Recycling the KF scam in Ghana

Keshe is now scamming the poorest people of the planet, after another scam conference (see KSW 142) he held in Ghana, Africa.




Just like at his previous conferences, Keshe made the same false health claims, and promised healing of AIDS and other diseases to the Africans. Now people with diseases like cancer will need to go to a hotel in Ghana, where Keshe then receives fees or finder-commissions for his false “treatment”.

Is Keshe preparing his disappearance ? Will he suddenly be gone, and retire to Ghana, where he owns his own small hotel and a chicken farm ? It is very likely.

In addition to that, Keshe started repeating his whole scam from the beginning, showing the first videos that were made years ago, and also showing the little bottles with “liquid CO2”, which in reality are not CO2.

Prof. Nyarko is yet another one in a long line of individuals who were deceived and scammed and fooled by Keshe. As usual, if being told, they won’t believe that they have been fooled. It always takes a while, as we have seen many times before. Only totally brainwashed and greedy people who never question anything will stay with Keshe. A country like Ghana is a perfect breeding ground for the medical scams of Keshe, due to the high degree of AIDS, Malaria, and other extreme illnesses. The Ghana elite will find in Keshe the “Wonder Doctor” they prayed for, and Keshe will promise them solutions, in exchange for some “small” gifts and “minor” advantages.

And as many times before, Keshe used one of his M.T. phrases: “We will release the results. It won’t be more than 4 to 6 weeks.” He knows very well that in 4 to 6 weeks, his followers will already have forgotten about this subject, because in the meantime, Keshe will come up with many more such claims. THIS IS HOW HIS SCAM WORKS.

Notice the contradiction in yet another M.T. phrase which we have heard thousands of times before: “The beauty with this technology is that everyone can use it, the knowledge is on the table. From now on, whatever we do, we share with national securities. We share with governments directly.”

So if the “knowledge” is shared with the common people AND with the governments, then why even talk about the governments, if everyone has the knowledge ? And why has nothing changed in the world, if everyone has the knowledge, and had it for years, since Keshe has been using his M.T. phrases for at least 10 years ? Flying cars and flights to the Moon and Mars were announced and sold years ago. And only NOW people have the knowledge ? Obviously this knowledge has no meaning if it can only make people fly to KF conferences, but not to Moon or Mars.

Meanwhile Gordon Duff, who apparently also was in Ghana, seemed to have been bored out of his mind there, according to his own comment.

Listen guys, the main problem is that if you are a KF follower, you are most likely NOT as “awake” as you think you are. You might finally have realized that politics haven’t been working in your best interest, but what you fail to see is that the Keshe Foundation is NOT the solution to that. In fact, the KF is just ANOTHER deception, another dream inside a dream.

However, unlike what some of you might think, this is not the end of the world. Not all authorities are corrupted. In fact, most ARE working for your best interest. The “evil guys” at the top, whom you have been fighting against, might no longer be able to cause much damage. So there really isn’t any need for a crooked organization like the KF, which only exists to rob people of their money.

It sure is a hard time right now, because people don’t know whom to trust anymore. You have predators like Keshe, Trump, and many many others, of whom you can expect that if you give them your little finger, they not only want your hand or your arm, but they will be after you and your network of friends for a very long time. Such people want to “grab” all of you and more, they want to take all they can get, all for their personal gain, or for their paymasters’ dark agenda. This is what it has come to, because people have been allowing these predators to play their deception games, but such abuse cannot go on forever.

As we said before: let’s wait and see what 2017 brings. We believe huge changes are happening behind the scenes, and humanity might be in a much better situation in the near future. And that might include some positive surprises.

Finally, we have found this image, of which we don’t know if it was posted like this or not, but it would make sense, due to the similarity of Keshe’s and Trump’s behaviour.



Keshe obviously asked his followers to vote for a racist, genital-grabbing sexual harasser who wants to build walls rather than bridges of peace and has no respect for women and girls, even though he says so.


Now everything is clear! Keshe and Trump are soulmates! The similarity in their behaviour is obvious! Remember the Belgian coma case ? Remember Keshe’s slander ?


By all means, let’s make the world beautiful and sane again!

Say no to narcissists like Trump and Keshe!

Support REAL politicians and REAL scientists!