE created himself in his imagination ? We were all one, before Keshe caused division.

He claimed that today (April 14th) is the day of fulfillment (“14.4.2016 = 9+9”) and therefore this day was promised in the holy books of the past. Then why doesn’t the Dubai conference take place today but one week later ? It just doesn’t make sense. (By the way, 15.3.2016 also results in 9+9, the same with 16.2.2016, and so on, so there is nothing special about today)

And why does Keshe want millions of interconnected plasma reactors worldwide ? What is Keshe’s hidden agenda ? One emperor of one planet, one nation, one race ?

These 2 ladies (here and here) are unbiased and much smarter than any KF follower. They show that wisdom and common sense triumph over false knowledge, and what this “One planet, one nation, one race” really means. It’s a false peace conference, planned by a false Messiah.

Keshe said “The man of wrongdoing will never enter the space”, and you can be sure that Keshe will never go to space, because neither NASA nor any other space agency will want to have a kuku attention seeker on board.

As Prof. Meyl said, Keshe doesn’t HAVE any technology, he is only playing around, after he stole a patent but couldn’t steal the technology. Keshe is a master at making every failure look like a success, and he is so good at it that his followers still think the “technology” is real. Incredible how many lies 1 person can produce in such a short time, and what amount of arrogance he must carry when he looks down on his followers and says “Be patient MY CHILD”.

The most outrageous contradiction of the day was “Those who deny this, they deny their own existence.” Usually Keshe blames everyone for CONFIRMING their existence, now they deny it ? So we all confirm and deny our existence at the same time ? Sounds like a schizophrenic who accuses everyone else to be schizophrenic. What a circus!

On a more realistic note, I gave a Dutch interview to renowned researcher and radio host Johan Oldenkamp, where I spoke about my puzzles, holons, and also about Keshe.

The translated introduction reads:

“Episode 152. The truth about M.T. Keshe.
The guest of today’s Pateo Radio was Dirk Laureyssens (1950). Dirk is a scientist, an inventor, an astrologer and mystic, living in Belgium. His most famous invention is the “Happy Cube”. His website is mu6.com (pronounced “mu-six”, so it’s a reference to “music”). Thanks to him, Mehran Keshe (1958) was able to write three books since 2009, because Dirk made all the illustrations. The patent applications of Keshe were also written by Dirk. Moreover, Dirk designed the logo of the Keshe Foundation. In an English-language video interview he explains all this, and much more. Dirk thus helped to change Keshe from a “zero” to a “hero”. In this episode of the Pateo Radio, Dirk and talk show host John Oldenkamp spoke, like others before, about the truth behind the theories, products and practices of Keshe.”

If you understand Dutch, you can listen to the interview here.

And also, ZeroFossilFuel made another news report with reference to Keshe.

Now for some of last week’s material.

In the 107th knowledge seekers workshop, Keshe said that his health applications are under registration of Naturopathica in Belgium. But Naturopathica is a non-profit organization, run by only one person, Wim van Aelst, who has no credibility to grant certificates. Keshe claimed that insurance companies recognize it, but in reality no scientific tests are done by that company. So what credibility does Keshe have left ? None. By lying again, he exposed that his health products have no real certificate, they are therefore illegal. If Keshe or Brett now claim to come up with new legal paperwork SOON, it’s just another trick. Such experiments on humans must be declared within the legal framework, these are very complicated laws and establishing such a procedure takes many years and a lot of money. So whatever they come up with “SOON” will again be illegal. In juridical terms, whatever they do is still infringing the laws of clinial trials.

See Directive 2001/20/EC on human trials, which refers to “active substances or placebos”, which also includes Keshe’s “GANS water”. It shows that the KF does criminal, illegal medical experiments.

And because the KF “health system” creates magnetic fields, it is probably also very harmful, especially the helmet, just like cellphone radiation, but much worse. Compare the KF “health” helmet with what is written in this article and watch this video, then you might come to the conclusion that the KF “health” helmet is designed to brainwash people and to disrupt the functionality of their brain.

