Keshe’s Inversion technique – a deception tool to create his world caliphate

“There are those who pretend to serve, but in fact they are there to take.”M.T. Keshe talking about himself again, 20th international knowledge seekers workshop, June 21st 2016

“We deliver peace according to our ethos, not to yours.” – M.T. Keshe, promoting injustice.

Apparently, that ethos of Keshe consists mainly of committing one crime after another and then blaming it on other people and slandering them with no end in sight.

In the 120th knowledge seekers workshop, Keshe launched his worst attack against me so far, using fragments of information Sandor found on the web, in connection with bizarre descriptions of someone abusing and killing a child, which of course has nothing to do with me. This is how the Keshe Foundation works: hiding Keshe’s own crimes, but supporting the slander of innocents, by making artifical connections where there are none. These were over two hours of the worst fabricated lies ever. This is how Keshe thanks me for supporting him for several years, while telling a completely false story about how the KF started, and pointing out how grandiose and perfect he is. He also spoke again about how the KF is able to produce graphene and graphite, but that’s another fallacy. There is NO graphene and NO graphite in the layers that are produced by KF followers. This has already been examined by a lab in California. Go to a lab yourself and have it checked, you will see it’s not graphene.

We have to wonder how Keshe can even still look into someone’s eyes, after living such a life of falsehood. But if you read our previous post, you will understand where he is coming from.

Mehran, did you get aroused while Sandor was reading this disgusting text to the public ? I’m sure you did. It’s incredible how much verbal diarrhea you can produce. Two and a half hours of the most extreme slander, talking about “evidence” but only using letters but no names, talking such confusing rubbish that nobody could really follow, and constantly saying “Don’t show any names or documents”. You really are insane, and it shows more and more in each workshop. Ending a workshop with the words “It’s not theory, it’s a fact. Pissing in front of a two year old child is a crime. Thank you very much for today. We bring hope and prosperity to humanity, BUT…” or  “I wish your mother would never have given birth to you. Thank you very much for today. Go on the KF website and help humanity” shows your degree of insanity.

If you really publish any “documents” on any website with my name on them and then add your own fabricated nonsense, it is a criminal act. You can play all games you want, enough people and agencies know that YOU are the criminal, not me. Your criminal record will be proven, after all it was YOU who was standing next to Sterling Allan, and it was not me but YOU who was in touch with him for months, while you were hoping that he would support your fraud. For that he was good enough for you. Now you even torture your own audience with your satanic fantasies, you don’t even spare your own followers, they have to listen to the perverted and violent fantasies that reflect your criminal mind. And Sandor obviously loves reading them. Are you scared of Sterling telling the police the truth about you ? Is that why you are going more and more insane ? We just watch you fall apart, while you pull yourself and your supporters more and more into your insane dream world where you are the perfect Messiah, whereas people who don’t agree with you are murderers and pedophiles. In doing so, you drive yourself and your supporters into even bigger problems.

Also funny: after having accused Paul from Togo of working with the “Red Circle” in the 119th knowledge seekers workshop, Keshe was once again spinning things around and said “The Red Circle” turned Paul into a victim. Such nonsense. We only reported that Keshe accused Paul of working for the “Red Circle”, and so he says WE turned Paul into a victim. In reality Keshe himself attacked Paul heavily in the 119th workshop, but obviously, since Paul is very loyal, Keshe had to win him back, so Paul could give him some credibility before he started his latest slander session.

When Paul started to speak, someone in the live chat asked: “Last week, somebody also named Paul was outed as working for the red circle, so is he somebody else ?”  Then another brainwashed KF follower immediately answered: “Red Circle used his name to smear him, he is reinstated now by KF.”

Whether the person who asked the question was happy with the answer we don’t know, but it shows how Keshe manipulates his followers all the time, to cover himself. If only ONE person, for example Rick, finds out that ALL of Keshe’s claims are actually false, then life would get very difficult for Keshe. Of course there is not just Rick, but many people who spend a lot of time or money on this KF nonsense. Now what will happen once all of them wake up ? The more Keshe lies and the longer he continues his scam, the worse it will be for him. So by now he must already be very desperate.

Keshe just cannot admit to having made a mistake, so he had to blame who again ? Me of course. And of course he also cannot admit that he is responsible for my stroke, by having put a lot of pressure on me. So the inverted the story and said I put pressure on him, and I had my stroke because I poised myself. Yeah right. Such insane claims!

So you see how Keshe’s Inversion technique works, which we will now describe in detail, as it has become apparent that Keshe, in order to distract his followers’ attention away from his Luciferian agenda and from his own crimes and failures, has been using inversion and mirroring to accuse innocent people of what he himself has done.


1) When Keshe says “These are the enemies of humanity”, it really means Keshe is the enemy of humanity. (Even though Keshe sees others as HIS enemies, due to his paranoia.)

2) When Keshe says “Those who oppose us”, it really means “Those who Keshe opposes and slanders”.

3) When Keshe says “They want to create mayhem”, it really means that Keshe wants to create mayhem, or has already done so.

4) When Keshe says “The technology works”, it really means the technology doesn’t work, or rather there is no new technology.

5) When Keshe says “Our teachings are as solid as ever”, it really means his teachings have never been solid and are leading nowhere.

6) When Keshe says “These are criminals”, it really means Keshe is a criminal.

7) When Keshe says “He poisoned himself”, it really means Keshe poisoned himself.

So as we have seen many times,

1) Keshe claims the opposite of true facts (denial, inversion, outright lying)

2) Keshe accuses others of his own deeds (inversion, mirroring, blame-shifting)

3) Keshe takes credit for positive things that others have achieved (theft)

4) Keshe refers to events that

a) never took place
b) were interpreted in a biased way
c) took place because of fundamental errors (for example the often quoted “129”, which was only displayed due to a defective measuring device, as confirmed by the manufacturers of that device themselves! Keep in mind that the Earth’s magnetic field reaches a maximum of 65 MICRO Tesla! So if those 129 Tesla had really been reached, the lab in Desenzano, along with the whole planet would have blown up immediately.)


So this means that whatever Keshe says, you have to invert it back to get the truth. So no, of course I don’t hypnotize children or rape them. In fact, I am working on a new project for the BENEFIT of humanity, involving telepathy, so that such false accusations, the way Keshe is making them, are no longer possible, once humanity is able to communicate telepathically. Then we will be able to REALLY see each others intentions, unlike Keshe, who only CLAIMS to be able to see people’s souls. Keshe should look at his own soul first, but he can’t, because it would shock him: there is only a big black hole instead.

Furthermore, being a paranoid narcissist, Keshe will always attack first, because he can then expect a reaction, so then he can say “I was right, these people are my enemies”. And so his delusions about being a heavily opposed “scientist” become a self-fulfilling prophecy. His accusations against others “who try to discredit the foundation” are ridiculous as well, because first of all you cannot discredit a criminal, and secondly Keshe did a fine job discrediting himself with his own statements.

He claims that people oppose the “technology”, but to this date, there HAS NOT BEEN ANY WORKING TECHNOLOGY. So it is not even necessary or even possible to oppose it, because there simply IS nothing that can be opposed. The ones who post on Facebook that “it works” and that they have seen power reduction are either paid Keshe trolls, or people who have no idea about electronics and the way power factor correction works.

So all of Keshe’s stories regarding assassination attempts, bombing, getting shot or being threatened are pure fantasy as well. He only considers himself so important that he constantly sees himself as a victim, when in reality more and more people around him become victims of HIS abuse.

Instead of getting help for his mental condition, Keshe infects the public with his weird fantasies about poisoning, earthquakes, and space travel. He says things like “I paid with my life”, as if he was already dead, but none of his followers doubt him, which shows their own delusional state. They have been well prepared by disinfo websites such as Project Camelot, so such contradicting NWO talk is easy for them to handle. Whether it makes sense or not is of no concern to them.

All those accusations against random people or against Keshe’s former supporters are false. But he uses his inversion technique so when his victims point out that not them, but Keshe is the criminal, they sound less credible. This is a very well-known psychological trick, a natural skill of narcissists, but also a technique used by Luciferians, to manipulate others into believing them. Also this constant pseudo-religious talk that is supposed to give the impression that Keshe has a special connection to God, or even is God himself, is just ridiculous and pathetic. He talks about the “failures of the man”, but doesn’t accept his own failures and crimes. When caught, he will blame everything on others, who then become “enemies of humanity” in his own mind.

But it quickly becomes very clear who the real enemies of humanity are, when you research Keshe and his supporters a bit more. Keshe openly said many times: “There is no God.” (even though he says he is a prophet of God (!) but that God doesn’t exist ??)

And even Kevin Barrett, supposedly one of the “good guys” at Veterans Today, recently pointed out that Keshe’s supporter Gordon Duff has a problem with God. So now it makes sense that Duff supports Keshe. Here we see Gordon Duff testing a not so small weapon. Why does Keshe, who allegedly is against weapons, seek the support of someone who likes weapons ? Contradictions non-stop.

Quotes from the VT article:

“So it isn’t surprising that Gordon Duff, like so many people these days, has a problem with God. He doesn’t even realize that he is waging jihad fi sabil illah, “struggle on the path of God.””

“While denying God, Gordon is fully aware of the existence of Satan.”

Really ? Is he ? Why does he then support Keshe, who acts TOTALLY like a satanist, contradicting himself at every turn and saying one thing while doing another ?

“Gordon, bless him, has chosen to oppose and expose these parasitical demonic entities and their human hosts. That definitely puts him on the right side of the cosmic jihad.”

Really ? Gordon does not oppose parasitical demonic entities like Keshe, on the contrary, he supports them! That puts him on the WRONG side “of the cosmic jihad.”

When Keshe says things like “We don’t harm noone”, but then makes his wife stalk my daughter with rude claims, threats and false accusations, is that not demonic ? But the devil is in the detail: “We don’t harm noone” is a double negation, it means “We harm everyone”. Wake up guys! The same way Keshe pretends to oppose the Illuminati, but if you read on, you will see that Keshe is one of them. Inversion again!

“But still he (Gordon) rejects and denies God.”

So apparently he has no inner “moral compass”, that’s why he doesn’t recognize Keshe’s demonic nature, and therefore he supports him.

As a reminder, here are the goals of the Illuminati/NWO satanists. They sound EXACTLY like Keshe’s agenda:

– To establish a One World Government. (“One Planet, One Nation, One Race”)
– To bring about the utter destruction of all national identity and national pride. (“There are no borders. We finish with borders.”)
– To suppress all scientific development except for those deemed beneficial by the Illuminati. (Keshe is pushing the KF “technology”, but discrediting everyone else’s research)
– To bring about the end to all industrialization.
– To introduce new cults (such as the KF) and continue to boost those already functioning. (such as Project Camelot / Ufology)
– To cause a total collapse of the world’s economies and engender total political chaos. (“Do we need world leaders ?”)
– To organize a world-wide terrorist apparatus. (Keshe’s army of brainwashed followers, who see everyone else as an enemy)

The core team and the universal council are used for mass indoctrination. They were never meant to make the world a better place, on the contrary. They were set up to make the above goals become reality.

