Keshe’s Inversion technique – a deception tool to create his world caliphate

“There are those who pretend to serve, but in fact they are there to take.”M.T. Keshe talking about himself again, 20th international knowledge seekers workshop, June 21st 2016

“We deliver peace according to our ethos, not to yours.” – M.T. Keshe, promoting injustice.

Apparently, that ethos of Keshe consists mainly of committing one crime after another and then blaming it on other people and slandering them with no end in sight.

In the 120th knowledge seekers workshop, Keshe launched his worst attack against me so far, using fragments of information Sandor found on the web, in connection with bizarre descriptions of someone abusing and killing a child, which of course has nothing to do with me. This is how the Keshe Foundation works: hiding Keshe’s own crimes, but supporting the slander of innocents, by making artifical connections where there are none. These were over two hours of the worst fabricated lies ever. This is how Keshe thanks me for supporting him for several years, while telling a completely false story about how the KF started, and pointing out how grandiose and perfect he is. He also spoke again about how the KF is able to produce graphene and graphite, but that’s another fallacy. There is NO graphene and NO graphite in the layers that are produced by KF followers. This has already been examined by a lab in California. Go to a lab yourself and have it checked, you will see it’s not graphene.

We have to wonder how Keshe can even still look into someone’s eyes, after living such a life of falsehood. But if you read our previous post, you will understand where he is coming from.

Mehran, did you get aroused while Sandor was reading this disgusting text to the public ? I’m sure you did. It’s incredible how much verbal diarrhea you can produce. Two and a half hours of the most extreme slander, talking about “evidence” but only using letters but no names, talking such confusing rubbish that nobody could really follow, and constantly saying “Don’t show any names or documents”. You really are insane, and it shows more and more in each workshop. Ending a workshop with the words “It’s not theory, it’s a fact. Pissing in front of a two year old child is a crime. Thank you very much for today. We bring hope and prosperity to humanity, BUT…” or  “I wish your mother would never have given birth to you. Thank you very much for today. Go on the KF website and help humanity” shows your degree of insanity.

If you really publish any “documents” on any website with my name on them and then add your own fabricated nonsense, it is a criminal act. You can play all games you want, enough people and agencies know that YOU are the criminal, not me. Your criminal record will be proven, after all it was YOU who was standing next to Sterling Allan, and it was not me but YOU who was in touch with him for months, while you were hoping that he would support your fraud. For that he was good enough for you. Now you even torture your own audience with your satanic fantasies, you don’t even spare your own followers, they have to listen to the perverted and violent fantasies that reflect your criminal mind. And Sandor obviously loves reading them. Are you scared of Sterling telling the police the truth about you ? Is that why you are going more and more insane ? We just watch you fall apart, while you pull yourself and your supporters more and more into your insane dream world where you are the perfect Messiah, whereas people who don’t agree with you are murderers and pedophiles. In doing so, you drive yourself and your supporters into even bigger problems.

Also funny: after having accused Paul from Togo of working with the “Red Circle” in the 119th knowledge seekers workshop, Keshe was once again spinning things around and said “The Red Circle” turned Paul into a victim. Such nonsense. We only reported that Keshe accused Paul of working for the “Red Circle”, and so he says WE turned Paul into a victim. In reality Keshe himself attacked Paul heavily in the 119th workshop, but obviously, since Paul is very loyal, Keshe had to win him back, so Paul could give him some credibility before he started his latest slander session.

When Paul started to speak, someone in the live chat asked: “Last week, somebody also named Paul was outed as working for the red circle, so is he somebody else ?”  Then another brainwashed KF follower immediately answered: “Red Circle used his name to smear him, he is reinstated now by KF.”

Whether the person who asked the question was happy with the answer we don’t know, but it shows how Keshe manipulates his followers all the time, to cover himself. If only ONE person, for example Rick, finds out that ALL of Keshe’s claims are actually false, then life would get very difficult for Keshe. Of course there is not just Rick, but many people who spend a lot of time or money on this KF nonsense. Now what will happen once all of them wake up ? The more Keshe lies and the longer he continues his scam, the worse it will be for him. So by now he must already be very desperate.

