Gordon Duff exposed

While disinformers like M.T. Keshe, Gordon Duff or Sandor Kakasi think they must spread fabricated lies as “evidence”, we expose REAL criminals.

Today we show why Keshe is supported by Veterans Today, by taking a closer look at Keshe’s NWO buddy Gordon Duff, whose real name isn’t even Gordon Duff, but Bob Foote.

Gordon Duff aka Bob Foote Busted

Aside from using fake names, “Gordon Duff” seems to work for the Rockefeller faction of the Illuminati. This explains why he supports Keshe. BOTH are NWO agents.

Read the following excerpts for yourself (sources below):

“… we may ‘expose’ Gordon Duff a bit today and further go about exposing the fact this man may be a ‘dual loyalty’ citizen. NO! Not Israel and the US, dummy. He may have a citizenship card with the internationalist cabal while claiming citizenry with ‘We the People’ !”

“Gordon Duff, AKA Bob Foote, works for the Rockefeller wing of the JWO and hangs with us to subtly push the elite agenda while pretending to be against it.”

“Then I got banned in the main comment area of VT (…) Unfortunately, Duff has been bragging for years how open and free “Veterans Today” is and that no one gets censored (…) Duff fired Chip Tatum and Stew Webb. Jim Fetzer left soon after and they reassembled at a place called Veterans Truth Network.”

“There is a huge war going on with Veterans Today right now. I have had my own war with Duff that I never asked for, where he has done nothing but slander me while plagiarizing my work in a really greasy way – I will nail a truth, and two or three days later “the Duffer” will publish the exact same topic making the exact same points perfectly reworded and spun in with so much crap it is seriously damaged and obviously with no credit given to the source – Duff is an enemy.”

If Duff has been ordered to discredit certain players it is because his bosses at the agency that employs him have ordered him to do so…  The events going down at VT may in fact be an in-fight between the FBI and a faction of the CIA and possibly other agencies, in essence a turf war. (…) There is also a scenario in which Duff is the “fox” set up for everyone to chase.  Why is it the guys out there talking about Duff don’t seem to get his role as an AGENT working for the CIA?  Don’t they get just what those guys are trained to do?  Disinfo is part of their tradecraft.  They use it whenever it is deemed necessary and useful.”

“I am not sure what Veterans Today stands for anymore. My guess is a hodge podge of nothing. Duff admittedly has high up contacts that control him so nothing he says nor advise he gives can be trusted. Duff plays it both ways on the Nazis cause he is trying to have a big tent but it basically means  that if you can critically think, you at some point realize Duff is full of shit …One minute he tells you all the wonderful things Hitler did and then he allows this total crap to posted in his name with no disavowel….You all have been warned!”

The shit continues to hit the fan in the psyop community called “Veterans Today” (…) Remember, Duff is a Jew who plays fast and loose with the truth as he was brought up to do living in a Talmudic mindset community amongst communist American Jews. (He Praises Hitler one day, condemns him another, floats alien theories with no proof but has no problem attacking keyboard detectives as “goofs”. In my book he has been outed and with this article below, so has Mike Harris and in fact, anyone still at VT, now, is suspect since they cleaned out the independent thinkers.”

“Too bad, Mike, you and Foote, cough, I mean Duff , no longer have any real credibility left with discerning watchers. Also, what the heck does that mean, “who is the controlled opposition and who is being ‘handled’ by their masters.” last time I looked “controlled opposition” is fake dissent and “handled by their masters” is what  occurs to those that are controlled opposition. Please note that we note Foote’s admission that he has a “handler”. Is the “handler” from the “Mickey Mouse Club” or the “Internationalist Cabal” that runs the US government.”

Above quotes are taken from this and this article.

Now you have solid EVIDENCE that Keshe does not want to free you from the elite, no, he wants to make things even worse. That’s why Rockefeller agent “Gordon Duff” supports him. Keshe’s and Duff’s modus operandi is simple: They pretend to oppose the elite, but in reality they not only support the NWO plan, they want to achieve something much more sinister than that.

