Katastrophes, Kukuness, and Kontradictions

It seems that Keshe is gathering all the criminals, anarchists and scammers in one place. Good people get kicked out or leave by themselves. And only those who are really criminal stay in the KF. They then get paid for delivering false testimonials and for faking “confirmations”, such as this one:


The creator of the video is in fact NOT Dutchsinse, but another person, who has been DEBUNKING Keshe. He does NOT endorse Keshe in any shape or form.

Yet some KF followers have been reposting this video as “confirmation” of Keshe’s earthquake predictions. So ridiculous! They can’t even tell true from false anymore, thanks to what Keshe has done to them in his endless brainwashing sessions.

Keshe was wrong. His American earthquake “prediction” was EMPTY! It was like always ATTENTION SEEKING to avoid questions – at that time – about the truth about his Magrav units, today we all know it was a scam.

And now they bring up Dutchsinse (who is yet another member of the Project Camelot fearmongering circus) again and again, as Keshe is unable to predict earthquakes, so they just point to someone else’s work (which isn’t even original, as he copies info from sites like quakewatch.net). It works on newcomers only, but that might be enough to keep the money flowing…

So instead of stopping his false predictions, Keshe refers to other attention seekers. Why is it that the Keshe Foundation can only refer to other cultists, but never to real scientists ? And why do they now celebrate Dutchsinse and not Keshe himself ? Are they slowly realizing that Keshe has nothing to offer ?

Despite of all, and just for the sake of it, Keshe issued another prediction. 😉



“Goodby to Tehran” means that Keshe is not allowed to go there again, after he was kicked out for running his scams.

“Ciccili Mountain” means Mount Etna in Sicily.

“Grecce” means Greece.

“Shaking like mad” means that Keshe wants all of you to be very afraid. That’s why more such earthquake warnings were posted again on KF Facebook. It’s called ATTENTION SEEKING and FEARMONGERING. Many of those who follow Keshe (or other cults like Project Camelot) live their lives in fear, always awaiting a big catastrophe. And cult leaders have no problem exploiting these people by giving them false hope and false information.

But what’s really “shaking like mad” is our bellies, from laughing so hard. 😉

And no it was not CERN/LHC, it was not HAARP, and it’s not anything else. It was really just an earthquake, they are frequent in central Italy. Not everything is a conspiracy!

In the 141st KSW, Keshe said:

“We see some people are abusing workshops as a way to gain money, and this cannot be done.”

This comes AFTER Keshe had been encouraging the establishment of KF manufacturing centers around the world, which exist ONLY to make money. And the fact that Keshe himself has been using the KF to make money is being ignored. And then he makes statements like the one above. Incredible!

But not only that. He doesn’t just rip people off, he also causes damage to their health.

As John Thomas Sluten wrote:
In so many ways Keshe has committed gross negligence with intent to do harm by not disclosing the hazards of the materials he processes in the making of these toxins and introducing these materials in the public water systems and food production.”

Keshe’s words always describe the OPPOSITE of what is going on in the KF.

When the KF makes money, Keshe condems making money. When they cause harm, Keshe says the KF is helping people. When getting caught doing something wrong, Keshe says he is correct.


We keep getting questions from newcomers like “Should I join the KF or not ?”

Well, after reading ALL the information on our website, is there really a need for such a question ? It’s like someone telling you that getting run over by a car hurts and kills you, but you ask “Should I try it anyway ?”

It requires a certain lack of intelligence to desperately WANT to get yourself into trouble.

Remember, when I supported Keshe, there was no such thing as keshefacts.org, that’s why he was able to trick me. So we decided to publish all the info, to warn newcomers of the KF. If you choose to ignore these warnings, you are either mentally disadvantaged, or you are a professional or future scammer who wants to get lucky. The choice is yours, but the consequences and the course of your own future… are also yours.

Some advice to the “Universal Council”: If you really want justice to be served, vote:



Keshe for prison 2016! Obama is watching!

In the past few months, Keshe repeatedly said “We will enter the American elections”.

He then asked his followers to vote for Trump (who obviously is a manipulative racist and someone who “likes very young girls”), and said he cannot support Hillary Clinton because she put him into prison in Canada. Yeah right.

Meanwhile we heard slogans that suggested that both candidates should be put in prison for what they have done wrong.



