The calm before the storm

In the 137th KSW, Keshe said that the 16th of September 2016 is an important date in the Jewish calendar, a date of great change. There is great change ahead in the KF indeed, but not the way Keshe intended it, that’s why we report about it on this important date. But first let’s catch up on the latest happenings in Kuku Land, before we get to the bottom of things. 😉

Keshe always said that the matter state is a thing of the past, the KF only deals with plasma technology. But what happens now ? Keshe promotes a “solid state” system, which of course, like all the other versions before, does not work. You see how Keshe goes from A to B and back to A in a desperate attempt to present something which he doesn’t have. Matter – Plasma – Matter… and NOBODY in the KF notices how Keshe is fooling them non-stop ? Then the KF is very obviously a LOW IQ foundation.

Here are some quotes from the 135th KSW:

“We will not release anything regarding the solid state power, except what we agreed with the Chinese government.” (in reality the Chinese government is not interested)

“They have 24 hours to replicate it and release it to the Chinese government.”

“Then it will be released at 6 locations around the world, so it can be replicated.” (they want to replicate something that doesn’t work ?)

“We have asked people not to release information.”  (Remember: the KF claims to be “open”)

“The Arizona group has taken the development of the solid state… they have reduced the energy consumption by 70%.”

“But this is not a generator.”  (LOL)

“We have to reduce the power to be able to use a lower power to be able to power.”  (LOL!!!!!)

“We reduce the 100% power to 70%.”

So now Keshe does not provide more or free power, but he REDUCES the power. And for that people have to pay! Soon Keshe will claim that people have to use NO POWER to be able to power their non-working devices. And for that he charges more than 2000 Euro. LOL!!!

Why would anyone, after they achieved the ultimate goal of producing a (non-working) free energy generator go back to producing a (non-working) device that is NOT a generator ? People blindly follow Keshe and even copy his words, as if they had no way of thinking for themselves. And then they lecture everyone: “Monkey see, monkey do” is a thing of the past! The insanity gets worse and worse. The KF should get a prize for infinite recursive stupidity! There is obviously a good reason why the KF is called by insiders the Kuku Foundation! Keshe takes the madness to a higher level!

One of Keshe’s most loyal slaves, Kevin Blundell, writes:

“Keshe Technology Workshops Coming To A Place Near You!
As a result of the exponential increase in awareness of Keshe Foundation technology, more and more people are seeking information, guidance and instructional teachings on how to create gans’, health products and power systems that utilize the technology.”

Awareness ? There is no awareness in the KF, otherwise they would notice the very obvious scam. In reality, it should read:

“As a result of the Keshe Foundation’s arrogant persistance, more and more people are being harrassed with info about useless and dangerous experiments, harmful so-called health products, and non-working power systems.”

The few healing effects that “copper oxide gans” has shown, having nothing to do with “gans”, it’s a simple and well-known effect of copper. The same goes for zinc oxide, which is known for being a disinfectant. And the pads that the KF is selling have nothing to do with plasma or nano technology, they are just simple magnetic pads, which have been around for decades under different brand names. Wake up people, Keshe has no new technology!

Kevin Blundell, like Keshe and most people around him, just wants to make money, no matter what. So he helps Keshe in spreading his satanic mind-control cult, without realizing the amount of damage he causes.

The “success” of the KF and the amount of fulfilled promises can be seen for example in this post, which shows Keshe’s empty promises in 2013 (still unfulfilled), or in this video, which shows Keshe’s empty promises in 2014 (still unfulfilled).

In regard to Major Todd Hathaway, the US military person who invited Keshe to do a demonstration at the National Press Club in Washington, things happened exactly as we predicted: Keshe slandered Major Hathaway and called him “deliberately untruthful”, just because he realized that the KF is a scam. So as usual, Keshe mirrored the whole story and now portrays Major Hathaway as the deceiver, when in fact Keshe received his invitation from the military by deceiving THEM in the first place, by claiming he has a working free energy device. Keshe now has enemies in the American military. Well done Mehran!

Notice how Keshe uses fake tears to mess with the emotions of his followers. When he confronts someone he considers equal or inferior, he just uses slander. But when he wants to discredit someone who is superior (such as the US military), he plays the victim and uses crocodile tears. Both methods are typical for narcissists. Either they play the Messiah Supergod, or they play the victim. Both ways are meant to deceive and manipulate, in order to keep control over others.