The parallels between Duff and Keshe are obvious. Both claim to oppose what they support. Both claim to be open, but they control and censor. Both accuse and slander innocents.

It seems there is heavy infighting going on between different agencies and factions. What is most obvious to us is that pedophilia seems to be a main focus of ALL involved: Keshe, CIA, FBI, Illuminati, other cults, and so on. So we have to ask ourselves why this is so. Why are Keshe and Duff constantly talking about pedophilia and accusing innocents, when they are not involved themselves ?

To accuse former supporters of being pedophiles all the time is not only insane, it’s also pointless when there is absolutely no evidence. Keshe keeps making a fool out of himself. Keshe, Duff and Kakasi make up connections to Antwerp where there are none.

The REAL Belgian “Red Circle” has already been exposed. Unfortunately, in every country there is sexual abuse taking place, in some countries more than in others. The UK stands out, as does Belgium. A few years ago in Belgium, Laurent Louis published a long list of prominent names that were involved in such abusive crimes, and for that he was attacked heavily. (In this video, Laurent Louis speaks about state pedophilia.) Back then, I even emailed Keshe about Laurent Louis (I kept the email I sent to him on December 18th 2013), where I informed him about that pedophile network. So not Keshe blew the whistle on pedophilia in Belgium, but Laurent Louis did. Once again Keshe takes credit for someone else’s achievements.

Now Keshe intentionally projects that story on me, in order to divert attention away from his own wrongdoings. Because I exposed his lies and his plasma frauds, he attacked me and accused me of the crimes he committed himself. So once again, Keshe uses information he received from me against me. That shows what kind of “friend and brother” he really is. And Duff supports all that. They must use such made up stories because KF technology doesn’t work, so they need another sensation instead, to keep the attention alive. But why would a “scientist” or a “senior editor” constantly be busy with thoughts about pedophilia ?

Another piece of evidence:

Here we can read that Veterans Today is actually an FBI Cointel Operation. Watch this video for the same revelation to a worldwide audience!

And strangely, it just recently came to light that the FBI ran a child porn website themselves, rather than shutting it down. In an attempt to white-wash Duff, even VT themselves (!) reported on that, pointing their fingers at “them” to divert attention away from Duff, writing:

“… there were some allegations which pointed to the direction that the FBI was implicitly promoting child pornography.”


“If the allegations against the F.B.I. are true regarding its control of the network [child pornography] for approximately two weeks, it actively participated in the revictimization of those depicted in child pornography…”

And THAT is the agency that Duff is working for. So here we have REAL evidence. It’s Gordon Duff who is involved in the running of pedophile websites through the FBI, that’s why Keshe likes him so much! THEY are pedophiles supporting each other.

It was obvious that Keshe and Duffy DO have something to hide, otherwise they wouldn’t constantly be talking about pedophiles. And now it makes sense that neither the FBI nor the CIA have taken action against Keshe so far, when they are all involved in this criminal mess.

So we would like to ask all our readers to look for more hints. If you find more connections between Keshe, Duff and child abuse, let us know, we will be happy to publish it all on our website.

Here is another article which shows that Duff fires everyone who doesn’t agree with his lies. This is the same behaviour as Keshe’s. And there is also information about an assassination team that runs people off the road. Doesn’t that sound terribly familiar in respect to Fabio Alfonso’s death ?


“Gordon has boasted to me in the past that he could have people taken out with a few phone calls.”

These are the “peaceful” people that Keshe surrounds himself with! WORLD PEACE!


Keshe claims that his murder has been planned, based on cryptic texts,
however Gordon Duff made a clear murder threat
against the alleged leader of the imaginary “red circle”.

More info about the VT drama can be found in this article, written by Duff’s former colleague Jim Fetzer.