So if Keshe wants to enter the elections, why not suggest the same for himself ? If he supports a racist pedophile, while pretending to want peace and calling other, innocent people pedophiles, he certainly deserved it.

Both Keshe and Trump wanted all the attention. Well, now they got it 😉

We vote:



A very important question has come up:

Why has Gordon Duff not deleted the slanderous articles about me from Veterans Today, after Keshe confessed in the 140th KSW that I did nothing wrong and that I kept my good ethos ? Since it is now clear to everyone that Keshe’s accusations were all false, Duff should publish a redaction statement along with an apology. Otherwise Duff’s articles must be considered to be intentional and misleading slander against my name, which of course is a criminal act.

Another question that comes up is:

If Duff doesn’t like Trump for what he does, then why did he support Keshe, who behaves exactly like Trump ? Maybe it’s because Keshe is the better scammer… someone who can for a while get away with what Trump does, while at the same time pretending to be the opposite, the Messiah. But still this doesn’t justify Duff’s slander against me. He knew nothing about me, yet he attacked me, and these articles are still online. Is that the correct behaviour of someone who claims to be a role model for his children and grandchildren ?

Interestingly, Duff says that Trump’s followers are worse than Trump himself. Considering the obvious parallels, how criminal must some of Keshe’s followers be ?

Let’s have a look.

Sylvester Belso wrote about KF superstar Farhad Amini (KF Germany):

“I remember, when Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, Armen Guloyan, Sandor Kakasi and everyone in Keshe Foundation was talking about how important the quality of “nano” coating is, and the (alleged) main reason why the MagRavs are not working is because people are doing this process wrongly.

I also have to say that in July, after I left KFSSI, I talked with Farhad Amini over Zoom and he told me that “NONE OF HIS MAGRAVS ARE WORKING! AND I TOLD THIS TO MT KESHE AS WELL.”

I asked Farhad Amini, “So why is he doing it?” He told me “I JUST WANTED TO GET MT KESHE’s ATTENTION.”

When I asked him “So what are people saying about the non working MaGravs?” He told me “I AM TELLING EVERYONE IF THEY ARE NOT BELIEVING THAT THE MAGRAV IS WORKING, THE MAGRAV WILL NOT WORK FOR THEM.” I was speechless and I had nothing more to ask him. As I see he is really a “con artist working under the wing of Keshe Foundation”. He is making big money with this. He figured out how he can get everything in cash without any receipt, and any responsibility or warranty.”


Farhad Amini having fun while burning copper coils…
…or is he preparing KF Frankfurter Wurst for BBQ ?

The excellent researchers at the German allmystery.de forum found the following information on Farhad Amini:


Obviously Amini lost permission to do certain businesses already back in 2007. Is it because he ran a scam before ? Some people never learn. It is then clear why such people would follow Keshe.

Kearl Lee, the former head of KF China, added the following:

Just like Farhad, there are tons of con artists in the KF around the world, even after finding that Keshe’s magrav does not work. Maybe they think they have invested some money into the KF shit so at least they need to get it back or go further to make big money together with MT Ke$he.

Keshe is ruthless to start ripping off the Africans…..”

We shook our heads when we read this article, in which members of KF Norway claim that they can cure all types of cancer. But in the same article, it is mentioned that making such claims is illegal and misleading, yet some KF followers proudly reposted this article, not knowing that they only get themselves into trouble.

And indeed, in another, similar article, it was repeated that the authorities will contact and warn the Keshe Foundation of such unlawful practices, as the KF falsely promises something they cannot deliver. As a result, the members of KF Norway are now also under investigation. Well done!

There you can see how brainwashed KF followers approach the media without knowing what they are doing. Let’s face it: the KF is a criminal organization that uses naive people to spread nonsense and to create money for Keshe and Caroline. Thankfully, such stupidity will lead to the self-destruction of the Keshe Foundation.

