At least it’s entertaining

A saying goes: “If it isn’t useful, it better be entertaining.”

Well, even though no KF product really works, Keshe sure gives people a lot of inspiration. His constant BS talk inspires some to come up with fantastic stories.

One such story follows now. Obviously we were wrong: The Keshe plasma spaceship is real! And presidents Obama and Putin were inside, along with Pope Francis! Click here to see for yourself! (Attention: parody!)

We are also considering launching our own TV station KKN (Keshe Komedy Network). Once Keshe is released from prison in 2318, we might even consider hiring him as an actor. But Keshe might turn our offer down, as he is not used to earning his living in an honest way. In other words: being honest is against the ethos of the Keshe Foundation!

Other recent news:

At the end of an otherwise peaceful 16th international workshop, Keshe once again called me a terrorist and said he will now cancel all activities in Belgium. So as usual, Keshe continues his slander, but tries to sell himself as a peaceful man.

Two days later Keshe said he will cancel his activities in Belgium because the country is now going to split up. What an incredible nonsense again.

Keshe also said Belgium will now lose hundreds of thousands of Euros when he withdraws, but the truth is probably that HE lost hundreds of thousands of Euros of income, because many people blew his cover. This is what happens when Keshe attacks his good friends for no reason. We hope that he will learn from this experience.

In the 115th knowledge seekers workshop, Keshe once again said: “The knowledge of man will take millions of years to understand.”

But at the same time he says “In the coming weeks you all will build the spaceship.”

So these ongoing contradictions show that none of what Keshe talks about has anything to do with reality. On the other hand, if we count the coming 5000 billion weeks also as part of the “coming weeks”, then it might be accurate  😉

Here we see how Keshe, even indirectly, causes separation. These 2 comments were posted below this video:

“Just to add to my last post…I only want EVERYONE to know the truth so they are not fooled by all the bs keshe manipulation, which has engulfed my bf so much that we have permanently seperated, never to talk again because i disagreed with his obsession, completely brought on by keshe ‘knowledge seekers’ workshops! If keshe is such a professional physics man, then why would he have someone like RICK run the show? Please use your brain people! But don’t use it with the brain control mechanisms keshe and kosol ouch are using! Use your soul energy to overcome the brain signals being broadcasted through your devices!”

“To all viewing this video for truth…please research communication coil devices in google patents…many legitimate patents exist with coils similar to magrav device which involve “electromagnetic-scalar-communication-apparatus-remote-frequency” PLEASE SEARCH THE PATENTS…MAGRAV WAS INVENTED A LONG TIME AGO AND WAS DESIGNED TO COMMUNICATE VIA THE SAME WAVES AS OUR BRAIN FUNCTIONS! So they are either sending or receiving our brain signals (or both) through the health pens and magrav devices! Please do your own research and dont let Them control you through these devices! I hope my love shield protects me after I post this…many blessings and much love for all!”

And finally here is a testimonial by an Italian lady:


And now what’s next ? The next escape… to China ?  😉