And now it gets really bad. Keshe is now asking for 30.000 (!) people to test his products… in human trials, which are in fact ILLEGAL, as we mentioned above. But that’s not all, people even have to pay 120 Euro to be experimented with! While people who take part in LEGAL and CORRECT clinical trials get paid, Keshe’s followers have to pay HIM to become guinea pigs! But given some people’s naivity, they will gladly pay and then suffer from the same negative health effects that others experienced not long ago when they drank GANS. And when the damage is discovered, Keshe will say: “I didn’t do it, it’s YOU who did it collectively as one nation, not me.”

Keshe said he will let people sign a document to show their agreement with his experiments on them. But signing a document as a volunteer has no value. It’s still a medical experiment, ruled by laws. So Keshe cannot legally perform such human experiments, they will always be illegal, just like the ones he has done in the past. That’s why he was kicked out of Belgium. Anyone who conducts such experiments, be it Keshe or his followers, is committing a crime.

Keshe claimed “We know it’s there and it works”, but then why do 30.000 people have to do a trial to see IF it works ??

We therefore ask all our readers to inform the WHO, Interpol and other authorities of this incredible and dangerous health fraud.






All the time Keshe says “We give the technology freely to humanity”, and then… “Go to the shop on the KF website and purchase it.”  We are talking about ILLEGAL products in their web shop! And as if it couldn’t get any worse, Keshe said he will monitor all cases for 10 years, so anyone who is stupid enough to pay in order to get damaged, will then also be controlled for 10 years. We wish all of those lemmings a happy slave life!

Keshe also talked about attention seekers. Of course according to him, everyone is an attention seeker, just not himself. But who stands in the limelight in every workshop and talks like a perpetuum mobile ? Who constantly suspects attacks on his life ? And who thinks he is so important that he needs to control everyone around him ? Yes! Keshe, the king of all attention seekers!

All his workshops are just one giant scream of “I AM IMPORTANT !!!”, while you are all thieves, liars, crooks, and pedophiles. AND you were all paid to be like that. LOL!

One of Keshe’s manipulated followers posted these notes:
(Our comments are added in GREEN)

“Mr. Keshe said the Plasma Science Health Knowledge of the KF is PERFECT FOR IMMUNIZATION!!! You can feed a weaker condition of measles in a GANS condition and feed it to the sick child to allow the child to build her/his immune system.”
(All that is nonsense and dangerous. GANS will not immunize anyone. On the contrary, if you “FEED” it to a sick child, it might die. Keshe should be arrested right away when he makes such statements!)

“We need to stop the mayhem due to injections with poisonous chemicals… as they cause a LOT of problems. We can’t leave our children unprotected, so we can make GANS of the disease for the body to immunize itself.”
(Right, we can’t leave our children unprotected, that’s WHY immunization is necessary. And unlike what some conspiracy theorists have been spreading on the web, vaccines do NOT generally cause “mayhem”. Keshe does. The same way the disinfo agents and conspiracy theorists keep people in fear about their fantasy “Planet X” or their “second sun”, they also do it by scaremongering about diseases and the vaccinations that protect people from them. While we are certainly not defending large pharma companies or denying that harmful ingredients might be mixed into vaccines, we also have to look at the evidence that shows that vaccines are more helpful than harmful. That being said, not all vaccinations are necessary, but basic protection is very recommended.)

(Who is “WE” ? Illuminati ? Negative ET’s ? Lunatics ?)

“Mr. Keshe watched his own children go from perfect to having problems within one week of the injections.”
(No, they probably had problems due to the insane and violent behaviour of their father.)

“As we saw with TEPCO… we CAN give the drops at the moment when needed.”
(We have seen NOTHING with TEPCO, they aren’t even aware that Keshe is spreading such false stories about them. Show us at least one OFFICIAL representative of TEPCO who can confirm they use KF technology, not another KF controlled puppet who says what Keshe wants. In reality TEPCO uses Russian technology and is not interested in liars and internet scammers.)