We wonder: was the arrest of “one of the directors of the KF” not enough ? Do other KF followers want to be arrested too ? Maybe this is the KF’s understanding of “one nation, one race”… to go to jail together and to have a collective criminal record. Just when you thought their insanity couldn’t get worse…

Maybe we should ask how many of those other Ufology related disinfo cults are involved in this criminal behaviour, especially in sex parties and pedophilia. Judging from what we have heard, most of them are. Maybe Keshe opened Pandora’s Box, but not in the way he had intended…

In the 143rd KSW, Keshe said “Make sure that man will never make another tool to murder and kill”. But at the same time, the KF produces and sells poisonous “GANS” and dangerous “health units” that harm people with their magnetic fields. 😦

Then the members of the “Earth Council” introduced themselves. One of the most mind-controlled members, Anke van Ziel, listed her wishes, for example she said “We want to restore justice”. That sounds really nice. That’s exactly what is needed to bring this dangerous mind-control cult called Keshe Foundation… to justice. 😉

And: “We’d like to get rid of mind control”. That also sounds very nice. But it seems to be harder than expected, right Anke ? Way to go! 😉

Dr. Klaus then added that he wants to build as many “health centers” as possible. We hope that above “justice” will prevent that from happening. Has the KF not caused enough damage yet ?

There were lots of nice words about love and peace in this workshop, but unfortunately behind all that is Keshe’s ongoing deception, and that just doesn’t match those good intentions. Talking alone is not enough. “You shall know them by their fruit”… so just look at the growing list of Keshe victims.

All in all this workshop was yet another pseudo-religious cult session, and of course Keshe once again claimed that President Obama is following his teachings. So ridiculous…

And once again, Keshe failed to predict the latest earthquakes in Italy. Quite a bad performance for an all-knowing Messiah…

However, the most revealing part was when Keshe said:

“When you pray, do not pray to Christ or Moses… When you pray, pray to humanity. This is the secret of success.”

And this once again gave away the Luciferian nature of the Keshe cult, because Luciferians want to turn man into God. That’s why their number is “666”, the number of man. They want to exalt themselves above God. And that is the fundamental mistake that has caused all evil on Earth. And Keshe repeats this mistake over and over again, while pretending to be “correct”. The number 6 is ever-present in the KF. Now Keshe even claims there are 6 continents.

As mentioned in previous posts, the KF is nothing but a satanic mind-control cult.

Keshe has only one talent: he knows how to scam people. He set up the scene in a way that every newcomer believes that the warnings he/she receives about Keshe are in reality an attack by “trolls” or “enemies”, and so newcomers develop a sympathy for Keshe and support him, while ignoring the warnings of those who know better.

According to Kearl Lee, even University Professor Zhu, who is a very smart man, needed one year to find out that the KF is a scam. And this is how Keshe plays his game. He plays on time. If he can scam every person for 1 year and get some money from them, he can make a fine living.

Speaking of 1 year: 1 year ago, Keshe promised the world a new $10 power system for 2016. Where is this power system now ? It was just another lie. The images of power systems you see in this article were computer generated. Those “power units” never existed.

As researchers recently found out, the brain gets used to lying. This is the reason why Keshe and his followers cannot get out of their parallel reality, which they created by constantly lying to everyone. It has become an addiction.

As a very similar example to Keshe, presidental candidate Donald Trump has been elected “Liar of the year 2015”. Such individuals practice something called “post-truth politics”, which of course cannot work in the long run. Would anyone NOT agree that Keshe should be elected “Liar of the Decade” ?

And then there is this article: “New York Times publishes 2-page spread of Trump Twitter insults”. Quote: “The two-page spread features an alphabetized tally of the victims of Trump’s caustic social-media bombardments. His targets range from media figures to rival candidates and beyond.”

Doesn’t that sound like Keshe’s CAUSTIC slander ?

If humanity wants a better future, such deceptions and ego-trips must come to an end. Either we show honesty and respect, or we keep abusing each other only to build up our ego and pride, the way Keshe and his followers have done, while pretending to bring peace to humanity. The choice is easy.

We made our choice a long time ago. How about you ?

Recycling the KF scam in Ghana

Keshe is now scamming the poorest people of the planet, after another scam conference (see KSW 142) he held in Ghana, Africa.




Just like at his previous conferences, Keshe made the same false health claims, and promised healing of AIDS and other diseases to the Africans. Now people with diseases like cancer will need to go to a hotel in Ghana, where Keshe then receives fees or finder-commissions for his false “treatment”.

Is Keshe preparing his disappearance ? Will he suddenly be gone, and retire to Ghana, where he owns his own small hotel and a chicken farm ? It is very likely.

In addition to that, Keshe started repeating his whole scam from the beginning, showing the first videos that were made years ago, and also showing the little bottles with “liquid CO2”, which in reality are not CO2.

