Sweet dreams

In our last post, we pointed out how Keshe and some of his followers harass innocents. Now they went a step further. Caroline has now been stalking friends of my daughter.

Incredible how low Caroline and M.T. Keshe can sink to maintain their network of lies and slander. Who gave them the right to harass my daughter or her friends ? These are the criminal methods of nasty crooks. So for speaking the truth, this is how me and my family get treated by someone who in the past called himself my friend and brother.

The question is: If Keshe’s teachings are so correct, why do they need to resort to such methods ? If he has so much EVIDENCE against me, and if the police was going to arrest me one year ago already, why do they need to stalk my daughter and her friends, only to share their own nasty satanic pedophile fantasies with them ? Nobody is interested in this scum, except people that have similar desires. A man who claims to have the power to change the course of humanity needs to harass women to get his point across ?

The truth is that M.T. Keshe and his wife Caroline are two empty, paranoid, schizophrenic narcissists who are not willing to give up their standard of living, which they achieved only by scamming and deceiving people. Keep in mind that the majority only sees what Keshe does in public, but his “work in the background” remains hidden (occult).

Again, we didn’t start this conflict, and we did nothing wrong. We only informed people of the truth. We hereby ask support from all our readers who care about truth and justice, to help stop these two criminals from doing further harm. Inform the police and all potential KF followers about their criminal methods. We also ask our female readers to UNITE and stand up for women’s rights, and to help all women who have been harassed by Keshe or his wife.

It’s interesting to see Mehran Tavakoli Keshe’s and Caroline’s flawed logic: First they come up with a crazy story they invented in their sick minds, a pure fallacy about pedophilia. A tale with numerous contradictions. Then, because Sterling Allan (a self-confessed USA pedophile) was found guilty, I must be guilty too. And because Sterling Allan abused his two daughters, and I have two daughters as well, I must have abused my daughters too. So according to Caroline’s and Keshe’s insane and inverted logic, anyone who has children who confirm they have NOT been raped, is automatically a rapist. Thank God that the juridical system is a little bit more sane and logical and does not work like this.

Here is another delusional and misleading statement by Caroline (unedited):

“They can’t mis use what you have learned from this technology .
It is a promise from MT Keshe not a single soul will be harmed by this technology.
Even when it doesn’t look like it still it will be for the benefit off mankind remember that.
Carolina De Roose”

Sure, “they” can’t misuse the technology because it simply doesn’t work. The “theory” of Keshe is not based on reality, and was never proven or confirmed by independent third party scientists. Besides, “they”, whoever they are, don’t even know about the “technology” because it has no meaning, and therefore “they” have no intention to misuse anything. It’s not the “technology”, but Keshe and Caroline who cause harm with their negative intentions, by accusing, stalking, insulting and threatening, and then saying “We don’t make accusations”. So ridiculous. All the time M.T. Keshe accuses others of blocking his technology. He refers to an imaginary worldwide conspiracy to create credibility for his ideas, and claims that for this reason “others” want to assassinate him and his family. But the “technology” is only secondary. A decoy, as Keshe confessed himself in his previous workshops.

The main task of M.T. Keshe and Caroline is to attack their former supporters and silence all possible criticism through all kinds of intimidation (such as showing satanic signs and making threats), and to keep them afraid, to create attention for themselves, and to keep their childish cult going. In every cult, it is forbidden to ask about the philosophy and actions of the Guru. It’s a fact that some people drank the GANS and had internal bleedings. So to say nobody will be harmed is another outright lie. It just shows that M.T. Keshe and Caroline only talk for the sake of talking, but whatever they say has no meaning or is intentionally false. The whole purpose of the Keshe Foundation is to create MONEY for Keshe and Caroline. Both of them know no other way to make money. That’s all there is to it.

Keshe and correct ethos ? DREAM ON.

Keshe’s nonsense has become so extreme and crazy that no intelligent person would want to deal with it anymore. He just keeps repeating his old pattern over and over again.

1) Keshe claims to have a working technology but he doesn’t, and he always refused to give evidence or demonstrations. Instead he uses the cheap argument that such demonstrations were blocked by governments, multi-nationals or criminals.