Then Keshe said that ALL free energy people are pedophiles. Well WHO is selling a FREE ENERGY device called “magrav power generator” ? And WHO desperately wanted to impress the American military with a FREE ENERGY demonstration ? For God’s sake, does nobody see that Keshe is CONSTANTLY talking about himself ? If ALL free energy people are pedophiles, then Keshe is of course one of them. How much more obvious does it need to get ? So Keshe exposed himself as a pedophile in the 134th KSW.

“In the coming time” not only the American military, not only the “Red Circle”, not only Prof. Zhu, not only a few random people will be against the KF, no, THE WHOLE WORLD will be against the KF, simply because Keshe can’t stop slandering and creating his own enemies. And then Keshe and his followers cry and play the victim and ask “Why do they hate us ?”

Keshe has no understanding of science, he has never known or wanted peace, and he lies to everyone about the power and success of his so-called technology, and when people see through his lies, he uses that as a confirmation that they want to block his technology. And then he uses that once again as an excuse to attack humans and to complain about how incorrect their behaviour is, when it was Keshe who used and always uses incorrect behaviour to begin with.

Furthermore Keshe was asked if he will attend the council meetings, and he replied: “It is not my job. I’m the head of the Keshe Foundation, not the head of the council.” And then he attended the meeting anyway…

And from now on, the council will probably organize all those non-events that have only one purpose: to deceive and rip off as many people as possible. Therefore, KF supporters become complicit in criminal activity and the attempt to spread the NWO by using gullible people. The KF has therefore become a proxy cult, while Keshe is pulling back more and more, but it’s too late now. In supporting Keshe, his followers think they are defeating the elite, when in fact they do exactly what the elite wants, while they even speed up the process of enslaving themselves. So it makes sense that Keshe said: “I have enslaved you.”

With this move, Keshe hopes that his KF circus will continue, even if he gets arrested, and that somehow he will still have access to the income generated by his fraud, and that sometime in the near future the NWO will be successful.

Caroline was once again copying what we said, and also what I promote in my Holon network:

“Please I call upon all the knowledge seekers
Take time in your day for yourself and inform others
To visualize peace and confirm on this planet earth send your wishes as confirmed PEACE towards our governments and people in high positions to change their ways
Thanks Carolina De Roose”

Caroline and Keshe obviously do that on purpose to annoy me. All they can do is steal and copy, since they have no ideas of their own. But when has any of their attempts to steal other people’s ideas been successful ? Never.

And Dr. Klaus, who is either paid to harm as many people as possible, or simply too naive to see that he is being used for illegal human experiments, is now promoting a “plasmatic first aid kit” for his lord and master, so that more innocent people can have the pleasure of suffering from internal bleedings and other health problems under the disguise of “first aid”.

A reminder about GANS:

A few years ago GANS was just “a new technology” to “extract CO2 from the air” and later to “create free energy”. Both were lies and failed.

Then Keshe asked people to drink GANS, because “it cannot harm you, it’s an impossibility.” This was another lie.

People started drinking GANS, which led to internal bleedings.

When this became known, Keshe was scared of legal consequences, so he said “Under no circumstances digest it, don’t even touch it, always wear gloves.”

So Keshe keeps contradicting himself, at one time saying GANS is dangerous, then saying it is harmless.

And now it gets worse! Keshe recommended:

a) Put CO2 GANS in drinking water of animals to combat the Zika virus.

b) Rinse your mouth with GANS (!!!), instead of using toothpaste. You can then swallow it (!!!) Cancer is often linked with the consumption of toothpaste (!)

c) Soaping children with high fever with CO2 GANS is very helpful (!!!)



And Caroline even asks people to put GANS into drinking water around the world:

“People don’t stop visiting the fountains please and poor some gans water in them
Do you know we still have not a single proper working work shop in the USA for magravs up and running ?????????????
Magravs are more important because off the plasma fields connecting worldwide
The fields are Hughe and you can spot them from outer space they are the doors and distribute them as fast as you can even very simple made ones
Teach make work shops people don’t understand the importance of the magravs
Otherwise we would have totally stopped we don’t we keep on promoting magrav system please USA get started you are very late and very behind
Keep going with the magravs wich you know how to make
And when time is ready the rest will follow
We need the fields to connect like beacons off plasma fields it is not because you can’t see them they don’t exist
The fields are enormous if you only could understand
Don’t stop keep building and share and give
Carolina De Roose”

Do you notice the chaos in Caroline’s logic ?