Prof. Nyarko is yet another one in a long line of individuals who were deceived and scammed and fooled by Keshe. As usual, if being told, they won’t believe that they have been fooled. It always takes a while, as we have seen many times before. Only totally brainwashed and greedy people who never question anything will stay with Keshe. A country like Ghana is a perfect breeding ground for the medical scams of Keshe, due to the high degree of AIDS, Malaria, and other extreme illnesses. The Ghana elite will find in Keshe the “Wonder Doctor” they prayed for, and Keshe will promise them solutions, in exchange for some “small” gifts and “minor” advantages.

And as many times before, Keshe used one of his M.T. phrases: “We will release the results. It won’t be more than 4 to 6 weeks.” He knows very well that in 4 to 6 weeks, his followers will already have forgotten about this subject, because in the meantime, Keshe will come up with many more such claims. THIS IS HOW HIS SCAM WORKS.

Notice the contradiction in yet another M.T. phrase which we have heard thousands of times before: “The beauty with this technology is that everyone can use it, the knowledge is on the table. From now on, whatever we do, we share with national securities. We share with governments directly.”

So if the “knowledge” is shared with the common people AND with the governments, then why even talk about the governments, if everyone has the knowledge ? And why has nothing changed in the world, if everyone has the knowledge, and had it for years, since Keshe has been using his M.T. phrases for at least 10 years ? Flying cars and flights to the Moon and Mars were announced and sold years ago. And only NOW people have the knowledge ? Obviously this knowledge has no meaning if it can only make people fly to KF conferences, but not to Moon or Mars.

Meanwhile Gordon Duff, who apparently also was in Ghana, seemed to have been bored out of his mind there, according to his own comment.

Listen guys, the main problem is that if you are a KF follower, you are most likely NOT as “awake” as you think you are. You might finally have realized that politics haven’t been working in your best interest, but what you fail to see is that the Keshe Foundation is NOT the solution to that. In fact, the KF is just ANOTHER deception, another dream inside a dream.

However, unlike what some of you might think, this is not the end of the world. Not all authorities are corrupted. In fact, most ARE working for your best interest. The “evil guys” at the top, whom you have been fighting against, might no longer be able to cause much damage. So there really isn’t any need for a crooked organization like the KF, which only exists to rob people of their money.

It sure is a hard time right now, because people don’t know whom to trust anymore. You have predators like Keshe, Trump, and many many others, of whom you can expect that if you give them your little finger, they not only want your hand or your arm, but they will be after you and your network of friends for a very long time. Such people want to “grab” all of you and more, they want to take all they can get, all for their personal gain, or for their paymasters’ dark agenda. This is what it has come to, because people have been allowing these predators to play their deception games, but such abuse cannot go on forever.

As we said before: let’s wait and see what 2017 brings. We believe huge changes are happening behind the scenes, and humanity might be in a much better situation in the near future. And that might include some positive surprises.

Finally, we have found this image, of which we don’t know if it was posted like this or not, but it would make sense, due to the similarity of Keshe’s and Trump’s behaviour.



Keshe obviously asked his followers to vote for a racist, genital-grabbing sexual harasser who wants to build walls rather than bridges of peace and has no respect for women and girls, even though he says so.


Now everything is clear! Keshe and Trump are soulmates! The similarity in their behaviour is obvious! Remember the Belgian coma case ? Remember Keshe’s slander ?


By all means, let’s make the world beautiful and sane again!

Say no to narcissists like Trump and Keshe!

Support REAL politicians and REAL scientists!


The snake alliance of Duff and Keshe

About three weeks ago, Dutch blogger Ella Ster published an article called “Het slangenverbond van Gordon Duff en Mehran Keshe”. We now publish the English translation without further comment, for all the people who don’t speak Dutch, as it provides a nice overview of the KF situation. Inaccurate parts were corrected by us in green.

The snake alliance of Gordon Duff and Mehran Keshe
By Ella Ster on September 26, 2016

At the end of August 2016, Gordon Duff, senior editor of the website “Veterans Today”, posted an article in which he claims that Veterans Today and MT Keshe were the driving force behind “rounding up the largest pedophile circle of all times on this planet.” However, the rounding up of that respective pedophile ring refers to an event that happened five years ago, as it took place on March 16, 2011, long before Keshe and Duff were even in contact with each other. A piece based on incorrect facts (in this case an incorrect time line), which we simply call fraudulent journalism. Reason enough to publish an article to shine some light on the matter.

