Insanity or “what we call” KF knowledge

Just when we thought Keshe’s delusion can’t get any worse, Keshe came up with yet another giant NLP session.

In the 15th international workshop Keshe lied again. He said the “red circle” encouraged people to attack. First of all, we clarified that there is no red circle, and secondly we encouraged nobody to attack. Keshe just shows his paranoia again. The only one who attacks in almost every workshop in one way or another is Keshe himself, as he has shown once again in this workshop. Whatever anyone says or does in response to Keshe’s attacks is just that: a response to Keshe’s attacks. So Mehran, stop complaining. You decided to start this public war: you accept our public response.



“The people who oppose us in Belgium and in Germany are the people who are paid to do. Because this is the scale of change. These are servants to terrorists of economy, as I call it. (…) So they pay these people, who go as trolls on the internet. (…) And then they pay people like red circle with heavy money, half a million house to kill us. (…) Now you know who’s the terrorist and who’s wrong and everything is wrong with Keshe Foundation and we are this and that. Half a million house was good enough to kill a scientist. Because it saves billions. For those who want to live and abuse, whatever they abuse.”

And someone who repeatedly slanders people like that calls himself a “problem-solving organization” ??? In reality Keshe causes more problems for himself than he will ever be able to handle, all because of his own ego and greed.

Keshe also said “Now you see how the Keshe Foundation is HITTING the abusers.” But the truth is that the Keshe Foundation is abusing those who never hit! And BECAUSE he abuses them, they start opposing him. That is the truth behind this delusional “red circle” story.

Keshe is such a sneaky manipulator. “The people who oppose us” are the ones who were harmed by Keshe, otherwise they wouldn’t oppose him. But that “opposition” is only made of truth. If Keshe feels threatened by people who speak the truth, what does it say about him ? Once again there was no logic and no reason in this workshop. Unbelievable how one man can produce so much BS in such short time. It seems the BROWN CIRCLE in Barletta is getting more and more demented.

“Where there is a war, there is a desire for peace.”

That’s why Keshe and the elite cause these wars, so they can introduce their “solution” ! Which is a takeover of the whole society, under the false pretense of offering something new and better than what we had, when in reality it’s something much worse than what we had! Yet the sheeple follow, as usual.

It’s getting old Mehran, nobody in their right mind believes you or your two-faced friends anymore. You have been exposed, why carry on with your lies ?

Here are more “highlights” of this insane “workshop”:

“It’s very much on the ethos of the Keshe Foundation: we don’t fight.”

LOL!!!!!! So if the KF doesn’t fight, then why does Keshe accuse me of being “paid” over and over again ? Is this not fighting ? It’s a verbal attack. And so he keeps the war going, so he can claim to have a solution for it: fake peace. (which he himself will never accept because he enjoys his attacks too much!)

And after MONTHS of “teachings” about coils, after WEEKS of trying to clarify whether they have to be wound clockwise or counter-clockwise, after promoting a coil winding machine for thousands of Euros, Keshe suddenly asked: “Do we need these coils ?”

“There are those of you who make complicated coils.”

Well WHO told them to do so ??? Of course Keshe did!

“I do not agree with making it complicated TO DAMAGE. IT’S US WHO MADE IT COMPLICATED, because WE didn’t understand the original.

LOL!!!!!!!!! Notice how he always says “us” but really means “I”. He does that so if something goes wrong, he can say it was “us” who did it, or “now it’s for YOU to do”, so nobody thinks Keshe is responsible.

Who profitted from the whole coil nonsense ??? KESHE! And now he tells his followers that all their work was basically a waste of time ? AND THEY STILL LISTEN TO THIS BS ???

“Obesity will become a thing of the past”, said the wise Iranian carpet seller with the big belly.

“In the next few weeks we bring the pressure to such a level, that noone needs to fight.” Notice the contradiction: “pressure” – “no fight”.

At least 5 times Keshe asked Rick to show a certain picture, and when Rick finally found the picture after searching for 2 hours, Keshe let him show it only for a few seconds and then said to him: “Can you take this off please ?”

We have to hold ourselves back in order not to use very negative words for Keshe here, but… it would have been appropriate for Rick to tell Keshe something very harsh in this situation.

“The EU and the USA does not want to see this technology.”

Then why still go on ? Admit it, nobody is interested in non-working fantasy KF crap.

“From now on the only people who can fail is us and noone else.”

LOL! Of course, because there is nobody else than us.

“Why don’t we throw the ganses of co2 and others into the oceans ? The animals will benefit from it.”

So after making humans bleed by asking them to drink Gans, Keshe is now instigating the killing of animals in the water!!! Please someone stop this man, he’s a danger to all living beings on this planet!

“Please, those of you who start testing for flight, remember: Inform the airport authorities near you.”

This is what will happen: one brainwashed KF follower standing on the runway with a plastic box filled with caustic and some rusty coils, calling the airport: “I’m ready for takeoff! Get out of my way!”  LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So we see, the only thing that Keshe does well is to TALK. And he makes a lot of money by talking, even if his talks are pure BS. Then he says “We are not talkers, we are doers”, even though nothing has ever been shown working.

The KF is a cult with only one purpose: to make Keshe rich and to make as many people as possible believe in a false hope, a false truth and a false light. This is called Luciferianism.