“We hope the directors of pharmaceutical companies and of parliaments that approved this can sleep at night over the poisoning of children. As Humanity we made many mistakes…. we need to overlook as we have the chance to redeem this.”
(Yes, humans make mistakes. But Keshe makes a lot more than the average human. But can we even call them mistakes, when they are being made repeatedly and intentionally ? While it is not our job to judge, it is our job as humans to watch over each other and make sure that nobody gets harmed BY KESHE.)

“I address the world leaders that I know are watching these teachings: “Initiate the use of GANS for saving our children as a new method of immunization without contamination. CO2 is as natural as an apple you eat. It is a source of energy TO CHANGE THE COURSE OF MISTAKES done to Humanity.”
(Change the course of mistakes ? Replace them with a different kind of mistakes ? And no, world leaders are certainly not watching these bullshit “teachings”, they really have better things to do in the REAL world.)

“WE NEED TO DO THIS. WE DO NOT NEED PERMISSION TO SAVE OUR CHILDREN from people who hide the REAL scientific results to fill their pockets.”
(Indeed we need no permission to save or children, so we WILL save them from charlatans like Keshe who fill their pockets on the back of sick children, before he kills any of them with the GANS that already caused people to have blood in their urine. Check out the older posts on this website to see the evidence.)

“Thanks to an Italian court case where it was concluded that the evidence was clear that vaccinations cause autism.”
(False. Autism is NOT caused by vaccinations (See here, here, here and here). In fact, autism is not even a disease (See here, here, here, and here), but a different way of thinking and living, a neurological diversity, which cannot be cured. It’s like trying to cure a white, black, heterosexual, homosexual, tall, short, or whatever person. Whatever “court” thinks it can “decide” what causes autism is highly suspicious.)

(Indeed: arrest Keshe. That would be a good start to protect our children from charlatans like him, who continue to do the wrong thing at every turn.)

“These viruses are nothing compared to what we encounter in Space … and even there we have solutions.”
(No Keshe doesn’t. That’s why he keeps coming up with bullshit like the above.)

To all the KF followers: whatever damage you cause to your children by making them drink GANS in whatever shape or form, will be your responsibility only. Keshe will certainly reject any responsibility and he will say that YOU did it yourself. The fact that he instigated your actions is secondary to him. He NEVER takes any responsibility, he just counts on your naivity to do as he says. Some time ago he did the same, he told people to drink the GANS, and then they had negative health effects. Then Keshe quickly rowed back and accused OTHERS of having told people to drink GANS. If you deny your children the right to be vaccinated and feed them UNSAFE Gans instead, it is nothing short of battery and abuse.

Now, after a long series of illegal activities in several countries, Keshe doesn’t have much room left. He moves from one country to another, because police and secret services are after him wherever he goes. That’s why he said in the 107th workshop: “We’re on our way, we’ll be travelling this year, we’ll be all over the place.” And of course he makes fun of anyone who points that out. He will say he goes to every country to teach people, but that’s a lie as usual. Brainwashing attempts yes, but teaching ? Hardly. What does he have to teach, other than empty words, stolen ideas and fundamentally false claims ?

And he also once again revealed his NWO mindset when he said: “In the peace conference in Dubai we will introduce for the first time the one nation passport.” Will it carry the “Slave to the Beast” seal ? Or is it invisible (made of plasma) too ?

KF Germany wrote:

“We ordered a reactor from Keshe 5 years ago, because he said it has been developped and is available. We paid 500 Euro in advance, but never received anything, neither any product nor any status update on the delivery. Up to this day we haven’t received anything. At least he could have informed us, so this is not ok. At some point we just accepted it and said: “Ok, we let him keep the 500 Euro as a donation.” We would no longer expect to receive a reactor or any update. But even making this donation didn’t work out as it should have.”