Keshe just cannot admit to having made a mistake, so he had to blame who again ? Me of course. And of course he also cannot admit that he is responsible for my stroke, by having put a lot of pressure on me. So the inverted the story and said I put pressure on him, and I had my stroke because I poised myself. Yeah right. Such insane claims!

So you see how Keshe’s Inversion technique works, which we will now describe in detail, as it has become apparent that Keshe, in order to distract his followers’ attention away from his Luciferian agenda and from his own crimes and failures, has been using inversion and mirroring to accuse innocent people of what he himself has done.


1) When Keshe says “These are the enemies of humanity”, it really means Keshe is the enemy of humanity. (Even though Keshe sees others as HIS enemies, due to his paranoia.)

2) When Keshe says “Those who oppose us”, it really means “Those who Keshe opposes and slanders”.

3) When Keshe says “They want to create mayhem”, it really means that Keshe wants to create mayhem, or has already done so.

4) When Keshe says “The technology works”, it really means the technology doesn’t work, or rather there is no new technology.

5) When Keshe says “Our teachings are as solid as ever”, it really means his teachings have never been solid and are leading nowhere.

6) When Keshe says “These are criminals”, it really means Keshe is a criminal.

7) When Keshe says “He poisoned himself”, it really means Keshe poisoned himself.

So as we have seen many times,

1) Keshe claims the opposite of true facts (denial, inversion, outright lying)

2) Keshe accuses others of his own deeds (inversion, mirroring, blame-shifting)

3) Keshe takes credit for positive things that others have achieved (theft)

4) Keshe refers to events that

a) never took place
b) were interpreted in a biased way
c) took place because of fundamental errors (for example the often quoted “129”, which was only displayed due to a defective measuring device, as confirmed by the manufacturers of that device themselves! Keep in mind that the Earth’s magnetic field reaches a maximum of 65 MICRO Tesla! So if those 129 Tesla had really been reached, the lab in Desenzano, along with the whole planet would have blown up immediately.)


So this means that whatever Keshe says, you have to invert it back to get the truth. So no, of course I don’t hypnotize children or rape them. In fact, I am working on a new project for the BENEFIT of humanity, involving telepathy, so that such false accusations, the way Keshe is making them, are no longer possible, once humanity is able to communicate telepathically. Then we will be able to REALLY see each others intentions, unlike Keshe, who only CLAIMS to be able to see people’s souls. Keshe should look at his own soul first, but he can’t, because it would shock him: there is only a big black hole instead.

Furthermore, being a paranoid narcissist, Keshe will always attack first, because he can then expect a reaction, so then he can say “I was right, these people are my enemies”. And so his delusions about being a heavily opposed “scientist” become a self-fulfilling prophecy. His accusations against others “who try to discredit the foundation” are ridiculous as well, because first of all you cannot discredit a criminal, and secondly Keshe did a fine job discrediting himself with his own statements.

He claims that people oppose the “technology”, but to this date, there HAS NOT BEEN ANY WORKING TECHNOLOGY. So it is not even necessary or even possible to oppose it, because there simply IS nothing that can be opposed. The ones who post on Facebook that “it works” and that they have seen power reduction are either paid Keshe trolls, or people who have no idea about electronics and the way power factor correction works.

So all of Keshe’s stories regarding assassination attempts, bombing, getting shot or being threatened are pure fantasy as well. He only considers himself so important that he constantly sees himself as a victim, when in reality more and more people around him become victims of HIS abuse.

Instead of getting help for his mental condition, Keshe infects the public with his weird fantasies about poisoning, earthquakes, and space travel. He says things like “I paid with my life”, as if he was already dead, but none of his followers doubt him, which shows their own delusional state. They have been well prepared by disinfo websites such as Project Camelot, so such contradicting NWO talk is easy for them to handle. Whether it makes sense or not is of no concern to them.