By Cassandra de Wit

Intriguingly, Veterans Today, and Gordon Duff in particular, act as personal marketers of Mehran Keshe and his technology, but it is downright disturbing that a huge number of well-known alternative sites mix together made-up and tendentious articles by Duff and add them to their content without questioning. That raises the question as to what extent we are better off with the alternative media compared to MSM. But let’s start by examining who Mehran Keshe really is…

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe is an Iranian, born in 1958, who married Flemish citizen Carolina De Roose. He claims to have graduated from Queen Mary College in London in 1981, as a nuclear engineer, specializing in reactor technology, but such graduation has never been proven, neither online nor in physical form. He runs the Keshe Foundation, an organization allegedly created to give humanity “free energy”, or “plasma energy”. This form of free energy would provide the possibility to supply a house with a free energy Magrav generator. There is also a Magrav generator with which a car could run without fuel. Apart from these generators, the Keshe Foundation is also active in the field of medicine.


Gans is a liquid substance that can be made in various ways, including on the basis of drain cleaner and (sea) water. In this way, by using twisted copper wires, zinc and copper plates, which are treated in a special way to cover them with a special “nano-coating”, water with healing powers is created. On the basis of this water, Keshe health pens and health pads are made. Keshe also gives online “classes” in which one can participate as a “knowledge seeker”.

Volunteers can test expensive products at their own risk

People across the world are active in making health materials and pads, generators and various types of Gans water. They share their knowledge in a variety of international Facebook Groups and Keshe forums. However, I have never seen any mention of a perfectly working device or miraculous (and permanent) healing, but it’s always about an early “something”. It is not clear whether there is a placebo effect. Keshe’s health technology has never been tested by third parties and there are no recorded test results. At the moment he is looking for a volunteer group to test all products through his site. However, this costs 135 euros and it happens entirely at the risk of the volunteer.

Hope Girl, who is committed to the development and distribution of the Quantum Energy Generator (the QEG, a prototype open-sourced fuel independent generator based on Nikola Tesla inventions) writes on her blog: “GANS is a substance that has not been tested for safety and may be linked to a dark agenda aimed at the poisoning and control of the human population. (…), The effects can be at least poisoning by heavy metals. We suspect that the GANS may play a role in changing people’s ‘antennae’ for the purposes of applying scalar wave technology.”


However, the optimism of Keshe is boundless. According to him, with his technology the sea at Fukushima can be stripped of radioactive poisoning and the worst diseases can be cured. In April this year (Correction by keshefacts.org: April 2014, not this year) he even announced, with a voice trembling with emotion, that he is the long-awaited Messiah and Mehdi. He also seems to be working on a flying car and a “spaceship”. However, so far without result.

Dirk Laureyssens

In 2005, Keshe lives in Tiegem, Belgium. He comes into contact with the good-natured, spiritual inventor and toy producer Dirk Laureyssens, (who also happens to be the creator of the Happy Cube). Laureyssens is interested in the ideas of Keshe and decides to do business with him. Because he himself is an inventor, he has gained experience in writing (complicated) patent applications and that is exactly what Keshe needs at that moment. Laureyssens has written and filed several patent applications for Keshe, complicated procedures that were never completed at all in most cases because Keshe did not pay the necessary fees on time.

Allrounder Laureyssens also designs a logo for Keshe and helps him intensively in writing books so that his theories become more credible and more robust, to convince potential sponsors for the development of his technology. During this period, money is always a problem for Keshe. He makes it a habit to borrow large amounts of money from people for his technology, but usually does not pay them back.

Police investigations in Belgium

On April 11, 2014 Mehran Keshe and his wife Carolina De Roose receive an appeal from the Federal Police for interrogation. The police want to know more about “scams, illegal practice of medicine and human experimentation.”

April 11, 2014: Call to Carolina De Roose to appear for interrogation

April 11, 2014: Call to Mehran Keshe to appear for interrogation

It gets too hot and so even before they could be interrogated and questioned, they take refuge in Desenzano, Italy. Since then, at their new home, by the end of 2015 Keshe introduces his technology to the world via streaming video conferences and Facebook. The people are delighted. The world is facing increasing problems with streams of refugees, dirty wars and unexpected attacks in several countries. A cornered cabal tries to maintain control over almost everything.

