Keshe: no science, but another non-event

Incredible! What many people predicted has happened. No, not the earthquake. LOL!!!

As predicted, Keshe did NOT do a live demonstration of his flying car in Dubai. In fact, KESHE WASN’T EVEN PRESENT IN DUBAI! Which confirms he has nothing to show, AND it was legally impossible for him to be there. After another HUGE ongoing announcement about the Dubai conference, Keshe was NOT in Dubai, but in Barletta, while the conference went on in Dubai without him.

So we were right when we said that Keshe cannot go back to Dubai. The police would have arrested him for fraud and blasphemy, so he had to stay away, even though he could easily impress the police during an interrogation, because he is a well-trained liar. He might also be afraid of Iranian or other agents who are fed up with his sinister deceptions and false accusations.

We heard heavy complaints from angry people because they spent a lot of money to meet Keshe in Dubai, to kiss the hand of the Mehdi and to be blessed by him, only to find out that the self-proclaimed main attraction and Messiah wasn’t there. Then there were reports of 250 attendees, but according to the photos there were only about 50, maybe 100. And speeches and big words like “creator” or “temple”. There were some familiar faces, but unfortunately no Barack Obama and no Vladimir Putin. But Keshe will probably say that other world leaders from… other worlds… were present (but not visible, because they are in advanced plasma state).

When people realized that Keshe was in Italy, he put a spin on the story by saying “If it wasn’t about the safety alerts, which the governments were concerned about our safety, we would be in Dubai.” Right. Safety concerns yes, but only his own, not those of the governments. Before that, Keshe said he isn’t in Dubai because he doesn’t need to be. A few minutes later he said he needs to go back to the Dubai conference via internet. So again, nothing but contradictions.

So why is Keshe safe in Italy ? Who protects him there ? His “correct” mafia buddies ?

Once again Keshe talked A LOT of BS to distract from the obvious: Keshe was NOT in Dubai! (did we already mention that ? LOL)

To show the level of Keshe’s delusion, we would like to remind everyone of what he predicted not long ago. Keshe basically said that an earthquake of magnitude 24+ will hit the west coast of the USA on the 21st of April or before. Just to clarify: An earthquake of such strength could wipe out half of the universe, not just a continent or a planet. This shows how much Keshe understands about science.

In the 110th knowledge seekers workshop, Keshe actually said he was correct about his earthquake prediction, even though nothing happened!

“We have been correct in every step about the earthquakes around the world.”

“Whatever we said has happened.”  <— RIDICULOUS!!!

NOTHING Keshe ever said has happened. NOTHING! Please go back to this article (German/English) which shows how many of Keshe’s promises have come true: ZERO.

But according to Keshe, the magnitude 24+ earthquake in California did happen. I guess we missed it then, along with all the thousands of millions of people he predicted would die during that tragedy. Keshe must really be living in his own parallel universe. Only a 7.8 earthquake happened in Ecuador a few days ago (which is “normal” for that area), but no 24+ in California.

In order to sound less ridiculous than usual, he then tried to downplay his false prediction by (surprise!) predicting more earthquakes at magnitude 10+, later talking about 10-12, and finally once again going fully delusional by saying “If it doesn’t happen now, if it goes into autumn, 20 is imminent.”

He throws such numbers around exactly like the “129” that was measured in Desenzano due to a defective meter. Always exaggerating, never making any sense, just trying to impress people with nonsense. Keshe is a true carpet seller.

Then followed a lot more earthquake fearmongering, which confirms what we wrote in our previous post: Keshe wants to create fear all the time, which is a typical Illuminati tactic to control people.

“Our warning goes to the American government: please be prepared for a major disaster.”

“We see Japan under the water.”

(If that happens, it’s because of global warming and melting of arctic ice, but Keshe denies that. Keshe always denies the truth, while promoting lies and conspiracy nonsense.)

Then of course SOME kind of outside confirmation HAD to come, and OF COURSE it’s fake. Some brainwashed followers posted this article as an alleged confirmation of Keshe’s claims, but ANYTHING that is written by “Sorcha Faal” (which is a fake name) is a confirmed HOAX. This has been known for years. Then all this talk about “lightworkers” and “5D” conferences which is exactly the same kind of FRAUD as Keshe, Camelot, and other “alternative” cult-minded societies.