Conclusion: The whole thing is one giant psyop to distract people from the ongoing efforts to establish the NWO. And in the meantime, they are engaged in their criminal activities, while trying to blame them on innocents. Whether Duff is now involved in CIA or FBI is really of no importance, we have read enough of this mess and it is clear that he plays a very dirty game, and like Keshe, he rarely seems to speak the truth.

So all you guys who listen to Keshe and make GANS and coils and other KF crap, are actively supporting the New World Order and their pedophile stooges and therefore the further enslavement of yourself and humanity. Keshe lost followers and credibility, so it seems he sold out to the NWO, in order to receive support from Duff.

You want to free yourself from “them” (the ones who make your lives miserable) ? “Them” is narcissists like Keshe and Duff, and other paid elitist deceivers, manipulators and criminals who mess with your mind. YOU KF PEOPLE support “THEM”.

If you really want to have a better future, turn away from Keshe, and start thinking for yourself. Don’t let Keshe tell you what to think or what to believe, otherwise you will only get more of the same. Keshe lies when he opens his mouth, and only a fool would not see that. And as you have just read, Gordon Duff is an FBI troll and Rockefeller’s foote soldier.

You KF guys keep chasing one “blueprint” after another, hoping that they will give you freedom and happiness. But it seems you won’t ever be happy until Keshe and his elite buddies give you the FINAL BLUEPRINT.

Listen to this short interview about the Rockefeller “One World Order” and their total control plans. This is what you support when you believe and follow Keshe and Duff!


The final KF blueprint.
100% Surveillance 24/7

WAKE UP GUYS! Keshe is NOT your friend!

Trying to fool the US president

We would like to remind everyone of Keshe’s earthquake prediction from February this year.


Keshe said if it doesn’t happen in spring at the latest, it will happen in September. But now the forces of nature will have to wait, because Keshe is still planning his Rome event for September, so no earthquake is allowed to disturb his renewed attention seeking attempt.

Even though to Keshe it wouldn’t matter much, whether he gets adored by brainwashed followers in Rome, or whether millions of people die in a giant earthquake. As long as he is the center of attention, everything is fine.

So either the Rome event takes place, or there is only one week left until America breaks up! 😉  Seriously, it is much more likely that America THROWS UP from all the BS that Keshe has been spreading about this subject.

Strangely enough, there WAS an earthquake just recently, but not in America, but in Italy. Keshe always said “We are safe”, and now he was proven wrong twice. While the earthquake didn’t happen around Barletta, it was still much closer than even Keshe had expected. Yet it has nothing to do with the “end of the world”, as Keshe would want everyone to believe. Earthquakes happen frequently in Italy and in other parts of Europe, such as Greece.

So why did Keshe predict an earthquake in America that did NOT happen, while he was not able to predict this one in Italy that DID happen ? Quite a weak performance for an all-knowing Messiah!


1916-2016: The evolution of the telegraph.
Seriously… THIS is the technology of the future
that will “take man into space” and which Duff
in all seriousness compares to cold fusion ? LOL

There is also an important question that nobody has asked so far. Keshe always says he can make people forget why they carry a gun. So why doesn’t Keshe make Gordon Duff forget why he carries a gun ?


A retraction statement and an apology would be appropriate, but Duff still shows absolutely no remorse for having slandered me on Veterans Today. On the contrary, recently, on the Mike Harris show, Duff boasted that they are real military contractors, with real security people. Well, after writing so much BS, he probably needs them. Or was that an attempt to intimidate or even threaten innocent people who carry no weapon ?

But that’s not all. Gordon Duff just published another totally made up story about my involvement in a pedophile ring. That story is not only getting old, but it’s also once again full of fallacies, repeating the same lies over and over again, and using poorly photoshopped images of a “Man in Paris”. So amateurish.

Here you can read the REAL story (in which my name of course isn’t mentioned as I have nothing to do with it), while Duff wrote another disinfo piece, mixing the real story with FALSE info he received from Keshe, and once again including my name. This is called SLANDER.