For those who have been manipulated too much to see the big picture, here is an excellent summary. Read it and then tell us if this really is your glorious vision of the future of humanity.


We also have to ask ourselves why Keshe is always sick, just like many people around him, when he claims to be able to cure anything ? In so many workshops he had a cold, why ? If he can’t even cure a common cold, how will he be able to cure cancer and other diseases ? There simply is no truth to his claims.

And why do KF followers build devices that could set their house on fire anytime ? And why, if that device is already sparkling, don’t they turn it off ??? Because Keshe killed their common sense. Instead of doing the only logical thing, they start TALKING to the device! Keshe really makes people go insane!

Recently, Veterans Today published another article on Keshe. Ridiculous how they compare great scientists with Keshe, and even claim that Keshe was trained in Oxford. LOL! With this article, VT has proven once again that they only make up random nonsense. Please Gordon Duff, show us proof of Keshe’s graduation from Oxford! But not a fake one!

Not long ago Keshe was an engineer from Queen Mary College, now he is a professor and doctor from Oxford. Very interesting. Obviously he studied at Oxford while teaching in Barletta, and nobody noticed!

Gordon Duff, just making claims without proving anything is exactly what YOU call “repeating a mantra over and over again”. Presenting non-proven concepts as facts is one of the methods that YOU, Gordon Duff, accuse NWO agents of using. So how much more apparent can it be that you and Keshe are two of them yourselves ?

Why don’t you rename your website to “Keshe Today” ? And write articles like “Keshe, Keshe, Keshe and the key to Keshe ?” Maybe rename yourself to Gordon Keshe, and the CIA to KIA, Keshe In Action ? Once you figure out that Keshe has conned you too, it will be too late, and he will tell you: “Keshe me if you can!”

Congratulations Keshe and followers, your nonsense has now been “confirmed” several times by a disinfo website, what does that say about you ?

It’s also incredible that Keshe’s followers call him “doctor” or “professor”, when in fact he has no such title.


Wrong Mark, it IS a lie!

Keshe was given the *honorary* title “professor” at LUM university in 2014, not because he earned himself this title, but because it is a pre-requisite at LUM to have that title in order to be allowed to teach. He even explained this in several workshops, so we are not making this up. But since Keshe attacked LUM soon after he received this title, he shouldn’t be allowed to carry it anymore. He has done nothing to deserve it. And Keshe certainly is NO doctor either, neither does he have that title, nor does he have the medical knowledge. His amount of medical knowledge can be seen here. But that’s one of the many things that most KF followers don’t know, because they just recently joined.

Mark House, are you willing to check the hard facts ? Or are you fully brainwashed and ignorant to the core ? Oh wait, YOU were the one who drank GANS and then had blood in his urine, yet you still defend Keshe. That says it all! You ARE spreading and supporting lies, but like all KF followers, you think you are right. So Mark, how much do you get paid for spreading disinformation, instead of reporting the negative effect of Keshe’s “GANS” to the doctors ?

You disqualify yourself with your own arguments. When someone provides facts and speaks the truth, you call it “trolling”. INCREDIBLE!


And you mention “empirical evidence”, but are only able to show schematics which prove NOTHING ? And then you point your finger at sober-minded people, and accuse them of what YOU are doing, exactly like Keshe! So this shows that KF followers have become as schizophrenic as their false Messiah.


Why all these followers glorify Keshe and raise him to something he is not, is hard to understand. They think everyone else should be open-minded, when they themselves are ignorant beyond belief.


Indeed their ignorance and support is playing into Keshe’s hands. His followers are therefore responsible for the damage he causes.


Unlike Keshe, we and others have provided proof of what we said, it is therefore in the open and can be seen and read. Keshe has never proven anything, his followers are nothing but BELIEVERS. How naive must people be ?

What nobody seems to realize is that both sides (Keshe’s current followers and Keshe’s former followers/victims) have a similar attitude. Both think that “silence is acceptance” so they must speak out, and both accuse each other of drinking “cool aid”. So what will this situation lead to, if there are more followers and more opposers, and none of them give in ? It will lead to WAR. Which contradicts the phony “ethos of the KF”, which supposedly is about peace. Even if it’s just a war of words, it is still a war, which didn’t exist before Keshe appeared and instigated this illusion of free energy and rebellion against real science without having anything to show. But there you can see that the whole peace plan is fake, as it is obvious that Keshe’s plan was to start a war in the first place, by attacking his friends and supporters, only to create artificial “enemies”.

However, we would like to state again that we have been telling the truth, and we provided proof. It is all over this website. KF experimenters who argue that they have shown proof of working devices don’t know what they are doing. Look at what real experts like ZeroFossilFuel have said about them. If you measure losses but call them gains, then nobody can help you. You are trapped in your believe-ism, a new religion Keshe has created while denouncing other religions. It’s all so obvious that any intelligent mind must be screaming at the sight of what KF followers do and think.

How come a few KF followers claim that everyone else has an imprisoned mind, when it’s THEM who believe something that has never been proven or shown in over a decade ? Do blind followers like Mark House really believe we are not interested in a breakthrough or change ? Of course we are. But then SHOW US ONE, instead of always announcing and claiming things that just aren’t there!

Keshe is a narcissist. He pretends to be caring, when in fact he only cares for himself and his agenda. We, and many others, are fed up with Keshe’s lies and manipulations!