Again they are trying to copy my work, but without understanding it, while adding a very dangerous component that puts people’s lives at risk. In this case, they are trying to copy my universal ether network of holons, but instead of using a beneficial approach, they are trying to poison all of humanity with GANS. Stealing for their own profit, that’s all they can do. The KF commits the abuse they blame on others. But all the stealing doesn’t help. STILL no KF product works!

And now the worst part: For the treatment of viruses and cancer 4 test candidates are sought who are to receive GANS injections!


The Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute is asking Doctors to submit Patients with Terminal Cancer for an “injection” test. Four volunteers with “no hope” of remission are needed for the trial.

This video is a short four and a half minute excerpt from The 135th Knowledge Seekers Workshop.

This excerpt is presented by C.V.E. as “Fair Use” as “News”.


INJECTION TEST ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

For volunteers with no hope ? So Keshe is basically saying: “These people are useless, we can at least try to see if GANS kills them.”

Euthanasia is forbidden in most countries!!! And Keshe is allowed to go on with this INSANITY ??? Where are the Italian authorities ? Asleep ?

This is a continuation of last year’s cancer trial, when Keshe was looking for cancer patients for “trials”, but in reality he was after their blood, so he can use it in his satanic rituals to put them under his spell. He has done the same with several core members, who donated their blood to Keshe in Bari in early 2015. That’s why they can’t detach themselves from this evil circus.

Keshe is a liar and gameplayer with no sense of responsibility, he just plays with people’s lives. He and Caroline have only one goal: to deceive, control, harm and rip off as many people as possible, while making them believe that they have been “helped”.

And then they even dare to produce a video like this one, in which they pretend to have medical knowledge. This is how real knowledge is being blocked and destroyed!

Once again we ask everyone to report Keshe to health and law enforcement authorities, to protect already sick people from being tortured further. Please help us in bringing and end to this unethical, dangerous and malicious circus.

It is indeed Keshe himself who is deliberately untruthful. And as far as his alleged “technology” goes, he has absolutely NO IDEA what he is talking about. He has zero understanding, and only copies words he read somewhere else. Keshe picks up 1 word from science/tech pages that he doesn’t understand and then spins a web of woo around it. GAn was a word he picked when the transistor revolution went from silicon to Gallium Arsenide. It was the same time he started his scam.

And his followers, who would never have assumed that they get intentionally deceived by someone who uses the phrases “correct ethos” and “unconditionally”, believe every word he says. Except those who find out the truth the hard way. “Unconditionally” in the KF really means: “Give us your unconditional, undoubting loyalty, donate and give us your money unconditionally”, which is an intentional, satanic way of manipulation to make followers feel guilty, so they work as slaves for free and “unconditionally”. Anyone who asks for the payment they have been promised, will get kicked out of the KF.

For example, I received a letter by a European lawyer, aimed at MT KESHE / Keshe Foundation (Geleen). It contains a complaint about money due by the KF to a former partner of the KF. That person, Sylvester Belso, made in November 2015 an agreement with Keshe to set up the KF Global Manufacturing structure. He was to receive 250,000 Euro annually as a “donation”. However, since February 2016 he was not paid anymore. So now there is a serious claim of more than 120,000 Euro. Thus Keshe needs more money. New scams and more fake products are needed…

This shows again that Keshe – following the real KF ethos – also creates new victims in his own structure (like before, as we predicted). It also shows that Keshe uses people like Sylvester Belso to improve the KF (because Keshe is a zerotic who is not capable of doing it himself), and when he no longer needs them, he still lets them work without the agreed payment for several months, and then kicks them out. It has happened to so many of us before. This is the real ethos of the KF – total abuse and exploitation, over and over again, but under the disguise of being “correct”. It works so well on all naive newcomers, who come into the KF with the best intentions, and then become as corrupted as Keshe.

In a personal communication with us, Sylvester wrote:

“When I joined KFSSI I did not know anything about who they are and what they are doing.”

And THAT is the main problem with newcomers. They only hear “free energy” and “correct ethos”, so they jump into the KF, without knowing that the KF is actually a satanic mind-control cult and an arm of the NWO. Why did Sylvester – and why do all the others – work for Keshe, even though they know it is a scam ? Because as a cult, the KF uses thought reform / mind control. Keep on reading to find out more about this subject.