World peace and free energy

And then Keshe enters the world stage. He talks about world peace, free energy without patents, a clean world and a spiritual technology with unprecedented opportunities, which cleans the environment and cures sick people. Who does not want to believe it? All beautiful, talented people with good intentions are committed fully to understanding the theories and practice. It takes a lot of time, but many put their heart and soul into “the cause”.

The incredible story of “The Red Circle”

By the middle of February 2016, Keshe comes up with a strange story during one of his “knowledge seekers workshops”. He was allegedly invited to Belgium by two people: Dirk Laureyssens (co-founder of the Keshe Foundation) and Sterling David Allan (an internet radio broadcaster, specializing in all kinds of free energy). So Keshe went there and through these people he came into contact with a terrible pedophile circle that has tentacles into the Belgian royal family. This circle is called “The Red Circle”. Because Keshe isn’t pleased by that, he has personally given all information to the CIA. According to Keshe, on February 23, 2016 this leads to the arrest of Sterling David Allan in the US state of Utah with the indictment: child abuse.

Chief Justice Antonin Scalia a pedophile

Keshe sends this false story also to his friend Gordon Duff of Veterans Today, who blows it up even more. He rewrites the story again and again and makes it even bigger by linking it to the death of Chief Justice Antonin Scalia, who died on February 13th. According to Gordon, Scalia himself was a pedophile who got his high position in the supreme court to prevent other pedophiles from being caught. After Scalia’s death, Sterling David Allan could be arrested.

Unlikely Keshe was in Belgium

It is unlikely that Keshe went to Belgium in February because he, as mentioned earlier, is wanted for “scams, illegal practice of medicine and human experimentation.” Sterling David Allan, being a Mormon, has moral questions about himself and his pedophile tendencies. In autumn of 2012 he comes in contact with Keshe, and often writes about him and his technology on his popular web site PESN (Pure Energy System Network). But when Keshe finds out about Sterling’s sexual preferences, he refuses further contact. Sterling had published in early 2015 on his web site a Youtube video with a “hypothetical” public confession about his sexual preferences. It was almost as if he wanted to be caught by the police.

Conflicts with Keshe’s employees

In the middle of 2015, Laureyssens, not aware of Keshe’s crazy story, got into a conflict with Keshe after he, along with a few other Keshe supporters of the first hour, wanted to start their own project, with a patent pending. Laureyssens was co-founder of the Keshe Foundation and has 5 percent shares in the company. (Correction by keshefacts.org: This is wrong! Keshe is the sole 100% owner of the Keshe Foundation) There is a conflict about the copyright of the logo Dirk designed. That logo has a big red circle on top, which led to the name of “The Red Circle” in the bizarre story of Keshe. Meanwhile Keshe has a new logo. Obviously he never even paid Laureyssens one penny for his work.

Keshe never pays

MT Keshe often claims to be the center of the most unlikely, international conspiracies. He claims to have already been poisoned once and says he was almost run off the road by three trucks with “Albanians” during his “Red Circle” adventure. He has conflicts with the producers of his products and must regularly escape from countries because he gets into fights with everyone. He must also frequently change his location due to not paying his debts, bills and taxes.

One moment he praises someone into the sky, and the next moment he calls them a traitor. This also happened to Professor Zhu, who was the head of the Keshe group in China. On May 26, Professor Zhu was still completely familiar in the Keshe Foundation, three months later Keshe wants nothing more to do with him.

Former close collaborators say on Youtube that they were isolated during their stay in the Keshe Foundation, and that Keshe is paranoid, dictatorial and narcissistic, and suffers from megalomania (see his statement about being the Messiah). Keshe must already have earned millions with his technology and therefore it is a mystery why he does so often remain unable to pay. Former employees of Keshe paint a negative picture about the person Keshe and the questionable reliability and safety of his inventions.

So what is behind the “snake alliance of Gordon and Keshe” ?