So the comparison of these two articles PROVES that Duff publishes false information. Like his partner in crime Keshe, Duff is always trying hard to link me to Sterling Allan, while at the same time aligning himself with Keshe, presenting themselves (the “Deceptive Duo”) as the ones who solve criminal cases, when in fact it’s Keshe who has been under investigation.

It is clear that VT’s intentions are not positive, when they support a scammer who rips people off and puts them at risk while making empty promises. That is the REAL reason why VT never made it into the mainstream media. People don’t want to hear more lies than they already get. And then this constant nonsense about the King of Belgium. Everytime I tell someone that Keshe claims that I am so powerful that I can give orders to the King of Belgium, they start laughing like crazy and can’t stop.

Another question is why KF followers read and believe a confirmed disinfo website such as Veterans Today at all, while rejecting the analysis of REAL researchers. We agree fully with this article, but there’s a couple of things we would like to say about the constant bashing of Hopegirl. We are not here to judge her or anyone else’s project. Whether the QEG works or not is not something to discuss here. All we see, aside from the fact that both Keshe and Hopegirl claim to have “free energy”, is that they have nothing else in common.

Unlike Keshe, Hopegirl:

1) is not a bad person
2) does not run a satanic cult
3) does not claim to be able to heal diseases or make gold
4) does not screw people over at every turn
5) does a lot of research to expose REAL criminals

Then how strange is it that out of all people, Duff accused me and Hopegirl of running a satanic, pedophile free energy cult, when we have been publishing a lot of TRUE information and hard evidence about the KF scam, while Keshe is the one who shows satanic hand signs (PROVEN), runs a free energy cult (PROVEN), harasses women (PROVEN), and slanders people randomly (PROVEN) ? Only severe bribery can lead to such hypocrisy.


It seems KF followers (including Duff), while pretending to want peace, are secretly hoping to get access to a technology that will give them unlimited powers. How many of them are not mature enough to handle such responsibility ? Judging from their many infantile comments and videos: too many…

To grab the attention of those “new age sheeple”, information has to contain at least one of the following phrases:

1) Nibiru
2) Planet X
3) Hollow Earth
4) Flat Earth
6) Chemtrails
7) Plasma
8) Draco
9) End of the world
10) Reptilian
11) Rothschild
12) Jewish Lobby
13) 5D
14) Khazarian Mafia
15) Keshe
16) Love and light
17) you name it… the list goes on and on

And then, while NOT properly researching the subject which got them attracted in the first place, they get pulled into all that other mess that results from mingling all those conspiracy theories. For example, once a person sees white stripes in the sky, they might find information about chemtrails, and from there, over the course of several months or years, they will turn into people who believe that the Earth is flat and space doesn’t exist. AND YET they believe Keshe, who promises to take them into space, because after all he is WITH the conspiracy crowd, so he must be right. Even if Keshe talks about space, which, according to the Flat Earther’s, doesn’t exist. So contradictions become part of their thinking. It is then no longer surprising that NWO agents like Keshe or Duff get away with constantly contradicting themselves. None of their followers will question them. It is ok not to make sense. The crazier it sounds, the more likely it is true (to them).

This ties in with the crazy Washington non-event, which was supposed to fool the US president. Rick Crammond had announced an “earth-shattering event”, and like so many times before, it was so earth-shattering, that it wasn’t even picked up by the alternative media. There simply was no event. It was just a lot of BS talk as usual, but of course nothing worked, and only one military person, Major Todd Hathaway, showed some initial interest in a possible REAL demonstration. But meanwhile we heard from a reliable source that after some thorough research, Major Hathaway lost interest in Keshe as he doesn’t want to waste his time on a fake “technology”. This shows that professionals can’t be as easily fooled as all the brainwashed amateurs in the KF cult.

