The Keshe soul catcher

The 120th Knowledge Seekers Workshop was published after 2 days of evaluation. Obviously they were not sure if they can publish all this slander, but then decided to do so. It takes incredible ruthlessness and arrogance to be that bold. How is that possible ? The answer can only be that Keshe is protected by very dark forces, because nobody else would get away with malicious, false accusations like that. They even published the slander part separately, which under normal circumstances would not only have been removed by Youtube, but would also lead to investigations against Keshe. So who protects him ?

Why do “scientific teachings” have to contain hate speech, especially on such a massive scale ? And which effect does this hate speech have on the psyche of the listeners ? Keshe knows very well what he is doing, and how to manipulate people’s thinking, as he is a Luciferian master manipulator. Meanwhile there are numerous KF followers who listen to these slander sessions and then “like” them on Facebook and Youtube. So this shows where the pedophiles sit, when they “like” stories of children being raped and killed.

We wonder how many times Keshe will repeat his BS, pretending to “expose” the “red circle” that doesn’t even exist. As everyone can see, we explained already that everything Keshe said is a lie. So how many more times will he say we want to stop his “technology”, when our site clearly states the opposite ? Can’t Keshe read ? Does he assume his followers can’t read either ? By repeatedly calling us murderers or pedophiles, Keshe repeatedly commits a criminal act. It’s psycho-terror! Keshe is a real terrorist. The essence of terrorism is about attacks on innocents, that’s what Keshe and Duff do.

Keshe has not only slandered me, he also slandered John, Marek, Eliya, Gianfranco Liuzzi, Jorge, Soheil, Erick Claussen, police officer Delannoye, King Albert II of Belgium, Hopegirl, Sousan, Paul from Togo, all Germans (“The Third Reich people”), and many more. All these are true victims of the Keshe Foundation. Some of them responded in open letters. Not to mention the people who wasted years of their life and/or a lot of money on this nonsense, all of them being Keshe Victims, some of them believing that Keshe could help them with their health problems. But it’s worst for those who are still part of the KF, because their souls are lost. So the Keshe Foundation has no victims ? How can Keshe speak such a lie, when the opposite has been proven many times and is clearly documented on our website ?

Basically EVERYONE who worked for Keshe or met him, was slandered or abused at some point. Except those few Keshe really depends on, like Rick or Vince. Rick is one of the people who will accept almost anything that Keshe does. Keshe could slap Rick in the face, 10 times, 50 times, 100 times, and Rick would still say “Thank you Mr. Keshe”. But this way, Rick also becomes complicit in Keshe’s crimes, especially since he allows Keshe to slander, without doing anything about it. The same goes for Armen, who meanwhile uses the same phrases and empty talk as Keshe. When I met Armen, he was a different person, but now he is a fully brainwashed slave whose ego has become almost as big as Keshe’s.

Armen Guloyan on the Mike Harris show: “You know what our problem is ? We know it all. We understand it all.” So Armen now shares Keshe’s arrogance, while allowing Keshe to continue with all his evil. A good person would stand in the way of evil, not let it rampage freely. A good person would be humble, not arrogant.

Keshe uses his Luciferian FALSE LIGHT to lure people into the Keshe Foundation by promising world peace, but now all his followers are stuck in a sea of lies, false claims, slander and illusion, and they really believe the nonsense they keep repeating. Keshe is like a fly catcher, except that he steals people’s souls.



Also interesting: when he spoke about his past, Keshe mentioned his “handler”. Now what kind of people have “handlers” ? So Keshe admitted himself that he is controlled by someone else.

Comments on Facebook:

“Keshe’s latest Workshop is so full of filthy crap that Rick Crammond withdrew it immediately after it ended… Crammond must be so embarrassed for all the s.h.i.t. spread all over the 120th Workshop that he doesn’t even know what to cut and what to keep.”

“That is terrible. Why on Earth did Mehran go so astray down the dark way towards soul death? He could do so much good if he would strenghten his politeness and humbleness with the real truth seeking instead of cheating… So sad.”

