Show me the evidence Keshe and Duff, I defy you!

It happened again! In the 119th knowledge seekers workshop, Keshe continued his hate speech, which, as we know, is a criminal act.

Two more KF supporters, Paul from Togo, and Thomas from Austria, have now been accused of being pedophiles as well! It seems Keshe cannot change his pattern… whenever someone finds out the truth about Keshe, they are called pedophiles and accused of working with the imaginary “Red Circle”. Keshe uses unrelated information (such as Sterling Allan’s arrest) to slander innocent people and make his followers believe that they are part of Allan’s pedophile ring. So everytime there is news about Sterling Allan, Keshe goes into full slander mode against all his critics, even though there is no connection between them and Sterling Allan. Where is the logic in that ? But as Gordon Duff wrote, NWO agents do not have to be logical, they just repeat their mantra over and over again.

Keshe talks a bit about his “technology”, and then injects some of his notorious pedophile talk. This is cult indoctrination at its finest. While KF followers think they learn something about technology, they are actually being brainwashed to wage a war against former, innocent KF supporters. This is how Keshe uses “divide and rule” over and over again. If you think you are a highly appreciated and loved KF supporter today, things can change overnight and tomorrow you are, according to Keshe, “the biggest murderer the world has ever seen”.

“In the coming time” the whole world will be populated by imaginary pedophiles, and Keshe will be the only good person left. Has it ever crossed anyone’s mind that the opposite might be true ?

Keshe claims there are no victims of the KF, but by accusing more innocent people in that workshop, he just created two more victims. We urge Keshe’s victims to report him to the authorities in their countries, then lets see for how much longer he can get away with his slander.

So now a few more KF followers experienced how fast Keshe transforms them from friends into enemies, without them having done anything wrong.

On the other hand, the KF is now setting up a website on which people can enter the names of children (!) Which means, the KF is setting up a HONEYPOT to acquire children for Keshe to live out his own perverted fantasies. Actually Keshe might have been running his own pedophile network for months and years, since he did all his “children workshops”, assisted by his Iranian collaborator Keyvan Davani.

So all you KF supporters are actually helping Keshe’s pedophile ring to collect the names of children!!! WAKE UP!

We also have to ask ourselves again why Gordon Duff defends Keshe. Is he involved in his pedophile ring ? Why does Veterans Today sometimes publish proper articles on the Satanism and child abuse subject (such as here, here and here), while at other times they mix in Keshe’s and my name ? If you look at the authors of such articles, you can see that usually it’s Gordon Duff who falsely accuses me, while other VT authors stick to facts. So how much money did Duff receive from Keshe to slander me ?

Even today, Duff attacked me again with false accusations.



My reply: Sterling Allan was never my close friend. Aside from seeing him briefly in Ninove, WITH KESHE BEING PRESENT, I never talked to him. But Keshe had A LOT of permanent contact with Sterling Allan, they were good friends, until Sterling exposed Keshe as a fraud. So the answer is simple: I know NOTHING about his crimes. But how about Keshe, who is now fishing for the names of children himself ? Fact: YOU Gordon Duff are a friend of Keshe, and therefore a supporter of his crimes. Are you proud of it ? You Duffy can’t possibly in your right mind believe that Keshe has something to offer. Even Armen keeps showing that Keshe is talking random BS. Today Jackie from Switzerland showed an experiment, and Armen laughed and commented to Keshe: “You remember Mr. Keshe, when I did this 2 years ago, (you said) I blew up the planet ?”

All those alleged reports of healing don’t count. First of all, who can prove that the healing didn’t happen on its own, triggered by the placebo effect ? And secondly, even IF the patches had something to do with it, it is very well known that magnetic pads, which have been around for a long time and have NOT been invented by Keshe, influence the human body. So where is the proof that Keshe has healed anyone ? There is none. On the contrary, there are reports of severe abuse by Keshe.

The funniest thing was when Keshe said he will personally file a complaint against the “Red Circle”. Go ahead Mehran. What will the police do with you when you file a complaint against something that only exists in your mind ? Hopefully they will do to you what you do to your customers: sell you a straightjacket, plus taxes plus shipping. Just do it Mehran. See what happens when a criminal files a complaint against someone who did nothing wrong.

Explain to your followers: why do you talk about pedophiles ALL THE TIME, if you are not one of them yourself ? And why do you always point your finger at me ? What are YOU hiding so desperately, that you have to blame others for your own mistakes ?

I urge you both, Keshe and Duff, you lying serpents, to show me the evidence of my contacts with Sterling Allan. SHOW ME THE EVIDENCE! But no fabricated BS. REAL EVIDENCE! Because there is none.

Keshe started this war and Keshe keeps it going, like any other warmonger, yet he pretends to stand for peace. I never thought that I would ever meet someone as deeply evil as Keshe. Now he shows his real face, but thankfully, more and more people are starting to realize what he is. Keshe has nothing of value to say, and nothing of value to show. Only fake products, that’s why he makes up all these scandals, to receive attention.

And after all this insane pedophile talk, Keshe went back to speaking about manufacturing as usual. Does nobody see what the true purpose of the KF is all about ? It’s about creating drama and illusions for Keshe to make MONEY, and during that process he doesn’t care how much damage he does to others, while turning them into VICTIMS.

“As we always say in the Keshe Foundation: GOOD MORNING!”

We don’t make up stories, we report what we see, and we show proof whenever possible. Keshe on the other hand has never shown any proof, he just has a big mouth. But the truth WILL win!

More soon.