Keshe’s control addiction

Keshe’s worst nightmare: to lose control.

So everytime he loses control, he comes up with a new crazy story to make it look like he is still in control, and then he calls himself the Messiah again. Otherwise he would lose his Messiah status and therefore his credibility in the KF. (outside his cult he never had any credibility)

In the beginning of the 140th KSW, Keshe came up with the crazy story that I still work for the KF. Of course that story is yet another complete lie. He claimed to be responsible for me exposing him. He said I still protect the KF, and he knows me so well that he can make me do anything he wants me to do because he is the Messiah. LOL he wishes. Keshe takes the madness to the highest level indeed!



So suddenly I become a friend and brother again, and other, new KF victims (like Sir Belso) are now the new terrorists. It seems friends and enemies are constantly changing sides, depending on Keshe’s mood of the day, and depending on how much Gans Madame Babylon let him consume. Until a few weeks ago I was a murderer and a pedophile, even Veterans Today said so. And suddenly I’m being respected for my work again.

Keshe knocks himself out with his contradictory talks. They make as much sense as this…


Just to make it clear: I no longer work for the KF, I don’t support the KF any longer, I am no longer in contact with Keshe. The last contact with him was in Bari, April 2015. And I have no desire to be in contact with him again. He is the kind of predator or parasite you need to stay away from. Keshe is bad news. When he opens his mouth, he lies. By the wrong deeds of his father and his forefathers he inherited the bad karma that made him a lonely wanderer in the universe. Keshe can’t find his place in human society. That’s why he has no empathy, he can only hate and abuse. Now Keshe is just trying to keep his followers close by deceiving them again, so they don’t realize that the legal papers that were published are real.

Keshe might say: “Of course Dirk denies his involvement, because that’s what I told him to do!”  But it doesn’t work this way. Keshe has no control over me, and soon he will lose control over his followers too.

In reality Keshe is trying to split up the Keshevictims group (divide and rule), because he fears the collaboration of his victims in bringing him to justice. He understands that he himself spun the spider web he is now trapped in. He himself made the rope that will hang him. So Keshe creates in a desperate move more fallacies, because he understands that he is turning from a hero into a zero again.

We see now that Keshe is losing ground and credibility, so he uses the strategy “Reculer pour Mieux Sauter” – “To run back in order to give a better jump forwards; to give way a little in order to take up a stronger position.”

Your sweet words come a bit late Mehran. Insulting and slandering innocent people and friends for months and years doesn’t really show that you have a good heart. Pretending to be respectful after you destroyed everything you had just doesn’t work, it only shows that you lied again.

Maybe someone should teach you the REAL correct ethos, if only you were interested. It seems you will only be happy once you find yourself behind bars… safe from all the imaginary demons that surround you.

Some hardcore KF followers STILL believe Keshe’s nonsense, because…