King Slander strikes again

As expected, Keshe continued his hate speech against me in the 18th international knowledge seekers workshop, claiming that I abused my own daughters (!) and that I will be arrested soon. And again he mentioned me in connection with Sterling Allan. The same old BS and slander as usual. He said he was right about Sterling Allan, so he is right about me too. But of course it was easy to be right about Sterling Allan, as he talked publicly about his sexual deviation. To make a random connection from one pedophile to innocent people is just crazy. Keshe just uses anything that fits his agenda to manipulate the minds of his followers into thinking there is a huge, evil opposition. Those who speak the truth about Keshe don’t do it because they are enemies, but because they see what kind of scam Keshe keeps pulling off, and how many people he harmed along the way. But… of course every cult needs to have artificial, imaginary enemies, so the cult leader can rule over his followers by creating fear.

Why do “technical” teachings have to include sickening, severe slander of former friends, especially since Keshe claims to be “correct” ? If the “scientific” principles of the KF were correct, Keshe wouldn’t have to cause drama and mayhem over and over again by slandering innocents. In doing so, he causes a lot of damage. And BECAUSE of Keshe’s own actions, there are many people who are upset, not the other way round. A “peaceful” workshop would sound totally different than these slander sessions.

As usual, Keshe was mirroring HIS own crimes, blaming me and other innocent people of what HE has done. You can see that Keshe moves his shoulders, his neck, his head or his hands abnormally whenever he is lying, so his shoulders usually move like crazy. And of course there was more insane talk about “pissing in the garden”. Keshe makes himself look like his own parody.

For those who don’t know: the expression “Red Circle” has been used in movies and TV series such as “Charlie’s Angels” or “Sherlock Holmes”. So as it is the common practice in the Ufology cult (which includes Project Camelot and all of Kerry Cassidy’s “Jedi Warriors of the false light”), these people use movie references and try to make their stories look real. Movie references is all they have got, because almost nothing of what they report is true. It is mostly science fiction.

So of course, none of Keshe’s slanderous claims about me are true, Keshe only showed his criminal face once again and we wonder what he has to hide, if he has to defend his position by using such violent means over and over again. There is no truth and no peace in Keshe, therefore everyone can see that his whole agenda is fake. But people know that already, only his brainwashed followers still listen to this nonsense, because they have no choice, especially the ones who are on the KF payroll. We wish they could free themselves, but it seems the brainwashing has been so extreme that there is no way for them to wake up. People who trust in the REAL God would never fall for such a deception, as they can identify a deceiver more easily.

This is a war for the human soul. The antichrist spirit will deceive many, as stated in the scriptures, and they will attack those who believe in the REAL God. And this is what is happening to us, because we looked through Keshe’s smoke and mirrors. You can follow the great deceiver Keshe and go to hell with him, or you wake up and see what has been going on for the past 10 years.

Keshe also revealed his Luciferian mindset once again when he said: “Nobody becomes your God, because you ARE the God.”

To all the Christian KF followers: do you agree with Keshe when he talks like this ? When in reality he thinks that HE HIMSELF is God ?

To lure people away from their connection with God, and to make them believe they themselves are God, is pure Luciferian mentality. Keshe finally shows his real face: the Antichrist spirit.

Quote by someone on Facebook:

“He is supporting the UN agenda, I have thoroughly investigated his so called energy and healing technology and not only does it not work, the crap is dangerous.”