How much more info do people need to see which entity Keshe is really worshipping and working for ? Humans are the children of God. In the prophecies it is said that the Antichrist will deny God and set up a FALSE world peace. Keshe and Duff both deny God as well. So who is the real enemy of humanity ?



Example of Inversion of symbols. You may decide which side Keshe is on.

Keshe also always uses his “technology” to justify his attacks on others. When people start doubting Keshe because of his constant slander, he will change the direction of his speech and say “It’s for you to develop the technology”, which has NOTHING to do with his attacks on innocents. It’s just yet another trick to keep the carrot dangling in front of the donkey. The whole “free energy” of Keshe has been a hoax from the start. Read here why. And also see this article and whose name shows up on the scammers list.

Despite of all the hard facts, Keshe keeps selling his ridiculous “magrav units” (aka rusty coils, now called “power generators” while the function stays the same: they don’t work.) and keeps making bigger and even more unrealistic promises for “the coming time”. Just like the magrav unit, which was advertised as “free energy”, does not create any free energy, one of the KF promo videos says “plasma technology is efficient”, even though no single demonstration has ever been shown.

Now the next hoax has already started: Keshe says all the old magrav units convert themselves into generators (“in the coming time”). How convenient, so Keshe doesn’t have to come up with the promised power generator himself, because the old units convert themselves. Ridiculous! It’s all just BS as usual, nothing will ever come of it. See the following testimony.



And only 2 weeks ago, Keshe said once again: “The Keshe Foundation doesn’t take any donations, we are financially solid.” But again we see the usual contradictions:


Remember, the devil never tells you the truth. He constantly speaks lies, but makes them sound like the truth. And gullible people will always look at the carrot (“free energy”, “space travel”), not at the puppet master (Keshe) who is served by the fooled donkey (KF followers).

It’s like asking “I disconnected the magrav system and my electricity bill dropped 25%, does that mean my house no longer needs the unit because it’s conditioned now and the wires are nano-coated ?” When in fact the bill dropped of course because the unit used that much, and without it you actually pay LESS. But Keshe’s thought reform (typical for cults) made you unable to think logically, you now live in the world of total BS. Here you can find a good video explanation why people think that the KF technology works, when in fact it doesn’t.


And here you can see how other companies have built similar devices long ago. For example this one is from Asia, and is yet another power factor corrector, similar to the KF magrav, but built in a much more professional way. Yet it’s only using a trick, it does NOT save or produce any electricity! These are nothing more than old scam tactics.

The same goes for this nonsense “Red Circle” talk. In the 118th and 119th workshop Keshe was already so confused by his own BS talk that he suddenly mentioned a “blue circle”, so maybe someone should give him a gift: the Olympic Rings. Then he has all the multicoloured circles to choose from. That should make him happy. 😉


Rare group photo of all of Keshe’s enemies in one place:
Blue, Black, Red, Yellow, and Green Circle

The only one missing is his own Brown Circle
As usual, it works “in the background”.

So the truth is that Keshe has no technology to change anything. It has been a scam from the start. I fell for it, many others fell for it, but we saw through Keshe’s disguise, especially after he attacked us so heavily. Now it’s our responsibility to make others aware of Keshe’s evil agenda.

In the 21st international workshop Keshe spoke again about “evidence” and how he will show in the next workshop that I am a murderer of children and scientists. Insane! So he keeps coming up with more crazy claims. In reality, when Keshe uses the word “evidence”, it really means more fallacies. Do we need to remind Keshe of how he promised in Bari in 2015 “evidence” to demonstrate to Mike Harris the flying reactor ? Of course nothing was shown to Mike. And today Keshe spoke again about how he will show flight systems. Where is the “evidence” ? So all of Keshe’s “evidence” is fake. His “technology” has never been proven, that is the only “evidence” there is so far! Now even after Keshe’s “coma treatment” has been exposed as a demonic fraud, the Keshe Foundation STILL advertises this “coma treatment” along with other health treatments! But as we can see, that biased article was written by one of the KFSSI students themselves. So typical! Nobody else would ever take the KF seriously, because there simply is no “evidence”. It just doesn’t work!

So making people aware is the only reason for the existence of this website. We still are no agents, murderers or pedophiles, we still don’t get paid by anyone for trying to help people wake up, and we still are peaceful. And unlike Keshe, we tell you the truth.

Here are some reactions to one of our previous posts:


@James Triplett: Are you serious ? You are asking why it’s allowed to speak the truth ? Would you rather live in an Orwellian state where the truth is suppressed ? Yes you would, as brainwashed as you are. This shows what a repressive system the KF is. You are a born slave. Stay ignorant and enjoy it. (Note: the above post was indeed removed soon afterwards by Mark House, who like so many others still protects Keshe and supports his criminal acts. Orwellian censorship at its finest. That’s the “ethos” of the KF. As usual in dictatorships, criticism and truth are not allowed.)

And do you see the comment by Kearl Lee ? HE WAS THE HEAD OF KESHE FOUNDATION CHINA. HE TOO WAS A BLIND BELIEVER WHO RAN AFTER KESHE. And in a Skype conversation with former KF manufacturer Soheil, which was circulating on the web, he was being told that the KF has nothing to show and therefore will destroy itself. KEARL LEE DIDN’T BELIEVE SOHEIL. But now he himself admits that the Magravs don’t work. “We gained the same results as richard did last year”


Whenever Keshe runs out of ideas to push the “technology” or the sale of his products, he comes up with fearmongering again, as he has done in the 118th knowledge seekers workshop, talking about coming earthquakes again. While earthquakes happen all the time, Keshe makes it sound as if something imminent was going to happen SOON, when in reality we could look at the earthquake map at any given moment, and probably find more or less the same situation. Yes, geological changes occur all the time, but not in a way that people desperately need to produce whatever kind of technology to “save” themselves from something that will not happen. Aside from that, no magrav unit or pain pen would save anyone, if there really was such a life-shattering event.

All the kukus around the KF are now panicking and spreading false information, saying that activities around the Yellowstone park are increasing, and that all the seismographic measuring devices have been deactivated, in order not to alert the public. The truth is that they have not been deactivated, and the recent earthquakes around the area were within the normal range (around magnitude 4).

And then there is this… feeding of poisonous substances to the public, under the disguise of “science”.

All those twists and turns that Keshe uses are well-known COINTELPRO tricks. Hopegirl, who unlike Keshe does great humanitarian work, made a new video in which she explains these tricks very well. From cult tactics like “bait and switch” to Keshe’s accusation patterns and then him playing the victim, everything is explained there.

According to Hopegirl, controlled opposition cut off the funding for her project. Searl had reported something similar, they lost their investor because he got attracted to Keshe instead. So we have to ask ourselves: was Keshe put on the scene to ruin everyone else’s research, even though he has nothing to show ? Keshe seems to be obsessed with wanting to take everything down, be it other people’s websites, their reputation, presidents, or satellites. It all seems to come down to wanting to show the world how great he is for being able to destroy everything.


Here I am at the KFSSI in Bari, having a lot of fun with
Mike Harris of Veterans Today. That was BEFORE Keshe
stabbed me in the back and turned all my new friends against me.
The day after we had a BBQ with Mike and Col. Hanke on Armen’s terrace,
laughing all night about Keshe and his flying ships. That’s right
ladies and gentlemen! Even back then, ALL OF US knew that Keshe is KUKU.

Keshe has ruined relationships and lives, he has scammed thousands of people, stolen their time and their money, lied to them, given them false hope, brainwashed them, insulted them, and presented them in public to give himself crediblity. Keshe harasses people on the phone and threatens to sue them, he harasses women and then calls them spies, he forces his wife to harass random people and to tell them his own perverted fantasies, he threatens innocents and then calls them enemies, and yet he pretends to stand for peace and claims to do no harm. He presents himself as correct and claims to be the Messiah.

IN REALITY KESHE IS A HEAVY CRIMINAL, A CONTROL FREAK, AND A NARCISSISTIC CULT LEADER. He made up this whole pedophile circus, so when someone complains about his slander, he doesn’t have to admit that the complaints are justified, but instead he tells his followers: “The KF is heavily opposed because the technology works.”

How blind must people be to still follow Keshe ?

“What is the divine will ? The divine will is when it’s correct and there is justice.” – Hypocrite Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, day 5 of blueprint week, October 30th 2015

Keshe has never been correct. So when will justice finally be served to HIM ??


(Remark: Actually first contact might indeed happen soon, but it has NOTHING to do with Keshe. He will be the first to run and shit his pants when they arrive, because they don’t like hypocrites who talk about correct conduct while committing one crime after another.)

Also now confirmed: GANS doesn’t exist, as proven by KF Switzerland. The text is in German, but it basically says that by adding vinegar, the “GANS” dissolved, and therefore it proves that it was only zinc oxide, as we said many times before.


On a more humorous note, we are happy to see that at least some of the KF cult members are aware of their own future. Look at Giovanni’s shirt in this video. How can this shirt be wrong ? 😉

Don’t forget guys, we REALLY want to help humanity wake up by showing the truth.

So if you learned something from SHARE THE KNOWLEDGE FREELY!


Keshe, Lucifer, and the New World Order

There are people who say “All those Keshe bashers are wrong, they have a a dark agenda. Mr. Keshe is of the light, he wants to take down the cabal so we can be free again.”

Well indeed, Keshe is of the light, but it’s a false light. He wants to take down the cabal, so something much more evil can take their place. Please read on, it will open your eyes.

Lucifer means “light bringer” in Latin, and is considered by Luciferians to have brought divine knowledge (light) to humans after being cast out of heaven by God. In Luciferian circles, Lucifer is perceived as a “savior” who gave humans the knowledge necessary to ascend to divinity.

However, this Luciferian or Messianic philosophy, as practiced by Keshe, is deeply materialistic and evil in its nature.

Luciferianism” is a word that is rarely used because the word “Lucifer” is associated with Satan in Judeo-Christian theology. It is nevertheless the philosophy that overwhelmingly prevails in the highest circles of society – what we call the occult elite. Interpreted in several forms, Luciferianism can be associated with philosophical currents such as humanism, gnosticism and Kabbalism and is the driving force behind secret societies.

Luciferianism is about humans reaching divinity through human means, as opposed to having faith in God. (Keshe’s words: “WE have to bring the change”) This philosophy is symbolically represented with two mythical figures who bear similar characteristics: Prometheus and Lucifer. Both of these figures are considered by some circles to be benefactors of humanity as they brought fire and light (representing divine knowledge) to struggling humans. They gave mankind the means to become gods themselves, through their own means. (Keshe: “Each one of you can become a Messiah.”)

From this perspective, Luciferians interpret Biblical tales from a unique vantage point. In Genesis, Luciferians consider the snake who gave Eve the forbidden apple to be a hero, as he is the one who brought humanity knowledge of good, evil and everything in between. The story of the tower of Babel, a human construction meant to reach God in the sky is viewed favorably by Luciferians as it represents humanity’s struggle to reach divinity; the building of this immense tower was, however, stopped by God who is perceived as a jealous demiurge who trapped humans in the physical world.