“Keshe is like the King of sodom and gomorrah… and we all remember what happened to that crew right?”

“How in the world does Keshe even have a following except the ones drawing the KF paycheck, bad enuff sitting thru a 3 hour knowledge seeker ws and bad sound quality and numerous technical problems, but now that we can prove beyond doubt the technology is false that it can be lethal to your health and his continuance to pursue on is criminal intent to cause mass deaths. These people and promoters are terrorists. New terrorist watch list: KE$HE brown rings”

The truth is that Keshe still abuses me, because when I don’t accept his slander, he says “They are opposing us”, and he uses that as an excuse why his technology has never been shown. Excuses excuses excuses.

So after many months of ongoing slander by Keshe, let’s ask a few simple questions:

Where is my Congo birth certificate ?
Where is my email correspondence with Sterling Allan ?
Where is the “power generator” that can power the whole world ?
Where is the flying reactor or the flying car ?

Answer: Nowhere, because none of these things exists, and never will. That’s why Keshe has to create all this drama, otherwise people would get bored too quickly.

In every workshop we hear the same empty phrases:

“Today we finish with the Red Circle”, which is not possible, because there is no “Red Cirlce”.
“Now we start teaching”. In reality, it started years ago, however there is no teaching, just 50% slander and 50% pseudo-scientific BS.
“From today we go in a completely different direction”, when in reality we hear that same crap literally every week.

And then there was this attempt by Caroline to tell people not to go for Kosol Ouch’s “Q6”, because it’s apparently dangerous. Right, as if the Magrav wasn’t. It’s one group of scammers bashing another, under the disguise of “We are very concerned for peoples lives.” We have seen how concerned Keshe and Caroline are for people’s lives, when they repeatedly brought people up against me and everyone else who saw through their games. It seems they are jealous of Kosol’s “success”. When in fact, none of these devices work. But Kosol is still the better performance artist. The Keshe Foundation is like the satanic version of a kindergarten, all on the mental level of a 3 year old. Look what Caroline posted. You see the hypocritical comments in red.

Carolina, Frazz Frazzle and I do R&D together with multiple projects and health pen and pad workshops. We built a couple Q6 from the Kosol & Peppi instructions Several months ago. Three weeks ago I began to smell electrical burning. I unplugged immediately, thank goodness I was home. I have children and animals. Frazz got to thinking about why as the load on it was minimal. One light bulb. They are drying out and will burn, catch fire. There is no sugar used just ash gans, and sprayed with coconut oil, frankense. Others use a variety of oils. I’m reaching out to you to please get the word out hopefully in a way to not appear trying to hurt Kosol and Peppi’s projects but this is seriously urgent. Kosol and Frazz had a disagreement so we have been unfriended. We are very concerned for peoples lives. We do not want to start any problems just want people to be cautious. So many are just building or buying direct from them and plugging units in without understanding the process. We personally prefer and have the Keshe Magrav and thank you for all the continued knowledge shared. Please help notify people. Much respect, love and light to you and yours. Namaste.”

And here is Kosol’s reply:

“Hi everyone here is new attack and propaganda from the keshe group and his wife to our q group. Please share . They are really twisted”

So again we see how Keshe and Caroline ATTACK people, sometimes subtle, sometimes aggressively. This is their idea of “world peace”.

There was also another radio show by Veterans Today, supposedly the Mike Harris show, but this time without Mike Harris, in which Sandor Kakasi and Gordon Duff tried to smear me again. After listening to this show, I can clearly see what you guys are trying to say, and I understand the connections and have no doubt that your research is excellent, however, in trying again to connect me to all those criminals, you commit a criminal act yourself: it’s called slander. Your research went that far, but you weren’t able to figure out that I have nothing to do with those groups you mentioned ? So in case of doubt, you go for character assassination and slander, even when there is no proof ? And then, when there were technical problems, OF COURSE they were blamed on Keshe’s “opposition” as well. There’s no day without Keshe blaming his scapegoats.