Mr. Belso then wrote:

“Sandor Kakasi was ordered to start to destroy my character on the Facebook group he is organised. Short off there many people who know me, they began to protect me in the group. Later Kakasi had to close the conversation which he started because he began to look bad in the end. Of course, before Sandor Kakasi started slandering me in his FB group, Kakasi kicked me out from this Facebook group, to make sure I cannot protect myself.”

Again we read the same name: Sandor Kakasi… the right hand of the devil. We were also told that Sandor uses fake identities to harass innocent people on Facebook and elsewhere. Mind you, Sandor is a man who claims to be living his life in such a correct way that he never has to lie. Can the hypocrisy in the KF get any worse ? Both Sandor and Keshe claimed that I was born in Congo, which is a manifest lie. I visited the USA at least 40 times, so CIA and FBI must have copies of my Belgian pasport, showing I was not born in Congo. This shows that Gordon Duff has no access to CIA data. So what is the purpose of such lies ? Sandor is clearly a pathological liar, exactly like Keshe. And Duff. And… the list goes on and on.

Soon Mr. Belso will be called a pedophile and a terrorist too ? By the way, not only Sandor but Armen is involved too? And they approve the conduct of their Master? Or will they be called pedophiles too, very soon? Rick, Armen and Vince are paid? Was Fabio paid? The holy KF core of the chosen 12 is in the process of disintegration…


Prof. Zhu was slandered as well

Anyone who realizes that Keshe is a deliberate liar, immediately gets slandered. First Keshe said he has huge respect for the Chinese, but BECAUSE they are sincere people, Keshe MUST oppose them, after he abused them for his own evil purposes. That’s his ethos.

All that Keshe said about Prof. Zhu is wrong. In fact, if Prof. Zhu said all these things about Keshe, they would be true. Keshe once again mirrored facts. It is Keshe who can’t be trusted, and it is Keshe who doesn’t work in the best interest of China (or of any other country). And then he threatens people that he will stop his work. If only!


(image found in a Chinese Facebook group)

“In China there is a huge number of people who call Keshe a jackass for his religion.”
– Kearl Lee, former head of KF China


“I have been connecting with all Chinese researchers in KF tech, but none of their devices work. And they just wanna believe it works, what a pity.”
– Kearl Lee, former head of KF China

It’s all so in your face, and yet Keshe’s followers don’t seem to be able to wake up from his mind control. Therefore all KF followers are advised to watch this video to learn about what Keshe has been doing to them.

Could it be that Keshe himself is a mind control victim, and that he was turned into a programmer himself ? In this case, the aforementioned cancer trials, as well as any other false offers by Keshe should be viewed under a completely different light. Is Keshe looking for “volunteers” for his own mind control project, to turn more people into his willing slaves ? The answer seems to be yes.

The Keshe Foundation seems to be a CIA side project of MKULTRA, an online training camp to turn people into split personality mind control slaves? It has already been successful on Armen, Sandor, Rick, Dr. Klaus and several others. They all know that the KF is a scam, yet they still promote all this nonsense in public. Honest people get kicked out, while corrupted and unaware people are kept inside the KF.

Quote from the above video:

“Shortly, the public will be unable to reason or think for themselves. They’ll only be able to parrot the information they’ve been given on the previous night’s news.”
– Zbigniew Brzezinski

Replace “the public” by “KF followers”, and “night’s news” by “knowledge seekers workshops”, then you see exactly how Keshe has been controlling his followers like sheep. Indeed they believe Keshe’s nonsense and repeat it word by word, while Keshe keeps laughing at them in the background.

That video also explains that Scientology is a front for mind control. And who has been a member of Scientology, before he joined the KF for further conditioning and spreading of disinformation ? Right, Sandor Kakasi, Keshe’s false dot connector, who assists him in accusing innocents, while trying to keep his guru out of legal trouble. Like Kevin Blundell, Sandor Kakasi is not aware of the amount of damage he causes.

These are the people who want to sell you “a new technology”, when in reality it all comes down to greed, attention seeking, ego, aggression, and serving a false Messiah.

And now there are seemingly more people asking for workshops worldwide… more people who are naive enough to waste their time on something that not only makes no sense, but also poses a health risk. And then they call that “raising awareness”. It would be funny if it wasn’t so criminally insane.

We have 4 direct questions for Keshe:

1) Where is the spaceship that you have been announcing for years ?