In the 20th century, a high-tech version of this philosophy appeared as transhumanism, a movement that seeks the use of science and robotics to push humanity to another stage of development. Transhumanism’s admitted ultimate goal is the total merging of humans and robots. While most people who agree with transhumanism probably do not know much about Luciferianism, one of its “founding fathers” clearly sees the connection.

The British philosopher Max More first articulated the principles of transhumanism as a futurist philosophy in 1990 and started a worldwide intelligencia to promote it. One of his essays, entitled “In Praise of the Devil” goes deep in theological territory to connect transhumanism with Luciferianism.

“Lucifer” means “light bringer” (however, he brings a FALSE light to deceive humanity) and this should begin to clue us in to his symbolic importance. The story is that God threw Lucifer out of Heaven because Lucifer had started to question God and was spreading dissension among the angels. We must remember that this story is told from the point of view of the believers in God and not from that of the Luciferians. The truth may just as easily be that Lucifer resigned from heaven.

According to More, Lucifer probably exiled himself out of moral outrage towards the oppressive demiurge Jehovah. He therefore describes the basis of Luciferian thought:

God, being the well-documented sadist that he is, no doubt wanted to keep Lucifer around so that he could punish him and try to get him back under his (God’s) power. Probably what really happened was that Lucifer came to hate God’s kingdom, his sadism, his demand for slavish conformity and obedience, his psychotic rage at any display of independent thinking and behavior. Lucifer realized that he could never fully think for himself and could certainly not act on his independent thinking so long as he was under God’s control. Therefore he left Heaven, that terrible spiritual-State ruled by the cosmic sadist Jehovah, and was accompanied by some of the angels who had had enough courage to question God’s authority and his value-perspective.

Although all of this might sound positive, there is a troubling, dark side to it all: Only a select few can be “illuminated” by the light of Lucifer. The rest of humanity is perceived as a lesser race with lives of no value. (Keshe: “You are all stupid, you are abusers, you haven’t reached maturity…”) For this reason, Lucifer can remorselessly destroy a bunch of people, including many innocents. This is what Luciferian thought is truly about.

Someone once said: “It is not about how much knowledge you have, it is about what you do with it”. What does Keshe do now that he got the attention of enough people around the world ? Did he cure cancer? Does he end hunger ? Does he invent an economic system that is fair and profitable for all countries on Earth ? No. Instead he grabs all the money he can get, and keeps attacking his most loyal supporters. Even worse, he goes on to cause pain and suffering for other innocent people, calling everyone a pedophile or murderer, and infecting naive followers with his philosophy. And what do Keshe’s followers and supporters do with all that “knowledge” ? They support him in attacking innocent people and in ruining their reputation. At the very least they allow Keshe to have a platform to commit these crimes.

If one examines Keshe’s evolution, one realizes that he turned into exactly what the occult elite represents. He uses his powers to control people and to advance his aims despite the human suffering he is causing. He morphed into something that is not human, and regular humans are treated by Keshe as lesser beings that are idiotic, manipulable and expandable.

Also, like the occult elite, he spends a LOT of time controlling and monitoring people’s opinions and electronic devices, and collecting ALL information about his followers. As someone recently commented on Facebook:

“I am upset with what I have just found out. I wanted to enroll in the Keshe NSW private teaching. I went to the application to enroll and found that in order for me to enroll, I had to go through a COMPLETE background check (FBI STYLE) to attend on-line classes. Someone need to explain to me WHY I need to share 67 years of my private information to learn free to all peoples information.”

Like the occult elite, Keshe is not on a pure, noble mission for illumination. There is a dark side to his actions, and apparently, since he presents himself as the saviour of mankind, it’s all supposed to be good. But the real truth about Keshe’s agenda remains hidden.

This is the thinking behind secret societies who “hide” their occult knowledge from the uninitiated behind several layers of symbolism (occult literally means “hidden”). The profane masses are considered too unworthy and primitive to deal with powerful knowledge. In short, Luciferians are extremely elitist.

While Keshe is busy promoting his grandiosity and slandering innocents, a bunch of clueless guys attack each other for no good reason. And nobody cares. Because their lives are considered worthless.

If you are somewhat aware of what has been going on, you will understand the message of this whole KF drama:

According to Luciferians, there are two classes of humans on Earth, and Keshe tries to widen the gap between them. And then, when humanity finally has enough of the separation, they will cry out for an even stronger saviour, at which point the ultimate antichrist will be introduced: Lucifer (probably a negative ET or alien hybrid).

Most of the projects involving Luciferianism and transhumanism have been described by observers as “playing God”. But this is not simply an expression: It is exactly what Luciferians are about.

So it seems what Keshe is trying to do, like many others who have been part of this esoteric Illuminati “love and light” movement, is to pave the way for something that is much more evil than what any Illuminati-controlled government could ever come up with, and that is described in this article.

This is why Keshe is trying to bring up everyone against the occult elite and against religious control structures, because in his opinion, their philosophy is not yet evil enough and stands in the way of the ultimate deceiver Lucifer (the antichrist). And when his followers believe Keshe, because they are genuinely longing for a change, they only help to remove that obstacle, to bring about the total domination and control of humanity, which means hell on Earth.

Some quotes from the above article:

“The rumor now circulating in some Intel circles is that the Vatican is awaiting the appearance of their true Messiah Lucifer who will be an Alien ET that will come to Earth to take over and rule from the Catholic Church in a new Temple built in Jerusalem.”

“Is the Vatican expecting to be the ones announcing and proving a major world event that will shift the people’s mindset from the mundane to a new esoteric view of the universe with a god and messiah named Lucifer?”

“But there is also reason to believe that some of the MIBs are either real Alien ETs or Alien/human hybrids based on some of the remarkable things they have done like blurring their faces from view, causing mental confusion in a human they were threatening, but exerting some kind of mental control over them without even touching them, etc.”

There is another article on the same subject.

It is very strange that some writers at Veterans Today acknowledge the existence of Lucifer (or what they call “the third force”), but they fail to see that Keshe (whom they promote and support) behaves EXACTLY like that third force, doing one evil thing after another, while accusing OTHERS of doing them! THIS is the false light that people fall for, because they have been deceived and are not rooted in the true Christ energy.

Those who think we exaggerate: we haven’t told everything in public yet. There is a lot more than most KF followers know. Only people who met Keshe in person know what kind of selfish, evil actions he is capable of.

The same way he gave me a hug and his “Kiss of Judas” in Bari in public, before he accused me of being a Belgian agent not much later at that same event, he played similar tricks on others. Some things he did were much worse than what happened to me. One by one, all those witnesses will come forward to speak out.

Quote from the above article:

“This new power will be able to project a caring public face, while enacting the deepest, darkest covert evil in history which will culminate in the end of the age and the appearance of the Fourth Force which will end the reign of evil of the Third Force.

The Third force is the ultimate evil in all creation but because it is able to craftily disguise itself as enlightenment and light when it is actually covert darkness, death and sophisticated human soul-snatching, it is able to evade recognition for what it is by most.”

And this describes Keshe perfectly! Only the newcomers don’t notice that, as well as those who have been paid and brainwashed by Keshe. They have literally lost their soul to the devil. But as you can see, this “third force” will be destroyed by the “fourth force”, which is actually the REAL God.

And this one describes Keshe perfectly as well:

“He plans to raise up a man who will appear so good and powerful and will temporarily solve the worldwide economic/monetary problems with very crafty international/global statesmanship. A majority will believe his claims that he is the Messiah that has come to earth to save the human race from impending ruin and destruction. He will call himself the Christ and will fool many who will worship him as God Almighty (the Fourth Force). In order to attain this acceptance, he will destroy the Khazarian Mafia (KM), eliminate the Select few with no mercy and will fix things for a while. But soon he will begin to sacrifice children in his new temple and will become an insidious tyrant.

We trust in the REAL God, and have faith in the positive forces on Earth and elsewhere, who are watching over us and doing everything in their power to protect humanity from this evil.

Let’s ask all KF followers a simple question: If you really want peace, why do you allow yourself to be manipulated into thinking that there are “enemies”, when in reality those “enemies” used to be supporters like yourself ? And if you really want peace, why do you follow a person like Keshe who CREATED this way of thinking for you ?

Keshe has repeatedly said that there is no God. And peace will not be brought by someone who PLAYS God. Peace cannot be enforced by using any technology.

Keshe and Caroline only support peace when it goes their way, but when it’s one-sided it can never lead to a JUST peace, and therefore it is yet another road to tyranny. There can never be any peace without truth and justice, and so Keshe himself stands in the way of peace. His constant attacks and false accusations have proven that many times.



Keshe showing what he thinks of being just


But we can actively help in bringing true peace to Earth by turning away from false Messiahs and fake technologies, by standing united as one humanity, and by (depending on your faith) praying for, meditating on, or thinking about peace, while including EVERYONE. This is how we reach God. This is how we create a TRUE and JUST peace.

Confirmed: Magravs don’t work. AND KESHE WENT TOO FAR.

Veterans Today, or rather, Gordon Duff, the self-confessed disinfo agent of Veterans Today, published another article about the “Red Circle”, which only exists in the minds of mentally ill tricksters like Keshe and Duff.

To give himself credibility, he quotes Ricardo Baretzky, a known NWO supporter and head of ECIPS, which is basically a blueprint structure for the NWO government. It seems the KF followers really want to be ruled by a luciferian NWO dictatorship.

So all the false serpents are supporting each other, continuing to slander and accuse me, an innocent person, of being the head of an international crime syndicate. So ridiculous. We would like to point out that Baretzky, just like all the other disinfo agents, has been interviewed by (SURPRISE!) Project Camelot. It is becoming clearer and clearer that their cult is afraid of being exposed.

Duff writes “There is a war going on over technology.” How ridiculous, what technology ? Has Keshe ever shown anything working ? SHOW US REAL “TECHNOLOGY”! So far we have only seen amateurs playing with household materials and wires, but no power, no defense, no spaceflight, NOTHING! The war only goes on between fraudsters like Keshe and people who exposed him. It is NOT about technology, but about truth. And this war was started by KESHE, not by me or anyone else! Actually, we don’t even consider it a war as it is nothing but ridiculous. Some might say “If you go on posting, Keshe will always fight back”. But again, it was Keshe who started it by accusing me and other innocent people FOR NO REASON. And even when we stay silent, Keshe can never stay silent, he MUST attack, because he is a very aggressive person. But people will only find that out for themselves if they dare to speak the truth. As long as they support Keshe, they are being accepted as members of his cult. Well at least most of them.  Some still get attacked, when Keshe is in the mood, as we have seen in the last workshop. So we post with one purpose ONLY: to save new people from being sucked into this criminal KF business.

We ask Keshe and Duff: is THIS the PEACE you keep talking about, when you can’t stop attacking innocents ? You are nothing but hypocrites. As we said in our previous post: SHOW US THE EVIDENCE!

