Arrests, slander, insanity

Even after “one of the directors of the KF” had been arrested in Los Angeles, Keshe couldn’t stop lying and slandering like crazy. During the 138th KSW, he called Sylvester Belso a “member of the Jewish lobby” and an infiltrator, even though it was Keshe who treated Sylvester the wrong way. Two seconds later Keshe added: “We welcome the Jewish lobby, we are part of it.” One could become speechless when being confronted with such contradictions.

Keshe always attacks a certain group, and then says he is part of that group and has been working with them to do this and that. He used this trick with so many groups, like the “Jewish Lobby”, the Knights of Malta, different governments, and so on.

First all governments are criminals, but the next moment Keshe claims to work with them. So the information contained in his talks is zero.

Keshe also attacked Belso for carrying the title “Sir” without deserving it. Yet Keshe is being called “Doctor” or “Professor”, certainly without deserving it.

Later Keshe rejected all criticism, saying that he DID deliver what he promised, but his followers didn’t understand. In other words, they would have to understand something he doesn’t have and can’t explain, otherwise he calls them stupid.

Keshe claimed that “one of the directors of the KF” was arrested “for no reason, just to intimidate us.” Well, stealing money from thousands of people, putting lives at risk, and driving people insane with pseudo-religious fantasies is not a reason to be arrested ? Only one person was arrested so far, but more might follow, and even Keshe himself is not untouchable. He has shown the same behaviour as the elite, if not worse, so karma will catch up on him “in the coming time”.

Keshe’s and Caroline’s scam factory knows no limits. They steal whatever they can to keep their followers convinced, as can be seen in this post.

And then Keshe said: “What you steal, you have to pay back.”
Exactly. So what will happen to Keshe, once karma hits him ?

Furthermore, Keshe called Hillary Clinton “mentally disabled”. It seems he REALLY hates the thought of having a female president, which is no surprise, considering he enjoys harassing women.

Some more crazy comments from the 138th KSW:

“The machinery and the reactor is all, what I call, a show.”

“We don’t look at negativity.” Right. Keshe CAUSES negativity.

“You want to be a banana, you will look like a banana.”  LOL!

“You have seen my reaction to the arrest of one of the KF’s directors. Our revenge is very simple: giving more.” Which means: spreading more BS.

“Threatening to kill the KF members in China will not work.” – More delusion.

“We received a life threat from Prof. Zhu and we supported the military. We gave them more information and more support.” – And yet more delusion and slander.

A long-time KF follower posted in the chat:

“Shine a light when there is darkness – Keshe knowledge seekers will find each other easily then.” – Exactly… they will find each other in jail. Then they can tell everyone: “The light of Lucifer brought us here!”

When Keshe talked about the arrest, someone in the chat asked: “And what are authorities doing about this ?”

This shows the level of naivity of some of the KF followers. Of course the authorities carried out the arrest, but due to Keshe’s insane talks, his followers believe that some evil group is against the KF, and the authorities are doing nothing about it. When in reality, the KF is a criminal organization and a threat to humanity, that’s why authorities are now starting to act.

Strangely, when Sterling Allan was arrested, Keshe celebrated. Now that a KF member was arrested, he complains. Both were arrested by proper authorities, who make sure that justice is served. So according to Keshe, justice is positive when it hits others, but it’s a crime when it hits himself or his supporters.

And finally, Keshe once again launched a series of lies about Iran:

“I gave my agreement that the KF will never be promoted in Iran, and they kept their word.”

“I have a written agreement with the Iranian government.” (probably an agreement that Keshe will never enter Iran again)

“It’s their freedom, they can use it for peaceful applications.”

“I respect the Iranian authorities for their ethos.”

“I stand firm with my government.”

The truth is that Keshe was kicked out of Iran because he is a SCAMMER. So Keshe NEVER gave his agreement, neither did the Iranian government. Keshe HATES being banned from his own country. This info comes from Iranian INSIDE SOURCES, not from a delusional narcissist who lies whenever he opens his mouth. KESHE IS NOT ALLOWED TO ENTER IRAN. That’s the real truth. He himself is responsible for this situation, due to his slander. Many times Keshe has been saying that Israel kills Iranian scientists in Iran. So the goverment said he would be safer outside of Iran. That’s why he is not allowed to go back to his own country.

As expected, Keshe was once again given undue credit by Veterans Today in this article, in which they claimed that the mass media is controlled. Of course this article was immediately reposted all over KF Facebook pages, to show how evil the system is, so Keshe can once again be portrayed as a saviour. This is cult behaviour at its finest.

Some might have noticed that whenever VT posts articles about technology, they randomly insert the name Keshe wherever it COULD make sense, if it was real.

Quote: “The Russian Federation has developed significant and effective means to neutralize these devices in all forms, and it is believed that others such as Dr. Keshe have such neutralizing technology.”

Dr. Keshe again ? Super-Keshe ? Again we ask for the document that proves that Keshe has a doctor title.