2) If things don’t go as planned, he blames it on the Jewish lobby, the Rothschilds, the Germans, or the imaginary “Red Circle”.

3) He repeats his nonsense for several hours until some believe it or are convinced, just like an Arab carpet seller tries to sell you a cheap carpet. But M.T. Keshe’s goes even further. He claims that it’s a flying carpet, and by just sitting on it, that magic carpet will heal you from any disease, and will even feed you with energy.

4) People love fantasy stories, disaster reports and conspiracy theories, so he gives them that non-stop.

5) Every year his empty promises are being repeated, and each time a few people fall for his scams. That’s how he makes money.

6) He repeats in every workshop: “From now on, everything will change.”

7) He repeats in every workshop: “I release the technology very soon.” But nothing is ever shown.

8) Anyone who disagrees with him or asks some kind of proof is called a murderer and/or a pedophile.

9) Go back to 1)

In the 122nd KSW, I was of course blamed again as well. This time, I was falsely accused of murdering Fabio, as expected, even though it happened next to Keshe’s house. For sure my arms are not long enough to reach from Belgium to Italy, but Keshe admitted he was the last person who saw Fabio alive. I ask you: Did Fabio find out the truth about Keshe ? Did Keshe and Fabio have severe arguments ? Was Fabio upset ? Did Keshe falsely accuse Fabio ? Ask yourself what happened in reality. And also ask yourself about Keshe’s intentions when he says things like “You took the life of a boy, we take the life of a nation.”

Meanwhile Keshe and Dr. Klaus (who is not a Medical Doctor)  continued their illegal medical experiments on Naomi who is still in coma. Incredible that her father Giovanni allows this 😦

Keshe also repeated his “Horned Hand” sign several times, and tried to find numerous ridiculous justifications as to why his satanic hand signs are no satanic hand signs. No matter what Keshe tells you, they ARE satanic. Please read all our previous posts to find more info and links.



He said “I teach you the universal language”, so he thinks this gives him a free ticket to use his satanic signs without problems in the future, because his brainwashed followers believe every word he says. This will show how many REAL Christians there are in the KF, and how many of them will now worship Satan under the disguise of being Christians. WHAT AN INSANE SITUATION! This is indeed the age of deception. So we can expect KF followers to run around, showing satanic hand signs to everyone, while believing this way they can communicate with aliens. What an insane, malicious mess Keshe has created. If showing these hand symbols was so harmless, then why was the 121st KSW censored on Youtube ? It’s clear that Keshe is only trying to find excuses now, even though he continued his evil agenda by saying “I took your physicality and your emotion and now you go back.” So Keshe uses the satanic signs as the “Universal Language” for his “New Universal Order”. Replace “Universal” by “Luciferian” and you might be much closer to the truth. He said “We don’t allow noone connected with Malta or connected with Illuminatis or masons… they have abused the man.” but HE HIMSELF is allowed to use all those hand signs that others are not allowed to use. Does nobody get the idea that Keshe himself could be an Illuminati, when he uses their symbols, and even proudly repeats them ? In essence this recent development shows that M.T. Keshe smoothly turned the “non-religious” Keshe Foundation into a Satanic cult. This means that from now on, all Keshe followers are Satan worshippers. Indeed, Keshe’s “Horned Hand” is part of the universal language of Lucifer, the dark force, the enemy of God.


In the 122nd KSW, M.T. Keshe also attacked the Jews again, showing that he is a racist, but of course he insisted that we are all equal. He says things like “Anyone who does a crime is a Jew”, but he is half Jewish himself, so what does it say about him ? So much hypocrisy and BS it’s amazing that his followers don’t get tired of it. And then of course there was again a lot of talk about murderers and abusers, which clearly shows what’s on Keshe’s mind all the time: death and destruction.

When MT Keshe said “Please understand: we are not here to bring a new kind of slavery”, it was clear that he used his inversion again. He DOES bring a new kind of slavery. Just look at all those brainwashed people who waste their time on mixing several substances, and then they think they can create peace with it. It all has become so crazy, it’s hard to believe that Keshe still has any followers at all.

