“The greed of the man”

Attention! Irony!
Last Thursday, all the knowledge has been released, and so we are convinced that by tomorrow, all KF followers will be flying around in their Keshe spaceships, as now the secret is out! Nobody can block the knowledge anymore! Humanity can now go to space! We would be VERY disappointed if after Keshe’s HUGE disclosure, his followers still weren’t able to build their ships! So go guys, SHOW US THE EVIDENCE!

Gordon Duff said that Keshe is the most stubborn person ever. We agree. He put himself and his followers on a path of self-destruction. However, Gordon Duff also said that Keshe is stubborn because he cannot accept it when there is wrongdoing. Seriously ?

The truth is that Keshe’s EGO is being insulted whenever someone points out HIS wrongdoings, and that’s where he gets stubborn and wants to attack those who speak the truth, those who have done nothing wrong. But Gordon Duff doesn’t see that, because like Keshe, he denies God. And while Duff writes articles that suggest that he is against satanic cults, he still supports the Keshe Foundation, which is… another satanic cult.

So Keshe wants to spread his FALSE LIGHT like a disease, and he makes people believe in lies, only to serve the ego of Keshe and his close followers like Sandor. These people are predators who go for the innocent. They desperately want to prove that the innocent are guilty, while the guilty one is being protected, because they refuse to open their eyes to the deceptions of their Messiah. So they stay locked down inside their satanic cult, attacking innocents, because, as Keshe would say: “They are paid to do.”

But who protects the innocent from these harassers of humanity who continue to attack and harm them ?? Where is the REAL and non-corrupt law enforcement that will bring Keshe to justice ?

In the 23rd international workshop, there were even more contradictions than usual. Keshe said for example “Time is short”, only to contradict himself a few minutes later: “You have enough time, don’t worry.” So if he just kept quiet and said nothing, the information transfer would be exactly the same.

It was funny when Keshe said in his extended slander session that my patents are not mine and that I stole them. This is another manifest lie. In reality, KESHE uses my theory as the base of his own theory. And the intellectual property for my puzzles is of course my own as well.

And when Keshe said “We didn’t start a new religion, we didn’t start a new sect”, it was clear that he was denying the obvious. Cults ALWAYS tell you that they are not a cult.

Keshe also often mentions my “half a million house”. Here is why:
In Tiegem (Belgium), Keshe lived in a terrible old house. He is extremely greedy and pure materialistic, so he was jealous of my apartment. Keshe’s greed is the reason why he talked about this “half a million house” because he thinks he deserved better than me. It’s his usual competitve thinking: “I am better than you”.

There is also Keshe’s zerotic story about his arrest in Canada. He claims that I organized his arrest and that I was paid very well by my “paymasters” (who don’t exist!) In reality I was not even aware that Keshe had left Belgium to travel to Mexico, via Canada. Keshe claims that on his return from Canada, I was able to buy an exclusive apartment in Antwerp. However Keshe knows very well – in detail – what happened in reality. The apartment was paid 1) with money my father gave me as an official gift, and 2) with money I received from the public sales of my house in Zoersel due to my divorce. All this can be proven by bank transfers. So the dirty claims of Keshe are easy to debunk and easy to check by official services. I am sure that even FBI and CIA are able to get that information. Keshe knows the truth, but he deliberately lies to the public. So in reality I don’t live in a “half a million house”, Keshe does. It’s just Keshe’s usual exaggeration and inversion.

But everything Keshe owns now, he is only able to afford because of his scam. That’s why he keeps defending his useless “technology”, because he doesn’t want to give up what he “achieved” by stealing other people’s ideas and money.

That’s the real reason for Keshe being so stubborn, because he made a fortune on the back of brainwashed supporters and followers, and he is not willing to give up his luxurious lifestyle that includes a villa, a swimming pool and several large, expensive cars.

So how ironic that out of all people, greedy Keshe constantly talks about the “greed of the man”. In reality, whenever he judges people like that, he talks about himself.

But his followers also learned very well how to scam people. There are people in Germany selling CONFIRMED NON-WORKING magrav units (as confirmed by THEMSELVES!) for 1047 Euros each, and whoever buys them, gets a coupon for 500 Euros. But that coupon can only be traded for health pens. They also sell EMPTY WOODEN BOXES for the pens, for almost 200 Euros per box. Incredible that ANYONE falls for such an EMPTY scam.



No difference between GANS treated and untreated plants

The KF uses this fake slogan: “A new technology to free humanity”, when in reality it should be “A non-existent technology to brainwash, harm and further enslave humanity”.

Keshe has NO solution for ANY disease. He can NOT cure HIV/AIDS, cancer, coma, ALS, or any other disease. Any such claim by the KF is an intentional, criminal act to mislead people who are already struggling with their health situation.

If there is something we cannot accept, it’s severe injustice and the exploitation and abuse of good, innocent or sick people, especially when done under the disguise of this pretentious “correct ethos” and fake “world peace”.

