Keshe, VT, Rockefeller: the depopulation agenda

We reported not long ago that Gordon Duff, alias Bob Foote, works for the Rockefeller faction of the Illuminati. Keep in mind that the same group is behind the plan to microchip all humans (the so-called “mark of the beast”).

They also seem to be behind the idea of depopulation. It has recently been reported that the Zika virus is property of the Rockefeller Foundation. So it fits right in with this agenda that Keshe and Caroline urge their followers to distribute their poisonous GANS all over the planet.

Kearl Lee said about cancer patients in China:

“Some relatives of the patients believed what Keshe said – the cancers would be cured in days and weeks. After repeatedly watching his workshops they tested gans pads on the patients, and of course the patients died.”

Here is the latest KF killer machine with rusty coils, sold as a “plasma health unit” for an “incredibly cheap” 7999 euro (!)




Here a close-up of another version, including the killer
coils that make cellphone radiation seem healthy in comparison.

So people have to go bankrupt to finance Keshe while killing themselves with a so-called plasma device, which in reality has nothing to do with plasma or nano technology.

It is becoming clearer and clearer that the Keshe Foundation is intentionally murdering people, under the disguise of “healing”. And that proves once again that Keshe, controlled by his FBI handler Duff, is part of the Illuminati agenda to enslave and destroy humanity.

Following this development, Keyvan Davani from Austria, another brainwashed follower and former host of the KF kids workshops, is now asking people to support him in relaunching those kids workshops. According to his own words, he wants to target children’s souls, and make sure they don’t get proper education, because according to Davani, this is all nonsense and false assumptions. Only the KF knowledge is the real one. He also keeps repeating that “we don’t have much time”, which shows the immense fear that Keshe has induced in his followers. He appears to be a nervous wreck with zerotic tendencies. Just examine his body language.

Davani is clearly another empty talker, who has no idea what he is talking about, he just repeats the words of his false Messiah and in doing so, he can’t even form proper sentences. The summary of his video: “Please help us in dumbing down and destroying your own children, because there isn’t much time left.” What will people like Davani think in 30 years from now, looking back at all the dangerous BS they published on the internet ?



KF followers themselves are like children


The credo of KF followers and conspiracy theorists in general

Will our kids be the first ones to be brainwashed and destroyed by Davani and the rest of the KF cult ? So we ask for help too:

Please inform the police about the KF and help us in stopping this satanic cult before it gets out of hand. We are talking about our children here. The KF now continues to spread their false message and fallacies through people like Davani. The Keshe Foundation is obviously going after the IP addresses of innocent children.

Please help us defend our children from being harmed by these charlatans!

And finally, another ridiculous article was published by disinfo champions Veterans Today, this time not written by Gordon Duff, but by Ian Greenhalgh. Are more and more VT authors turning into brainwashed Keshe slaves ? ARE THEY PAID TO SUPPORT HIS SCAM ? OR IS DUFF NOT INTERESTED IN GETTING ARRESTED AGAIN ? Just asking 😉

Quote from VT’s article:

“We tried to contact Dirk Laureyssens, “Facebook warrior” and longtime internet troll, who has been courting the subjects of our research.  He has as of yet been unavailable for comment.

The few independent intelligence platforms remaining began tracking this network through social media, varying anti-immigrant groups, charity scamsters, the mysterious ‘Keshe Victims Group’ and the vast European paedophile community.”

So much nonsense again. First of all I’m not an internet troll, but Gordon Duff is, as confirmed by his own former colleagues. When they revealed the truth, he fired them. Secondly, nobody from VT tried to contact me, at least not openly. I do get lots of contact requests from unknown people and from some KF related individuals who disguise themselves, probably as a trap to lure me into their pedophile fantasies, but I won’t fall for that. Some are people who, after thorough brainwashing by Keshe, even think the “red circle” is real and so they want to participate.

Thirdly, I am not “courting” anyone. People who can see through Keshe’s lies are welcome to join our group KesheVictims, they do it out of awareness, not because they are being persuaded. Nothing is mysterious about this group, and it is certainly not connected to terrorism, but rather the opposite: We EXPOSE terrorists like Keshe and VT. Many KesheVictims group members are former KF followers who were betrayed and harmed by Keshe.

So VT people, go on slandering me. Continue your lies and deceptions. We still do have laws, and we still do have law enforcement. The truth always wins, and the truth is on our side. We don’t fear the truth. Do you ? You should.

Why would Ian Greenhalgh ask my comment ? It’s clear what my attitude and views are:


A reminder of VT’s astroturfing and inversions a la Keshe

Keshe rips everyone off, plays his game with everyone and claims that we are all one, but in reality he doesn’t care about people, it’s all about money. He predicted his death for December 21, 2016, in an attempt to affect the emotions of his followers, based on his own paranoia. But it seems that Keshe is preparing his own disappearance. What will happen the next day ? Miraculous resurrection to show his Messiah superpower, KF cult mass suicide, or the start of a new life somewhere else ? Let’s guess…