All those accusations against random people or against Keshe’s former supporters are false. But he uses his inversion technique so when his victims point out that not them, but Keshe is the criminal, they sound less credible. This is a very well-known psychological trick, a natural skill of narcissists, but also a technique used by Luciferians, to manipulate others into believing them. Also this constant pseudo-religious talk that is supposed to give the impression that Keshe has a special connection to God, or even is God himself, is just ridiculous and pathetic. He talks about the “failures of the man”, but doesn’t accept his own failures and crimes. When caught, he will blame everything on others, who then become “enemies of humanity” in his own mind.

But it quickly becomes very clear who the real enemies of humanity are, when you research Keshe and his supporters a bit more. Keshe openly said many times: “There is no God.” (even though he says he is a prophet of God (!) but that God doesn’t exist ??)

And even Kevin Barrett, supposedly one of the “good guys” at Veterans Today, recently pointed out that Keshe’s supporter Gordon Duff has a problem with God. So now it makes sense that Duff supports Keshe. Here we see Gordon Duff testing a not so small weapon. Why does Keshe, who allegedly is against weapons, seek the support of someone who likes weapons ? Contradictions non-stop.

Quotes from the VT article:

“So it isn’t surprising that Gordon Duff, like so many people these days, has a problem with God. He doesn’t even realize that he is waging jihad fi sabil illah, “struggle on the path of God.””

“While denying God, Gordon is fully aware of the existence of Satan.”

Really ? Is he ? Why does he then support Keshe, who acts TOTALLY like a satanist, contradicting himself at every turn and saying one thing while doing another ?

“Gordon, bless him, has chosen to oppose and expose these parasitical demonic entities and their human hosts. That definitely puts him on the right side of the cosmic jihad.”

Really ? Gordon does not oppose parasitical demonic entities like Keshe, on the contrary, he supports them! That puts him on the WRONG side “of the cosmic jihad.”

When Keshe says things like “We don’t harm noone”, but then makes his wife stalk my daughter with rude claims, threats and false accusations, is that not demonic ? But the devil is in the detail: “We don’t harm noone” is a double negation, it means “We harm everyone”. Wake up guys! The same way Keshe pretends to oppose the Illuminati, but if you read on, you will see that Keshe is one of them. Inversion again!

“But still he (Gordon) rejects and denies God.”

So apparently he has no inner “moral compass”, that’s why he doesn’t recognize Keshe’s demonic nature, and therefore he supports him.

As a reminder, here are the goals of the Illuminati/NWO satanists. They sound EXACTLY like Keshe’s agenda:

– To establish a One World Government. (“One Planet, One Nation, One Race”)
– To bring about the utter destruction of all national identity and national pride. (“There are no borders. We finish with borders.”)
– To suppress all scientific development except for those deemed beneficial by the Illuminati. (Keshe is pushing the KF “technology”, but discrediting everyone else’s research)
– To bring about the end to all industrialization.
– To introduce new cults (such as the KF) and continue to boost those already functioning. (such as Project Camelot / Ufology)
– To cause a total collapse of the world’s economies and engender total political chaos. (“Do we need world leaders ?”)
– To organize a world-wide terrorist apparatus. (Keshe’s army of brainwashed followers, who see everyone else as an enemy)

The core team and the universal council are used for mass indoctrination. They were never meant to make the world a better place, on the contrary. They were set up to make the above goals become reality.

How much more info do people need to see which entity Keshe is really worshipping and working for ? Humans are the children of God. In the prophecies it is said that the Antichrist will deny God and set up a FALSE world peace. Keshe and Duff both deny God as well. So who is the real enemy of humanity ?



Example of Inversion of symbols. You may decide which side Keshe is on.

Keshe also always uses his “technology” to justify his attacks on others. When people start doubting Keshe because of his constant slander, he will change the direction of his speech and say “It’s for you to develop the technology”, which has NOTHING to do with his attacks on innocents. It’s just yet another trick to keep the carrot dangling in front of the donkey. The whole “free energy” of Keshe has been a hoax from the start. Read here why. And also see this article and whose name shows up on the scammers list.

Despite of all the hard facts, Keshe keeps selling his ridiculous “magrav units” (aka rusty coils, now called “power generators” while the function stays the same: they don’t work.) and keeps making bigger and even more unrealistic promises for “the coming time”. Just like the magrav unit, which was advertised as “free energy”, does not create any free energy, one of the KF promo videos says “plasma technology is efficient”, even though no single demonstration has ever been shown.