And then Keshe added the inevitable advertisement for the KF, which is supposed to undo the effects of the possible earthquake:

“If you need help, at any time during the disaster, reach the Keshe Foundation support system, we try to make it accessible.”

But as we have heard from numerous witnesses and customers, nobody is ever reachable there! So anyone who turns to the KF in case of emergency IS LOST. The reason: the KF was never set up to help people, it was set up as a scam to fill Keshe’s pockets and to deceive people.

Here is a new video by Hopegirl in which she talks about Keshe. And here is another testimony by Hector, who is very upset about the fact that nothing in or from the KF works.

In this video, Hector rightfully calls Keshe a crook, but also falsely accuses me of having prepared the scam for Keshe, as Hector obviously doesn’t know that Keshe used me the same way he used everyone else, and back then it wasn’t clear to me that Keshe is a scammer. I believed him, so I helped him write his books, but meanwhile I distanced myself from Keshe and regret having helped him.

The biggest mistake Keshe’s followers (especially the newcomers) make is that they think the whole Keshe thing is something big, something that is new and being done for the first time in history, something that will bring a positive change for humanity, but they only think so because Keshe has been repeating this mantra over and over again in his workshops.

In reality Keshe is just a nobody with little understanding of technology, a scammer on the level of a little kid who inflated a balloon, a giant lie, based on absolutely NOTHING. He is the Baron Munchhausen of free energy, a creator of giant false stories. While Munchhausen claimed to be able to fly to the moon on a cannonball, Keshe claims to be able to fly to Mars in a non-material spaceship THIS YEAR. We hope he will take Gordon Duff, Kerry Cassidy and her whole Camelot/Ufology cult, and all his followers with him, so they can’t do any more damage to people on this planet.

Keshe is the perfect example of how people can so easily be mislead and deceived, by simply telling them what they want to hear. But it would save them a lot of time, if they used this tool instead: The New Age Bullshit Generator. It gives them the same kind of “teachings” in much shorter time. Here they explain how such empty words make cult followers fall for nonsense. (also see here and here)

Such KF cult followers are “alternative” or “esoteric” people, some of whom consider themselves to be archangels or 21st century superhumans, conspiracy theorists, and hurt, unhealed, traumatized people who are looking for a strong leader… and Keshe takes advantage of that. But where and when has that happened before ? And how did it end ? People who run after someone who gives them false hope will always be hurt more in the end.

Everyone gets hurt at some point, some more, some less, but we always have a choice about what we want to do with such experiences. We can break the circle of violence and decide to REALLY help others, or we can decide to become ruthless egomaniacs who are only out to hurt and deceive people, to get some revenge or satisfaction… such people like Keshe who not only take as much as they can without ever really helping anyone, but also blame others for their own actions while portraying themselves as good people or even saviours… in order to keep their disguise intact.

Please everyone, take this advise from us. We are not here to take your dreams away, but Keshe really has nothing to offer. If you look for energy, healing, radiation cleanup, world peace, whatever… look elsewhere, because you certainly won’t find it in the Keshe Foundation (or in any other cult). It’s one huge scam, and we should know, as we supported Keshe ourselves, only to find out later that he lies whenever he opens his mouth.

Yes, some of us “Keshe Victims” supported Keshe too, and we apologize to all of you. Keshe fooled us, that’s what he does best. But we stopped supporting him as soon as it became clear he was running a scam. Others are still supporting him though, and we wonder what in the world could cause them to do so. Payment ? Bribe ? Do they not see what is going on ? Or have they lost their mind, due to Keshe’s constant brainwashing ? They don’t seem to be able to step back for a moment to realize: “Wait a minute, what am I actually doing here ? Has Keshe delivered anything he promised ? Why am I following him at all ? All his hate speech, empty promises and big words about everything, but no result for 10 years ? Am I supposed to support this person ?”

The essential thing that people haven’t understood yet:

Keshe talks random BS. Whatever he says, there is no reason, no logic and no science behind it. It literally is just BS. Eventually he picks up some stuff here and there, twists it around, and then spews it out again. And yes he is good at it. But he has no theory, only very little knowledge, and no good intentions. He is like a perpetual scam robot, just like his wife Caroline is like a perpetual spam robot, spreading all this BS on Facebook. That’s why we call them SR2 (scam robot + spam robot), also known as the Deceiving Duo, or the Bonnie & Clyde of free energy. Keshe uses any information he can find for his own benefit, that’s how he works. Stealing, copying, making up stories, and playing important.