And to make it all worse, Caroline, the oh so peaceful “angel of love and light”, stalked my own lovely and smart daughter today by telling her the fake rape story that Keshe made up, and then she (Caroline) also told her that she (Caroline) informed all of my daughter’s friends about this fake story. Of course none of it is true, I never raped my daughter. WHAT AN INSANE ACCUSATION! My daughter is such a sprititual being, full of good ethics. I love my children, and they love me, we are a great family. But the fact that Keshe and Caroline are now stalking and slandering my family too, makes the Keshe Foundation an even more criminal organization. Here you can see Caroline stalking my daughter. First of all, Caroline spammed my daughter with the KF peace treaty and other texts. My daughter then asked Caroline to stop spamming her. But Caroline continued to stalk. Read for yourself:

My daughter: Hi Carolina, please stop with sending me messages, thank you 🙂

Carolina De Roose One last message and you will not see anymore of me. blessed is the soul of the the creator of this slander

(Then Caroline sent more long texts, continuing to stalk my daughter.)

Carolina De Roose I only forgot this one

(Then more text, even though she was asked to stop stalking)

Carolina De Roose I hope you visit the kuku foundation website

Carolina De Roose Ask your dad

Carolina De Roose Your father is under investigation for connection with this phedophile as MT Keshe has exposed him and your father Now you and your family is under investigation for the same conducted Now you know why he created the ( Dirk Alan Source: (

(Then she sent even more text, severely harassing my daughter with false accusations)

Carolina De Roose MT Keshe was Right al alone that is why the slandering from your father would not stop but increasingly every day Sterling Allen victims were his own two doughters age Two year and three same age as you he got life in prison on Friday Now the investigation on your father has started as heading the biggest phedophile group around the world and you three are his victims

Carolina De Roose Your father is a key men I handling the girls from Detroux and they past his hand and pants before they where murder the truth has come out after MT Keshe got the conviction for Sterling Allen in the court of USA last week and your father is on the file for arrest rapping his own doughters and the two Marroco girls of Dutroux MT Keshe was right al the way

Carolina De Roose With your permission I posted this to all your friends By The way your friends have received a copy all above. Now you become the shame of Belgium

(“With your permission” ??? My daughter never gave her permission.)

My daughter: What a crazy talking… I hope you find the love that is locked in your heart.

My daughter: I wish you all the best!

My daughter: Just that you know… My father never touched me in any kind of wrong way. He never raped me. If anyone can know, it is me… I really feel sorry for you.




More good and correct souls will now continue to unite to expose your lies and your scam further! It would be practical if telepathy was already available to us humans, so people could read the lies and fallacies in your mind, and that they could read my innocence and my positive mindset. You can see what a lovely and forgiving soul my daughter is. SHE DIDN’T DESERVE TO BE ATTACKED LIKE THAT!!!

Keshe must be REALLY afraid of people waking up and seeing his lies as what they are, otherwise he wouldn’t always ask Duff for support whenever we post true facts. Is the Messiah not man enough to defend himself ? Does he need to run to papa everytime ? If his technology was so powerful, why would he even need to slander me all the time ? He just needs the drama and attention because he has nothing else to show.

The reason why Keshe is so persistant with his lies and his slander is not because he is right, but because as a malignant narcissist, he just cannot accept anything that could potentially throw him off his imaginary throne. After all, he is the self-proclaimed Messiah. So in his mind he is flawless and must not be criticized, even if in reality he is totally wrong.

First of all, the Keshe Foundation is a CULT, not a scientific organization. As such, it uses cult tactics to change the way the followers think and perceive reality. A number of sober-minded individuals realized all that and left the KF or were kicked out and slandered, when they realized that Keshe is not a good person. While Keshe can be nice and funny, he is also the devil in disguise, which becomes apparent everytime his personalities switch and he starts slandering and making up stories. And then he is so convincing that people like Duff support him.

It’s no surprise that some people still believe Keshe’s and Duff’s nonsense without checking the facts, when the average IQ of the western civilization has come down from 100 to slightly above 80. Such naive people run after pseudo-science and sensationalism, that’s why they are the target audience of Keshe and Duff.

But very few of Keshe’s followers do wake up over time, so now we show how one of them recently exposed the truth about Keshe’s technology. Mind you, this is not an “enemy of the foundation”, this is someone who works closely with Keshe, the same way I did.

“Where have we gone wrong ? Nowhere.”

– M.T. Keshe, 20th international knowledge seekers workshop, June 21st 2016


Richard from Holland, the master coil maker and one of the members of Keshe’s “Universal Council”, who has been working hard for Keshe for quite some time, finally admitted that it is not possible to get the Magrav to work. Here is the translation:

Richard: From the beginning it is not a match to me. I said from the beginning, in my opinion it is not working this way.

Peter: But Richard.. be honest.. were you in any way able to create free energy? You are working for Keshe.. in Germany as I understand.. Keshe said in more than one workshop, he is going to quit working with Germany because they are all terrorists.. so tell me.. what’s going on?

Richard: Well.. I pulled the plug on Germany. There were some investors who wanted to invest in the German Keshe Foundation. They wanted to start with the magrav. And the other products.. the pen.. belt.. and more.. and it comes down to that we did lots of research in the last months to get the magrav working and we’ve said: “No, we can’t get it to work.” The only thing we did get working is the oldfashioned analog KWH meters.. we did see them stop. But the digital ones don’t. So we did get an interaction between the meter and the magrav. But not the classic magrav.. a combination of a feedback capacitor.. that did it eventually.

Peter: Ok, so you have a phase shift between the volts and amps.. a classic way to cheat..

Richard: Well.. it comes down to that we managed to get a certain combination with a LED to stop the analog meter.

Peter: Yes. With a combination of a large induction and capacitance you get a phase difference between the volts and amps and that makes the meter show nothing. That is also the reason it is not allowed to do that. That is the science you proved to be true..

Richard: Yes, that is what we can do. And we also can do different things with higher and lower voltages, also in a car, no shorts.. but we do not see any significant results.

That’s it ladies and gentlemen, you have been scammed by the Big Mehran!

And since the Magrav doesn’t work, the whole nonsense around it is based on NOTHING. There is no working KF technology, it will not bring peace or anything else. The only thing that comes from the KF is slander, attacks, aggression, waste of time, and a lot of scammed customers.

Following this revelation, Keshe immediately announced that from now on, the Magrav units will no longer be sold on the KF website. Instead, they renamed it to “power generator” and now sell it for 1800 Euros plus taxes plus shipping (!), which means it’s the same scam under a different name! IT STILL DOES NOT WORK!

“The system was shown powering multiple appliances with no support from the main power grid of the house.”  (118th Knowledge Seekers Workshop)

How ridiculous. Where was anything shown ? All that was shown was a very dark video of Keshe, surrounded by a fridge, a heater, and a lot of cables, making claims as usual, but showing no proof, as usual.

But we are glad that not all of Keshe’s followers are hopeless cases, and that at least a few of them, such as Richard, dare to speak the truth!

So now that Richard has publicly admitted that the KF technology doesn’t work, any claims by Gordon Duff about a “war over Keshe technology” are obsolete. You have been debunked as a disinformer once again, Duffy!

Now the above video will either disappear from the net, or Richard will be the next one who is accused by Keshe of being a pedophile. OR there will be total silence, as if nothing happened. Oh well, the scam will probably go on until the authorities step in.

As someone put it recently: “It’s hopeless. Even if Keshe went away, another fraudster would come up, and again there would be people running after him. There’s always enough gullibles to support such kind of fraud, and they even gladly waste their time and money on it.”

But yet, no other scammer has ever been as evil as Keshe.

Show me the evidence Keshe and Duff, I defy you!

It happened again! In the 119th knowledge seekers workshop, Keshe continued his hate speech, which, as we know, is a criminal act.

Two more KF supporters, Paul from Togo, and Thomas from Austria, have now been accused of being pedophiles as well! It seems Keshe cannot change his pattern… whenever someone finds out the truth about Keshe, they are called pedophiles and accused of working with the imaginary “Red Circle”. Keshe uses unrelated information (such as Sterling Allan’s arrest) to slander innocent people and make his followers believe that they are part of Allan’s pedophile ring. So everytime there is news about Sterling Allan, Keshe goes into full slander mode against all his critics, even though there is no connection between them and Sterling Allan. Where is the logic in that ? But as Gordon Duff wrote, NWO agents do not have to be logical, they just repeat their mantra over and over again.

Keshe talks a bit about his “technology”, and then injects some of his notorious pedophile talk. This is cult indoctrination at its finest. While KF followers think they learn something about technology, they are actually being brainwashed to wage a war against former, innocent KF supporters. This is how Keshe uses “divide and rule” over and over again. If you think you are a highly appreciated and loved KF supporter today, things can change overnight and tomorrow you are, according to Keshe, “the biggest murderer the world has ever seen”.

“In the coming time” the whole world will be populated by imaginary pedophiles, and Keshe will be the only good person left. Has it ever crossed anyone’s mind that the opposite might be true ?

Keshe claims there are no victims of the KF, but by accusing more innocent people in that workshop, he just created two more victims. We urge Keshe’s victims to report him to the authorities in their countries, then lets see for how much longer he can get away with his slander.

So now a few more KF followers experienced how fast Keshe transforms them from friends into enemies, without them having done anything wrong.

On the other hand, the KF is now setting up a website on which people can enter the names of children (!) Which means, the KF is setting up a HONEYPOT to acquire children for Keshe to live out his own perverted fantasies. Actually Keshe might have been running his own pedophile network for months and years, since he did all his “children workshops”, assisted by his Iranian collaborator Keyvan Davani.

So all you KF supporters are actually helping Keshe’s pedophile ring to collect the names of children!!! WAKE UP!

We also have to ask ourselves again why Gordon Duff defends Keshe. Is he involved in his pedophile ring ? Why does Veterans Today sometimes publish proper articles on the Satanism and child abuse subject (such as here, here and here), while at other times they mix in Keshe’s and my name ? If you look at the authors of such articles, you can see that usually it’s Gordon Duff who falsely accuses me, while other VT authors stick to facts. So how much money did Duff receive from Keshe to slander me ?

Even today, Duff attacked me again with false accusations.



My reply: Sterling Allan was never my close friend. Aside from seeing him briefly in Ninove, WITH KESHE BEING PRESENT, I never talked to him. But Keshe had A LOT of permanent contact with Sterling Allan, they were good friends, until Sterling exposed Keshe as a fraud. So the answer is simple: I know NOTHING about his crimes. But how about Keshe, who is now fishing for the names of children himself ? Fact: YOU Gordon Duff are a friend of Keshe, and therefore a supporter of his crimes. Are you proud of it ? You Duffy can’t possibly in your right mind believe that Keshe has something to offer. Even Armen keeps showing that Keshe is talking random BS. Today Jackie from Switzerland showed an experiment, and Armen laughed and commented to Keshe: “You remember Mr. Keshe, when I did this 2 years ago, (you said) I blew up the planet ?”

All those alleged reports of healing don’t count. First of all, who can prove that the healing didn’t happen on its own, triggered by the placebo effect ? And secondly, even IF the patches had something to do with it, it is very well known that magnetic pads, which have been around for a long time and have NOT been invented by Keshe, influence the human body. So where is the proof that Keshe has healed anyone ? There is none. On the contrary, there are reports of severe abuse by Keshe.