According to Dirk Laureyssens, there is the promise of (a lot of) money: “Keshe has attracted Gordon to create credibility in America regarding his technology.” Furthermore, according to him, both Keshe and Gordon Duff (alias Bob Foote) work for the Rockefeller faction of the illuminati. This explains why Gordon Duff supports Keshe, because they are both agents of the New World Order. “They pretend to oppose the elite, but in reality they not only support the New World Order plan, they even try to achieve something much more sinister.” Laureyssens writes on his website. This sinister agenda might include the transhumanist agenda to use all kinds of technologies to turn humans into biological robots and to fully subject them to mind control.

Anyone out there can choose what to believe, but many of the promises made by Keshe did not materialize up to this day. He leaves a trail of disappointed people and a record of unpaid debts behind. It takes a lot of time to understand and test his theories, and especially during this time of great change, it is a huge shame that all these clever creative, spiritual people lose their precious time on something that probably does not prove to be true.

Go and do your own research

Click on the links in this article and investigate for yourself. The tracks are easy to find for those who want to know if it’s all real.


Keshe’s control addiction

Keshe’s worst nightmare: to lose control.

So everytime he loses control, he comes up with a new crazy story to make it look like he is still in control, and then he calls himself the Messiah again. Otherwise he would lose his Messiah status and therefore his credibility in the KF. (outside his cult he never had any credibility)

In the beginning of the 140th KSW, Keshe came up with the crazy story that I still work for the KF. Of course that story is yet another complete lie. He claimed to be responsible for me exposing him. He said I still protect the KF, and he knows me so well that he can make me do anything he wants me to do because he is the Messiah. LOL he wishes. Keshe takes the madness to the highest level indeed!



So suddenly I become a friend and brother again, and other, new KF victims (like Sir Belso) are now the new terrorists. It seems friends and enemies are constantly changing sides, depending on Keshe’s mood of the day, and depending on how much Gans Madame Babylon let him consume. Until a few weeks ago I was a murderer and a pedophile, even Veterans Today said so. And suddenly I’m being respected for my work again.

Keshe knocks himself out with his contradictory talks. They make as much sense as this…


Just to make it clear: I no longer work for the KF, I don’t support the KF any longer, I am no longer in contact with Keshe. The last contact with him was in Bari, April 2015. And I have no desire to be in contact with him again. He is the kind of predator or parasite you need to stay away from. Keshe is bad news. When he opens his mouth, he lies. By the wrong deeds of his father and his forefathers he inherited the bad karma that made him a lonely wanderer in the universe. Keshe can’t find his place in human society. That’s why he has no empathy, he can only hate and abuse. Now Keshe is just trying to keep his followers close by deceiving them again, so they don’t realize that the legal papers that were published are real.

Keshe might say: “Of course Dirk denies his involvement, because that’s what I told him to do!”  But it doesn’t work this way. Keshe has no control over me, and soon he will lose control over his followers too.

In reality Keshe is trying to split up the Keshevictims group (divide and rule), because he fears the collaboration of his victims in bringing him to justice. He understands that he himself spun the spider web he is now trapped in. He himself made the rope that will hang him. So Keshe creates in a desperate move more fallacies, because he understands that he is turning from a hero into a zero again.

We see now that Keshe is losing ground and credibility, so he uses the strategy “Reculer pour Mieux Sauter” – “To run back in order to give a better jump forwards; to give way a little in order to take up a stronger position.”

Your sweet words come a bit late Mehran. Insulting and slandering innocent people and friends for months and years doesn’t really show that you have a good heart. Pretending to be respectful after you destroyed everything you had just doesn’t work, it only shows that you lied again.

Maybe someone should teach you the REAL correct ethos, if only you were interested. It seems you will only be happy once you find yourself behind bars… safe from all the imaginary demons that surround you.

Some hardcore KF followers STILL believe Keshe’s nonsense, because…


Keshe, VT, Rockefeller: the depopulation agenda

We reported not long ago that Gordon Duff, alias Bob Foote, works for the Rockefeller faction of the Illuminati. Keep in mind that the same group is behind the plan to microchip all humans (the so-called “mark of the beast”).

They also seem to be behind the idea of depopulation. It has recently been reported that the Zika virus is property of the Rockefeller Foundation. So it fits right in with this agenda that Keshe and Caroline urge their followers to distribute their poisonous GANS all over the planet.

Kearl Lee said about cancer patients in China:

“Some relatives of the patients believed what Keshe said – the cancers would be cured in days and weeks. After repeatedly watching his workshops they tested gans pads on the patients, and of course the patients died.”

