Keshe’s 750.000 Euro Lie: Coma Solution

Keshe claims to be able to awaken people from coma. This is still being offered in the health section of the Keshe Foundation website for 750.000 Euros (!)

Keshe also claims that he has awakened a young Belgian woman from coma. We will call her Anna (a pseudonym). But what is the reality? That young woman, Anna, is now still in a coma, 6 years after her alleged miraculous healing by Keshe! In 2010, I witnessed this Keshe coma plasma treatment myself.

Caroline had read in the newspaper about a car accident, after which a young woman, Anna, was in coma, so Caroline rushed to get in touch with the parents of the coma patient to promote a plasma reactor treatment by Keshe. This would awaken Anna soon, Caroline told them.

Keshe asked me to attend the first meeting with Anna’s parents at the hospital in Waregem, because the parents barely spoke any English. A first meeting with Anna was arranged in the presence of her parents. A specialist at the hospital explained that Anna was in coma stage Glasgow 4 (a vegetative state) and that recovery was almost impossible. The specialist also refused to speak with Keshe. He said Keshe must be a charlatan if he makes such outrageous claims. Subsequently, a conversation was held at the cafeteria of the hospital between Keshe and Anna’s parents, in which I was present. Keshe assured the parents that because of his plasma technology, Anna would awaken soon. Keshe let the parents sign a contract as trial volunteers, but promised that the treatment would be completely free of charge, since he had never had treated a coma patient before.

After two weeks, Anna was taken to her own home for further home care. Her bed was placed in the living room. Meanwhile, Keshe had built three prototype reactors which were supposed to cause the “awakening”. There was a helmet and two reactors with a tube, through which liquid food was ran, processed with plasma. Keshe asked me to make some brief video recordings because he was already expecting spectacular results on the first day. When I arrived, there was already a number of people present: Keshe, the parents of Anna, a local MD, a physiotherapist, an interested vet and his daughter, and some relatives of Anna. None of the people present had any idea what was going to happen. Anna was laying on her bed with a kind of distorted face, covered by a blanket. Occasionally, her face showed convulsions of pain; her hands and feet were contracted. Keshe installed his reactors alongside Anna.

Keshe began his treatment by squeezing Anna’s arms, legs, buttocks, and jaws. Anna sighed, her face sometimes wincing in pain. But Keshe said this way he can advance the circulation of the plasma.

Meanwhile, I made videos during the various steps. However, I thought to myself that the whole thing looked more like a sadistic show, which Keshe clearly enjoyed. I decided not to come back after the first day, I was shocked by what Keshe had done. So the second day I refused to join, as I did not want to see the same torture again.

Afterwards, Keshe gave me from time to time some (false) information about Anna’s progress. According to him, everything went well, and there was progress with the awakening. He said that Anna was examined by a coma specialist from Liège University. However, I had gotten no further information from Anna’s parents so I couldn’t confirm Keshe’s info. But I was pretty sure that Anna had not come out of her coma.

When I later heard that Keshe claimed in public that he can cure coma patients and that he put this info on promotional videos and on his website, I became very angry, because I knew it was a manifest lie. Furthermore, Keshe asked for 750.000 Euros (!) for a treatment that he had never been able to provide successfully. What a terrible scam! Keshe’s profit-oriented mind was trying to take advantage of the desperate physical condition of defenseless people!

Meanwhile, Caroline tried to find other, more prominent coma patients like Prince Friso of the Netherlands or Prime Minister Sharon of Israel.

And now, in April 2016, I came by coincidence in contact with Anna’s mother again. Among other things, she told me the following:

1) Anna is still in coma in 2016.

2) Keshe put pressure on her to sign a written statement that Anna had been awakened by Keshe’s treatment. The mother refused to sign, and so Keshe became very angry at her.

3) During the coma treatment, Anna’s mother was not allowed to be present, while Keshe spent hours ALONE with Anna in her room. Her mother did not understand why she was only allowed to come back in the evenings. I ask myself: what did Keshe do during all those hours alone with Anna ? What was her mother not allowed to see ?

4) Keshe put Anna’s life in danger. He gave her baby food with pieces of vegetables in it, but coma patients are only allowed to receive liquid food. Some pieces of vegetables got into Anna’s lungs. That caused a lung infection, so Anna urgently had to be taken to the hospital, otherwise she would have died.

How do you feel about Keshe now, after reading all this ?
Does Keshe still sound like someone who wants to help humanity ?

This key report shows:

1) Keshe lies in public all the time

2) Keshe claims to have a solution for all kinds of diseases

3) Keshe in reality has no medical knowledge and no solution

4) Keshe has no ethics

5) Keshe uses force to get what he wants

6) Keshe abuses the internet for fraud

7) Keshe makes money on the back of people’s personal tragedies

8) Keshe gives false hope to sick individuals and their families

9) Keshe gives false hope of peace to good people

10) Keshe manipulates people’s minds to distort reality

11) Keshe uses the principle: the bigger the lie, the more people will believe it

12) Keshe uses naive followers to do his medical experiments

13) Keshe needs to keep his scam going since he knows no honest way to have an income

Here is Keshe’s OUTRAGEOUS scam price list