turns 50 !

Yes, turned 50 ! No, not 50 years. 50 posts! 🙂

So we give our readers a gift: you can download the offline version of this website as an e-book here. This file is also suitable as a vast package of evidence of Keshe’s crimes, to be used by law enforcement agencies. And if Keshe’s slaves hack our website, the evidence is still available 🙂

Please spread it far and wide, and SHARE THE KNOWLEDGE FREELY with everyone who might easily get attracted to cults. This is a wake-up call for the gullible and for those who can easily be manipulated and exploited. Let them know about the crooked methods of Keshe and other scammers, so they stay away and don’t get harmed.

Much love from all of us at



Last night I received a private message on Facebook. I don’t disclose the other person. This person told me that he gave in a KF group criticism on the Magravs, minutes after that he received links to pedophilia images. Thus some KF followers or KF core members have access to pedophilia images or links to such criminal websites. This way they try to intimidate nay sayers, and to lure them into a “click-bait” trap, in order to accuse them of pedophilia. This incident was reported to Facebook.