The funniest thing was when Keshe said he will personally file a complaint against the “Red Circle”. Go ahead Mehran. What will the police do with you when you file a complaint against something that only exists in your mind ? Hopefully they will do to you what you do to your customers: sell you a straightjacket, plus taxes plus shipping. Just do it Mehran. See what happens when a criminal files a complaint against someone who did nothing wrong.

Explain to your followers: why do you talk about pedophiles ALL THE TIME, if you are not one of them yourself ? And why do you always point your finger at me ? What are YOU hiding so desperately, that you have to blame others for your own mistakes ?

I urge you both, Keshe and Duff, you lying serpents, to show me the evidence of my contacts with Sterling Allan. SHOW ME THE EVIDENCE! But no fabricated BS. REAL EVIDENCE! Because there is none.

Keshe started this war and Keshe keeps it going, like any other warmonger, yet he pretends to stand for peace. I never thought that I would ever meet someone as deeply evil as Keshe. Now he shows his real face, but thankfully, more and more people are starting to realize what he is. Keshe has nothing of value to say, and nothing of value to show. Only fake products, that’s why he makes up all these scandals, to receive attention.

And after all this insane pedophile talk, Keshe went back to speaking about manufacturing as usual. Does nobody see what the true purpose of the KF is all about ? It’s about creating drama and illusions for Keshe to make MONEY, and during that process he doesn’t care how much damage he does to others, while turning them into VICTIMS.

“As we always say in the Keshe Foundation: GOOD MORNING!”

We don’t make up stories, we report what we see, and we show proof whenever possible. Keshe on the other hand has never shown any proof, he just has a big mouth. But the truth WILL win!

More soon.

The story so far


For those who were only recently attracted to the personality of Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, and for those who believe that Keshe will lead us into a better world and to world peace through his plasma revolution, here is is a brief history.

From 2005 to 2010 I have helped Keshe in many ways.

1) In 2005, I was introduced to Keshe by Wim Degraeve (who was at that time working at the nano technology company IMEC in Leuven), with the intention to write international patents for the reactor technology of M.T. Keshe. This resulted in multiple applications of international patents. However, these patent applications were never granted or approved by the European Patent Office, since Keshe did not meet the necessary payment terms.

2) Through this intense co-operation regarding patents we developed a friendship. Keshe called me his brother and asked my advice in promoting his reactor technology.

3) As a result, I helped Keshe in setting up websites and artwork (logos, photos, illustrations).

4) The same way I helped Keshe in writing and illustrating 3 books.

However, after several years of collaboration, I noticed:

A) that Keshe, during several business calls, was bluffing and telling untruths about the results of his “tests”.

B) Keshe never paid his debts back to his friends, his suppliers or his landlord.

I also found that Keshe always laid the blame for his failures on someone else, and constantly saw around him assassination plots and other conspiracies. Keshe however never considered himself to be wrong. It was always the fault of others. Keshe often says: “I am always correct”.

Because his own prototypes never worked (for example: anti-gravitational flying car, energy generators), he accused the Belgian government of blocking him in many ways. In short, Keshe suffers from severe paranoia, and makes up his own fantastic stories.

Keshe was also in constant need of money.

Keshe then suddenly changed his focus on the medical applications, when he renamed his technology to “plasma technology”. Keshe looked for ill people with cancer or other fatal diseases. Charging them 10,000 Euro or more, Keshe would build by hand medical prototype reactors for their diseases and promise them healing.

To generate money, Keshe then started giving lectures in Belgium and the Netherlands. He was assisted by a new team of followers. This way he also sold his books. Big stories were told, for example about an “imminent” public demonstration of his flying car.

For the above reasons, I took more and more distance from Keshe.

Keshe lived in Tiegem, but because of a Belgian police investigation by the police of Kortrijk, he fled to Italy. Until the end of 2015, he lived in Bari (Italy). He then tried to move on to Dubai, but returned soon afterwards, and now lives in Barletta, Italy.

Keshe has an extensive website (, and since the beginning of 2014, he holds weekly so-called scientific “teachings” through and other channels.

Keshe presents himself as a quasi-saint and very friendly person, as he revealed in 2014 that he was the new Messiah, but in reality he is a slick con artist, trying to build his own quasi-scientific cult, similar to Scientology.

He claims to reveal the scientific secrets of the cosmos and that doing so will bring world peace. With his medical plasma reactors he claims to be able to do miraculous healings. This is also one of the reasons (human experimentation and illegal practice of medicine) why Keshe is a criminal suspect in Belgium.

The story of Dirk (the “Red Circle”), Nr. 1 public enemy of humanity:

Over several months I have been the subject of numerous defamation attempts by Keshe through public video “teachings” on the Internet. In these “teachings”, Keshe tells completely imaginary stories, and accuses me publicly of being a thief, a murderer, a pedophile, a hacker, a drug dealer, and so on. In the beginning he called me by my name, but now he calls me the “Red Circle” (or “the Red Circle pedophiles”). As the alleged leader of the “Red Circle”, I allegedly give instructions to people like King Albert 2, according to Keshe. Without feeling any remorse, Keshe tells outrageous lies, for example that I exchanged hundreds of e-mails with a US pedophile, Mr. Sterling Allan, and that Keshe handed those emails over to the FBI. In reality, I have never mailed with Mr. Sterling Allan.

According to Keshe’s false claims, I am part of a pedophile network which includes former King Albert 2, certain police officers, lawyers, etc… all people who allegedly want to block his plasma technology because of greed or on behalf of major companies.

Keshe twists and manipulates facts and pretends to be a very important man or former billionaire, who knows many political leaders and presidents.

Keshe also claims publicly to have friends in very high places, such as security agencies, including the CIA, Mossad, and FSB. He can sell his imaginary stories in a credible way. Since he moved to Italy, he has gathered around him a number of people (the “Core Team”) that may be useful to him, so Keshe involves them in business deals as partners, or so he tells them. They blindly believe his stories.

For example, Keshe has a former CIA spy, Gordon Duff, as a loyal follower. Gordon Duff owns the “spooks” news site Veterans Today.

Keshe made a deal with Gordon Duff in connection with the US Keshe Foundation. More specifically, Gordon Duff, together with another former CIA spook, Mr. Mike Harris, and a former colonel of the US Special Forces, Col. Hanke, promotes the Keshe plasma technology in the USA mainly at the Pentagon and in the US Congress. The strategy here is quite simple: the Keshe technology is claimed to be real and of national interest for USA. Keshe and Duff attempt to obtain huge “black” budgets from the US Congress with useless technology that was never proven working.

So through Gordon Duff, Keshe is trying to infiltrate the US industrial complex.

Duff has repeatedly posted my name in a slanderous way – in association with pedophile networks – on his website.



Slander and outright lies at Veterans Today, instigated by Keshe


Apparently at Keshe’s request, Duff made such publications to instigate comments from his readers to have me murdered, prior to my fabricated arrest, by Blackwater hitmen.




During his public teachings,  Keshe also repeatedly called upon his followers to deal with me. “Find him and knock on his door, and ask where the graves of the children are!”

I now consider Keshe to be a paranoid psychopath, who chose me as a scapegoat and as an “enemy of the human race”, because I exposed his fraud and his lies publicly, among others, on, and in several Facebook groups.


Keshe failed

Master deceiver, demagogue and internet terrorist Mehran Tavakoli Keshe was once again unable to hide his narcissistic nature. The beast in him always breaks through and speaks with the tongue of a lying lizard. It seems we really hit a nerve with our two previous posts. So thank you Mehran for confirming what we said: you can’t stop slandering. You got yourself into even more trouble.

Because we referred to Christians, and because we showed this Wayne Madsen Report link in our previous post, which exposes Keshe’s collaborators Veterans Today as disinfo artists and UN psyops, Keshe, in the 117th knowledge seekers workshop, slandered again and accused me, Sousan and others of being financed by the “Jewish lobby”. So once again Keshe mirrored the truth in a truly Luciferian way. So whatever Keshe says, you always have to take the opposite of it to get the truth. He uses the truth as an inspiration to create more lies, by spinning it around so it fits his needs. Keep in mind that Keshe himself is half Jewish. We certainly have nothing against Jews or any other religion, but it becomes more and more apparent that Keshe might be a Zionist agent who is deliberately trying to set up the antichrist NWO system. Keshe represents Lucifer’s FALSE LIGHT, as he deceives at every turn. So if we are against that, why would we be financed by it ? Keshe is just full-blown insane.

Keshe also called the company of Kumaran, a person who exposed Keshe as a fraud years ago, and threatened to sue them if they don’t fire him, which led to a 3 day suspension for Kumaran. Keshe is the real terrorist.

And then, after all the damage KESHE caused, he suggested that I commit suicide, by saying: “I feel sorry for those who try to discredit. The only option for you lot is one thing: 11th floor. A long way to drop yourself down, to let the humanity live in peace. The only option left.” and “11th floor is the right place to be, nowhere to escape.” As usual, Keshe is mirroring his own desperate feelings. Because Keshe knows that his scam is ending, and that he is going to loose face. A fact which is very hard to accept for an egocentric narcissist like him. Reality check: What has Keshe achieved: Nothing. He is just a particle, a small empty space in the book of humanity. A white empty space between letters, characters and numbers in the history of Man. He, who was sure to be the main chapter in that book. But his role was and is already written in his name: Mehran Tavakoli or M.T. pronounced as “EMPTY”.

Keshe was not able to accomplish his dreams.

1) A new theory about gravity and plasma: Failed. He cannot show a flying reactor, so he cannot replicate a small version of the rotating Earth.
2) Be the Messiah on Earth: Failed. He doesn’t have the credibility, neither does he have the ethical correctness, neither can he work real miracles.
3) Be the most powerful man on Earth. Failed. In reality the real powers on Earth just allow him to play that role, they need a little kuku like him to create attention. A showman.
4) Be the most loved and most popular man on Earth. Failed. He may speak nice words such as “unity” or “ethos”, but only naive followers will notice them and run after him, just like rats followed the Pied Piper of Hamelin. The others see the smoke and mirrors of Keshe’s scams, but they are called criminals and pedophiles.
5) Winning the Nobel Prize for physics. Failed.



The Pied Piper of Hamelin

So now Keshe hopes that I will commit suicide, by the pressure he put on me. Your mistake Mehran! You were never able to put pressure on me. You hoped that I would collapse with an new brain stroke. Sorry but no. You were trying to send lethal plasma to me, I could feel you attempts, like you threatened Obama and Putin by saying: “I can end your lives at my wish!” Empty words. The Messiah plasma was too weak. Then Mehran, you asked help from others. “Knock on his door, and handle him”. And now, Mehran, you who once called me your brother, are you now hoping that the hitmen of Gordon Duff will throw me from the 11th floor? Is that the sinister scenario that you planned for me as my brother Kain? So then you can claim: “We knew this would happen soon, the Red Circle couldn’t face the truth and the solid evidence we gave to FBI and Interpol, so he decided to jump. But we pray for his soul.”  If you want to be the modern Kain, Mehran, don’t forget Genesis 4:11, “You will be a vagrant and a wanderer in the Universe.”