Ask yourself: if any regular guy on the street told you all this nonsense and that he had such a “flying carpet” at home, would you believe it ? No, you would think they are crazy. But you believe Keshe. Why ? Why do you think he has any credibility at all ? Just because he is stubborn and sounds confident ?

A man who claims that anyone who attends elections and votes is a murderer cannot be mentally sane. And a man who replies to “Shall we help people who committed many crimes ?” by saying “Understand what I said about the Caesium and Iodine”… well, no comment.

Then Keshe also said that his products WILL be certified, even though over the past years he has been saying many times that his products ARE already certified. So we see his lies again. None of his products will ever be certified because THEY DON’T WORK and they don’t fulfill any safety standards.

Then in the 122nd KSW, someone from England called in and wanted to know some information about the KF. It seemed that Keshe was familiar with the voice. The person asked: “How are you today, Sir?”, and Keshe was in some kind of panic. He only said “Rick, can you take this thing off please ?” And then the person was of course accused of being part of the “Jewish lobby”… or was he a Mossad officer ? That is “love and care”, as given by the false Messiah. This shows that there is no freedom of speech in the Keshe Foundation. People have to do what the dictator wants.

All in all Keshe has become a sad clown, like Jerry Springer was, who holds pseudo-scientific comedy workshops, where he explains proven scientific facts the wrong way so they fit his agenda. None of what he says has any base in reality, it’s just pure insanity, misleading and misrepresentation, and mumbo jumbo that is intended to show his own alleged intellectual supremacy, when in fact every normal person can see that Keshe and his wife are scammers, liars and criminals.

But they will be brought to justice sooner or later. The head of Europol, Rob Wainwright, explained today that they will connect national and international criminal databases in a better way, because they found out that the terrorist attackers of Paris, Brussels or Munich all had a past as small criminals like Keshe. Just look at Keshe’s quotes to see how he keeps inciting terrorist attacks. So any such movement needs to be stopped at the beginning, before it gets out of hand.

We kept showing you the obvious, so please open your eyes and wake up, before you get caught in something you will not enjoy. Do not get fooled by Keshe when he says he is no satanist. He has been behaving like a satanist before he showed his hand signs, “but you never understood”.

At least some KF followers and former merchandise partners are starting to wonder…



(if you can’t read the above text, right-click on the image and select “view image”)

And for all those who still think the American drone was brought down with Keshe “technology”, here is the true information behind that, which we received FROM AN IRANIAN INSIDER, several months BEFORE Keshe exposed himself as a satanist on July 14th 2016.

Remember that Keshe always says: “I thank the Iranian government and the Iranian space agency and…”

Now read what the Iranian insider told us:

“Keshe is no longer welcome in Iran because he speaks lies, especially that he started the space program of Iran, or that Iran took down the American drone with his tech. The truth is the Iranian military used USRP-RTL-SDR systems that are made to jam frequencies.

Keshe is known in Iran as a SCAM, and that’s the truth.

And then he came up with this totally illogical and ridiculous excuse, saying that Israel kills Iranian scientists in Iran. So the goverment said he would be safer outside of Iran. That’s why he is not allowed to go back to his own country. Has nobody ever wondered why there is no Keshe Foundation Iran ?

Keshe is a satanist trying to steal your money and your beliefs!”

And indeed now we see the truth about the satanic Keshe cult, as Keshe is trying to sell satanic symbols as the “universal language”.

Another smart Iranian commented today on this video:

“I was really shocked how those people who call themselves Drs, lecturers and professors believed that guy… I said this two years ago about Keshe that he’s a liar. As an Iranian I’m so ashamed of him. I know many great scientists from Iran but this guy is a psychopath! The greatest scientists in the world like Einstein and Tesla PROVED what exactly they have done and their work shaped our world. They didn’t go to governments to sell their science and technology.”

