Keshe’s nano-coating scam DEBUNKED


Keshe’s nanocoating is NO nanocoating! Thousands of KF followers have been fooled for months and months! Most of them doing home experiments, creating local workgroups, all investing money, time, hope and trust. Thank you EMPTY KESHE!

John Thomas Sluten, another fraud investigator and member of Keshevictims, pointed out something very important:

Keshe’s supposed nanocoating is a process which metallurgists call bluing, it has nothing to do at all with nano materials.

Thank you John for this information.

Keshe probably knew the bluing process from his activities in the diamond industry, where precious metals are treated the same way. So Keshe took the opportunity to claim having invented and disclosed an industrial process that has been used by humanity for thousands of years.

After this revelation, M.T. (Empty) Keshe has lost his last bit of credibility. Thousands of KF followers have been “experimenting” with a long well-known process, mistaking it for a new technology, after being fooled by Keshe for years.

Remember when Veterans Today claimed that they achieved cold fusion, based on KF technology ? We challenge them to DEMONSTRATE their cold fusion based on bluing. 😉 Hint: it will not work. Gordon Duff (alias Bob Foote), who is a weapons expert himself, certainly knows about the steel bluing process. Therefore Duff also intentionally tried to fool the US military. However, neither Keshe nor Duff were able to fool Active Duty Army Major Todd Hathaway of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency in Fort Belvoir, Virginia.

Richard Presser, another brainwashed KF follower, posted an incredible piece of nonsense, almost sounding like seasoned (and already debunked) disinformer Benjamin Fulford (connected to Veterans Today AND Project Camelot), who also puts out a lot of BS claims (such as “Hillary Clinton is dead”), only to find out that none of his predictions ever came true.

The propaganda machine that has been set up around Keshe is impressive… in a negative way. Putting so much time and energy into misleading people is despicable.

Presser writes: “Kudos to Dr. Mehran Keshe for all that he has done. His technology works, no doubt…”

If there is the question of doubt vs. no doubt, it shows that the KF is a belief system, not a scientific organization. Scientific organizations TEST AND DEMONSTRATE their inventions IN PUBLIC – IF THEY WORK – and if they made any new inventions at all! And if Keshe’s followers have to affirm over and over again that the technology works, even though NOTHING has ever been shown working, then even people with a low IQ should begin to realize that something is very wrong there.

“MY APOLOGIES for being a doomsayer” Presser writes, which sounds as if he was already sorry for publishing that text.

But the real question is whether all the good people, who were lied to and harmed by Keshe and his cult, will also be sorry when the whole KF bunch goes to prison for intentionally deceiving humanity.

Presenting positive things as negative and vice versa seems to be the one thing that Keshe and his followers do best. Keshe seems to be using a method called “astroturfing” to give a false impression of the subjects he talks about. In this video, astroturfing is explained in an excellent way.

Finally we keep hearing reports about several KF followers who have lost large amounts of money, some due to Keshe, some in connection with other cults. We are talking several hundreds of thousands of euros per person. Such prominent KF members include Armen Guloyan and Richard Gantz. In turn they then scam other people in order to get their money back. We could call such people “cult hoppers”, as they go from one cult to another, only to be ripped off over and over again, yet they consider themselves smart.

Strange things are happening in the KF now. Keshe always talked about my arrest, but strangely I am still free, while several KF related people have been arrested, even if only for a few hours or days. Of course they would never admit that their arrests were related to Keshe, they will just pretend it never happened, or claim there were other reasons.

We have the feeling that this is just the beginning of “what we call” a karma boomerang. Keshe always mirrors and inverts, now his own lies and threats are mirrored back to him.

As Keshe used to say: “Oh boy, you don’t know what’s coming!”