Keshe responsible for the death of Fabio Alfonso! Duff complicit in the cover-up!

We originally intended not to post here anymore, but Keshe begged for attention. Unfortunately for him, he now receives it the wrong way. Yes Mehran, your wish is our command. But we return your own wish back to you. Karma is a bitch, as they say.

Of course Keshe will mirror this post again, as he always does, to accuse us of his own crimes, but that’s ok. We know the truth, and we have the witnesses and the evidence. Keshe only has fake evidence and paid slaves.

Keep in mind: the more Keshe and Duff slander, the more it shows they are wrong, and the more they get themselves in trouble. All the godless creatures are now slowly going to hell, that’s why they defend themselves so hard with slander and non-existent or fabricated “evidence”.

While we all wish for peace, we sometimes have to fight hard for it, and we are certainly not afraid of fighting the good fight for WE THE PEOPLE.

Here is the truth about Fabio Alfonso’s death:

An insider of the KF core informed us that there was a heavy conflict between Fabio and MT Keshe for more than one week. Fabio discovered that much of Keshe ideas and talk were fake and straight lies, and there were other personal issues too. Fabio was put by Keshe under severe pressure to keep silent. The evening of the accident Fabio and Keshe had a violent dispute. Fabio left emotionally broken. Indeed Fabio was a victim of Keshe too.

Of course Keshe will tell another story, assisted by his spin-doctors Gordon Duff and Sandor Kakasi.

For all newcomers:

Keshe has been running a disguised satanic mind-control cult for over a decade, with paid fellow scammers Gordon Duff (self-admitted disinfo agent), Sandor Kakasi (former stage magician and scientologist), Douglas Edwards (paid long-time scammer), Kosol Ouch (long-time scammer), Thorbjørn Morstad (paid actor) and many others trying to convince unsuspecting members of the public that Keshe’s (fake) “free energy” technology is real and works. IT DOESN’T WORK. AND KESHE’S INTENTION IS NOT PEACE, BUT THE ANNIHILATION OF MAN.

Via Duff’s high-level CIA contacts, politicians were made to put pressure on Italian police to silence them, so Keshe can get away with his crimes, while (as usual) blaming them on his (innocent) former collaborators, or on people like Sam Smith and others, whom he calls “The Red Circle”. Blame-shifting at its finest, done by a criminal of exceptional proportions.

Ladies and gentlemen, with Keshe we are witnessing one of the most criminal operations of the millenium, supported by Gordon Duff, another godless individual. AND ALL JUST FOR MONEY AND ATTENTION.

No Gordon, the world did NOT end yesterday, and it won’t. There are GOOD (Do you know what good means ? It includes NOT LYING, and not randomly accusing innocents!) people working in the background, making sure that lunatics like you or Keshe will not succeed in trying to blow the world up. If you have achieved over-unity as you say, THEN SHOW IT TO THE WORLD. Making up empty claims and fantasy stories out of your basement is getting old, we are all tired of it. SHOW US PROOF!

Speaking of proof, here is proof that Duff is assisting Keshe in his global fraud. In this audio from 2013, Duff claims that “the US has developed anti-gravity and other technologies.” He says “that energy weapons not only exist but are deployed that make our largest nuclear weapons look like a walk in the park” and that “space weapons have long been deployed,not just nuclear weapons but energy weapons.” Then how come Duff is now promoting Keshe so heavily as a “breakthrough”, when all those technologies already existed in 2013 ? Especially as Keshe’s “technology” doesn’t even work! So Duff is only in for the money, which he receives through Keshe’s global fraud. It seems both Veterans Today and the Keshe Foundation are CIA operations. Considering that the CIA also funded ISIS, it all makes sense. These are terrorists supporting each other.

An innocent young man had to die because he knew too much about Keshe, and his even younger girlfriend is now in a coma. How practical for Keshe, so he can now conduct his Frankenstein experiments on her, the same way he did in Belgium. However, those experiments are not meant to wake Naomi up, but to make sure she never wakes up, as Keshe wouldn’t want her to tell the truth. Naomi of course knows the full truth about the Keshe scam and how Fabio was killed. But what Dr. Mengele Klaus and others don’t seem to realize is that the Keshe “health unit” will not make people healthy, it will KILL them through magnetic fields, the same way cellphone radiation causes cancer.


Given the fact that Keshe (and now Duff) always mirrors everything he does, to accuse others of his own crimes, we have to assume that EVERYTHING Keshe and Duff put out was actually committed by themselves. So all those articles about satanic free energy cults, murder, child sacrifice and other immoral deeds, were probably describing the modus operandi of Keshe and Duff themselves. They are probably the pedophiles who run this criminal worldwide network which they call the Illuminati or “The Khazarian Mafia”.

We would also like to point out something very obvious, which was obviously missed by most people: Everytime Keshe showed his satanic hand signs, there was a terror attack soon afterwards. Check the dates yourself!

a) 121st KSW: July 12th 2016: Keshe showed satanic hand signs directly into the camera.

Followed by: Terror attack in Nice, France: July 14th 2016.

Quote: “a 19 tonne cargo truck was deliberately driven into crowds” – exactly the same way Fabio died! Hit by a truck! The same handwriting.

b) 122nd KSW: July 21st 2016: Keshe showed satanic hand signs directly into the camera.

