Keshe failed

Master deceiver, demagogue and internet terrorist Mehran Tavakoli Keshe was once again unable to hide his narcissistic nature. The beast in him always breaks through and speaks with the tongue of a lying lizard. It seems we really hit a nerve with our two previous posts. So thank you Mehran for confirming what we said: you can’t stop slandering. You got yourself into even more trouble.

Because we referred to Christians, and because we showed this Wayne Madsen Report link in our previous post, which exposes Keshe’s collaborators Veterans Today as disinfo artists and UN psyops, Keshe, in the 117th knowledge seekers workshop, slandered again and accused me, Sousan and others of being financed by the “Jewish lobby”. So once again Keshe mirrored the truth in a truly Luciferian way. So whatever Keshe says, you always have to take the opposite of it to get the truth. He uses the truth as an inspiration to create more lies, by spinning it around so it fits his needs. Keep in mind that Keshe himself is half Jewish. We certainly have nothing against Jews or any other religion, but it becomes more and more apparent that Keshe might be a Zionist agent who is deliberately trying to set up the antichrist NWO system. Keshe represents Lucifer’s FALSE LIGHT, as he deceives at every turn. So if we are against that, why would we be financed by it ? Keshe is just full-blown insane.

Keshe also called the company of Kumaran, a person who exposed Keshe as a fraud years ago, and threatened to sue them if they don’t fire him, which led to a 3 day suspension for Kumaran. Keshe is the real terrorist.

And then, after all the damage KESHE caused, he suggested that I commit suicide, by saying: “I feel sorry for those who try to discredit. The only option for you lot is one thing: 11th floor. A long way to drop yourself down, to let the humanity live in peace. The only option left.” and “11th floor is the right place to be, nowhere to escape.” As usual, Keshe is mirroring his own desperate feelings. Because Keshe knows that his scam is ending, and that he is going to loose face. A fact which is very hard to accept for an egocentric narcissist like him. Reality check: What has Keshe achieved: Nothing. He is just a particle, a small empty space in the book of humanity. A white empty space between letters, characters and numbers in the history of Man. He, who was sure to be the main chapter in that book. But his role was and is already written in his name: Mehran Tavakoli or M.T. pronounced as “EMPTY”.

Keshe was not able to accomplish his dreams.

1) A new theory about gravity and plasma: Failed. He cannot show a flying reactor, so he cannot replicate a small version of the rotating Earth.
2) Be the Messiah on Earth: Failed. He doesn’t have the credibility, neither does he have the ethical correctness, neither can he work real miracles.
3) Be the most powerful man on Earth. Failed. In reality the real powers on Earth just allow him to play that role, they need a little kuku like him to create attention. A showman.
4) Be the most loved and most popular man on Earth. Failed. He may speak nice words such as “unity” or “ethos”, but only naive followers will notice them and run after him, just like rats followed the Pied Piper of Hamelin. The others see the smoke and mirrors of Keshe’s scams, but they are called criminals and pedophiles.
5) Winning the Nobel Prize for physics. Failed.



The Pied Piper of Hamelin

So now Keshe hopes that I will commit suicide, by the pressure he put on me. Your mistake Mehran! You were never able to put pressure on me. You hoped that I would collapse with an new brain stroke. Sorry but no. You were trying to send lethal plasma to me, I could feel you attempts, like you threatened Obama and Putin by saying: “I can end your lives at my wish!” Empty words. The Messiah plasma was too weak. Then Mehran, you asked help from others. “Knock on his door, and handle him”. And now, Mehran, you who once called me your brother, are you now hoping that the hitmen of Gordon Duff will throw me from the 11th floor? Is that the sinister scenario that you planned for me as my brother Kain? So then you can claim: “We knew this would happen soon, the Red Circle couldn’t face the truth and the solid evidence we gave to FBI and Interpol, so he decided to jump. But we pray for his soul.”  If you want to be the modern Kain, Mehran, don’t forget Genesis 4:11, “You will be a vagrant and a wanderer in the Universe.”

Well Mehran, forget such Luciferian scenario. For you all to know: I, Dirk Laureyssens, feel absolutely happy and comfortable, I am in good health and mentally stable. I have no intention to commit suicide, but I am still very creative, busy with further developing my holistic aether holon theory:, and fully involved in creating more educational toys: Life is fun and exciting.

Mehran, we all know, and you know, that your game is over. You see the number of your followers decreasing, the number of viewers on Livestream and Youtube dropping, and your own core members doubt you. More and more people know that you cannot build the spaceship, because your theory is wrong somewhere. Mehran, you failed. Accept it. You tried, but were not able to deliver. We dont blame you, but if you want to end your own life since you mirror and project your own suicidal feelings on me, don’t take your son Rubeen and Caroline with you, should you decide to pass over. Don’t repeat what happened to your own older brother in Manchester.

You sent Caroline’s son to a mental institute for schizophrenia, so if we are all equal as you always say, why don’t you go to such an institute yourself, in order to get help, instead of always justifying your situation by calling schizophrenics “beautiful people” ? If your life is so beautiful, then why are you considering suicide ? Nobody will judge you for getting treatment to make yourself feel better. However, you sure won’t make any friends by continuing your scam against humanity.