More evidence of Keshe’s LACK of ethos:

Here you can hear from another former KF supporter what happened: like so many others, he had ordered two Magrav units for 2000 Euros, but never received them. THIS IS THE GREED OF THE MAN (KESHE!) He takes the money but never delivers. The only thing Keshe cares for is money, and he grabs it any way he can, no matter how many crimes he commits or how many people he harms along the way. That is the truth. And to disguise his real materialistic intention, he made up this huge scam about world peace, healing, free energy and him being the Messiah. This scam is so huge that those brainwashees inside the KF cannot even understand it, that’s why they deny reality.

Quote from the video description:
“I’ve given up on following the Keshe stuff since even from our rigorous friends at QEG Sweden, no more information for the past 2 months. Combined with the fact that we haven’t received word of our 2000 EUR Magrav unit order (2 units) being shipped yet after 8 months+ of waiting, I’m considered the matter closed.”

Keshe even admitted about GANS: “Most of the people who get in touch with it get emotionally disturbed and it continues for years.” Is this how Keshe became so zerotic ?

And the latest scam has already started:

“Mr Keshe announces the formation of a Plasma Technology Rescue Team to send to disaster areas. KFSSI systems can help people decontaminate water, maintain health, and create food and energy. The recent and on-going flooding in China, has given an opportunity for experts from the Keshe Foundation to offer services to the Chinese people.”

It seems KFSSI systems can do EVERYTHING, it just hasn’t been shown so far! But you have to believe it to see it! Plasma technology rescue teams will now enter disaster zones (Can you imagine that ? We can’t.) in order to provide non-working devices to already suffering people. At least the plasma team members believe in miracles. Let’s see if the victims do as well. So the poor people of China, who have already been harmed by flooding, will now be made emotionally disturbed as well, while they are given false hope and empty promises. What a great accomplishment by the Keshe Foundation!

Keshe is briefly mentioned in this video, called “Be Careful Who You Follow”, around the 13 minute mark.

Here is Hopegirl’s latest update on the Keshe scam, where she also talks about the dangers of “GANS”, a poisonous substance that can cause internal bleeding, which is being promoted by Keshe as a “healing” substance. Again, we see Keshe’s inversion, claiming the opposite of what is true. Hopegirl has also written a hillarious article in which she makes fun of cults like the KF. At the end she also gives good advice to people who are trapped in a cult. There is also a video that goes along with the article. If you watch this you will see that this is exactly how the KF operates.

And here is how Keshe responds to the truth: with more slander and false accusations. Listen closely to his zerotic way of talking.

Remember how many times Keshe accused me, Hopegirl and others of trafficking children. As some might know, Keshe lived in Manchester until 2004. So let’s ask where Keshe was in 2004, doing his “Brown Circle” job for his politician friends at their private clubs. Check the web to find all the evidence of missing children. Especially around Manchester, child trafficking seems to be very popular.

Keshe always claimed to have high political VIP friends and friends in MI5 and MI6. Was Keshe their handler for sexual “goodies”, in return for extremely cheap goods, confiscated by British Customs? How many from this list of VIP’s were Keshe’s personal friends?

In case you haven’t listened to it yet, here is a recording of a leaked phonecall from late 2015 between the former KF manufacturer in China, Soheil, and the former head of KF China, Kearl Lee. Nevermind the terrible subtitles, just listen to the audio.

This call reveals the following:

1) Keshe Foundation energy products are a fraud and don’t work.

2) Despite of the fraud, they still want to make money.

3) Keshe never tested his products, and it is known that other people are doing it on their own.

4) Keshe only allows payment in advance for products that have yet to be developed, tested and manufactured. He constantly looks for manufacturers to do something fast so that he has something to send to people, even though he knows it will not work.

5) Keshe’s product disclaimer is an attempt to get rid of any accountability for sending defective products.

6) Governments do not care about Keshe at all, even though he says they are interested in the technology.

7) Keshe did not invent any of the products, but rather he just takes the ideas of others, and then promotes them to make money without even having developped or tested anything.

Once again, we see the REAL ethos of the Keshe Foundation: cheating, stealing, lying, deceiving, betraying and being greedy. And of course the same goes for the American arm of the KF, including Gordon Duff, Col. Hanke, Armen, Brett, and others, who are now trapped in Keshe’s satanic fraud foundation. They continue to manufacture non-working products to make money on the back of gullible customers. Once again we see “the greed of the man”.

Keshe never shows any evidence for anything. He makes all sorts of claims about his products, or about his self-proclaimed “enemies”, but he never shows any evidence, he only says “We will show you in the coming time”. We on the other hand have shown tons of evidence.


Do you know how to spot a fraudulent online store ?

1) Only payment in advance is possible
2) Refund policy is totally unclear
3) Little to no response when contacted
4) Outrageous pricing

And indeed, all 4 indications are true for the KF store. Because the KF never delivers (except for deception purposes), and they never refund. This way Keshe has become rich.

And here is another testimony of former KFSSI student Andrea Danese, which clearly shows that Keshe has zero to show:



“I left the Keshe foundation in February this year, after attending the “school” rundown/ghost in Barletta Italy for about six months.

