Notoriously devoted to Keshe

All KF followers are advised to watch this video and read this wikipedia page and this article, as they explain Keshe’s REAL agenda. Whether that report is real or a conspiracy theory is not the issue, but it seems very clear that Keshe’s plan is based on that report, either by coincidence or intentionally.

Notice that Keshe uses all the expressions that are also used in this video, for example “Blueprint”, “Peace Race”, “Peace Force” or “enforce peace”. Doesn’t all of that sound like Keshe ?

He said in the 116th Knowledge Seekers Workshop (referring to the EU, Africa, and other “unions”):

“Our job as Keshe Foundation is to make one nation out of all these groups, and we’re achieving it very rapid. And then you understand to make one planet, one nation, one race, the work already been done. It’s just bringing the last pieces together that we bring the trust and unity.”

This is the New World Order in action, ladies and gentlemen! Trust in Keshe ? After all the damage he has done ?

So it is clear that he is part of this FALSE peace agenda, to help set up the NWO (or a parallel/competitive (Iranian ?) version of it ?), while keeping people busy with unreachable goals like building “plasma spaceships”. And the fact that Brett reported that they are now working with DARPA only confirms this! The question is why an organization like DARPA can’t see through the scam ? Maybe they can, but they are part of it ? Or Brett and Col. Hanke manipulated them enough, so they blindly believe it ? Not very likely, but on the other hand, a free energy scam running for over 10 years without getting arrested is also not very likely. Especially when the perpetrator of the scam calls himself “correct” and “Messiah”, while ripping people off and putting their lives at risk by selling them harmful, untested substances.

It’s all one huge dangerous distraction, to recruit and brainwash people in all countries. Right out of this Iron Mountain report the globalists say they want to bring an era of peace through an impossible, unreachable space program. Wake up guys, all you Keshe supporters actually work towards the further enslavement of humanity! You protest against the NWO, but yet you support it, without even being aware of it!

In the 17th international workshop, Keshe delivered a speech that was one of the most manipulative ones he ever held. He claimed that the Illuminati are keeping him out of the media because they are afraid of him, when the truth is that Keshe is not in the media because nobody wants to report on a fake technology! Yes it’s that simple. It’s just his notoriously devoted followers who still believe his brainwashing. If anything, the Illuminati are WITH Keshe, not against him. It’s so obvious that the whole Keshe agenda is very similar to the NWO plan.

In the same workshop, Keshe also said once again:

“Those of you who drink it (GANS), you are told not to, because it’s so powerful”  (Note: he didn’t say “harmful”, he still tries to present it as something positive)

And then they sell products like these…



And when someone points out these contradictions, Keshe calls them “enemies”.

Keshe created enemies by himself, by attacking, slandering, lying or stealing, and now that these victims speak up, Keshe uses that to justify once again his “technology”, by saying the KF is being attacked by a lot of enemies. But the truth is that there are no attacks. People just laugh at Keshe. Especially those with scientific understanding can see that Keshe has nothing of value to offer.

And some of the newcomers are now starting to translate the old workshops from the beginning, which feature people who are no longer part of the KF because they found out that Keshe is a fraud. So how ridiculous is that ? The KF is therefore promoting material that proves that the KF is not what it pretends to be. And of course those newcomers think they know it all, and have to “educate” those who already went through this very negative KF experience.

And Veterans Today is also STILL mentioning Keshe in an article about cold fusion:

“Keshe knows this stuff and it is the basis for his so-called ‘Magrav’ home reactor technology.”

Which of course is total nonsense. The magrav unit is based on rusty coils, not on cold fusion. But oh well, VT is also just notoriously devoted to Keshe. They promote Keshe just for the sake of it. And while some of their writers warn their readers about the NWO, they also seem to support it, like all two-faced NWO agents do. So what is THEIR agenda, when they promote a KNOWN scammer and promoter of the NWO plan ?

The following picture clearly shows that cold fusion and magravs have as much in common as real science and rusty coils. So how can this bunch of rusty coils be the basis for cold fusion, when there is absolutely NO common denominator ? VT disqualified themselves once again with that incompetent statement. Even Belgian chocolate has more of a cold fusion effect than a magrav unit!


Cold Fusion (Geissler Tube, as shown by VT) vs. Rusty Coils (Keshe “Magrav”)

Speaking of Veterans Today, how about this article ? If cellphone radiation causes brain cancer, then why wouldn’t the KF “Health Unit” do the same, when it creates such strong magnetic fields ?

Keshe also made another big announcement, saying he will show how to create diamonds in the following workshop, but as expected that didn’t happen and instead when asked he said: “Nono, we are not going there”. So as usual, there are big announcements, but no promise has ever been kept. It’s all just a big show to keep people involved and interested.