To all the newcomers: Keshe and I were friends (or at least that’s what he pretended to be), until he suddenly stabbed me in the back in Bari, Italy in 2015, by secretly telling others the false story that I’m a Belgian agent who is there to kill the KF core team members. So insane! Not long before he did that, he hugged me at that same event and used me to confirm his story about some corrupt Belgians. And after that he decided to make me his enemy, for whatever crazy reason. So the opposition to the KF doesn’t come because we want to stop the technology, or because we are “paid to do”, but because Keshe is an aggressive, slandering psychopath and narcissist who pretends to work for peace, when in reality he is the devil in disguise.

Mehran, do you know who told me about your hypocritical plot against me, which you still carry on until this day ? It was your “darling” Armen! He KNOWS that you are constantly lying and making up stories. WHY did you do that Mehran ? You know very well that without this sinister action against me, all this “red circle” nonsense would not exist. But it seems you WANTED to harm me and then present me as your enemy.

While his Luciferian agenda becomes clearer and clearer, Keshe still says things like “We are here as messengers of God”… which classifies him as a true antichrist.

Quote from the 117th KSW:

“Black shall not be the skin of the man, black shall be the soul of the man. This is the beauty of the new technology.”

It seems because the Illuminati weren’t able to devastate the Earth in 2012, they are now still trying to cause mayhem by creating their NWO tyranny, by using Keshe as a false Messiah, who wants the soul of man to be “black”.

Those who trust in God will recognize the deception. We trust in the REAL God, and therefore we would never commit any of the crimes that Keshe accuses us of. But let’s ask God how many crimes Keshe has committed. The truth about him might be harsher than even the most evil individuals can imagine.

He says “The KF is not for killing and mayhem”, while he causes mayhem himself by repeatedly slandering innocent people. More and more criminal charges against Keshe are now being filed by several people, for good reason.

Keshe threatened me again and said: “We take you to the European court of justice.”

Alright Mehran, come to the court IF YOU DARE. You can’t even look at a medical needle without shitting your pants. You can’t even look at your own blood without being afraid. You are a coward through and through. You know very well that if you come to the court, it’s YOU who will be convicted! That’s why you ran from Belgium! So shut your mouth.

You say so hypocritically that the technology brings us peace, then we ask you: why do you keep attacking us ? Can’t you be peaceful, despite of your own technology ?

“The problem is it looks too good and it works too good.” – M.T. Keshe

Let’s see how good it works…

Remember when Keshe said in January 2016 that by March/April, a full flight system will be shown in Dubai, the “spaceship city” ?

Check this video to hear Keshe’s delusional, or rather intentionally false announcement, which, like all the other announcements before and after, lead nowhere. As you know, Keshe is not only not allowed to go to Dubai anymore, due to his blasphemy, but his notorious spaceship has never been built and will never be built, because it’s based on total BS science. He said in Dubai 200-300 KF followers will come together for 3 months to build the ship, but what is the reality ? There were less people than that, and all it was, was an occult meeting to set up a secret BS “council” to make its members feel important, so the Luciferian KF ego club can grow.

But because this Dubai plan didn’t work out, Keshe started his next scam called “Mozhan Program”, which also lasts 3 months and basically restarts the same BS again. Keshe keeps preying on the newcomers so he can steal their money, while teaching to them the INCORRECT ethos: slander, lies, and the antichrist philosophy.

For those who still believe that Keshe has something to offer, we spell it out for you:

Dr. Eliya told us that while she was in Italy, sitting next to Keshe, he always laughed at the end of each workshop because people actually believed his lies. So how much more proof do you need to see that Keshe is intentionally scamming all of you ???

Keshe also said: “Don’t wait for patents, there is no patent in the universe.”
Then why did he pressure me to write patents for him ?? He is such a hypocrite.

His lying pattern is always the same, he makes outrageous false claims and then adds a “but” or “if” statement to it, to make it sound less ridiculous and more credible. For example:

“I’ve given you the tool, the technology is here now, IF you understand this and that… bla bla bla” or
“After using the GANS eye drops, after less than 10 days I can read near normal, BUT… bla bla bla” or
“We’ve seen the growth of hair in many cases in our trials, BUT… bla bla bla”

Keshe is like a typical politician who says: “I might have lost the election, but in reality I won this battle!” Totally delusional.

We are sure that Keshe would NEVER use the eye drops on himself. If we ask him out, he will find all kinds of excuses and fantastic stories, but he will never put the eye drops into his own eyes. And if he does, it’s just pure water, but not the poisonous GANS crap.

Keshe also creates attention by first slandering innocent people, and then seamlessly switching to his technical “teachings”, making his followers believe that the technology is so great and important that the slander is justified.

And so he keeps making endless announcements that never lead anywhere, as it has been going on for over 10 years.

He said for the 1000th time: “Today we became the men of space.”, as if it was true. So after becoming men of space so many times, why are Keshe and his followers still on Earth ? So insane!

The accuracy of Keshe’s information was shown perfectly in this workshop, when he referred to the time “before the first world war in 1916” (!)

So of course there is nothing to understand, because the teachings are all BS, so the goal he claims can never be reached. Except Keshe’s goal of spreading around the world to set up the antichrist structure.

And BECAUSE there is nothing to understand, Keshe can say “I’ve given you the knowledge, but you don’t understand.” It’s the old carrot/donkey trick.


Do you realize why Keshe, despite of his neverending talk, has not gone to space yet, and never will ? Because according to himself, “The universe will not take criminals!”