Now the next hoax has already started: Keshe says all the old magrav units convert themselves into generators (“in the coming time”). How convenient, so Keshe doesn’t have to come up with the promised power generator himself, because the old units convert themselves. Ridiculous! It’s all just BS as usual, nothing will ever come of it. See the following testimony.



And only 2 weeks ago, Keshe said once again: “The Keshe Foundation doesn’t take any donations, we are financially solid.” But again we see the usual contradictions:


Remember, the devil never tells you the truth. He constantly speaks lies, but makes them sound like the truth. And gullible people will always look at the carrot (“free energy”, “space travel”), not at the puppet master (Keshe) who is served by the fooled donkey (KF followers).

It’s like asking “I disconnected the magrav system and my electricity bill dropped 25%, does that mean my house no longer needs the unit because it’s conditioned now and the wires are nano-coated ?” When in fact the bill dropped of course because the unit used that much, and without it you actually pay LESS. But Keshe’s thought reform (typical for cults) made you unable to think logically, you now live in the world of total BS. Here you can find a good video explanation why people think that the KF technology works, when in fact it doesn’t.


And here you can see how other companies have built similar devices long ago. For example this one is from Asia, and is yet another power factor corrector, similar to the KF magrav, but built in a much more professional way. Yet it’s only using a trick, it does NOT save or produce any electricity! These are nothing more than old scam tactics.

The same goes for this nonsense “Red Circle” talk. In the 118th and 119th workshop Keshe was already so confused by his own BS talk that he suddenly mentioned a “blue circle”, so maybe someone should give him a gift: the Olympic Rings. Then he has all the multicoloured circles to choose from. That should make him happy. 😉


Rare group photo of all of Keshe’s enemies in one place:
Blue, Black, Red, Yellow, and Green Circle

The only one missing is his own Brown Circle
As usual, it works “in the background”.

So the truth is that Keshe has no technology to change anything. It has been a scam from the start. I fell for it, many others fell for it, but we saw through Keshe’s disguise, especially after he attacked us so heavily. Now it’s our responsibility to make others aware of Keshe’s evil agenda.

In the 21st international workshop Keshe spoke again about “evidence” and how he will show in the next workshop that I am a murderer of children and scientists. Insane! So he keeps coming up with more crazy claims. In reality, when Keshe uses the word “evidence”, it really means more fallacies. Do we need to remind Keshe of how he promised in Bari in 2015 “evidence” to demonstrate to Mike Harris the flying reactor ? Of course nothing was shown to Mike. And today Keshe spoke again about how he will show flight systems. Where is the “evidence” ? So all of Keshe’s “evidence” is fake. His “technology” has never been proven, that is the only “evidence” there is so far! Now even after Keshe’s “coma treatment” has been exposed as a demonic fraud, the Keshe Foundation STILL advertises this “coma treatment” along with other health treatments! But as we can see, that biased article was written by one of the KFSSI students themselves. So typical! Nobody else would ever take the KF seriously, because there simply is no “evidence”. It just doesn’t work!

So making people aware is the only reason for the existence of this website. We still are no agents, murderers or pedophiles, we still don’t get paid by anyone for trying to help people wake up, and we still are peaceful. And unlike Keshe, we tell you the truth.

Here are some reactions to one of our previous posts:


@James Triplett: Are you serious ? You are asking why it’s allowed to speak the truth ? Would you rather live in an Orwellian state where the truth is suppressed ? Yes you would, as brainwashed as you are. This shows what a repressive system the KF is. You are a born slave. Stay ignorant and enjoy it. (Note: the above post was indeed removed soon afterwards by Mark House, who like so many others still protects Keshe and supports his criminal acts. Orwellian censorship at its finest. That’s the “ethos” of the KF. As usual in dictatorships, criticism and truth are not allowed.)