“Even if a luxurious conference like the one in Dubai seems to match the subject of “free energy”, the high pricing only allows rich people to attend it. We had originally thought that the KF technology is for the people, for the poor, for the third world!

We are sceptical and even defiant towards any kind of “new world government”, even if it is being organized by the KF.

It does not match that Keshe on one hand wants to initiate a new world government, but on the other hand he calls himself Messiah. The Messiah we know, Jesus Christ, said: “My kingdom is not of this world!”  Do the ends (peace mission) justify the means ?”

The person who runs the Bulgarian Facebook page, who is another one of Keshe’s and Caroline’s puppet on a string, wrote:

“Keep in mind that the more enemies you see spam technology does not work, the more clearly evident that they lose and do so out of fear. I’m afraid that their knowledge remains in the background. The control will no longer be the same on the ordinary citizen. Everyone will be independent of food, energy, transport, health. Anyone who tells you that the technology does not work, ask him only one – test anything personally to make sure that does not work. The rest are empty talk not supported. Given that everything is distributed without money, you can make a prototype and tested for a day and then someone tells you that there was no sense to do because they knew the result, then these people do not want you to be strong, independent free. Everyone understands as much as he knows. Educate yourself and think outside the conventional framework. When something you do not understand technology, ask because someone else has already gone down the same road before you.”

This made us laugh. First of all, we explained many times that we are not anyone’s enemy, this is just Keshe’s spin doctoring again. HE portrays others as his enemies, especially his former supporters, so he can feel important. In fact, it was HIM who attacked his friends and former supporters, so HE is an enemy of humanity. We do have the right to defend ourselves. Secondly, it’s not us who is losing, besides we have nothing to lose, as we do not make money out of a scam. Keshe does. And third, “everything is distributed without money” ??? Pardon??? Who charges thousands of Euros for NON-EXISTENT REACTORS or for a COIL WINDING MACHINE that you can get much cheaper elsewhere ? And who charges 120 Euros to ILLEGALLY EXPERIMENT ON HUMANS ?

The truth is: the one who is full of fear is Keshe. When Dr. Eliya came back from Italy, she told me she has never seen any other person who is so afraid of dying. That’s very strange for a Mehdi! Especially one who talks big and makes threats and false accusations all the time! Or for example every time Keshe wants to use his car, he checks it first to see if anyone put any purple powder on it. Nobody else is that fearful and paranoid! He said to me: “Dirk, when you are back in Antwerp, check your car every day for purple powder!” So Keshe tries to spread his paranoia to others as well. He tells people that I am a paid agent and enemy of the KF. By doing so, he creates fear in people so he can divide and control them. Would a real Messiah use a cult tactic like that ?

Look at it this way:

If a demagogue preaches to an army of naive and mind-controlled people, and tells them: “Every man takes from the knowledge according to his own level of understanding”, then these naive people will consider themselves smart and think that anyone who doesn’t agree with them is actually dumb. This is how Keshe’s talk makes people feel good, no matter how empty his phrases are. As we explained before, when Keshe points his finger at others, he always talks about himself.

Most of Keshe’s followers were open-minded, tolerant people before they joined the KF. Now they have become puppets who see enemies everywhere. That’s exactly what cult leader Keshe wanted: paranoid clones of himself.

Keshe claims he is “preparing mankind to become ready to work as one unit, not as division.” What a hypocritical statement. Humanity IS one unit, unless Keshe and his Illuminati stooges break us up, which they constantly try through wars, political games, and by creating imaginary enemies, like Keshe has done with me and other former supporters.

Keshe’s brainwashing has been so successful that some of his current followers are totally taken over by his twisted mindset. They claim that I spread half-truths, but they fail to see that their Messiah himself spreads non-truths. Just like Keshe, they instigate “action” against those who speak the truth. Indeed stupidity, ignorance and greed have become ubiquities in the Keshe Foundation. So Keshe is actually right when he says to his followers: “You are the most stupid lot I’ve ever seen.”

