Keshe: Connecting real dots in the wrong way

Here is some more on the 120th KSW, in which Keshe once again told many crazy lies. I will now debunk these lies and tell the real stories behind them.

1) One was that Keshe went to Iran in a secret way, organized by the Iranian embassy! This was supposedly kept secret for me. Wow, what a lie. In reality I conducted him to Paris, at my expenses, with the jeep of my brother. And when he came back from Tehran, it was me again who picked him up in Paris. Keshe is such a liar. He gives some correct dots but then he links these dots in a completely fantasized manner, to turn it into a giant fantasy story.

2) Indeed there was a video compression technology developed by a Dutchman, Mr. Jan Sloot. = a real dot. Jan Sloot died suddenly the day before he was going to give the final demonstration to financier Tom Perkins. Now Keshe claimed that I murdered Jan Sloot. A historical book was written about the Jan Sloot case. I am sure my name is not mentioned in it. Keshe is a lunatic. He is completely kuku.

3) A proven fallacy of Keshe: Remember that Keshe accused me in the 103rd KSW (1h:17) of having abused a child when I got my brain stroke. He pretended not to know how my stroke happened and said: “Sir, I wonder if you had the stroke while you were raping a child, Red Circle!” So dirty. But now let’s look at how Keshe exposed his own lie by coming up with a contradiction, a different version of this false story. In the recent 120th KSW he admitted that we were together in a hamburger restaurant at the moment of my brain stroke. M.T. Keshe: “Dirk said: I am hungry, I want to eat hamburger.” But, strangely enough (!) I bought (only) one hamburger to which I allegedly added poison, then I ate that hamburger myself. So he claimed I poisoned myself. So crazy. Now you see for yourself how Keshe creates a big hype with lots of hot air. This proves Keshe created a fallacy. He exposed himself with his own talk on video. 103rd KSW vs 120th KSW: two versions of the same lie. Check for yourself! In reality, I had the stroke because Keshe put too much pressure on me to write his books faster. I am a true Keshe victim.



4) Then we have the major accusation of Keshe, in which he persistantly tries to connect me to pedophiles. Indeed in a Facebook post I confirmed that I “pissed” in his garden. But I added that I did so – during a break while working on a patent – when I smoked a cigarette outside, standing near a wall with a hedge, making sure that nobody was near. So this is not a crime. However, that gave Keshe the opportunity to create a major fallacy: That I “pissed” in the garden in front of Rubeen, his 2 year old son, even showing my private parts, and asking Rubeen “if he wants to play”. That is a completely crazy story. Just think logically. What parent would accept such “event”, without throwing such a pervert out of his house? What parent would accept such “event” without putting an official complaint to the police? But Keshe kept working with me, he didn’t go to the police! Why not? Because Keshe just made up this crazy story to link me to Sterling Allan. So that is Keshe’s major “evidence” to link me to a pedophile network, and even to Dutroux (according to Caroline’s false accusation). So this is no evidence, it’s character assassination. Keshe tries to connect me to pedophile networks, which for sure exist, but I have nothing to do with them. And based on such fake claims and accusations Keshe tries to impress and convince his claimed friends in FBI and CIA of his monstrous “truth”, which in fact is just a giant web of lies.



Keshe’s stories don’t hold, they are intentionally fabricated fantasies for him to be able to continue his scam, while further harming his former supporters, as we have seen so many times in the past.

If only Keshe’s strategies of creating external enemies weren’t so terribly familiar…