And do you see the comment by Kearl Lee ? HE WAS THE HEAD OF KESHE FOUNDATION CHINA. HE TOO WAS A BLIND BELIEVER WHO RAN AFTER KESHE. And in a Skype conversation with former KF manufacturer Soheil, which was circulating on the web, he was being told that the KF has nothing to show and therefore will destroy itself. KEARL LEE DIDN’T BELIEVE SOHEIL. But now he himself admits that the Magravs don’t work. “We gained the same results as richard did last year”


Whenever Keshe runs out of ideas to push the “technology” or the sale of his products, he comes up with fearmongering again, as he has done in the 118th knowledge seekers workshop, talking about coming earthquakes again. While earthquakes happen all the time, Keshe makes it sound as if something imminent was going to happen SOON, when in reality we could look at the earthquake map at any given moment, and probably find more or less the same situation. Yes, geological changes occur all the time, but not in a way that people desperately need to produce whatever kind of technology to “save” themselves from something that will not happen. Aside from that, no magrav unit or pain pen would save anyone, if there really was such a life-shattering event.

All the kukus around the KF are now panicking and spreading false information, saying that activities around the Yellowstone park are increasing, and that all the seismographic measuring devices have been deactivated, in order not to alert the public. The truth is that they have not been deactivated, and the recent earthquakes around the area were within the normal range (around magnitude 4).

And then there is this… feeding of poisonous substances to the public, under the disguise of “science”.

All those twists and turns that Keshe uses are well-known COINTELPRO tricks. Hopegirl, who unlike Keshe does great humanitarian work, made a new video in which she explains these tricks very well. From cult tactics like “bait and switch” to Keshe’s accusation patterns and then him playing the victim, everything is explained there.

According to Hopegirl, controlled opposition cut off the funding for her project. Searl had reported something similar, they lost their investor because he got attracted to Keshe instead. So we have to ask ourselves: was Keshe put on the scene to ruin everyone else’s research, even though he has nothing to show ? Keshe seems to be obsessed with wanting to take everything down, be it other people’s websites, their reputation, presidents, or satellites. It all seems to come down to wanting to show the world how great he is for being able to destroy everything.


Here I am at the KFSSI in Bari, having a lot of fun with
Mike Harris of Veterans Today. That was BEFORE Keshe
stabbed me in the back and turned all my new friends against me.
The day after we had a BBQ with Mike and Col. Hanke on Armen’s terrace,
laughing all night about Keshe and his flying ships. That’s right
ladies and gentlemen! Even back then, ALL OF US knew that Keshe is KUKU.

Keshe has ruined relationships and lives, he has scammed thousands of people, stolen their time and their money, lied to them, given them false hope, brainwashed them, insulted them, and presented them in public to give himself crediblity. Keshe harasses people on the phone and threatens to sue them, he harasses women and then calls them spies, he forces his wife to harass random people and to tell them his own perverted fantasies, he threatens innocents and then calls them enemies, and yet he pretends to stand for peace and claims to do no harm. He presents himself as correct and claims to be the Messiah.

IN REALITY KESHE IS A HEAVY CRIMINAL, A CONTROL FREAK, AND A NARCISSISTIC CULT LEADER. He made up this whole pedophile circus, so when someone complains about his slander, he doesn’t have to admit that the complaints are justified, but instead he tells his followers: “The KF is heavily opposed because the technology works.”

How blind must people be to still follow Keshe ?

“What is the divine will ? The divine will is when it’s correct and there is justice.” – Hypocrite Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, day 5 of blueprint week, October 30th 2015

Keshe has never been correct. So when will justice finally be served to HIM ??


(Remark: Actually first contact might indeed happen soon, but it has NOTHING to do with Keshe. He will be the first to run and shit his pants when they arrive, because they don’t like hypocrites who talk about correct conduct while committing one crime after another.)

Also now confirmed: GANS doesn’t exist, as proven by KF Switzerland. The text is in German, but it basically says that by adding vinegar, the “GANS” dissolved, and therefore it proves that it was only zinc oxide, as we said many times before.


On a more humorous note, we are happy to see that at least some of the KF cult members are aware of their own future. Look at Giovanni’s shirt in this video. How can this shirt be wrong ? 😉

Don’t forget guys, we REALLY want to help humanity wake up by showing the truth.

So if you learned something from SHARE THE KNOWLEDGE FREELY!