Well Mehran, forget such Luciferian scenario. For you all to know: I, Dirk Laureyssens, feel absolutely happy and comfortable, I am in good health and mentally stable. I have no intention to commit suicide, but I am still very creative, busy with further developing my holistic aether holon theory:, and fully involved in creating more educational toys: Life is fun and exciting.

Mehran, we all know, and you know, that your game is over. You see the number of your followers decreasing, the number of viewers on Livestream and Youtube dropping, and your own core members doubt you. More and more people know that you cannot build the spaceship, because your theory is wrong somewhere. Mehran, you failed. Accept it. You tried, but were not able to deliver. We dont blame you, but if you want to end your own life since you mirror and project your own suicidal feelings on me, don’t take your son Rubeen and Caroline with you, should you decide to pass over. Don’t repeat what happened to your own older brother in Manchester.

You sent Caroline’s son to a mental institute for schizophrenia, so if we are all equal as you always say, why don’t you go to such an institute yourself, in order to get help, instead of always justifying your situation by calling schizophrenics “beautiful people” ? If your life is so beautiful, then why are you considering suicide ? Nobody will judge you for getting treatment to make yourself feel better. However, you sure won’t make any friends by continuing your scam against humanity.

To all the newcomers: Keshe and I were friends (or at least that’s what he pretended to be), until he suddenly stabbed me in the back in Bari, Italy in 2015, by secretly telling others the false story that I’m a Belgian agent who is there to kill the KF core team members. So insane! Not long before he did that, he hugged me at that same event and used me to confirm his story about some corrupt Belgians. And after that he decided to make me his enemy, for whatever crazy reason. So the opposition to the KF doesn’t come because we want to stop the technology, or because we are “paid to do”, but because Keshe is an aggressive, slandering psychopath and narcissist who pretends to work for peace, when in reality he is the devil in disguise.

Mehran, do you know who told me about your hypocritical plot against me, which you still carry on until this day ? It was your “darling” Armen! He KNOWS that you are constantly lying and making up stories. WHY did you do that Mehran ? You know very well that without this sinister action against me, all this “red circle” nonsense would not exist. But it seems you WANTED to harm me and then present me as your enemy.

While his Luciferian agenda becomes clearer and clearer, Keshe still says things like “We are here as messengers of God”… which classifies him as a true antichrist.

Quote from the 117th KSW:

“Black shall not be the skin of the man, black shall be the soul of the man. This is the beauty of the new technology.”

It seems because the Illuminati weren’t able to devastate the Earth in 2012, they are now still trying to cause mayhem by creating their NWO tyranny, by using Keshe as a false Messiah, who wants the soul of man to be “black”.

Those who trust in God will recognize the deception. We trust in the REAL God, and therefore we would never commit any of the crimes that Keshe accuses us of. But let’s ask God how many crimes Keshe has committed. The truth about him might be harsher than even the most evil individuals can imagine.

He says “The KF is not for killing and mayhem”, while he causes mayhem himself by repeatedly slandering innocent people. More and more criminal charges against Keshe are now being filed by several people, for good reason.

Keshe threatened me again and said: “We take you to the European court of justice.”

Alright Mehran, come to the court IF YOU DARE. You can’t even look at a medical needle without shitting your pants. You can’t even look at your own blood without being afraid. You are a coward through and through. You know very well that if you come to the court, it’s YOU who will be convicted! That’s why you ran from Belgium! So shut your mouth.

You say so hypocritically that the technology brings us peace, then we ask you: why do you keep attacking us ? Can’t you be peaceful, despite of your own technology ?

“The problem is it looks too good and it works too good.” – M.T. Keshe

Let’s see how good it works…

Remember when Keshe said in January 2016 that by March/April, a full flight system will be shown in Dubai, the “spaceship city” ?

Check this video to hear Keshe’s delusional, or rather intentionally false announcement, which, like all the other announcements before and after, lead nowhere. As you know, Keshe is not only not allowed to go to Dubai anymore, due to his blasphemy, but his notorious spaceship has never been built and will never be built, because it’s based on total BS science. He said in Dubai 200-300 KF followers will come together for 3 months to build the ship, but what is the reality ? There were less people than that, and all it was, was an occult meeting to set up a secret BS “council” to make its members feel important, so the Luciferian KF ego club can grow.

But because this Dubai plan didn’t work out, Keshe started his next scam called “Mozhan Program”, which also lasts 3 months and basically restarts the same BS again. Keshe keeps preying on the newcomers so he can steal their money, while teaching to them the INCORRECT ethos: slander, lies, and the antichrist philosophy.

For those who still believe that Keshe has something to offer, we spell it out for you:

Dr. Eliya told us that while she was in Italy, sitting next to Keshe, he always laughed at the end of each workshop because people actually believed his lies. So how much more proof do you need to see that Keshe is intentionally scamming all of you ???

Keshe also said: “Don’t wait for patents, there is no patent in the universe.”
Then why did he pressure me to write patents for him ?? He is such a hypocrite.

His lying pattern is always the same, he makes outrageous false claims and then adds a “but” or “if” statement to it, to make it sound less ridiculous and more credible. For example:

“I’ve given you the tool, the technology is here now, IF you understand this and that… bla bla bla” or
“After using the GANS eye drops, after less than 10 days I can read near normal, BUT… bla bla bla” or
“We’ve seen the growth of hair in many cases in our trials, BUT… bla bla bla”

Keshe is like a typical politician who says: “I might have lost the election, but in reality I won this battle!” Totally delusional.

We are sure that Keshe would NEVER use the eye drops on himself. If we ask him out, he will find all kinds of excuses and fantastic stories, but he will never put the eye drops into his own eyes. And if he does, it’s just pure water, but not the poisonous GANS crap.

Keshe also creates attention by first slandering innocent people, and then seamlessly switching to his technical “teachings”, making his followers believe that the technology is so great and important that the slander is justified.

And so he keeps making endless announcements that never lead anywhere, as it has been going on for over 10 years.

He said for the 1000th time: “Today we became the men of space.”, as if it was true. So after becoming men of space so many times, why are Keshe and his followers still on Earth ? So insane!

The accuracy of Keshe’s information was shown perfectly in this workshop, when he referred to the time “before the first world war in 1916” (!)

So of course there is nothing to understand, because the teachings are all BS, so the goal he claims can never be reached. Except Keshe’s goal of spreading around the world to set up the antichrist structure.

And BECAUSE there is nothing to understand, Keshe can say “I’ve given you the knowledge, but you don’t understand.” It’s the old carrot/donkey trick.


Do you realize why Keshe, despite of his neverending talk, has not gone to space yet, and never will ? Because according to himself, “The universe will not take criminals!”



King Slander strikes again

As expected, Keshe continued his hate speech against me in the 18th international knowledge seekers workshop, claiming that I abused my own daughters (!) and that I will be arrested soon. And again he mentioned me in connection with Sterling Allan. The same old BS and slander as usual. He said he was right about Sterling Allan, so he is right about me too. But of course it was easy to be right about Sterling Allan, as he talked publicly about his sexual deviation. To make a random connection from one pedophile to innocent people is just crazy. Keshe just uses anything that fits his agenda to manipulate the minds of his followers into thinking there is a huge, evil opposition. Those who speak the truth about Keshe don’t do it because they are enemies, but because they see what kind of scam Keshe keeps pulling off, and how many people he harmed along the way. But… of course every cult needs to have artificial, imaginary enemies, so the cult leader can rule over his followers by creating fear.

Why do “technical” teachings have to include sickening, severe slander of former friends, especially since Keshe claims to be “correct” ? If the “scientific” principles of the KF were correct, Keshe wouldn’t have to cause drama and mayhem over and over again by slandering innocents. In doing so, he causes a lot of damage. And BECAUSE of Keshe’s own actions, there are many people who are upset, not the other way round. A “peaceful” workshop would sound totally different than these slander sessions.

As usual, Keshe was mirroring HIS own crimes, blaming me and other innocent people of what HE has done. You can see that Keshe moves his shoulders, his neck, his head or his hands abnormally whenever he is lying, so his shoulders usually move like crazy. And of course there was more insane talk about “pissing in the garden”. Keshe makes himself look like his own parody.

For those who don’t know: the expression “Red Circle” has been used in movies and TV series such as “Charlie’s Angels” or “Sherlock Holmes”. So as it is the common practice in the Ufology cult (which includes Project Camelot and all of Kerry Cassidy’s “Jedi Warriors of the false light”), these people use movie references and try to make their stories look real. Movie references is all they have got, because almost nothing of what they report is true. It is mostly science fiction.

So of course, none of Keshe’s slanderous claims about me are true, Keshe only showed his criminal face once again and we wonder what he has to hide, if he has to defend his position by using such violent means over and over again. There is no truth and no peace in Keshe, therefore everyone can see that his whole agenda is fake. But people know that already, only his brainwashed followers still listen to this nonsense, because they have no choice, especially the ones who are on the KF payroll. We wish they could free themselves, but it seems the brainwashing has been so extreme that there is no way for them to wake up. People who trust in the REAL God would never fall for such a deception, as they can identify a deceiver more easily.

This is a war for the human soul. The antichrist spirit will deceive many, as stated in the scriptures, and they will attack those who believe in the REAL God. And this is what is happening to us, because we looked through Keshe’s smoke and mirrors. You can follow the great deceiver Keshe and go to hell with him, or you wake up and see what has been going on for the past 10 years.

Keshe also revealed his Luciferian mindset once again when he said: “Nobody becomes your God, because you ARE the God.”

To all the Christian KF followers: do you agree with Keshe when he talks like this ? When in reality he thinks that HE HIMSELF is God ?

To lure people away from their connection with God, and to make them believe they themselves are God, is pure Luciferian mentality. Keshe finally shows his real face: the Antichrist spirit.

Quote by someone on Facebook:

“He is supporting the UN agenda, I have thoroughly investigated his so called energy and healing technology and not only does it not work, the crap is dangerous.”


Evil is as evil does

Keshe’s military lap dog, internet terrorist and self-confessed disinfo agent Gordon Duff, who runs a fake news website called Veterans Today (even though it should be “Disinformation Today”), found it once again necessary to falsely accuse me of being part of a pedophile network. That new article connects me once again to Sterling Allan, whom I never spoke to or had any communication with, yet Duff continues his false accusations and therefore makes himself guilty of severe slander. This is how Keshe pulls his associates into his criminal mess.

Gordon Duff even claims that I introduced Sterling Allan to Keshe, which is another manifest lie. In reality, it was Keshe himself who contacted Sterling, in order to get attention on the Peswiki website to promote his “plasma technology”. Keshe and Sterling had almost permanent contact via Skype. Remember, Keshe claimed that he had in his possession hundreds of emails between Sterling and myself, and he was going to publish them “soon”… and give them to the FBI! Another cliffhanger to receive attention. But what happened? Nothing, since there were no such emails. Sterling and I NEVER exchanged emails! And FBI and CIA know that of course.

