The new old scam

Keshe’s latest money scam has now been announced. While he previously reduced the price for students to 1000 Euros per year, he is now back to 10.000 Euros for only 3 months of “Spaceship teachings”, starting in October! He tried the same scam a few years ago in Ninove, but of course nobody was really interested. Indeed Keshe was already pre-selling tickets to the moon in 2009 for 50.000 Euros each planning on a 2016 trip. Then he charged 20.000 Euros from each student in Desenzano. Now Keshe already announced in the 112th workshop that students who are stupid enough to pay, will be held in total isolation during these 3 months! This way, Keshe’s brainwashing sessions will be a lot more successful and the formerly hopeful students can then quickly graduate with a masters degree in imaginary space technology from zombie university!



The KF also still keeps using 2 different logos: the first KF logo I made (the horn of plenty), and the new KFSSI logo. So they have no corporate identity, it’s just chaos as usual, and by still using my logo, even though I withdrew my permission, Keshe and his followers show their schizophrenia and continue to break the law. They keep getting themselves into more and more trouble, while being convinced that they are on the right track.

Furthermore, the Oasis system that Keshe now talks about again, was also my idea. And the original spaceship design was also made by me and drawn by my daughter. So Keshe uses all the things I made, but only gives credit to himself, while accusing me of all kinds of things. It’s hard to understand how anyone would enjoy creating such a negative track record for himself, while falsely presenting himself as a saviour.

In the 113th knowledge seekers workshop, Keshe encouraged doctors to use his “health systems”. God forbid! Keshe openly admits that cellphone radiation can cause cancer, but he would never admit that the magnetic fields of his “health” devices can do the same. Another hypocritical stunt!

And then there was also some talk about a time machine! God help us! A time machine in the hands of these kukus ? Then the end is indeed near. But how will Keshe be able to build a time machine, when he can’t even deliver an empty blue box ?


Latest fun fact: the mandatory donation of 300 Euros will finally be withdrawn (if that is true at all). Does that mean that law enforcement finally caught up with Keshe ? Did they make clear to him that he can’t just charge money for nothing ?

And finally! Armen showed M.T. balls filled with M.T. space! Live on screen! LOL

This is what the Negatives (Illuminati, Project Camelot, Keshe, and other disinfo agents) constantly talk about, because it’s what they want to happen to the world. This is what Keshe keeps talking about when he says you need to build systems to help with the coming disaster. Right. If you watch this movie, you will see that no ridiculous pain pen can cure THAT. LOL!

However, the “2012” period is over so any such fearmongering is pointless. No such catastrophic event will happen, and therefore nobody needs to leave the Earth. And because we say so, Keshe calls us paid government agents, when it is perfectly clear who the paid agent is. Who organizes luxurious meetings at expensive hotels in Dubai or Rome ?

Phony references to the bible (such as “day of fulfillment” or “12” core team members or “144” universal council members) are just another perfect example of Keshe’s ridiculous religious zealotry and blasphemy. He just wants to feel important. Yes, earthquakes will happen, they always did. But Keshe likes to make Ca$h out of all the things that are normal, by presenting them as if he had just discovered something new.

Keshe’s biggest fallacy: “You have no choice”. False! We ALWAYS have a choice. It’s called free will. But Keshe wants to make everyone believe that they are powerless, so he can dictate his will onto people. Keshe is using Luciferian tricks to always make you believe the opposite of what is true. He is trying to make you deny God and all religions, so he can replace God himself. Well at least in his mind it seems to work.

It’s so ridiculous of Keshe to call some people “enemies” when in fact more and more former KF followers are among those “enemies”. So Keshe first calls these people “Keshe Foundation” and now he calls them “enemies of the Keshe Foundation”. Does that mean that these people are their own enemies ? And Keshe is of course the only victim, the guy who has never done anything wrong at all, but everyone else is a criminal. And all those who speak the truth are immediately confronted with the same brainwashed accusation: “How much did they pay you for spreading such lies ?”

In the 14th international workshop Keshe once again fantasized about people from Belgium and Germany who threaten the KF, when in reality only Keshe sounds threatening all the time, when he exclaims “Now we respond”. Repeating this nonsense over and over again doesn’t make it the truth, but to newcomers it might be entertaining for a while, until they finally find out the truth about the KF. The pattern is clear: everytime someone reveals part of the truth about Keshe, he feels threatened, and then he says people make threats against teachers of the KF. How ridiculous.

This has become the main problem of all KF followers: they ignore the truth that could set them free, but they believe Keshe’s lies, because they have become victims of Keshe’s thought reform, an important ingredient in every cult formation.


Summary of Keshe’s teachings: There is constant emergency everywhere, the world is bad and full of dangers, and the KF has all the solutions. Go to the KF website and BUY the solution, whatever it is called this time!

Everyone can see that Keshe and his followers have lost touch with reality. Apparently Keshe suffers from a condition called Fairly Unbalanced Compulsory Kuku Disorder (FUCKD).

We have a saying: “Keshe can say whatever he likes, it is of no importance.” Furthermore, it is never true anyway.


All that Empty Keshe can really sell is Empty Boxes.


WAKE UP EVERYONE!!! Keshe has already been debunked so many times by so many people! He has nothing to show! Just check out all our links and video links to see!

Message to Keshe:


Your lies are exposed
And so are you.

And finally…

We would like to make this very clear:

Like any positively-oriented individual or group, we want to see world peace happen, despite of the ongoing back and forth between Keshe and his victims, which might give the impression that we like conflicts; we do not. But apparently Keshe does.

It is of course the desire of almost everyone on this planet to see world peace happen.

But after being attacked so many times by Keshe for no reason, we will not keep quiet and accept Keshe’s constant slander and defamation, when in fact it’s him who did all the things he accuses us of.

Keshe’s phony monologues and empty promises just don’t blend in well with the idea of world peace. Warmongers are rarely peacemakers. Warmongers must be opposed by peacemakers, because if nobody cares, the warmongers will win.

Keshe lied too many times, attacked and slandered too many times, cheated on too many people, and stole too much from others to be credible. Ridiculous groups like the KF can therefore not be taken seriously.

We believe in a true and just peace, which cannot and will not be achieved by a bunch of brainwashed amateurs like the KF.

And those who call us enemies are paranoid kukus who create enemies themselves, so they have someone to play their mind games with.

Should world peace be reached in our lifetime, you can be sure that Keshe has nothing to do with it, even though he might take credit again for something which he was not involved in, the same way he did with Fukushima, the American drone, and other things. In this case we will know the truth, while KF followers might continue to believe in an illusion.

Peace everyone!