Confirmed: Keshe is a Satanist

The 121st knowledge seekers workshop was once again one of the most bizarre workshops ever. Even we are surprised how Keshe is still able to intensify his delusional behaviour. As expected, no spectacular technology was released, and so once again nobody will be able to build a spaceship. All the non-working products and previous scams were combined into one. The mini reactors now have to be placed in the middle of the coils, and all the other nonsense needs to be added, but according to Keshe it will only work “if you understand”. If nobody was able to show a flight system until now, how are KF followers supposed to suddenly build a spaceship ? Remember, this “technology” was supposed to be “so simple that every man can do it.” But in reality it’s so complex and crazy that nobody will ever be able to do anything with it, other than waste their time. And again Keshe played God by saying “I had to come in person myself, as the messengers messed it up more and more.”

We will show now that Keshe is not God, but the opposite at best.

Keshe’s workshops turn more and more into dark, occult sessions, talking more and more about murder, abuse, mayhem, killing, punishment, witch hunts, mass funerals and death. The negativity and hatred in Keshe’s workshops is unbearable. He also said he will not allow any revolution or evolution (!) on this planet. This has nothing to do with science, freedom, unity or peace, this is just pure evil and we see what Keshe’s real goals are. Again Keshe threatened world leaders and religions and repeated his old trick: “No government can block this technology transfer today.” In reality, no government is even interested because the “technology” is no technology and therefore does not work. The fact that contaminated water from rivers is cleaner after the GANS treatment, and the fact that plants grow better, has nothing to do with any new “technology”. Zinc oxide (which is what GANS really is) is a disinfectant and has been used as such for a long time, long before there was any “GANS” and long before Keshe was even born.

And then Keshe finally admitted: “My purpose is NOT to take you into universal community as individuals…”, so nobody will ever fly using the KF “technology”. All hopes destroyed by one single statement.

Keshe also condemned tax frauds, even though he committed tax fraud himself, which has been reported to the Italian police by several people and confirmed by the police some time ago.

Keshe gave away his real intentions by even showing some occult, satanic symbols and saying: “From today there shall be no Jews” and two days before “There shall be no Christians”. He showed the satanic “Horned Hand”, and said “Those fingers are always delivered wherever I go”, which confirms that Keshe is a satanist, and therefore the OPPOSITE of a Messiah. ALL members of the Illuminati are Satanists. ALL members of the Illuminati are subjected to trauma-based mind-control. ALL members of the Illuminati have Multiple Personality Disorder, as we have seen with Keshe. Which leads us to the definite conclusion that Keshe is an Illuminati himself – OR he is again trying to gain attention in every way he can, even if that leads him down a very negative and dark path.



Keshe showing the “Horned Hand”




As explained here, one of the signs Keshe showed in the 121st knowledge seekers workshop proves that he pledges allegiance to Satan. According to Illuminati researcher Fritz Springmeier, the “Horned Hand” is a hypnotic induction which triggers certain programming in Monarch mind-controlled slaves. Project Monarch is also closely tied to Project MKULTRA. We leave it to you to determine whether Keshe is a victim of such a mind control program, or a controller, or both.

Keshe also said “There shall be no prophet Moses”, even though according to himself, Keshe himself is of the Moses bloodline. This shows once again his personality split and his self-hatred, which he projects onto everyone else, by accusing people of abuse, murder, and other crimes. Keshe wants to abolish all religions, and the reason for all that is described here.

Keshe’s famous phrase “We are here to free man from the shackles of his own physicality” means in clear terms: “We are here to KILL YOU”. Wake up people, Keshe is NOT here to serve, Keshe is here to enslave and destroy!

The Illuminati fear that women will take control of the planet, as it will become impossible for their satanic energies to keep control. Women are caretakers. That’s why Keshe said he doesn’t want to see a woman as a president, because then his time of harassing women will be over. His hypocritical comments about the “messengers of the past” and how they fell for the “bodies of the women on this planet” are true for himself. But more on that later, when more female witnesses and victims come forward.

Another statement was: “You people will go and take all stones of Vatican, and build back the Colosseum”, which ties in with the above and confirms that Keshe’s plan is not to bring peace, but to re-establish the Roman empire, under the rulership of the antichrist, also known as the New World Order.

And this also ties in with a recent article by Veterans Today, that shows undeniable parallels between the obvious NWO plans in America and around the world, and Keshe’s way of deceiving people for the same reason. Read the following excerpt carefully and see how Keshe acts exactly like the “Khazarian Mafia”. So we must ask ourselves the following question: is Keshe connected to these “evil parasite Alien ETs” ?

“Believe it or not, there is good reason to believe that there is a first cause, a Creator of the Universe and all matter. And fortunately, it turns out God Almighty has set up “Rules of Play” which the evil parasite Alien ETs and their KM Kingpins and their Cutouts must obey.