And below this article, one of VT’s violent readers posted: “If I had the dough I would’ve hired Blackwater hitmen to target these pedophiles B-4 they get arrested!!!!”

This is clearly a death threat, which means Keshe and Duff are guilty of instigating murder.

Also on Facebook the VT article was posted, and Bernard Langlois commented: “Same old stuff, a few need to be taken of world, otherwise peace will be a real slow process, cheers.” Indeed, but it’s not us who stand in the way of peace. WE WANT PEACE, and we have said so many times. But peace is not possible when predators like Keshe or Duff constantly accuse us or other innocent people of being pedophiles! It’s Keshe who starts the wars, because that’s exactly what he wants! Divide and rule! And Duff follows him like a good, well-paid doggy. So now Duff and Keshe choose me, an innocent, to be crucified for their own evil reasons.

Despite of having been asked to show proof of his allegations, Duff wasn’t able to do so, but instead, just like Keshe, he keeps repeating his mantra over and over again, exactly like any other proper NWO agent would do. Like a nice lady recently said: The KF is a fascist party. They only allow questions that fit into their agenda.

So because Keshe has nothing of value to say anymore, he and his associates resort to slander to keep the game going. And because he knows he is losing his fight against truth and justice, he brainwashed Duff into assisting him in his evil plan. This clearly shows that Keshe was never my real friend, but only someone who abused my trust to get what he wanted: his 3 books, the KF logo, his international patent applications, and my help with the promotion. It also shows how cruel and ruthless Keshe really is, as he goes to great lengths to destroy the reputation of even his close and even original supporters, when they no longer serve his sinister plan.

If Duff brings up a pedophile free energy cult, it is the Keshe Foundation that comes to mind first. After all it is Keshe who spends hours alone in the same room with young, female coma patients, forbidding their parents to be present. It is also Keshe who said in one of his earlier workshops that while he stayed at a hotel some years ago, they brought a child to his room and offered it to him for his pleasure. So Mehran Tavakoli Keshe himself is the leader of a pervert BROWN CIRCLE in which mentally retarded and mentally disabled people like Gordon Duff feel home. That’s all that needs to be said about the circles that Keshe walks around in.



If Duff can get away with such lies and attacks, it is apparent that he must be protected by some dark force, maybe even by the one he claims to oppose, The “Khazarian Mafia”, as he calls it. He trolls and slanders innocent people the same way Keshe does, and he calls those who keep up the law, such as the police, “freemasons”. Duffy, can’t you read this website that tells the truth about Keshe ? Can’t you watch and understand videos like this one ? Obviously you can’t, because you are notoriously devoted to Keshe.

You point your finger at imaginary cults, while supporting the biggest and most dangerous free energy cult yourself! Your statements make no sense Duffy, they are really getting old! You contradict yourself way too often, just like Keshe, or any other NWO agent, who never shows anything, but keeps repeating BS. The truth has already been told, so why repeat your lies over and over again ?

On the other hand, considering that his fake website has already been exposed as a hoax, not only by himself, but also by the infamous Wayne Madsen Report (which clearly shows what side VT is on), Duff is maybe just playing a deception game, which would match Keshe’s attitude perfectly. Mickey Mouse Keshe and Gordon Duffy Duck work well together. Publicly opposing the NWO, but in the background they work together to establish this sinister “one planet, one nation, one race”, under the leadership of an evil entity, that is much worse than the current ruling elite.

So Duff tries to ruin my reputation by writing fake stories, based on Keshe’s lies, and then Keshe will spin it around again and say that the “red circle” threatened HIM. He always presents himself as the victim, after he attacked someone. This is how narcissists think and act.

How can you, Gordon Duff, sleep at night, knowing that you lie and slander, while accusing innocent people of crimes that only deceivers like Keshe would commit ? Truth always wins, don’t forget that. God has the final say, not you or Empty Keshe. While we usually respond with humor and truth, you were just caught slandering again. We did nothing wrong, so no matter what you write, God knows the truth. If you increase the lies, we will stick to the truth, and we will speak it, frank but peaceful, and then everyone will see who stands on which side. If any harm is done to good people because of your false accusations, it is YOUR responsibility, Gordon Duff!

When will people like Keshe or Duff learn that aggression, lying and slander are not a solution to anything ? Someone teach them peaceful behaviour please, if that is even possible. Keshe loves to talk about peace, but has never been able to grasp the concept. Oh Messiah, you are so great!

Why are Gordon Duff and his close friends in crime Col. Hanke and Mike Harris pushing Keshe that strongly ? Well, the USA Brown Circle is after the money! USA taxpayers money! The USA Brown Circle tries to convince the US Congress that Keshe Tech is real. So they use the American drone story, the Black Sea event, fake stories of Bulgarian spies in DC, etc. for that purpose. The USA Brown Circle wants secret congress money for secret military projects, such as the one with DARPA. We are not speaking about millions of US$, but about billions of US$. The USA Brown Circle tries to replay the Space Shield program of Reagan.


Comments below the latest slanderous VT article

A few words about Dan Winter. He was brought in by Brett Baggett, who is a huge fan of Dan. He therefore connected him with Keshe, and for a while Dan followed Keshe. As we can see in the above image, Dan woke up and realized that Keshe has nothing to show. And what does Duff do ? He links him to pedophiles, OF COURSE. When mental retards run out of options, that’s the only thing they have left. Call everyone a pedophile Duffy, the way you learned it from Uncle Keshe! Good doggy! At least Dan Winter is smart. Way to go Duffy! We won’t hold our breath!

Following Keshe’s questionable business methods, someone wrote on Facebook:

“Hey, today I read an interesting discussion on kashe foundation germany: It was about an invoice of that magrav thing. There was no tax number, just a notice that 21% tax were taken from the customer…but what country got the taxes? Well I think that country is called Keshe´s account, maybe this is chance to get him into jail. The discussion was of course taken from Facebook very quickly, but I made some screenshots. Have any members here there original invoice and would they present it, so that we can see, if there are more information about taxes on them?”

Kevin Blundell, one of those who are stuck in their deep sleep, caused by Uncle Keshe’s lullaby, posted on Youtube:

“A large banking institution in Italy is about to offer financing for the Keshe foundation home power unit, for 10 euro per month you can own and use a keshe home unit…, my point is…..what are you peddling here other than disinfo? Why would a major bank get involved? Why is there a new manufacturer opening in USA in 3 weeks? Why? why? why?…. you are a bunch of shills and disinfo agents and your souls are being judged. Stop with your crap lies, you can not stop this from happening…. it IS happening…”

Yes why why why is Keshe being taken seriously by any bank, after he has been running a total fraud for 10 years ? Maybe because the banking system is as corrupted as Keshe is ? Maybe because Italy is the home of the mob ?

And why is there a new manufacturer opening in the USA ? Because former CIA operatives like Duffy Duck and Col. Hanke are covering Keshe’s scam. They do it FOR MONEY. Like YOU.

And yes it is happening. Because foolish people like you support the devil… until he turns around and kicks you into the fire.

Ubuntu Germany has now teamed up with Keshe. The question is how it is possible that anyone in their right mind would team up with a known fraudster. But if you look at their “about” page, you find the answer:

The Ubuntu movement was started by Michael Tellinger, yet another Project Camelot guy! No surprise there. Their cult keeps growing, and they support each other. Keshe is one of the latest additions to that Camelot/Ufology cult, which constantly keeps people confused and afraid by talking about “Planet X”, earthquakes, or fake UFO stories. Hopegirl has written a great summary about online cults in general, but with a special focus on the latest KF developments.

And at the bottom of that Ubuntu page, you can see Tellinger’s book cover, saying “A Blueprint for Human Prosperity”. Doesn’t that sound like Keshe and Iron Mountain again ? And below it says “Exposing the Global Banking Fraud”. And who works with Italian banks now ? KESHE. It all matches so well and explains itself. Keshe is either part of the satanic cult structure that runs the banks and the elite, and set up the “alternative media” such as Project Camelot or Veterans Today, to deceive those who seek the truth, OR he is planning to overthrow the elite to establish something even worse.

As we showed in our previous post, the report from Iron Mountain explains how the UN is using a master deceiver (Keshe) to prepare a global takeover and bring in an Antichrist figure. It’s about a fake era of peace and an unreachable, unrealistic space program to distract the masses, so they don’t pay attention to what is actually going on. Wake up guys!

Notoriously devoted to Keshe

All KF followers are advised to watch this video and read this wikipedia page and this article, as they explain Keshe’s REAL agenda. Whether that report is real or a conspiracy theory is not the issue, but it seems very clear that Keshe’s plan is based on that report, either by coincidence or intentionally.

Notice that Keshe uses all the expressions that are also used in this video, for example “Blueprint”, “Peace Race”, “Peace Force” or “enforce peace”. Doesn’t all of that sound like Keshe ?

He said in the 116th Knowledge Seekers Workshop (referring to the EU, Africa, and other “unions”):

“Our job as Keshe Foundation is to make one nation out of all these groups, and we’re achieving it very rapid. And then you understand to make one planet, one nation, one race, the work already been done. It’s just bringing the last pieces together that we bring the trust and unity.”

This is the New World Order in action, ladies and gentlemen! Trust in Keshe ? After all the damage he has done ?

So it is clear that he is part of this FALSE peace agenda, to help set up the NWO (or a parallel/competitive (Iranian ?) version of it ?), while keeping people busy with unreachable goals like building “plasma spaceships”. And the fact that Brett reported that they are now working with DARPA only confirms this! The question is why an organization like DARPA can’t see through the scam ? Maybe they can, but they are part of it ? Or Brett and Col. Hanke manipulated them enough, so they blindly believe it ? Not very likely, but on the other hand, a free energy scam running for over 10 years without getting arrested is also not very likely. Especially when the perpetrator of the scam calls himself “correct” and “Messiah”, while ripping people off and putting their lives at risk by selling them harmful, untested substances.

It’s all one huge dangerous distraction, to recruit and brainwash people in all countries. Right out of this Iron Mountain report the globalists say they want to bring an era of peace through an impossible, unreachable space program. Wake up guys, all you Keshe supporters actually work towards the further enslavement of humanity! You protest against the NWO, but yet you support it, without even being aware of it!

In the 17th international workshop, Keshe delivered a speech that was one of the most manipulative ones he ever held. He claimed that the Illuminati are keeping him out of the media because they are afraid of him, when the truth is that Keshe is not in the media because nobody wants to report on a fake technology! Yes it’s that simple. It’s just his notoriously devoted followers who still believe his brainwashing. If anything, the Illuminati are WITH Keshe, not against him. It’s so obvious that the whole Keshe agenda is very similar to the NWO plan.

In the same workshop, Keshe also said once again:

“Those of you who drink it (GANS), you are told not to, because it’s so powerful”  (Note: he didn’t say “harmful”, he still tries to present it as something positive)

And then they sell products like these…



And when someone points out these contradictions, Keshe calls them “enemies”.

