Evil is as evil does

Keshe’s military lap dog, internet terrorist and self-confessed disinfo agent Gordon Duff, who runs a fake news website called Veterans Today (even though it should be “Disinformation Today”), found it once again necessary to falsely accuse me of being part of a pedophile network. That new article connects me once again to Sterling Allan, whom I never spoke to or had any communication with, yet Duff continues his false accusations and therefore makes himself guilty of severe slander. This is how Keshe pulls his associates into his criminal mess.

Gordon Duff even claims that I introduced Sterling Allan to Keshe, which is another manifest lie. In reality, it was Keshe himself who contacted Sterling, in order to get attention on the Peswiki website to promote his “plasma technology”. Keshe and Sterling had almost permanent contact via Skype. Remember, Keshe claimed that he had in his possession hundreds of emails between Sterling and myself, and he was going to publish them “soon”… and give them to the FBI! Another cliffhanger to receive attention. But what happened? Nothing, since there were no such emails. Sterling and I NEVER exchanged emails! And FBI and CIA know that of course.

And below this article, one of VT’s violent readers posted: “If I had the dough I would’ve hired Blackwater hitmen to target these pedophiles B-4 they get arrested!!!!”

This is clearly a death threat, which means Keshe and Duff are guilty of instigating murder.

Also on Facebook the VT article was posted, and Bernard Langlois commented: “Same old stuff, a few need to be taken of world, otherwise peace will be a real slow process, cheers.” Indeed, but it’s not us who stand in the way of peace. WE WANT PEACE, and we have said so many times. But peace is not possible when predators like Keshe or Duff constantly accuse us or other innocent people of being pedophiles! It’s Keshe who starts the wars, because that’s exactly what he wants! Divide and rule! And Duff follows him like a good, well-paid doggy. So now Duff and Keshe choose me, an innocent, to be crucified for their own evil reasons.

Despite of having been asked to show proof of his allegations, Duff wasn’t able to do so, but instead, just like Keshe, he keeps repeating his mantra over and over again, exactly like any other proper NWO agent would do. Like a nice lady recently said: The KF is a fascist party. They only allow questions that fit into their agenda.

So because Keshe has nothing of value to say anymore, he and his associates resort to slander to keep the game going. And because he knows he is losing his fight against truth and justice, he brainwashed Duff into assisting him in his evil plan. This clearly shows that Keshe was never my real friend, but only someone who abused my trust to get what he wanted: his 3 books, the KF logo, his international patent applications, and my help with the promotion. It also shows how cruel and ruthless Keshe really is, as he goes to great lengths to destroy the reputation of even his close and even original supporters, when they no longer serve his sinister plan.

If Duff brings up a pedophile free energy cult, it is the Keshe Foundation that comes to mind first. After all it is Keshe who spends hours alone in the same room with young, female coma patients, forbidding their parents to be present. It is also Keshe who said in one of his earlier workshops that while he stayed at a hotel some years ago, they brought a child to his room and offered it to him for his pleasure. So Mehran Tavakoli Keshe himself is the leader of a pervert BROWN CIRCLE in which mentally retarded and mentally disabled people like Gordon Duff feel home. That’s all that needs to be said about the circles that Keshe walks around in.



If Duff can get away with such lies and attacks, it is apparent that he must be protected by some dark force, maybe even by the one he claims to oppose, The “Khazarian Mafia”, as he calls it. He trolls and slanders innocent people the same way Keshe does, and he calls those who keep up the law, such as the police, “freemasons”. Duffy, can’t you read this website that tells the truth about Keshe ? Can’t you watch and understand videos like this one ? Obviously you can’t, because you are notoriously devoted to Keshe.

You point your finger at imaginary cults, while supporting the biggest and most dangerous free energy cult yourself! Your statements make no sense Duffy, they are really getting old! You contradict yourself way too often, just like Keshe, or any other NWO agent, who never shows anything, but keeps repeating BS. The truth has already been told, so why repeat your lies over and over again ?

On the other hand, considering that his fake website has already been exposed as a hoax, not only by himself, but also by the infamous Wayne Madsen Report (which clearly shows what side VT is on), Duff is maybe just playing a deception game, which would match Keshe’s attitude perfectly. Mickey Mouse Keshe and Gordon Duffy Duck work well together. Publicly opposing the NWO, but in the background they work together to establish this sinister “one planet, one nation, one race”, under the leadership of an evil entity, that is much worse than the current ruling elite.

So Duff tries to ruin my reputation by writing fake stories, based on Keshe’s lies, and then Keshe will spin it around again and say that the “red circle” threatened HIM. He always presents himself as the victim, after he attacked someone. This is how narcissists think and act.