How it began

We now show how the “fight” between Keshe and myself started. We see how Keshe himself creates his own imaginary enemies to “divide and rule”. My original post can be found here. You see how so many KF followers supported me in 2015, but now they either attack me, or they turned away from me, although I did nothing wrong. Back then everyone could see that the person who attacked me wanted to hurt me. I was kind enough not to mention Keshe, but later it turned out that the attacker was Keshe himself! So I ask all my former supporters: why did you then tolerate the false attacks on me, once you found out that Keshe was personally behind them ? Because of your support for Keshe, he increased the attacks on me and caused more and more division. So I ask you: where is the unity now, that we saw in 2015, before Keshe ruined everything ?

Keshe couldn’t admit or accept his own mistake: stabbing his best friend Dirk in the back. But this is how parasitic narcissists live their lives, on the back of other people, to always appear as perfect and loved, and to never give the impression of having flaws. However, in this case, Keshe’s false ethos was revealed, and it bothered him so much that he invented this huge “Red Circle” story, to make me look like a liar, when in fact Keshe has been the liar. I ask all the people who supported me against evil back then, to re-read what they wrote back then, and then to decide if they are still on a correct path, considering all the attacks Keshe has launched in the recent past.

So here is my post, followed by comments by KF supporters. Flashback to April 2015!

Dirk Laureyssens April 30, 2015

Dear friends of the Keshe Foundation,

for many years I have been involved with the KF, from its start in 2005. So I designed the KF logo, set up the initial website, helped Mehran Tavakoli Keshe to publish the three books, helped Keshe with the writing of the patents. So you can imagine that the events in Bari were exciting for me, the KF presence at LUM university in Trani is indeed a great achievement after all these years. Thus the meeting with the people of the KF core group and KF supporters gave me intense pleasure, a feeling of unity around a common goal.

However, something made me sad in Bari. I want to share with all of you what happened. “Someone” in the Keshe Foundation found it important to tell lies about me, trying to destroy my integrity and loyalty. I have no idea about the reason for that. What is that lie ? “Someone” spread the rumor that I am an agent of the Belgian security service. Which is a completely lunatic statement, a manifest lie. The same lie was spread about MD Eliya Kostova, that she would be an active agent of the Bulgarian secret service, present in Bari to murder core members of the KF.

The saddest thing is that the Keshe Foundation projects the ethics of absolute truth, unity, world peace and high morality, but it seems to me that these high moral principles are no longer respected by some people in the Keshe Foundation. That way the Keshe Foundation will destroy itself from the inside.

I am really sorry to inform you about all of this, but the truth prevails.

Love you all!

Dirk Laureyssens

Milan Dolinar April 30, 2015

Hello Dirk,

some years ago I was in Jerusalem. I stood there on a wonderful evening in the middle of the old town and had the feeling I was never on a “higher” place on earth. It felt like being pull to heaven. At the same time, I could sense all the religions and people who tried to get as close together as possible, just to be at the center of that elevation point. It felt like all where pushing each other away, that no one could feel and benefit from the elevation of this point, anymore. Maybe we have a somehow simliar situation? Don´t feed this energy. The trues will always be the trues.

Dirk Laureyssens April 30, 2015

yes, thank you Milan Dolinar, appreciate

Keith Metz April 30, 2015

Dirk, so sorry to hear this, as you know I have been following Keshe for many years, and am still skeptical, however I still try and keep an open mind on his science. I hope you find out who spread such lies. It reminds me of this old Indian Story, it is so true. Best wishes………….http://www.sapphyr.net/natam/two-wolves.htm

Roland Genrich April 30, 2015

tell you the following question: who brings that information to you? He knows the person or is the person who spread lies

Renan-Janell Lim April 30, 2015

There was a part of a saying “If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you; Be Honest anyway… What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight, Build anyway You see in the final analysis. it is between you and the Creator; It was never between you and them anyway.”
Cheers…Peace be with us all.

Annie Buisset April 30, 2015

wow DIRK! on this moment you are not the only person to be attack, unfortunately! as you say some persons trie to put down the keshe fondation, it is a shame every where but we are all connected, so it is the reality on this moment…it will change in a few month…yes peace be with us all

Marek Ištvánek April 30, 2015

Dear Dirk, I have seen You at the LUM university (over the internet) to be happy and I feel You try to help in good ways. That is why You have put so big effort to support KF.