Thank God that KF “technology” doesn’t have any of the powers that Keshe claims, otherwise some kuku might weaponize it. Still there is no excuse for making so many people believe that it does work. And there is less of an excuse for VT to support such a scam, except of course, if they admitted that they were actually a satire magazine, rather than a magazine for veterans. But even then, articles such as this one are a lot funnier than any of the BS that Duff puts out.

VT write articles such as “Trump more psychopathic than Hitler”, but they fail to see that Keshe is even more psychopathic than Trump ? So how much money did Keshe promise Duff for slandering innocents ? And why is Duff so aggressive towards people he knows nothing about ? Duff obviously not only turns a blind eye on Keshe, no, he even accuses innocents of what Keshe has done and is doing. So he is not only white-washing Keshe, he is making Keshe’s victims look like the criminals that Keshe and Duff themselves are.

WHO attacked WHOM first ?
a) Keshe attacked me in Bari in spring 2015 for NO REASON.
b) Duff later jumped on the bandwagon and started slandering me on his website, just because Keshe had done the same before.

Again: I was friends with Keshe before that, and I didn’t know Duff. I never said anything negative about Keshe, even though I had noticed his incorrect behaviour several times. I was as loyal as a “friend and brother” can be. But now it’s clear that both Keshe and Duff are predatory, narcissistic individuals who just attack innocents, so when they defend themselves, they can say “They hate us.” This is one of the trademarks of narcissistic personality disorder: they always attack and then play the victim.

Mehran, why don’t you make Duffy forget why he carries a gun ? Don’t you want to create peace ?

(We know the answer. It’s: NO. Keshe has no interest in creating peace or saving humanity, he just wants to move to America to feel important. If he ever gets there, he will leave Caroline behind. She didn’t know that until this moment LOL, and he will deny it, but that’s how things are. Keshe absolutely HATES Caroline. He will drop her like a hot potatoe, the same way he dropped me and other former friends and supporters in the blink of an eye.)


One of Satan’s many little disposable helpers: Caroline De Roose.
Here today, gone tomorrow. Wife ? What wife ? Keshe will find
himself a new one. He already tried several times in the past…

Furthermore we are asked for this immediate release:

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: please get this out. After spending months and countless hours of investigative research into Keshe’s bolsterous claims and lies about miraculous healings, energy and invisible interstellar spacecraft that transverses the universe in seconds, we here at Amazon Laboratory Fraud Investigations have found no benefits to any of his technologies, to the contrary we found it poses health risks, even fatal results from their use and poses environmental concerns as well. Please, I hope people can get this message and immediately stop the use of unsafe electrical devices and handling of toxic GANS materials. This man belongs in prison. Thanks.

And finally, we updated the Keshe Victims page, which was long overdue.

So Gordon Duff asked in his article: “Why do they hate Keshe ?”

As we said several times before: We do not hate anyone. But if you look at the list of Keshe Victims, should we be grateful for what Keshe has done ? This is not going to happen. We will point out wrongdoings when we see them. Fact: Keshe, Caroline and Duff are all LYING like crazy. They point their finger at others to hide their own wrongdoings. They invent stories, but would never admit that in doing so, they slander innocents and therefore commit crimes themselves.

The KF has no victims ? Keshe does no harm ? That must be the biggest and most obvious lie ever told.

Mehran: There is something called TRUTH. Ever heard of it ?


Again, we run this website to warn innocent newcomers of the maliciousness of the Keshe Foundation cult. And no, keshefacts.org is not an “anti-Keshe website” as Duff wrote, it’s a PRO-TRUTH website. If Keshe and Duff stand on the wrong side of the line, it’s their problem, not ours. And truth certainly doesn’t care, it always wins in the end.

THE ONLY PURPOSE OF KESHE’S HYPED EVENTS AND DUFF’S SLANDEROUS ARTICLES IS TO INCREASE THE NUMBER OF KF CULT FOLLOWERS, because this will also result in the increase of INCOME generated through the KF website. It’s all about money!