Here is the latest KF killer machine with rusty coils, sold as a “plasma health unit” for an “incredibly cheap” 7999 euro (!)




Here a close-up of another version, including the killer
coils that make cellphone radiation seem healthy in comparison.

So people have to go bankrupt to finance Keshe while killing themselves with a so-called plasma device, which in reality has nothing to do with plasma or nano technology.

It is becoming clearer and clearer that the Keshe Foundation is intentionally murdering people, under the disguise of “healing”. And that proves once again that Keshe, controlled by his FBI handler Duff, is part of the Illuminati agenda to enslave and destroy humanity.

Following this development, Keyvan Davani from Austria, another brainwashed follower and former host of the KF kids workshops, is now asking people to support him in relaunching those kids workshops. According to his own words, he wants to target children’s souls, and make sure they don’t get proper education, because according to Davani, this is all nonsense and false assumptions. Only the KF knowledge is the real one. He also keeps repeating that “we don’t have much time”, which shows the immense fear that Keshe has induced in his followers. He appears to be a nervous wreck with zerotic tendencies. Just examine his body language.

Davani is clearly another empty talker, who has no idea what he is talking about, he just repeats the words of his false Messiah and in doing so, he can’t even form proper sentences. The summary of his video: “Please help us in dumbing down and destroying your own children, because there isn’t much time left.” What will people like Davani think in 30 years from now, looking back at all the dangerous BS they published on the internet ?



KF followers themselves are like children


The credo of KF followers and conspiracy theorists in general

Will our kids be the first ones to be brainwashed and destroyed by Davani and the rest of the KF cult ? So we ask for help too:

Please inform the police about the KF and help us in stopping this satanic cult before it gets out of hand. We are talking about our children here. The KF now continues to spread their false message and fallacies through people like Davani. The Keshe Foundation is obviously going after the IP addresses of innocent children.

Please help us defend our children from being harmed by these charlatans!

And finally, another ridiculous article was published by disinfo champions Veterans Today, this time not written by Gordon Duff, but by Ian Greenhalgh. Are more and more VT authors turning into brainwashed Keshe slaves ? ARE THEY PAID TO SUPPORT HIS SCAM ? OR IS DUFF NOT INTERESTED IN GETTING ARRESTED AGAIN ? Just asking 😉

Quote from VT’s article:

“We tried to contact Dirk Laureyssens, “Facebook warrior” and longtime internet troll, who has been courting the subjects of our research.  He has as of yet been unavailable for comment.

The few independent intelligence platforms remaining began tracking this network through social media, varying anti-immigrant groups, charity scamsters, the mysterious ‘Keshe Victims Group’ and the vast European paedophile community.”

So much nonsense again. First of all I’m not an internet troll, but Gordon Duff is, as confirmed by his own former colleagues. When they revealed the truth, he fired them. Secondly, nobody from VT tried to contact me, at least not openly. I do get lots of contact requests from unknown people and from some KF related individuals who disguise themselves, probably as a trap to lure me into their pedophile fantasies, but I won’t fall for that. Some are people who, after thorough brainwashing by Keshe, even think the “red circle” is real and so they want to participate.

Thirdly, I am not “courting” anyone. People who can see through Keshe’s lies are welcome to join our group KesheVictims, they do it out of awareness, not because they are being persuaded. Nothing is mysterious about this group, and it is certainly not connected to terrorism, but rather the opposite: We EXPOSE terrorists like Keshe and VT. Many KesheVictims group members are former KF followers who were betrayed and harmed by Keshe.

So VT people, go on slandering me. Continue your lies and deceptions. We still do have laws, and we still do have law enforcement. The truth always wins, and the truth is on our side. We don’t fear the truth. Do you ? You should.

Why would Ian Greenhalgh ask my comment ? It’s clear what my attitude and views are:


A reminder of VT’s astroturfing and inversions a la Keshe

Keshe rips everyone off, plays his game with everyone and claims that we are all one, but in reality he doesn’t care about people, it’s all about money. He predicted his death for December 21, 2016, in an attempt to affect the emotions of his followers, based on his own paranoia. But it seems that Keshe is preparing his own disappearance. What will happen the next day ? Miraculous resurrection to show his Messiah superpower, KF cult mass suicide, or the start of a new life somewhere else ? Let’s guess…