Why are so many people that were or are involved with KF falsely accused so often?

I have been through it and my other friends and You as well.
From my own experience I see the truth may be twisted directly at KF.

I hope KF will continue with more clean way and will bring something spiritually enlighten as well, because otherwise the technology would not stay alive.

Good luck to everybody…

Mark House April 30, 2015

It is my hope that such devilry will cease so the Kf can become a true guiding light for all humanity.

Those who would attempt to impugn others and spread false, hurtful rumors end up hurting only themselves.

What will prevail is the truthfulness of the teachings — lasting eternally just as our own existence in a comprehensive creation and future does.

Let peace and harmony be obtained in our world. The time for lies, deceptions, and evil intentions must be guarded against and steered back on course by a constant and ever vigilant humanity that envisions it with every breath.

Histana Nima April 30, 2015

Be strong Dirk! All that is only provocations to see how strong and united we are. Whole world is waiting for Peace and Freedom

Jeannie Alvin April 30, 2015

I am so sorry to hear this, Dirk Laureyssens. Did you let Mr. Keshe know? Definitely you should write him a letter, even in the forum.

Jack Sovereign April 30, 2015

It comes with the territory Dirk. The KF is transforming society day by day now and the powerful interests will use every form of attack or subversion available to them.

Since last October, MK put the shielding up, so the option of wave/energy weapons attack is no longer a factor.

Out of necessity they’ve had to change tactics. Creating suspicion and lack of trust among members can be an effective strategy. If you are gullible to not recognize the obvious.

Its strange they attack you, since you have been so close to KF for so long and are such a well regarded person. But since Belgium has been the source of much of the trouble, simply by proximity they selected you. This seems like a desperate move in my opinion, as the allegation is so obviously absurd.

Eliya is a much easier case to make. Since she is leading the medical program. Within a short time, virtually all disease and medical conditions will be eradicated via KT.

Which means:

Standard ‘Medical’ Practice Bankrupt!!! ‘Medical’ Insurance Racket Bankrupt!!! Pharmaceutical Poisons Bankrupt!!!

Clearly there’s a lot to lose for them.

Your right though, MK must investigate who is spreading such rumors. This infiltration is serious and much too close. Keshe could be in real physical danger.

He should insist the person be identified and produce evidence to support these accusations or they should be forced to leave immediately.

Sarah Beckman May 1, 2015

I am saddened to believe that anyone could say and do such ugly things to such beautiful souls as you, Dirk, and Eliya or anyone involved with the beautiful Keshe Foundation. I know that the energy of TRUTH is palpable from Mr. Keshe and all that he is and does. There are so many of us that do have the “eyes to see” and our power must be frightening to the dark ones. We must see it as a good sign that where the wind of TRUTH blows there will be dirt and dust flying, whirling visibly out of the way. I love you all and support you in every way that I can. Stay strong and keep up the fabulous work. I thank you all for you bravery, your intelligence and your love for humanity.

Anna von Reitz June 12, 2015

People project their fears and their fears become realities— that is the mirror effect of our Universe. Whoever these people are, they are afraid of the “Bad Guys” out there, so they are projecting their fears outward on you. So long as you reflect back love, their fears are counteracted.

Alain Beauregard July 22, 2015

I like when he say’s he uses simple words, these are the only simple words he uses. So copying is the last resort, hoping that we do it the correct way….. I am happy that the russians and the french and chinese understand what they are doing and stopping, dangerus, planes, missiles and ship from doing harm… to anybody.

Dirk Laureyssens July 8, 2016

Of course, now in 2016 all of you know that calling me a Belgian spy, ready to kill members of the KF core, was done by MT Keshe himself. After the Bari 2015 meeting, Keshe attacked me constantly in public, during his pseudo scientific lectures, and created incredible fake stories about me. He accused me to be the head of a pedophile network that Keshe calls the Red Circle.