So because recently the number of KF followers had dropped, Keshe announced another fake event, and Duff supported him again. And now, even though the “event” in Washington failed and will quickly be forgotten, there are 200 followers (yes 200, not 200 million LOL) more in each workshop. That’s probably enough to maintain Keshe’s status of living, including his villa, his swimming pool, and his expensive cars. If we are all equal as Keshe always says, then why doesn’t he buy each one of his followers a villa and expensive cars too ? Instead he makes them experiment with harmful substances and then says “Now you have everything you need to make gold”. 😦

It’s just a pity. Keshe is a brilliant entertainer. If he had chosen to be just that, he could have made a lot of money, without harming others. He could have made people happy. But instead, he chose a dark path. And Duff is helping him along 😦

Again Duffy: SHOW US THE EVIDENCE. If you can’t, then don’t distract people from your and Keshe’s failures by writing fake stories. If you look at the list of REAL Keshe victims, are you sure you still want to support this criminal ? Or will you carry on until you find yourself on that same list ?

The truth IS out there folks. Just please don’t let the disinformers keep you busy, you are wasting your time, especially with Keshe BS.

The truth WILL come out. Let’s see what 2017 brings. 😉


We really like this image. No, not because of the car. 😉

Keshe responsible for the death of Fabio Alfonso! Duff complicit in the cover-up!

We originally intended not to post here anymore, but Keshe begged for attention. Unfortunately for him, he now receives it the wrong way. Yes Mehran, your wish is our command. But we return your own wish back to you. Karma is a bitch, as they say.

Of course Keshe will mirror this post again, as he always does, to accuse us of his own crimes, but that’s ok. We know the truth, and we have the witnesses and the evidence. Keshe only has fake evidence and paid slaves.

Keep in mind: the more Keshe and Duff slander, the more it shows they are wrong, and the more they get themselves in trouble. All the godless creatures are now slowly going to hell, that’s why they defend themselves so hard with slander and non-existent or fabricated “evidence”.

While we all wish for peace, we sometimes have to fight hard for it, and we are certainly not afraid of fighting the good fight for WE THE PEOPLE.

Here is the truth about Fabio Alfonso’s death:

An insider of the KF core informed us that there was a heavy conflict between Fabio and MT Keshe for more than one week. Fabio discovered that much of Keshe ideas and talk were fake and straight lies, and there were other personal issues too. Fabio was put by Keshe under severe pressure to keep silent. The evening of the accident Fabio and Keshe had a violent dispute. Fabio left emotionally broken. Indeed Fabio was a victim of Keshe too.

Of course Keshe will tell another story, assisted by his spin-doctors Gordon Duff and Sandor Kakasi.

For all newcomers:

Keshe has been running a disguised satanic mind-control cult for over a decade, with paid fellow scammers Gordon Duff (self-admitted disinfo agent), Sandor Kakasi (former stage magician and scientologist), Douglas Edwards (paid long-time scammer), Kosol Ouch (long-time scammer), Thorbjørn Morstad (paid actor) and many others trying to convince unsuspecting members of the public that Keshe’s (fake) “free energy” technology is real and works. IT DOESN’T WORK. AND KESHE’S INTENTION IS NOT PEACE, BUT THE ANNIHILATION OF MAN.

Via Duff’s high-level CIA contacts, politicians were made to put pressure on Italian police to silence them, so Keshe can get away with his crimes, while (as usual) blaming them on his (innocent) former collaborators, or on people like Sam Smith and others, whom he calls “The Red Circle”. Blame-shifting at its finest, done by a criminal of exceptional proportions.

Ladies and gentlemen, with Keshe we are witnessing one of the most criminal operations of the millenium, supported by Gordon Duff, another godless individual. AND ALL JUST FOR MONEY AND ATTENTION.

No Gordon, the world did NOT end yesterday, and it won’t. There are GOOD (Do you know what good means ? It includes NOT LYING, and not randomly accusing innocents!) people working in the background, making sure that lunatics like you or Keshe will not succeed in trying to blow the world up. If you have achieved over-unity as you say, THEN SHOW IT TO THE WORLD. Making up empty claims and fantasy stories out of your basement is getting old, we are all tired of it. SHOW US PROOF!