Followed by: Terror attack in Munich, Germany: July 22nd 2016.

Quote: “Police say motive of German-Iranian teenager (…) is ‘completely unclear’” (did he watch the Keshe workshops the day before to receive his activation code via Keshe’s hand signs ?)

All this can’t be coincidence. So we have to assume that Keshe’s hand signs were secret messages to mind-controlled sleepers (Daesh/ISIS ?), who were then activated to commit these horrible terror attacks in France and Germany, and probably elsewhere. So WHO is responsible for all that ? WHO showed the satanic hand signs ? WHO had a conflict with Fabio ? WHO stole patents and technology ? WHO let others do the work for him, only to slander them afterwards ? Not the “Red Circle” (which doesn’t even exist). No, it is and always has been KESHE. All the negative things Keshe claims about others (murderer, pedophile, money launderer, liar, agent…), are apparently true for himself, while all the positive things Keshe claims about himself (Messiah, bringer of peace, scientist…), are not true at all.

So in short, it seems Keshe himself runs the global satanic crime syndicate that Duff writes about, and which they blame on the imaginary “Red Circle”. Keshe is therefore a heavy criminal, and Duff is complicit in his crimes, by protecting Keshe and helping him traumatize his victims.


The “peace” bringers and “saviours” of humanity… thanks but no thanks.

So where does humanity go from here ? TO HELL.


Side note: As expected, Douglas did NOT meet Obama. It was just another hyped non-event, exactly like the hyped Dubai conference. But as usual they will find all kinds of excuses and accusations, only to say “We don’t make accusations.” The insanity and emptiness never end in the Keshe Foundation.

Driving a non-working device (which was again not even invented by Keshe or his followers, but based on Gerard Morin’s ideas, AND has a rechargeable battery inside! LOL – what a cheap scam!) across the USA, only to have a new age hippie party in Washington to boost Keshe’s ego is simply insane. Luxury for a narcissist. And another failed event that will still be celebrated by KF followers as if it was a world-changing sensation, when in fact NOTHING happened, as usual. Big empty talk in exchange for big money, the real slogan of the Keshe Foundation. While a few hundred mehrans morons still watch Keshe’s workshops and support his criminal plan, the rest of the world is laughing at him, people like Obama and Putin included. At least now the KF followers have *another* new (meaningless) blueprint that will keep them busy for a while, until Keshe changes everything around again, to divert attention away from his global “divide and conquer” plan. None of his followers ask themselves why “they have everything they need”, including numerous blueprints, but yet the big change hasn’t come yet. You need to get this inside your head people: NONE of Keshe’s megalomaniac fantasies are true! NONE! You are CONSTANTLY being lied to and manipulated!

This is part of how Keshe’s repetitive scam works:




And when there is the slightest earthquake, all the focus shifts to sending KF “emergency teams” into disaster areas, so Keshe can play the samaritan again, when in fact he has NOTHING in his hands to help people in need. Except money, but he is too greedy to give it to the poor. What a “good” person he is… at least people who are blinded by his clownery think that way.

However, what most people don’t see is the seriousness of Keshe’s evil agenda. Not only is he responsible for Fabio’s death and Naomi’s coma, he also wants to build nuclear weapons to wipe out humanity. (Quote Keshe: “We wipe you out totally with your own soul.”)

Here is proof:

Keshe always said: cobalt is radioactive… “don’t use it”. In this video from May 2013 and in several of his “workshops” he warned against the usage of cobalt.

But in the 130th KSW on August 13th 2016 Keshe asked people to add cobalt to zinc (!)

Quote from Wikipedia: “Zinc has been proposed as a “salting” material for nuclear weapons (cobalt is another, better-known salting material).”

And in the 131st KSW he even asked people to add caesium and cobalt. (!)

Which means Keshe is searching for an alpha radiation source again, because none of his previous products work.

So now Keshe expects his followers to build nuclear weapons and carry them to the White House and to other political and religious institutions, disguised as a “march for peace”. Keshe’s products are therefore trojan horses.

Legitimate question: does Keshe want to send his unsuspecting followers to presidents to blow them up, so he can take over the world ? The answer has to be: yes.

So again:


UPDATED August 19th 2016:

Indeed in Washington D.C., at that hyped non-event at the National Press Club, Douglas made a fool out of himself when he tried to demonstrate the “Power Generator”, but failed completely. As predicted it was a complete disaster, but yet spin doctor Keshe manipulated his followers once again by using his inversion technique to tell them that the failure was a blessing in disguise. Now other KF kukus repeat that same nonsense word by word in several languages, which is typical cult behaviour.


Notice the body language of the dwindling audience:
of course they rejected this boring BS presentation

Then Keshe claimed that he received an offer he can’t refuse, and said he has huge respect for the leadership of “His Excellency”. We would like to remind everyone that not long ago, Keshe said the same thing about Prof. Zhu, before he slandered him. Before that, in 2015, Keshe had also said the same about Prof. Liuzzi, before he slandered him. And the same goes for several others. So “His Excellency” should get ready to be slandered as well. Remember: You have no choice. The Messiah’s wish is everyone’s command.

How much longer will naive people run after this con artist Keshe and support his criminal activities ? When after EVERY huge announcement NOTHING of importance is shown, some should be waking up by now ?