In order for the KM’s Kingpins and Cutouts to be able to advance their evil Globalist NWO Agenda, the consent of the American masses must be gained. [likewise, the consent of KF followers must be gained]

To do this deception, big lies, false-narratives, propaganda must be dispensed by the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM), and basic mind-kontrol must be used on the masses. [likewise, mind-control must be used on the KF followers]

The Khazarian Mafia’s deep desire is to destroy America the Republic forever and to Balkanize it, followed by folding its remains into their Globalist NWO One World System — their age-old Agenda and dream for mankind. The KM Kingpins know that, in order to attain their Globalist NWO Agenda, they must dis-empower American males of all ages and make it impossible for them to ever defend America from the “Enemy Within” and from any KM-owned foreign invader.

The KM has taken measures to make sure the American Police never turn against them. They have created DHS and consolidated all American Alphabets and Law Enforcement, and mind-kontrolled them to fear the public, which has been dirtied up and criminalized by all the KM’s CIA drugs trafficked into the large American Urban centers.

When the KM proceeds to start an expected civil war or civil rebellion as a pretext to declare Martial law to finally gain complete control over America, those Police that don’t die in combat with American gun owners will be assisted by NATO, UN and foreign mercenaries, and back-shot to eliminate them too, because they are Americans. The KM wants to eradicate all able-bodied American men who have the potential to fight them at some point.

If too many Americans learn the truth and wake up, this KM mind-kontrol spell will be broken, and the masses will rise up at every level and rebel against the KM, its Kingpins, Cutouts and top Policy-makers. [if too many KF followers wake up, they will rise up and rebel against Keshe]

The worldwide Internet is the wildcard here, and it has attained such a high level of penetration in providing truth nuggets even among so many KM disinformation websites, that it is too late to stop its exposures. Even if the KM decides to completely take down the Internet or make it restricted with a two-tiered or completely censored system, there will be extensive blow-back that will bring those responsible into view as public enemies that must be taken down one-way or another, no matter what.

As the American Sleeping Giant, We The People, awakes more and more each day, thanks to the Internet, watch the Khazarian Mafia’s unimaginably evil system be exposed; and watch these inhuman, demon-infested monstrous criminals be taken down from their elite status to become hunted war criminals and recognized enemies of all mankind and the whole world.”

Yes, thankfully people are slowly waking up, and so are *some* former KF followers. Let’s hope there will be more and more.

Sadly, a young life was lost a few days ago. Keshe’s 23 year old camera man Fabio died in a violent car accident, apparently not far from Keshe’s house. His 21 year old girlfriend Naomi is in coma at the hospital. As expected, Keshe abused this very sad situation by announcing that he will “see what he can do” to help the girl out of her coma.

So Keshe now needs to prove his coma solution to his followers and core members. Once again he will repeat the terrible, inhumane scam he tried years ago, which is described here. In doing so he is assisted by other KF followers who are NO medical doctors. Why does nobody in the KF scream out loud ? Why do they accept such crimes against humanity ?

This “coma solution” will now be used to abuse yet another innocent victim. This “coma solution” comes from a man who says things like “You walked into the slaughterhouse of the soul, not me. I just guided you.” But indeed, it’s Keshe’s followers who ALLOW themselves to be guided into the slaughterhouse. They give their consent by keeping quiet and accepting all the outrageous statements of their false Messiah.

Keshe said last week: “Fabio’s death was pure accident.” This week he said: “Fabio’s death was no accident.” And then, once again he was trying to blame random people without naming them, so why did he do that ? The fact that Fabio died near Keshe’s house, not near anyone else’s, is very suspicious, and Keshe’s crocodile tears might have been credible to some, but not to us. We know what Keshe is capable of. And remember Keshe’s statement: “At my wish I can end your lives.”

So we ask ourselves: did Keshe wish for this to happen ? And why did it happen one day before Keshe’s alleged “disclosure” (which happened now, only one week later, and was nothing but hot air, as usual) When Keshe said during Fabio’s memorial “Maybe humanity isn’t ready”, it was clear that he felt absolutely no shame to exploit Fabio’s death for his evil agenda. A funeral of a loved one should be respected, not abused for the egotistical world domination fantasies of a satanist and wannabe antichrist.

Not much later, another accident happened near Bari “out of the blue”. Two trains collided, and meanwhile there are more than 20 reported casualties. According to news sources, this was the biggest train accident in Italy since 2009. Authorities described the situation as “bizarre” and said it looked as if a plane had crashed.

Given Keshe’s satanic behaviour in today’s workshop, and seeing how suddenly so many people die around Bari, what are we supposed to think ? Is there a negative plasma bubble around Bari, due to Keshe’s black hole soul ? Did Keshe “practice” his satanism on poor Fabio ? And is Keshe now confident enough to show his black magic symbolism publicly ?

Indeed Keshe said in the 121st knowledge seekers workshop: “I show you the magic how to believe and what to believe.” and as usual “You have no choice.”

So the Keshe Foundation has now become a satanic cult, whose members believe they can save the world by following Keshe’s Luciferian instructions.