How can you, Gordon Duff, sleep at night, knowing that you lie and slander, while accusing innocent people of crimes that only deceivers like Keshe would commit ? Truth always wins, don’t forget that. God has the final say, not you or Empty Keshe. While we usually respond with humor and truth, you were just caught slandering again. We did nothing wrong, so no matter what you write, God knows the truth. If you increase the lies, we will stick to the truth, and we will speak it, frank but peaceful, and then everyone will see who stands on which side. If any harm is done to good people because of your false accusations, it is YOUR responsibility, Gordon Duff!

When will people like Keshe or Duff learn that aggression, lying and slander are not a solution to anything ? Someone teach them peaceful behaviour please, if that is even possible. Keshe loves to talk about peace, but has never been able to grasp the concept. Oh Messiah, you are so great!

Why are Gordon Duff and his close friends in crime Col. Hanke and Mike Harris pushing Keshe that strongly ? Well, the USA Brown Circle is after the money! USA taxpayers money! The USA Brown Circle tries to convince the US Congress that Keshe Tech is real. So they use the American drone story, the Black Sea event, fake stories of Bulgarian spies in DC, etc. for that purpose. The USA Brown Circle wants secret congress money for secret military projects, such as the one with DARPA. We are not speaking about millions of US$, but about billions of US$. The USA Brown Circle tries to replay the Space Shield program of Reagan.


Comments below the latest slanderous VT article

A few words about Dan Winter. He was brought in by Brett Baggett, who is a huge fan of Dan. He therefore connected him with Keshe, and for a while Dan followed Keshe. As we can see in the above image, Dan woke up and realized that Keshe has nothing to show. And what does Duff do ? He links him to pedophiles, OF COURSE. When mental retards run out of options, that’s the only thing they have left. Call everyone a pedophile Duffy, the way you learned it from Uncle Keshe! Good doggy! At least Dan Winter is smart. Way to go Duffy! We won’t hold our breath!

Following Keshe’s questionable business methods, someone wrote on Facebook:

“Hey, today I read an interesting discussion on kashe foundation germany: It was about an invoice of that magrav thing. There was no tax number, just a notice that 21% tax were taken from the customer…but what country got the taxes? Well I think that country is called Keshe´s account, maybe this is chance to get him into jail. The discussion was of course taken from Facebook very quickly, but I made some screenshots. Have any members here there original invoice and would they present it, so that we can see, if there are more information about taxes on them?”

Kevin Blundell, one of those who are stuck in their deep sleep, caused by Uncle Keshe’s lullaby, posted on Youtube:

“A large banking institution in Italy is about to offer financing for the Keshe foundation home power unit, for 10 euro per month you can own and use a keshe home unit…..so, my point is…..what are you peddling here other than disinfo? Why would a major bank get involved? Why is there a new manufacturer opening in USA in 3 weeks? Why? why? why?…. you are a bunch of shills and disinfo agents and your souls are being judged. Stop with your crap lies, you can not stop this from happening…. it IS happening…”

Yes why why why is Keshe being taken seriously by any bank, after he has been running a total fraud for 10 years ? Maybe because the banking system is as corrupted as Keshe is ? Maybe because Italy is the home of the mob ?

And why is there a new manufacturer opening in the USA ? Because former CIA operatives like Duffy Duck and Col. Hanke are covering Keshe’s scam. They do it FOR MONEY. Like YOU.

And yes it is happening. Because foolish people like you support the devil… until he turns around and kicks you into the fire.

Ubuntu Germany has now teamed up with Keshe. The question is how it is possible that anyone in their right mind would team up with a known fraudster. But if you look at their “about” page, you find the answer:

The Ubuntu movement was started by Michael Tellinger, yet another Project Camelot guy! No surprise there. Their cult keeps growing, and they support each other. Keshe is one of the latest additions to that Camelot/Ufology cult, which constantly keeps people confused and afraid by talking about “Planet X”, earthquakes, or fake UFO stories. Hopegirl has written a great summary about online cults in general, but with a special focus on the latest KF developments.

And at the bottom of that Ubuntu page, you can see Tellinger’s book cover, saying “A Blueprint for Human Prosperity”. Doesn’t that sound like Keshe and Iron Mountain again ? And below it says “Exposing the Global Banking Fraud”. And who works with Italian banks now ? KESHE. It all matches so well and explains itself. Keshe is either part of the satanic cult structure that runs the banks and the elite, and set up the “alternative media” such as Project Camelot or Veterans Today, to deceive those who seek the truth, OR he is planning to overthrow the elite to establish something even worse.

As we showed in our previous post, the report from Iron Mountain explains how the UN is using a master deceiver (Keshe) to prepare a global takeover and bring in an Antichrist figure. It’s about a fake era of peace and an unreachable, unrealistic space program to distract the masses, so they don’t pay attention to what is actually going on. Wake up guys!