Someone wrote: “The facts that some accuse Keshe of fraud AND that Keshe is not arrested, tried, convicted & sentenced to prison are also some ‘evidence’ that Keshe physics *IS* real and that Keshe tech really works.”

False. It is evidence that Keshe is a lot more skilled at lying, deceiving and escaping than anyone thinks, and it is also evidence that he must have major support from the bad guys in the background. Keshe has no technology, he only stole a patent, and built a huge web of lies around it.

So many people around the world have been mislead into thinking that they are working with a new technology, when in reality they only create oxide. And now that this scam has been exposed, Keshe switches to IMAGINARY, INVISIBLE technology (liquid plasma, vapor plasma, field plasma), so people don’t even SEE what they are experimenting with. And still some are so naive that they don’t realize they are being fooled on a major scale.

The problem is that scamming is the only way for Keshe to make money, as he has no real knowledge of anything, so scamming is his way of survival. That’s the only REAL reason for him being so persisant.

More hypocracy about earthquakes on KF Italy Facebook:

“It is not to scare anyone, just to analyze.
You are free to make your choice of what to do next.
If you are not in affected areas.
Then the only purpose is to inform others that are located in affected areas and if possible offer them any kind of help if you are able to offer.
Let your heart speak when needed.
Take a stock of health gans pens and anything that can help someone if necessary.
Teach them so they can look after themselves.
The only reason the teachings of Dr. MT Keshe was to explain and to know where and what to expect from our planet.
MT Keshe never said anything that has to do with the solar flares.
They are the two plates that separate this is what is going to happen, and when the tear comes it will be very strong. This could happen 21/4 hours before or immediately after.
Or we will have a little more time up to October this year, when the temperature and the seasons change again.
This will push the two tectonic plates to move in complete separation.
More pressure is generated by the volcano erupting more the pressure increases and not the opposite, then you will have more pressure between tectonic plates.
Best regards Carolina De Roose”

So AGAIN Keshe advertises his “health pens”, as if they could protect anyone from the dangers of earthquakes. This clearly shows that Keshe only cares about money.

But let’s look at these health pens a little bit closer. The technology inside is not Keshe’s. It is based on someone else’s nano-coated needle concept.

Last year Keshe attacked the original researcher and explained that the nano-coating transports the plasma so deep into the body that it is dangerous for people’s health. He spoke about how the needles pinch nerves and cause cancer, and how plasma fields which pass through nano-coated material (especially metal) are harmful because they are focused and therefore much stronger.

Here are Keshe’s own words (taken from an older transcript):

“Yesterday, in the recording what came, we asked when we announced that when you mix ganses with amino acids it can create new germs, new viruses, because of the combination of fields. And I warn you categorically, anyone who uses, or contemplates to use, to develop, to manufacture needles as part of the structure of acupuncture, you are playing with people’s lives and Keshe Foundation stays totally independent from this find.

We taught the technology, if anyone develops with categorically. Because I can explain how you create diseases in people, you don’t understand, and people look for their own private… what you call it profit pocket, you are responsible for people’s lives, especially if you are in the medical field and you do it with the warning I give. So, if any new diseases or deaths caused it stands responsible by you and not by the Foundation.

We are very categoric about this, because we know that there are people around the Foundation who are developing, or trying in China, especially Dr. Eliya Kostova, to develop needles in acupuncture. I warn her, she has nothing to do with the Foundation, she is categorically beyond the limits we have warned. That if such a step was taken, I hope I am wrong, but it is for people to understand and authorities to understand, we separate these kind of actions from the Keshe Foundation.

These kind of needles, nanocoated in any shape or form, delivers energies on the layer which the body has no immunity for. A skin cancer and different kind of cancers are inevitable. We warn and anything to intrude, and I give this categoric warning to Dr. Kostova: It is beyond the limitations of the medicine while you are warned to practice and develop such a technology. And it has nothing to do with the work of the Keshe Foundation, and this can create huge damages to people who use it, long term and short term. Time will tell, and we stay independent from this.”

And now Keshe sells these “health pens” which are a combination of exactly the same nano-coated needle concept and GANS, meaning they combine the (according to Keshe) harmful, almost LETHAL effect of the needles, which he wants nothing to do with, with the equally harmful GANS, which leads to internal bleeding (according to proof provided by hardcore KF follower Mark House and others).