However, Keshe announced that the power units can now be bought from banks all over Italy, if you sell your soul to the devil pay a certain monthly fee for 3 years. The fact that banks seem to collaborate with Keshe is very alarming, especially since he always spoke very negative about banks and the elite control structure behind it. So what kind of dirty deal has been made there ? Or was there no deal necessary, and it has all been planned from the start ? Read above about Iron Mountain, it might open your eyes.

Furthermore, Keshe now only talks about invisible fields, so literally everything in his teachings has become imaginary. The technology is no longer visible, it’s only in the minds of the KF followers, and so nobody can prove Keshe wrong. His followers have a strong imagination, so they will increase the BS level and create more fantastic stories, because nobody needs to see anything anymore, as it is all on a field level. We wonder what other normal, mentally sane people must think when they listen to this nonsense.

Another one of Keshe’s big talks involve the claim that “the Keshe Foundation was instrumental in getting the peace deal between Iran and USA going”. But the reality doesn’t show a real peace between both nations, nor was Keshe involved in the peace talks. As stated in the news of today, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei once again attacked the USA, saying that the USA won’t commit themselves to peace. So the peace that Keshe allegedly negotiated has not come true, just like everything else he claimed or promised.

Keshe never fulfills his promises, his announcements never lead anywhere, they are just there to keep his cult followers around. Keshe’s workshops are a continuous repetition of cliffhangers. The buzzword is “SOON”. The two main ways for cliffhangers to keep readers/viewers coming back is to either involve characters in a suspenseful, possibly life-threatening situation, or to feature a sudden shocking revelation.

In Keshe’s case this means:

1) Announcing the building of the spaceship in Dubai in April 2016 (never happened and will never happen)

2) The coming arrest of the red circle criminals (since 2015) by Interpol (never happened because doesn’t exist)

3) The destruction of USA military satellites since 2014 (never happened and will never happen)

4) The demonstration of flying reactors (never happened and will never happen)

5) … (you name it)

We would also like to remind everyone of the HUGE earthquake prediction that Keshe delivered not long ago. It was so HUGE and URGENT that he had asked all of California to be evacuated. IF governments really took Keshe seriously (or even cared!), they would have listened to him, but of course they did not. Imagine the effort, cost and embarassment afterwards. But now that we mentioned it again, Keshe will surely come up with another earthquake prediction, and his followers will fall for it again, just to keep the scam going. It seems people WANT to be betrayed. What a circus…

Someone posted the following comments below one of the Keshe whistleblower videos. See our responses in green.

“What are you talking about? The power device works fine, there are many many people like myself that have built one and it works! There is no question about that.”

Right, it works, but as what ? Does this “free energy device” create free energy ? When it clearly states that it is a power factor corrector that must be plugged into the grid ? In this regard, it sure works. But then you wouldn’t have to get it from Keshe, as there are such devices all over the place. They trick the user AND the power companies, and if they find out, you might have to pay a fine for trying to cheat on them. And if you are less lucky and your device starts sparkling, it might burn down your house. Yes it works! Check our video links section to see proof!

“So have you actually been looking for the successful ones or have you been looking for failure?”

If you had watched the videos, you wouldn’t have to ask this question. Are YOU looking to justify YOUR failure, which you can’t even see right now ? Are you a paid Keshe troll ?

“If I and others can build one that works, and bare in mind that it is very hard NOT to get one working as it is too simple to build, then obviously there are 1000s of people doing the same thing with the same level of success.”

Then please SHOW us your success. Show us how you power your house, your car, or even your invisible spaceship with it, without plugging it into the grid ? No excuses! SHOW IT!

“What I hear here is a load of rubbish from people who actually have an agenda and vendetta against Mr Keshe, spreading unfounded lies is not he best way to run a show now is it.”

Nobody has an agenda or vendetta against Mr. Keshe, on the contrary, Mr. Keshe has an agenda against WE THE PEOPLE, he just tells you the exact opposite! And before you accuse WITNESSES of spreading unfounded lies, tell us how much YOU actually know about the Keshe Foundation, how much time you spent personally with Keshe, and show us your PROOF! If Keshe had accused YOU of being an agent, a murderer, a pedophile or a terrorist (because that’s what he did to us, as a “reward” for supporting him), would you still support him ? Inform yourself, and use your brain, before you speak!

“I bet none of you have experimented have you? This much is too obvious.”

Wrong, all of us have experimented or have even done the work for Keshe. You are accusing former and even original supporters of Keshe, young man!

“I also know of people that are actually being fed by their own device (not me)they are happy, full of energy and are not fading away to skin and bones.”