The reason of his constant accusations is clear: Keshe needs to cover up his own failures to have real results (where is the proof of his flying reactors? Never demonstrated) So Keshe creates external enemies that “block” his technology. Of course there are not such enemies. We absolutely hope that humanity will find a new way to explore space. But the “scientific” Magnetic-Gravitational solution/theory of Keshe simply doesn’t work. Neither his derivate Magravs power units work. Keshe fails to make it/them work. But the pride of Keshe is so giant, that he can not admit his failure. His theory is not correct and bogus. And …Further he makes giant money with selling fraud products and reactors. It is estimated that last 3 months of 2015 he made 20 million Euro in pure profit by selling not-working products. So he uses the Nazi (Hermann Göring) trick of pointing to external enemies.
So, for all those who think Keshe is legitimate, and for those who STILL run after Keshe, please look at the e-book that tells the TRUTH about Keshe:  https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B1bS8XxezriXeUlDQkFOMVo1b2s&usp=drive_web

Now for our final words.

Over the past few months, we at keshefacts.org have revealed the truth about Mehran Tavakoli Keshe and the Keshe Foundation. We have shown lots of evidence of Keshe’s scam(s), which resulted in him revealing his true mindset more and more. It is now obvious to everyone, that the Keshe Foundation is a satanic mind-control cult with a very dark agenda. No promises are being kept, but people are being lied to non-stop, they are being defrauded and manipulated, and on top of it, everyone who speaks the truth is being attacked, falsely accused and slandered.

Our love for peace is as strong as our love for the truth. As it is obvious that Keshe will NEVER admit his mistakes, and he will NEVER stop attacking innocent people, we decided to turn our backs on him, not because he put us under pressure, or because we fear police action, no, but Keshe took too much of our time and energy, and now we put an end to this. Keshe has no value to us. Like we said before: M.T. Keshe is zerotic, has zero to say and zero to show, and his repetitive sermon has zero importance. From now on, Keshe will receive no more attention from us. We advice everyone to turn away from him too. Keshe has the ethos of a predator and a parasite. Keshe, a man who is at war with humanity. Keshe, a man who has the nerve to accuse others of his own crimes, when all the evidence is against him.

In Bari I said on camera: “I am proud to know Keshe.” At that same event Keshe stabbed me in the back and falsely accused me of being an agent who wants to kill him. Since then, his attacks have become worse and worse, only because I was honest. Now I am no longer proud. In fact, I am sorry I ever met Keshe. He took advantage of my good intentions and my ideas for a better world, only to damage and slander me. And now he even attacks my family. I have never known anyone that evil.

Some people will always fall for deceivers like Keshe. And Keshe knows no other way to make money, than to scam people. We have done what we could do. The information and truth about Keshe is out there. Smart people will read it before they get involved in the KF. The rest deserves to be scammed. They WANT to be scammed.

Like the song “Sweet Dreams” by Eurythmics goes:

“Everybody’s looking for something.
Some of them want to use you.
Some of them want to get used by you.
Some of them want to abuse you.
Some of them want to be abused.”

To Mehran: go find yourself a new enemy, you will probably find them in your own family or in the KF core. I hereby distance myself from your Satanic crap, and I will continue to work for real progress and for the real benefit of humanity, for example with my Mentrino project.



“The angel threw him into the bottomless pit,
which he then shut and locked so Satan could not
deceive the nations anymore until the thousand
years were finished. Afterward he must be
released for a little while.” – Revelation 20:3

To Mehran and Caroline: Speaking empty words of peace in public, but privately harassing women. You are a shame to humanity.

Good luck to everyone else. Stay alert and question everything, and don’t let the terrorists win. No more crimes shall be committed under the false name of “Forced Peace”, “New Dawn” or “One Planet, One Nation, One Race”. Unlike what Keshe tells you, you ALWAYS have a choice. It’s called FREE WILL. It is YOUR choice: you can choose God, or you can choose Lucifer. WE CHOOSE GOD. WE CHOOSE PEACE. That’s why we now kick Keshe and his Satanic cult out of our lives.

Not Keshe/Satan/Lucifer brings peace. No technology brings peace. GOD brings peace.


To all good people out there:

Please pray and/or meditate for PEACE and UNITY during these rough times on Earth. BE AT PEACE. BE HUMAN.

Love you all,

Dirk + team