Kevin Blundell, a distributor of KF products, wrote: “you are a fucking idiot. don’t contact me again you fuckng ignorant loser. People like you who believe whatever they are told are the biggest problem with the world. Grow a brain for Christs sake! Actually maybe I can take advantage of you like Sousan has. Michel, if you jump off a bridge you can fly. Trust me. No, I am just kidding. It is necessary to tell you that I am kidding because it is likely that you would actually jump off the bridge considering you swallowed Sousans crap. Don’t contact me again. What a fucking idiot! (puke)”

Is this the language of peace ? Is this the language of correctness, intelligence and knowledge ? No, this is the language of those who ignore the evidence and want to make money by selling Keshe’s fake products, while believing they are real and revolutionary. So again, when Keshe tells his followers they are greedy, he is actually right. But who encouraged them to become manufacturers and distributors ? And who benefits the most by holding 51% of the shares everywhere ? Welcome once again to the “correct ethos” of “Doctor” Keshe and his lemmings.

Just like the recent release of the “Panama Papers” was an attempt to smear president Putin, even though he has always been correct, Keshe has been trying to smear me and others who did nothing wrong. But the truth is on the side of those who are really correct, not on the side of those who only say so. And his contant pushing for the sale of his products, as if everyone’s life was depending on it, only shows that Keshe only cares about money.

It’s as if Keshe is a programmed robot who runs rampage, constantly trying to pretend to save humanity from a catastrophic event that never happened and will not happen, and making it sound as if his technology is causing all kinds of miracles, when in reality all the described effects are just natural and happen in nature all the time. The fact that copper oxide is a desinfectant and therefore benefits the growth of vegetables is not new, and the same goes for the fact that nanomaterials behave like magnets. None of that was invented by Keshe.

Piling up bullshit does not make it more credible, it only results in more bullshit. And while we are happy to see how the KF brings people together, it would be nicer if it was based on reality, not on delusion and fantasy, as those people waste their time on nothing. Anyone with minimal intelligence would notice when it’s time to stop the nonsense, but not Keshe. So it is apparent that he is being controlled and has a certain agenda he wants to enforce at all cost, even though there is no point.

A carpet seller like Keshe can make people believe in anything, even if it’s total nonsense. And this power of belief can lead to alleged healing due to the placebo effect. However, the GANS itself has shown to be harmful. It has been so bad that when people reported blood in their urine, Keshe denied ever having told them to drink GANS. Instead he blamed it on others. And now, as if he never learned from the experience, he repeats the same mistake.

Keshe is like a man who keeps running with his head against a wall, without noticing that it hurts. We are sure the wall won’t break, but how about Keshe ? He will continue on his path of self-destruction.

Because of Keshe’s many contradictions we were asked: “How can we spot when Keshe is lying ?”

Short answer: “When he moves his lips.”

(Even though every now and then Keshe, like any other NWO agent, has to mix in some truth, otherwise it would be too easy for the masses to dismiss him.)

By speaking the truth, such liars and evildoers can easily be exposed. Don’t forget, love and truth are the most powerful forces in the universe, and no ridiculous carpet seller will stand in their way. Keshe is a taker, not a giver. He delivers nothing but hot air, but steals people’s money and sanity. As Dr. Eliya pointed out on Robyn’s show, every force creates a counter-force. May God have mercy on Keshe’s soul when he faces his final judgement.

If Keshe’s claims are not true, how was the KF able to gain followers over the years ? Why was Keshe not exposed sooner ? See the answer below. It’s old and well-known.



“On October 21st we show you the flying car.”
– M.T. Keshe, summer 2015

“In the very very near future, in a matter of weeks, you have cars without engines.”
– M.T. Keshe, October 20th 2015

We, collectively as one planet, one nation, one race, are hereby asking for a live demonstration of at least the flying car in Dubai by Keshe himself, after it has been promised so many times over the past years. Mehran, SHOW IT, otherwise stop deceiving humanity. Any further attempt to delay is a confirmation of your SCAM.