Keshe denies all responsibility

In the 112th knowledge seekers workshop, KF followers from Norway showed their “health system” and admitted that using it feels strange.


Exposing themselves to magnetic fields like that is nothing short of crazy, but if any damage occurs, Keshe will reject any responsibility, as usual. The same goes for the illegal and unsafe GANS products which people can now buy (!) from the KF shop.

Just look at the “disclaimer” on the GANS product pages.

We marked all the “red flags”, and you can see there are many of them. The repeated use of double negations is overwhelming and shows that this text has been designed to confuse and mislead customers.

Basically Keshe is admitting that he has no expertise in anything, that he is lying right in your face, and that his products can cause health problems, but he claims that he is under no circumstances responsible for anything!!! Yet he wants to gather personal information from you, asks for 120 Euro, and then you have to wait for 90 days to (maybe!) receive the products that might damage your health!

Furthermore he defines “Keshe” as a reference to himself AND to his representatives, which means that when the authorities find out that Keshe committed several crimes, not only himself, but also his supporters will be held responsible. Well done!

If Keshe really believes that such a crazy disclaimer will protect him from legal persecution, then he must indeed be living in a parallel reality. Not responsible ??? What a joke!


If you carefully read through this disclaimer and summarize it, you can see that Keshe is basically saying:
“I don’t know what I’m doing, I’m constantly lying but under no circumstances responsible for it, yet I need your personal data and your money before I can kill you with my products. I do this for the benefit of humanity.”

Population reduction anyone ? UNBELIEVABLE!

Does ANYONE really consider buying ANYTHING from the Keshe Foundation, after reading this disclaimer ? It would be more appropriate to report the Keshe Foundation to the authorities for scamming, deceiving and putting people’s lives at risk, because now you can see that not Keshe’s “enemies”, but Keshe himself and his supporters are the ones who work AGAINST humanity!

Sousan Alexander and Robyn McClendon also made a new video about this topic.

Keshe was also once again mentioned on Alternative Energy News, and Hopegirl also gave a new interview in which she didn’t talk about Keshe, but she exposed another cult, the Swissindo “free money” cult, which operates in a similar way by deceiving people, making false promises, pretending to receive messages from God… the same old cult techniques as usual. The difference is that they don’t promise free energy, but free money, which of course never arrives. Swissindo, just like Nesara, Project Camelot, the Keshe Foundation, and many others, is just another destructive mind control cult that aims to get as many followers as possible, in order to make their leader rich. Funny though that cult leader Keshe and his wife Caroline fell for the Swissindo cult as well, because they wanted money. LOL! But this money, just like Keshe’s free energy, doesn’t exist.

Johan Oldenkamp has compiled an accurate list of disinformers here. No surprise that many of these names also show up on Project Camelot. But this list is far from complete. More people should be added, for example our old friend Gordon Duff…

So we now have Mehdis, Messiahs, Maitreyas, 21st century superhumans, archangels and probably other strange creatures in the Keshe Foundation and in other cults. It’s like a freak show of “ascended masters” wannabe’s, where one ego is bigger than another. A REAL Messiah would pray in the dirt, not drive around in a big Mercedes and call other people pedophiles after he abused them.

Can’t anybody be humble anymore ? What is wrong with humanity ?



Here you can see that Keshe sends fake invoices even to people who never ordered anything. Then he says they didn’t pay. What a crook.