Sandor mentioned me as an inventor, as if that was a crime. Yes, I am an inventor and patent writer. But no, I was never tied to any freemasons or pedophiles or any other criminals. Sandor is desperately trying to give his Messiah credibility, by persistanly wanting to connect my name to pedophile groups. Now I know whom I have to thank for all the false accusations. But keep in mind: those who help Keshe the most, will be hurt by him the most. But Sandor won’t believe it until it happens. As a scientologist, he is already used to being a devoted cult follower. All the KF followers who accept or even support Keshe’s threats and slander against innocents are complicit of Keshe’s crimes. And so the authorities will take care of that. We leave it to them.

Again: the truth will win. And the truth is that I have done nothing wrong, but Keshe has, and he keeps doing wrong, and his technology is based on pseudo-science. But because he keeps promoting the importance of that useless technology, people like Duff or now even Armen think that I want to suppress it. I hope you guys will wake up from your slumber.

One question to Duff: why do you do such excellent research, in order to support Keshe, but you don’t object to Keshe’s severe, malicious slander against me, but instead you even support it by keeping silent about it ? Is that what you and VT stand for ? We are not doubting your research, but by connecting me to all that criminal mess it shows that you use assumptions to justify your support for Keshe, who was shown NO PROOF whatsoever that any of his “miracles” work. So all you write, say and do is based on assumptions.

But as we all know…


Deep inside Keshe KNOWS that I am innocent, and he KNOWS that he is doing wrong by accusing me, as everyone will notice during his talks, when he gets all worked up and starts moving his neck and shoulders like crazy, like everytime he is lying.

One last word: someone on Facebook said I am driven by hate. Where did this nonsense come from ?

If I (or we as a group of Keshe Victims) were driven by hate, we would do what Keshe accuses us of: hack KF websites, steal, threaten, rape, kill, and other things. But we don’t, because we are peaceful. We already live the peace that Keshe promises. But he is not able to keep his promise, because he himself is not peaceful.

We wrote already: we love everyone. We run this site to wake up everyone who has been scammed and brainwashed by Keshe.

In that process it is sometimes necessary to stand firm and to put things the right way. We still don’t hate Keshe, however, we disagree with him on many things. Let me ask you: how would YOU feel if Keshe attacked you and called you an agent, a murderer, and a pedophile ? I think we handled things quite reasonably so far. Some sarcasm and some frank language must be allowed though, after all Keshe put us through.

I was the first supporter of Keshe. He called me his real brother. We met almost day to day in 2005. I was the one who created with him the Keshe Foundation. But then I saw how he misused his own friends and followers. He sold non-existing generators for 5000 Euro. How humble! He promoted placebo health reactors and sold them for 10000 Euro to cancer patients. How humble! He promised in 2009 to demonstrate flying reactors, he offered flights to the moon for 25000 Euros. How humble! So I stopped supporting him. In 2015 he started attacking me, saying that I was a murderer, a thief, a pedophile. How humble! Such a sincere person. And when I react to that, you call me a hater ? Keshe uses in every workshop hate speech against me, whereas I only give facts.

We would also like to make one thing clear: while we don’t censor messages posted by others on Facebook, we do NOT in any way encourage or accept any kind of violence. Those who write they want to end Keshe’s or anyone else’s life: stop that thought right there. If we leave your messages untouched, it means they are there for you to reflect on what you wrote, and to figure out if what you wrote is correct or not. It does NOT mean we approve.

Again: we do not want to see anyone harmed. NOT ONE.

It’s always Keshe’s comments and actions that lead to damage, not ours.

That is the reason why we continue to oppose Keshe’s lies. It’s about getting things right. Not waging war, but also not turning away in a careless way. We fight the good fight, and we do it without violence, but by applying pressure where necessary.

So no, I am not driven by hate.

The one who is really driven by hate and fear is Keshe. He hates himself, and he hates every living being. And because he hates himself, he created his super ego, to compensate for his lack of confidence. So Keshe 1 has certain talents, but Keshe 2 misuses them to boost his ego by tricking everyone else. The dilemma of a schizoprenic.

But Keshe can attack, slander and hate all he wants, his karma goes back to HIM only. Therefore, he is responsible for his own future.