After Keshe gave all these warnings about this needle/pen technology, he now sells it himself!!! So we ask ourselves: what is the actual purpose of these “health pens” which (according to Keshe’s own explanation) cause cancer and are as harmful as the mercury in vaccines ? IS IT TO INTENTIONALLY KILL PEOPLE ??? Actually we wouldn’t even have to ask, the answer is clear.

While the original researcher of the needle concept never manufactured or sold the needles, Keshe does sell these pens behind the back of the researcher, based on the idea he stole in the first place. And yet he falsely accused the original researcher of patenting and selling the needles.

In the same workshop Keshe also said: “Nobody in their right mind should touch the nanomaterial”… and now he sells it ILLEGALLY as a HARMFUL SUPPLEMENT… for CONSUMPTION!!!

You see how Keshe twists things around to fit his needs and to fill his own pocket ? At the same time he causes damage to innocent people and to scientists who make real discoveries. He accuses them of what he does himself. Same old story over and over again. THAT’S HOW KESHE WORKS.

Again we ask Keshe’s followers: is THIS what you want to support ? Constant betrayal, lies, and crooked ethics ? If this is what you want to do, how can you believe that the KF will make peace or bring ANY change when the alleged bringer of the change is more corrupted than the current elite ?

Someone from Switzerland performed in-depth tests of all things Keshe. The original PDF can be found here.

Here is the English translation:


Dr. Keshe – Genius or Failure ?

Greetings to you, dear visitors and fellow researchers.

One thing right away: If I have to believe in something in order for it to work, then it doesn’t really work.

Because then the belief worked, but not the experiment. This is the mindset we use to do our research. Even though belief can move mountains. Many tried, but in the end there has always been disappointment.

We run a well-equipped research laboratory and would like to know if the claims of the Keshe Foundation can be verified. We use neither negative nor positive prejudice, we build, we test, we measure, we try, we make experiments, and then we publish our results based on facts. (…)

In Mr. Keshe’s quantum physics based world there are some remarkable views. Should they be proven correct, it would lead to a huge worldwide change. Let’s take a close look, when something like this, which seems to be too good to be true, catches our attention. Even if it would be easy to just believe, it is still better to KNOW for sure. It is our responsibility to find out for ourselves.

Addendum – a few months later (March 10, 2016):

I am sorry to inform you that none of our experiments were fully able to confirm Mr. Keshe’s statements. We are afraid that Mr. Keshe is wrong in all his essential claims. Our experiments were detailed and even incorporated Mr. Keshe’s unusual views of science. Another group of scientists we are in touch with came to the same conclusions.

The effect of the Healing Pads was never more than just a placebo effect. (We produced them, passed them on to others, and tested if, with whom, and how they work)

Magnetic fields of static magnets, under certain circumstances, always had a slightly pain-reducing effect, but for that it doesn’t require the new world view of Mr. Keshe. (referring to the magnetic pads we purchased from Mr. Keshe) This effect is simply the result of electrically charged particles and inflamed tissue being influenced by magnetism.

The Magrav units we replicated also didn’t work.  (It has long been known that oxidated copper, under influence of light, delivers small voltages. It has also been known that copper, which has been treated with caustic, does that same, because the caustic dissolves the copper)

Part of Mr. Keshe’s world view seems to be similar to old alchemy, except that his idea of plasma is new. The GaNS substances are similar to monatomic subtances (Ormus, M-State, etc.) The substances of Mr. Keshe showed no positive effect whatsoever, the same goes for our free energy experiments.

Too bad, it would have been great and we would have been happy if it had worked. It’s a pity. We keep watching the scene, and are interested in what Mr. Keshe has to say about the current situation.

With best regards, Beatus Gubler and fellow researchers, Basel (Switzerland).

Projekte Streetwork Basel


(We know what Keshe would say: “You’re too stupid, you don’t understand, you’re not mature enough”)

(Some humour…)

YAY!!! We are starting our first poll! 2 questions!

First question: Is Keshe the biggest crook in the universe ?

Second question: Keshe once said he copyrighted his name. So in case we are no longer allowed to call him by his name, which name should we use instead ?

1. The Liar King (Disney edition)
2. Tehran Apocalypse Ca$hee (Iranian Stallion edition)
3. Scam Robot (Futurama edition)
4. Empty Ca$h (Clear Viewpoints edition)
5. M.T. Boxes (Surprise Inside! edition)
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