Speaking of proof, here is proof that Duff is assisting Keshe in his global fraud. In this audio from 2013, Duff claims that “the US has developed anti-gravity and other technologies.” He says “that energy weapons not only exist but are deployed that make our largest nuclear weapons look like a walk in the park” and that “space weapons have long been deployed,not just nuclear weapons but energy weapons.” Then how come Duff is now promoting Keshe so heavily as a “breakthrough”, when all those technologies already existed in 2013 ? Especially as Keshe’s “technology” doesn’t even work! So Duff is only in for the money, which he receives through Keshe’s global fraud. It seems both Veterans Today and the Keshe Foundation are CIA operations. Considering that the CIA also funded ISIS, it all makes sense. These are terrorists supporting each other.

An innocent young man had to die because he knew too much about Keshe, and his even younger girlfriend is now in a coma. How practical for Keshe, so he can now conduct his Frankenstein experiments on her, the same way he did in Belgium. However, those experiments are not meant to wake Naomi up, but to make sure she never wakes up, as Keshe wouldn’t want her to tell the truth. Naomi of course knows the full truth about the Keshe scam and how Fabio was killed. But what Dr. Mengele Klaus and others don’t seem to realize is that the Keshe “health unit” will not make people healthy, it will KILL them through magnetic fields, the same way cellphone radiation causes cancer.


Given the fact that Keshe (and now Duff) always mirrors everything he does, to accuse others of his own crimes, we have to assume that EVERYTHING Keshe and Duff put out was actually committed by themselves. So all those articles about satanic free energy cults, murder, child sacrifice and other immoral deeds, were probably describing the modus operandi of Keshe and Duff themselves. They are probably the pedophiles who run this criminal worldwide network which they call the Illuminati or “The Khazarian Mafia”.

We would also like to point out something very obvious, which was obviously missed by most people: Everytime Keshe showed his satanic hand signs, there was a terror attack soon afterwards. Check the dates yourself!

a) 121st KSW: July 12th 2016: Keshe showed satanic hand signs directly into the camera.

Followed by: Terror attack in Nice, France: July 14th 2016.

Quote: “a 19 tonne cargo truck was deliberately driven into crowds” – exactly the same way Fabio died! Hit by a truck! The same handwriting.

b) 122nd KSW: July 21st 2016: Keshe showed satanic hand signs directly into the camera.

Followed by: Terror attack in Munich, Germany: July 22nd 2016.

Quote: “Police say motive of German-Iranian teenager (…) is ‘completely unclear’” (did he watch the Keshe workshops the day before to receive his activation code via Keshe’s hand signs ?)

All this can’t be coincidence. So we have to assume that Keshe’s hand signs were secret messages to mind-controlled sleepers (Daesh/ISIS ?), who were then activated to commit these horrible terror attacks in France and Germany, and probably elsewhere. So WHO is responsible for all that ? WHO showed the satanic hand signs ? WHO had a conflict with Fabio ? WHO stole patents and technology ? WHO let others do the work for him, only to slander them afterwards ? Not the “Red Circle” (which doesn’t even exist). No, it is and always has been KESHE. All the negative things Keshe claims about others (murderer, pedophile, money launderer, liar, agent…), are apparently true for himself, while all the positive things Keshe claims about himself (Messiah, bringer of peace, scientist…), are not true at all.

So in short, it seems Keshe himself runs the global satanic crime syndicate that Duff writes about, and which they blame on the imaginary “Red Circle”. Keshe is therefore a heavy criminal, and Duff is complicit in his crimes, by protecting Keshe and helping him traumatize his victims.


The “peace” bringers and “saviours” of humanity… thanks but no thanks.

So where does humanity go from here ? TO HELL.