Let a REAL medical doctor check that, and then lower your head in shame.

“I mean, where do you get off on talking about things that none of you know about,?? Because you’re “anti” Keshe.”

No, we are not anti-Keshe. In fact, Keshe is anti-YOU! We are anti-lie, anti-scam, anti-rape, anti-pedophilia, anti-bullshit, anti-slander, and anti-Antichrist! Unlike Keshe, we are PRO-HUMANITY! Wake up young man! Like everyone else who supports or defends Keshe, you don’t see that YOU are being used BY KESHE to attack people like us who are trying to tell you the truth. Keshe’s agenda is to cause division that didn’t exist before he showed up! The same way nationalists are currently trying to create division and fear in the West to split up society, Keshe is trying the same by creating artificial “enemies”, who are then opposed by people like YOU. And you don’t even notice.

We want to see no harm done to Keshe or anyone else, but the way he is trying to sell his crooked methods as a “change of course for humanity” must be exposed! Especially to protect naive people like YOU from getting harmed. We are PRO-PEACE and PRO-FREEDOM! The difference between us and Keshe: WE DON’T FAKE IT! He certainly wants peace for himself, but not for others, otherwise he wouldn’t always attack his former supporters! Keshe wants justice for himself, but not for others! But as we all know, a forced peace without justice is tyranny!

“I have tried to listen to your whole shows but the lies are too thick, I am sorry but it’s true, NONE of you understand and seem to fear what you do not understand, and to say it doesn’t work to someone who actually experiments is quite funny”

The one who doesn’t understand is YOU, like most KF followers. And to say we fear copper oxide is a bold statement LOL   It’s ignorant and blind believers like you who cause conflicts and wars by falling for false beliefs and defending them, not copper oxide!

“As your message is so biased I am not expecting my post to be published, so I will publish it in other groups to let people know what the Keshe haters are up to and cover my butt”

As you can see your post was indeed published. Unlike the Keshe Foundation, we don’t censor. And yes, we are biased by the truth. Keshe messed with your head, the same way he did with everyone else’s. Cover your butt ? Hit and run, like a coward ? You have nothing to fear from us, but watch out for what Keshe will do to you, if blind followers like YOU continue to support him! ALL his former supporters were attacked by him, so… good luck to you!

“Would be nice to hear a little truth?”

Indeed. So go find it elsewhere, because you won’t get it from Keshe, or from any other scam artist.

Keshe posted more big words on Facebook, pretending once again to be the master of correct behaviour.

MT Keshe message to the universal council

MT Keshe Message:
“The first rule of to be members of the universal council is that :

The universal council member should shine like the light of the creator, to be the source of light for other souls and radiate the light of the beauty of the creator and have and try to reach all attributes of The SOUL of the creator .
In time creatures of the universe see this light and not the physicality of the man.
The attributes of the creator has been stated in many scriptures of the man in the past.

Secondly you are through your soul a member of the council.

MT Keshe

The members of the council can’t announce themselves as a member of the council unless it is announced and registered under the council’s panels and no members of the council can ever speak as themselves being a member and influencing their opinion or words, at this point immediately they lose their seat in the council and a new member can stand for the position.

Those who try to show that they are better servants of humanity they do not stand a chance to take a seat in the council.

Selection of the soul of the council comes from service through giving from the soul and not by talk or physical actions.”

MT Keshe

They also produced this new MOZHAN promo video where Keshe claims to teach the “space ethos”. If you want to see the sharp contrast between Keshe’s fantasy world and the harsh reality of his REAL “ethos” and “respect for the man”, look at this report and this page. Then you will see what caliber of an IMMORAL scam Keshe keeps pulling off, and how peaceful, correct and respectful Keshe really is.

As we stated at the beginning of this post, it’s an unreachable space program, used as a distraction while he is trying to set up a sinister “One World Government” or “New World Order”, by spreading from one country to another, using manipulative techniques and outright lies to brainwash people, while receiving a lot of money during that process.

Ever heard the phrase “devil in disguise” ?

Keshe uses the same driving force as the elite: Fear. Using insane and illogical statements, he creates fear in his followers, so they would rather keep following him.


“… not out of love, but out of fear of his own existence (!!!)

And gullible people fall for this nonsense over and over again. The following image shows the mindset of Keshe’s followers very well. This is the level of science of the Keshe Foundation. Because of such people, the Keshe scam goes on and on and on, because they can easily be impressed and manipulated. Nothing left to say.


“My job as a teacher is more or less coming to an end. I step down very soon.”

M.T. Keshe, 116th Knowledge Seekers Workshop

Arrest imminent ?

Or just another fake announcement ?