Keshe created enemies by himself, by attacking, slandering, lying or stealing, and now that these victims speak up, Keshe uses that to justify once again his “technology”, by saying the KF is being attacked by a lot of enemies. But the truth is that there are no attacks. People just laugh at Keshe. Especially those with scientific understanding can see that Keshe has nothing of value to offer.

And some of the newcomers are now starting to translate the old workshops from the beginning, which feature people who are no longer part of the KF because they found out that Keshe is a fraud. So how ridiculous is that ? The KF is therefore promoting material that proves that the KF is not what it pretends to be. And of course those newcomers think they know it all, and have to “educate” those who already went through this very negative KF experience.

And Veterans Today is also STILL mentioning Keshe in an article about cold fusion:

“Keshe knows this stuff and it is the basis for his so-called ‘Magrav’ home reactor technology.”

Which of course is total nonsense. The magrav unit is based on rusty coils, not on cold fusion. But oh well, VT is also just notoriously devoted to Keshe. They promote Keshe just for the sake of it. And while some of their writers warn their readers about the NWO, they also seem to support it, like all two-faced NWO agents do. So what is THEIR agenda, when they promote a KNOWN scammer and promoter of the NWO plan ?

The following picture clearly shows that cold fusion and magravs have as much in common as real science and rusty coils. So how can this bunch of rusty coils be the basis for cold fusion, when there is absolutely NO common denominator ? VT disqualified themselves once again with that incompetent statement. Even Belgian chocolate has more of a cold fusion effect than a magrav unit!


Cold Fusion (Geissler Tube, as shown by VT) vs. Rusty Coils (Keshe “Magrav”)

Speaking of Veterans Today, how about this article ? If cellphone radiation causes brain cancer, then why wouldn’t the KF “Health Unit” do the same, when it creates such strong magnetic fields ?

Keshe also made another big announcement, saying he will show how to create diamonds in the following workshop, but as expected that didn’t happen and instead when asked he said: “Nono, we are not going there”. So as usual, there are big announcements, but no promise has ever been kept. It’s all just a big show to keep people involved and interested.

However, Keshe announced that the power units can now be bought from banks all over Italy, if you sell your soul to the devil pay a certain monthly fee for 3 years. The fact that banks seem to collaborate with Keshe is very alarming, especially since he always spoke very negative about banks and the elite control structure behind it. So what kind of dirty deal has been made there ? Or was there no deal necessary, and it has all been planned from the start ? Read above about Iron Mountain, it might open your eyes.

Furthermore, Keshe now only talks about invisible fields, so literally everything in his teachings has become imaginary. The technology is no longer visible, it’s only in the minds of the KF followers, and so nobody can prove Keshe wrong. His followers have a strong imagination, so they will increase the BS level and create more fantastic stories, because nobody needs to see anything anymore, as it is all on a field level. We wonder what other normal, mentally sane people must think when they listen to this nonsense.

Another one of Keshe’s big talks involve the claim that “the Keshe Foundation was instrumental in getting the peace deal between Iran and USA going”. But the reality doesn’t show a real peace between both nations, nor was Keshe involved in the peace talks. As stated in the news of today, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei once again attacked the USA, saying that the USA won’t commit themselves to peace. So the peace that Keshe allegedly negotiated has not come true, just like everything else he claimed or promised.

Keshe never fulfills his promises, his announcements never lead anywhere, they are just there to keep his cult followers around. Keshe’s workshops are a continuous repetition of cliffhangers. The buzzword is “SOON”. The two main ways for cliffhangers to keep readers/viewers coming back is to either involve characters in a suspenseful, possibly life-threatening situation, or to feature a sudden shocking revelation.

In Keshe’s case this means:

1) Announcing the building of the spaceship in Dubai in April 2016 (never happened and will never happen)

2) The coming arrest of the red circle criminals (since 2015) by Interpol (never happened because doesn’t exist)

3) The destruction of USA military satellites since 2014 (never happened and will never happen)

4) The demonstration of flying reactors (never happened and will never happen)

5) … (you name it)

We would also like to remind everyone of the HUGE earthquake prediction that Keshe delivered not long ago. It was so HUGE and URGENT that he had asked all of California to be evacuated. IF governments really took Keshe seriously (or even cared!), they would have listened to him, but of course they did not. Imagine the effort, cost and embarassment afterwards. But now that we mentioned it again, Keshe will surely come up with another earthquake prediction, and his followers will fall for it again, just to keep the scam going. It seems people WANT to be betrayed. What a circus…

Someone posted the following comments below one of the Keshe whistleblower videos. See our responses in green.

“What are you talking about? The power device works fine, there are many many people like myself that have built one and it works! There is no question about that.”

Right, it works, but as what ? Does this “free energy device” create free energy ? When it clearly states that it is a power factor corrector that must be plugged into the grid ? In this regard, it sure works. But then you wouldn’t have to get it from Keshe, as there are such devices all over the place. They trick the user AND the power companies, and if they find out, you might have to pay a fine for trying to cheat on them. And if you are less lucky and your device starts sparkling, it might burn down your house. Yes it works! Check our video links section to see proof!

“So have you actually been looking for the successful ones or have you been looking for failure?”

If you had watched the videos, you wouldn’t have to ask this question. Are YOU looking to justify YOUR failure, which you can’t even see right now ? Are you a paid Keshe troll ?

“If I and others can build one that works, and bare in mind that it is very hard NOT to get one working as it is too simple to build, then obviously there are 1000s of people doing the same thing with the same level of success.”

Then please SHOW us your success. Show us how you power your house, your car, or even your invisible spaceship with it, without plugging it into the grid ? No excuses! SHOW IT!

“What I hear here is a load of rubbish from people who actually have an agenda and vendetta against Mr Keshe, spreading unfounded lies is not he best way to run a show now is it.”

Nobody has an agenda or vendetta against Mr. Keshe, on the contrary, Mr. Keshe has an agenda against WE THE PEOPLE, he just tells you the exact opposite! And before you accuse WITNESSES of spreading unfounded lies, tell us how much YOU actually know about the Keshe Foundation, how much time you spent personally with Keshe, and show us your PROOF! If Keshe had accused YOU of being an agent, a murderer, a pedophile or a terrorist (because that’s what he did to us, as a “reward” for supporting him), would you still support him ? Inform yourself, and use your brain, before you speak!

“I bet none of you have experimented have you? This much is too obvious.”

Wrong, all of us have experimented or have even done the work for Keshe. You are accusing former and even original supporters of Keshe, young man!

“I also know of people that are actually being fed by their own device (not me)they are happy, full of energy and are not fading away to skin and bones.”

Let a REAL medical doctor check that, and then lower your head in shame.

“I mean, where do you get off on talking about things that none of you know about,?? Because you’re “anti” Keshe.”

No, we are not anti-Keshe. In fact, Keshe is anti-YOU! We are anti-lie, anti-scam, anti-rape, anti-pedophilia, anti-bullshit, anti-slander, and anti-Antichrist! Unlike Keshe, we are PRO-HUMANITY! Wake up young man! Like everyone else who supports or defends Keshe, you don’t see that YOU are being used BY KESHE to attack people like us who are trying to tell you the truth. Keshe’s agenda is to cause division that didn’t exist before he showed up! The same way nationalists are currently trying to create division and fear in the West to split up society, Keshe is trying the same by creating artificial “enemies”, who are then opposed by people like YOU. And you don’t even notice.

We want to see no harm done to Keshe or anyone else, but the way he is trying to sell his crooked methods as a “change of course for humanity” must be exposed! Especially to protect naive people like YOU from getting harmed. We are PRO-PEACE and PRO-FREEDOM! The difference between us and Keshe: WE DON’T FAKE IT! He certainly wants peace for himself, but not for others, otherwise he wouldn’t always attack his former supporters! Keshe wants justice for himself, but not for others! But as we all know, a forced peace without justice is tyranny!

“I have tried to listen to your whole shows but the lies are too thick, I am sorry but it’s true, NONE of you understand and seem to fear what you do not understand, and to say it doesn’t work to someone who actually experiments is quite funny”

The one who doesn’t understand is YOU, like most KF followers. And to say we fear copper oxide is a bold statement LOL   It’s ignorant and blind believers like you who cause conflicts and wars by falling for false beliefs and defending them, not copper oxide!

“As your message is so biased I am not expecting my post to be published, so I will publish it in other groups to let people know what the Keshe haters are up to and cover my butt”

As you can see your post was indeed published. Unlike the Keshe Foundation, we don’t censor. And yes, we are biased by the truth. Keshe messed with your head, the same way he did with everyone else’s. Cover your butt ? Hit and run, like a coward ? You have nothing to fear from us, but watch out for what Keshe will do to you, if blind followers like YOU continue to support him! ALL his former supporters were attacked by him, so… good luck to you!

“Would be nice to hear a little truth?”

Indeed. So go find it elsewhere, because you won’t get it from Keshe, or from any other scam artist.

Keshe posted more big words on Facebook, pretending once again to be the master of correct behaviour.

MT Keshe message to the universal council

MT Keshe Message:
“The first rule of to be members of the universal council is that :

The universal council member should shine like the light of the creator, to be the source of light for other souls and radiate the light of the beauty of the creator and have and try to reach all attributes of The SOUL of the creator .
In time creatures of the universe see this light and not the physicality of the man.
The attributes of the creator has been stated in many scriptures of the man in the past.

Secondly you are through your soul a member of the council.

MT Keshe

The members of the council can’t announce themselves as a member of the council unless it is announced and registered under the council’s panels and no members of the council can ever speak as themselves being a member and influencing their opinion or words, at this point immediately they lose their seat in the council and a new member can stand for the position.

Those who try to show that they are better servants of humanity they do not stand a chance to take a seat in the council.

Selection of the soul of the council comes from service through giving from the soul and not by talk or physical actions.”

MT Keshe

They also produced this new MOZHAN promo video where Keshe claims to teach the “space ethos”. If you want to see the sharp contrast between Keshe’s fantasy world and the harsh reality of his REAL “ethos” and “respect for the man”, look at this report and this page. Then you will see what caliber of an IMMORAL scam Keshe keeps pulling off, and how peaceful, correct and respectful Keshe really is.

As we stated at the beginning of this post, it’s an unreachable space program, used as a distraction while he is trying to set up a sinister “One World Government” or “New World Order”, by spreading from one country to another, using manipulative techniques and outright lies to brainwash people, while receiving a lot of money during that process.

Ever heard the phrase “devil in disguise” ?

Keshe uses the same driving force as the elite: Fear. Using insane and illogical statements, he creates fear in his followers, so they would rather keep following him.


“… not out of love, but out of fear of his own existence (!!!)

And gullible people fall for this nonsense over and over again. The following image shows the mindset of Keshe’s followers very well. This is the level of science of the Keshe Foundation. Because of such people, the Keshe scam goes on and on and on, because they can easily be impressed and manipulated. Nothing left to say.


“My job as a teacher is more or less coming to an end. I step down very soon.”

M.T. Keshe, 116th Knowledge Seekers Workshop

Arrest imminent ?

Or just another fake announcement ?