Side note: As expected, Douglas did NOT meet Obama. It was just another hyped non-event, exactly like the hyped Dubai conference. But as usual they will find all kinds of excuses and accusations, only to say “We don’t make accusations.” The insanity and emptiness never end in the Keshe Foundation.

Driving a non-working device (which was again not even invented by Keshe or his followers, but based on Gerard Morin’s ideas, AND has a rechargeable battery inside! LOL – what a cheap scam!) across the USA, only to have a new age hippie party in Washington to boost Keshe’s ego is simply insane. Luxury for a narcissist. And another failed event that will still be celebrated by KF followers as if it was a world-changing sensation, when in fact NOTHING happened, as usual. Big empty talk in exchange for big money, the real slogan of the Keshe Foundation. While a few hundred mehrans morons still watch Keshe’s workshops and support his criminal plan, the rest of the world is laughing at him, people like Obama and Putin included. At least now the KF followers have *another* new (meaningless) blueprint that will keep them busy for a while, until Keshe changes everything around again, to divert attention away from his global “divide and conquer” plan. None of his followers ask themselves why “they have everything they need”, including numerous blueprints, but yet the big change hasn’t come yet. You need to get this inside your head people: NONE of Keshe’s megalomaniac fantasies are true! NONE! You are CONSTANTLY being lied to and manipulated!

This is part of how Keshe’s repetitive scam works:




And when there is the slightest earthquake, all the focus shifts to sending KF “emergency teams” into disaster areas, so Keshe can play the samaritan again, when in fact he has NOTHING in his hands to help people in need. Except money, but he is too greedy to give it to the poor. What a “good” person he is… at least people who are blinded by his clownery think that way.

However, what most people don’t see is the seriousness of Keshe’s evil agenda. Not only is he responsible for Fabio’s death and Naomi’s coma, he also wants to build nuclear weapons to wipe out humanity. (Quote Keshe: “We wipe you out totally with your own soul.”)

Here is proof:

Keshe always said: cobalt is radioactive… “don’t use it”. In this video from May 2013 and in several of his “workshops” he warned against the usage of cobalt.

But in the 130th KSW on August 13th 2016 Keshe asked people to add cobalt to zinc (!)

Quote from Wikipedia: “Zinc has been proposed as a “salting” material for nuclear weapons (cobalt is another, better-known salting material).”

And in the 131st KSW he even asked people to add caesium and cobalt. (!)

Which means Keshe is searching for an alpha radiation source again, because none of his previous products work.

So now Keshe expects his followers to build nuclear weapons and carry them to the White House and to other political and religious institutions, disguised as a “march for peace”. Keshe’s products are therefore trojan horses.

Legitimate question: does Keshe want to send his unsuspecting followers to presidents to blow them up, so he can take over the world ? The answer has to be: yes.

So again:


UPDATED August 19th 2016:

Indeed in Washington D.C., at that hyped non-event at the National Press Club, Douglas made a fool out of himself when he tried to demonstrate the “Power Generator”, but failed completely. As predicted it was a complete disaster, but yet spin doctor Keshe manipulated his followers once again by using his inversion technique to tell them that the failure was a blessing in disguise. Now other KF kukus repeat that same nonsense word by word in several languages, which is typical cult behaviour.


Notice the body language of the dwindling audience:
of course they rejected this boring BS presentation

Then Keshe claimed that he received an offer he can’t refuse, and said he has huge respect for the leadership of “His Excellency”. We would like to remind everyone that not long ago, Keshe said the same thing about Prof. Zhu, before he slandered him. Before that, in 2015, Keshe had also said the same about Prof. Liuzzi, before he slandered him. And the same goes for several others. So “His Excellency” should get ready to be slandered as well. Remember: You have no choice. The Messiah’s wish is everyone’s command.

How much longer will naive people run after this con artist Keshe and support his criminal activities ? When after EVERY huge announcement NOTHING of importance is shown, some should be waking up by now ?