.. to summarize the various events, test made at home (laboratories closed to those who attend!), meetings, deductions and finally certainties: -there is NOTHING TO SEE IN THE KF.-

I hope that those who have seen still can trade, fraud, abuse, lying, in research that many pure souls chose to take to illuminate this world, overshadowed by the logic of power, could soon see the end of their reign and the beginning of a time when man oversteps really himself. Where you recognize in one where you lay down your weapons and you bait the logic of power, money, rivalry and supremacy.


This crazy Keshe hype makes uneducated people believe that it is “cool” to do caustic experiments at home, when in reality these people put themselves at risk. People who experimented with caustic are now reporting breathing problems, skin problems, or even tooth damage. And as everybody can imagine, the fire method is neither healthier nor less dangerous.

Please report Keshe and the Keshe Foundation to your local police, to FBI, CIA, Interpol and other law enforcement agencies for willfully causing health damage and financial damage to unsuspecting individuals.

The KF has now censored the 121st satanic “knowledge” seekers workshop. Keshe probably told them “Can you remove this part please ? Humanity is not ready for this advanced knowledge.” But the original can still be found here. Watch around the 22 minute mark, but protect yourself psychologically and spiritually first.

People should be very concerned when a satanist claims to rescue people or to “elevate the soul of the man”. Where would he elevate it to ? Onto the throne of Lucifer ?

Some quotes on Facebook that show the REALITY:

“Veterans Today/Gordon Duff’s broad brushing all of Sterling’s Facebook contacts was just plain wrong. Duff has a lot of questionable credential claims himself.”

“I attended a Dutch zoom meeting last week. As always i addressed some of Ca$hes false accusations in relation to his his peace religion and asked what it has to do with his ‘new technolgy’. One of the ‘ladies’ immediately accused me of beïng a pedophile. The Ca$he brainwashing seems to be very effective for the sheeple.”

“They are trying so desperately to incriminate of pedophilia the critics of the Keshe Foundation, that they are gonna sink themselves into the same crap they are accusing us !! I won’t be surprised if some day we wake up with the news that the Keshe Foundation is under Police investigation for pedophilia !!!”

“Ca$he simply abuses the death of Fabio to create another conspiracy against his technology by the Jews. That is the stuff his sheeple love. They see it as proof for Ca$he’s technology since there is no other proof whatsoever.”

“According to scammers François Flibotte and Kevin Blundell, the Magrav will never work for me since I don’t believe it will work, my intention is not pure.”

“I think the Ca$he sheeple all have personal problems or traumas from bad experiences in their past. They are searching for something outside themselves which they have lost.”

“That’s how his marketing works: “Look the official forces are working against me, I must be onto something really authentic.” The actual truth is that the police and government want to bring down Keshe and trial Keshe as a criminal for medical fraud and so many more crimes he committed, but Keshe uses this as a marketing argument.”

“Last week i attended another interesting zoom meeting for the Germans. Ca$he and witch Caroline where invited to speak about the local teachings commencing in Germany. Ca$he was not really interested and started talking about the magrav production in Germany. There was one person present from the first factory in Germany, where Richard (UC) left. The man told Prof. Dr. Ir. Ca$he that his factory magravs don’t work and he would not start production based on that fact. Ca$he shouted in his usual aggressive way that they tested it wrong (i’ll spare you the details). Then Ca$he told the group that 20 factories where needed in Germany. Some new believers stood up and told Ca$he that their magravs work but they did not test anything because they had no technical knowledge. They wanted to start a factory. Then Ca$he revealed his business model. The factory is allowed a margin of 10% on the labor and material cost that add up to €10,- . The magravs can only be sold through the Ca$he website.
Although he does not invest in a factory he claims 51% ownership.”

“Even calling him a sorcerer gives him too much credit and an air of power. He is a charlatan that takes advantage of peoples good intentions.”

“Those who will investigate before following will find out the truth before falling for any Keshe mind control, those who believe and follow without questioning are like a herd of sheep. No need to be concerned for them… as they have chosen their path.”

In these rough times it is difficult not to lose your mind, especially when people run after satanic kukus like Keshe, rather than following a real, correct ethos. It is important to stay calm and to keep your faith. Let’s stay united during these hard times.

Keshe always asks: “How do we achieve peace ?”

Well, a first step would be for him to stop scamming, refunding all the scammed customers, apologizing to all the victims, and trying to make up for all the damage he caused.

It’s all up to Keshe. But like so many times, he said: “I have done my job, and I warned you: I stop teaching.”

What an empty warning. How many more times ???

For God’s sake Mehran, PLEASE DO STOP! AND FINALLY LEAVE HUMANITY IN PEACE! We are all tired of your insane ramblings, false accusations and empty promises. The UNITY of the good people will not be broken by your constant, evil attempts to “divide and rule”. Everybody knows by now that you talk nothing but BS only to fill your own pockets. THIS is the greed of the man Mehran Tavakoli Keshe.

To everyone around Keshe: Please guys, do not follow Keshe’s satanic path. Wake up!

Peace everyone!