2) Which “2016” did you mean when you announced a trip to the moon in 2016, for which you sold tickets at 50.000 Euros ? Did you refund those customers ?

3) Where is the breakthrough free energy that you have been announcing for years ?

4) How many ALS, HIV or cancer patients have been cured with your “technology” and where are they ?

And then we have 3 more:

5) How many people have paid for products they never received ?

6) How many had their health damaged from drinking gans ?

7) How many died because you promised them something you weren’t able to provide ?

There will only be BS answers to these questions, if any at all. But for sure there will be no truth coming from the KF. The problem is that Keshe doesn’t want peace. He just wants money, fame and control.

“We don’t need to fight fighting will not bring us anywhere we need to unite with the same spirit of love and intent to create the bigg plasma field and source of peace no more fight
This is the intent of the universal council to begin any day any session
Inform as many people to start the day any day with this intent we will create the Hughe plasma of what is all in this intent no more misunderstanding it says it all
Carolina Keshe”

What Caroline is really saying is: “Don’t fight the KF, we bring you love and peace.” The problem is she is lying, and it is good when people fight against such liars and deceivers. While slandering, stalking, lying, deceiving, stealing and probably much worse, Keshe and Caroline offer “peace” ? What a joke.

Roald Boom, one of the first experimenters, who proved that KF technology doesn’t work, commented:

“Keshe’s only ‘success’ is through Narcissism. Without narcissism he has NO SKILLS at all!!!!! And narcissism is a demonic skill, so Keshe can’t take any credit!”

Well said. The amount of concentrated, intentional falsehood in the KF is mind boggling. The list of Keshe Victims keeps growing…

About the glorious Rome event there is not much to say, other than: compare the number of attendants. There were less people in Rome than in Dubai. People are waking up!


Of course Keshe will say “it’s about quality, not quantity”… but indeed, not only the quantity has decreased, the quality must have decreased as well, if people STILL believe Keshe, even though nothing works and the truth about the KF scam is all over the internet. Indeed Keshe’s credibility hasn’t increased, now that he surrounds himself with FBI trolls and scientologists.

The only highlight of this hyped cult meeting is shown in this video, where, despite of using 2 Magravs, the light still works… when being plugged into the wall. That’s quite an achievement for a scam foundation, whose previous experiments usually ended up sparkling or exploding. Listen to those self-proclaimed “scientists” repeating how “It works!” and “It’s plasma!” So much blind ignorance is mind-boggling. Incredible!

And the “Universal Council” is now a select club of rich people with only a few Africans and Asians mixed in. 600 Euro is too much for a poor African. The KF has become an elitist club of rich scammers, supported by elitist Rockefeller buddy Bob Foote aka Gordon Duff aka Duffy Dark.


The unholy trinity of deception:
The devil, his right hande, and his left foote.
The perfect example of how greed gives power to evil.
Who is whose handler ?

The KF does not abolish the elite, the KF acts the same way as the elite. By charging 600 Euro per person for yet another non-event, Keshe made a lot of money in only 3 days, by selling nothing but lies and science fiction stories.

The next event in Rome is already planned. Plasma and science are no longer that important, now it’s all about organizing “events”, because unlike the magrav units, events can not fail that badly. Thus the KF is turning more and more into a travel agency, which generously “allows” people to pay for Keshe’s (ego) trips. With around 70 people present, Keshe makes 40.000 Euros per meeting, which is not bad, considering he markets a product which doesn’t work. So now Keshe finally figured out a way to scam people without having to sell products. But none of these people would ever complain anyway, as they enjoy giving unconditionally 😉

Keshe’s new book nr. 4, called “Plasma for Dummies”, will be sold at every conference from now on, for only 9999 Euros PER PAGE. Needless to say that new pages are constantly being added on the fly, and unnecessary blueprints are being attached with nano-wires. There will also be contests, and the winners will receive the KF nano-copper FGI medal (FGI = feel good & important).



And now, as predicted, the focus shifts to Ghana, where the next event will take place in October 2016, so Keshe can fool and harm the poorest people of the planet under the slogan “A New Dawn”, which is yet another well-known expression for the New World Order. Again we hear empty promises about how Keshe will show the flight system, and whoever still believes him, should have their mental integrity checked.