At least they got a bit more careful, saying that “it is believed” that Keshe has such technology. And that’s right, IT IS BELIEVED by a handful of blind believers and new age kukus who are ignorant to scientific evidence or the lack thereof, but it has never been confirmed, and will never be confirmed, because Keshe has NOTHING to show.

But Gordon Duff admitted once again that he himself and the whole of VT are disinformers, by writing:

“I can state this, the alternative media is entirely Zionist controlled, far more than mainstream.”
Gordon Duff, September 18, 2016

With this comment, Duff shot himself in the foote. Because who is part of the alternative media ? Veterans Today. Project Camelot. And many others in the alternative “new age” community, which KF followers are so fond of. So they admit that they are more controlled than the mainstream media. And yet KF followers believe their crazy stories.

So the ones who thought they were so wise, are in reality the worst controlled sheeple. In other words, followers of Keshe, VT or Project Camelot think and do exactly what the Illuminati want. Yet they believe they are smarter than the system.

But the real amount of chaos and contradictions in VT’s reporting can be seen in the case of the SpaceX rocket explosion.

First they claimed that a UFO destroyed the rocket, then they were no longer sure and asked why it happened, then they were certain that no UFO was involved, and finally they quoted Elon Musk, saying that it is still possible that a UFO did it. Incredible!

Can anyone NOT see that VT is a total disinfo site ? They are zionist-controlled scammers helping another zionist-controlled scammer (Keshe) to mind-control and betray humanity.

But then, as we all know, Keshe smashed all doubts when he claimed that HE destroyed the rocket himself – of course without harming anyone. The master of total destruction without causing harm! Hallelujah!



The Funny Hats Foundation

Keshe always says that he works on the highest level. But it seems the real purpose of the KF is to take the madness to the highest level…

As you know, the KF is a (self-proclaimed but never officially recognized) NGO. But does that mean it works in the best interest of the people ? Read for yourself how some NGO’s, and that certainly includes the KF, are a tool of the NWO.

Quotes from the Keshevictims group:

“Let’s tell it correctly: Keshe hasn’t discovered anything, he has taken ideas from many, placed them in a soup, and came up with the perfect scam to lure people into a one world government, using phrases like ‘peace’, ‘oneness’ etc, where he is the new Messiah.”

“The world has entered a very dark period and through the internet people really concerned about the future of this planet and future of their families have been desperately looking to solve these problems and help humanity, then Keshe comes along, believing his lies, only to exhaust personal funds and months and years of bs research is disheartening, we all have been victimized.”

Finally we post a number of statements by Kearl Lee, the former head of KF China. He personally witnessed many of Keshe’s wrongdoings.

“Back in 2014, Keshe declared that the KF was going to do a cancer treatment test around the world, and Mr. Hoi in Shenzhen was asked by Keshe to provide a testing service for free to the patients in China, and I knew more than 30 patients had registered as candidates waiting for the treatment, but Keshe failed to deliver his so-called cancer-treating machine, and a few candidates died but Keshe still didn’t take any action, as if it had nothing to do with him.”

“In 2014, after a collective demonstration with Alekz about the bead system, Keshe had secretly made a offer to Mr. Hoi in China to sell the blueprint of the bead system at 500.000 USD, and after Keshe’s failure to deliver his so-called cancer-treating machine to Mr. Hoi, who had made a testing service in China instructed by Keshe, Mr. Hoi knew full well that this bead system is another trap to con his money, so he made it public and transferred this chance to others who want to buy this system, so that is the reason why Mr. Hoi was the first man Keshe had slandered as an enemy. I have talked to Mr. Hoi face to face, and he is the first one who woke up to what Keshe really is.”

“I also received a drawing of the connection of how 2 power meters are connected to the bead system directly from Keshe, and it could make you believe that it can seemingly amplify the power from 1 to 5 or more, just as in Alekz’ and Keshe’s demonstration in 2014, but actually it just fakes it and never produces any energy if you check it over.”


“The Chinese inventor who made the ‘fat boy’ reactor wanted to apply for only 300 Euro from the KF, because Keshe said: ‘I offer financial support to the researchers’, but he received no reply, Keshe didn’t even give a shit.”

“In China over 200 people were in the manufacturing room, but no one wanted to deal with Keshe because it’s obviously a trap.”

“Keshe doesn’t give a shit for the manufacturing, he just tries to put up a show for audiences around the world and attracts investors for making a killing in the process. Keshe had asked Mr. Hoi in China for over 15 million Euros investment in 2014.”

“The so-called CO2 ‘gans’ is 99.9% zinc compound.”

Crop circle in 2002 decoded:

“Beware the bearers of false gifts and broken promises, much pain, but there is still time. Believe there is still good out there. We oppose the deceivers. The conduit is closing.”


“Believe there is still good out there. We oppose the deceivers. The conduit is closing.”

This is important! Again we ask all our readers to pray for peace and unity. We WILL get through these dark times! Even without drinking GANS! 😉