Keshe said the next few conferences will all happen at the same hotel in Rome. The reason is clear: he cannot go back to Dubai, he cannot go back to Belgium, he cannot go back to Britain, he cannot go back to Bulgaria, he cannot go back to Iran, he cannot go to the USA, he cannot go to Israel, he cannot go to Russia, and now that he slandered Prof. Zhu, he can’t go to China either… Italy is probably the only place where he can still get away with his crimes.

And then there will be another council meeting in April 2017, again in Rome. Keshe said: “We bring the ancient Rome to the new generation of science.” which translates to: “We want to re-establish the Roman empire under the false disguise of science and peace” – and this is the NWO plan as described in the Iron Mountain report.

All talk about science in the KF is fake. The KF is not a scientific organization, and there is no scientist in the KF. It’s just a giant fraud and a front for the NWO. WHATEVER Keshe says, it’s a lie. ALL of it. Keshe is not a good person. He abuses people, never keeps his promises, and doesn’t give a damn for ANYONE. This is the truth. Accept it and digest it.

If you don’t believe us, feel free to join the KF and go through this painful process yourself, only to find out that we have been telling you the truth from the start.


But… after this Rome non-event, it has gotten somewhat quiet in the KF. Nobody wants to report much aside from the usual bla bla about love and peace, everyone is just holding on to their salary and position, because their ego couldn’t handle it if the truth was revealed. They are exactly the kind of people that Keshe talks about when he says humanity is greedy. So his followers become like the ones they claim to oppose, they only work for their own pockets, exactly like the corrupt elite. They all know the truth, yet they keep quiet, and so they become complicit in Keshe’s crimes. Does Keshe care ? Of course not.

The people who stay in the KF have a big ego, but also many insecurities. They support Keshe’s scam because they know if they decided to leave, they would become nobodies again, and they would never get another job, as they have damaged their own reputation by working for Keshe.

These people don’t care HOW they make money or HOW they remain the center of attention, as long as they can stay in their position. If innocent people get damaged, they don’t care. If sick people put their hope in a false promise, they don’t care. Only greed, fame and attention matter to them. But what kind of fame is that, when you work for the devil ?

The Keshe Foundation is therefore like a singularity of evil… a black hole in the midst of society that makes you gravitate towards its center (Keshe), and the only way out is by waking up to the truth and speaking it. Only greedy, delusional and self-centered people can stay inside the KF, because Keshe knows that they will carry on with his scam. Good people get kicked out, and those with flawed ethics are kept inside the KF. We feel sorry for Sandy though, who seems to be a very nice person, but like many others, she is being fooled into believing that Keshe is sincere.

In her presentation in the 137th KSW, Sandy made some false connections, the same way Keshe and Sandor do. For example, she claimed that the ceasefire between the USA and Russia in Syria was achieved by the actions of the KF universal council, which is ridiculous. That ceasefire was accomplished through tough and repeated negotiations on the highest level of politics, not by a bunch of new age hippies. Sandy then continued with yet another conspiracy theory about the SpaceX rocket explosion, and talked about how the KF creates peace. It is sad to see how much Sandy has been manipulated. Neither the ceasefire in Syria, nor the explosion of the rocket had anything to do with the KF. Again Keshe takes credit for what others did. Keshe is not the saint that some people believe him to be. Keshe only takes, but never gives. That’s why he and Caroline talk about “giving” and “sharing” all the time, because they want to divert from the fact that they take all the money, but never give anything back, except a lot of BS talk about a non-working technology.

Now, after they played games with Sylvester Belso, a professional businessman who does NOT accept the crooked ethos of Keshe, the KF knows a juridical storm might hit the beautiful shores of Bari…

That storm might be so devastating that no “security people”, no matter how many, will be able to help Keshe. Don’t forget that Keshe put himself into this position by his own greed. There is no more room for greed, lies and false Messiahs on this planet, we the people have had enough. A system that is built on lies and fabrications cannot triumph forever… that goes for the current Western system, for the planned NWO, and for the Keshe Foundation alike. You cannot have peace in a foundation that is based on lies. Therefore, such a foundation can never create peace anywhere else.

And by being so paranoid all the time, Keshe created his own future nightmare scenario, and all that can hit him, WILL hit him for sure from all directions. When ? “In the coming time.”

So Mehran, Sandor and other collaborators of this evil KF/NWO/CIA/FBI/Illuminati scam: Enjoy the calm before the storm, while you still can.

“Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.”
– Proverbs 16:18